The Finest of Farewells

It is common for government to bury waste carefully, neatly hidden away from the citizens who pay for it. Other times, they shove it right in your face like an ether-soaked rag.

That’s what happened at Chief Danny Hughes’ grand farewell party on November 10th. Fortunately, one neighbor filed an hour-long interactive grievance and shared with us the highlights.

Helicopter overhead, fire engines, barricades, officers, SWAT trucks, oh my!

The cast of characters does not disappoint. Look carefully for the appearance an oblivious “Patdown” Pat “I hired them all” McPension. Watch the FPOA thank Hughes for staying “on course” through “the lowest parts” of FPD history (when their constant misdeeds were finally exposed to the public). Listen to Jan Flory offer a cringe-worthy come-hither to her “Big Boy” Hughes, warn him of the “five-headed beast” that is the city council, and then trumpet her slavish dependence on city staff. Don’t forget to note Stan Berry, the OCDA investigator and FPD buddy boy who was first charged with looking into the Kelly Thomas murder. I’m glad he was able to maintain good relations.

If you were able to retain your lunch through all of that, congratulations. Now think about the hundreds of Fullerton commuters and residents who were caught in the traffic blockades on two major roads during rush hour. The police force parked their equipment and their posteriors in the middle of the roadway for this pointless pomp and circumstance, holding the public and its safety in complete disregard.

Of course the most comic part of this display of flags and armaments (think Soviet May Day parade) is the fact that just two days before, Mr. Integrity ordered his boyz to give City Manager, Joe Felz a free ride home with no Breathalyzer test after having careened though a sleepy Fullerton neighborhood after an evening of partying in the gin mills of downtown Fullerton.

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  1. #1 by The Fullerton Harpoon on January 2, 2017

    I’m so glad Danny reformed the FPD.

  2. #2 by The Wide Blue Waistband on January 2, 2017

    So all of those cops standing around were on the clock?

    P.S. loved the brief cameo by Patdown Pat McPension with that dopey felt hat covering his dome. Reminded me of the good-old She Bear days.

    • #3 by Curious on January 2, 2017

      That’s a good question, WBW. If they were on the clock, were some (getting ready to retire, i.e. pension spike) working OT?

  3. #4 by Fullerton Coyote on January 2, 2017

    All I can say is – WOW! Great video.

  4. #5 by just a guy on January 2, 2017

    An interactive grievance! I love the people in this town.

    • #6 by Martin B on January 2, 2017

      I enjoyed the narration. The videographer is pretty bold.

  5. #7 by Keith on January 2, 2017

    “THE 5 HEADED BEAST” wow jan flory … your a sick individual

    • #8 by van on January 3, 2017

      “the five headed beast” Jan Flory flatters herself using this analogy to,describe her city council member stints. Flory is ot a beast, she is a person who poorly performed as city council,person with her consistent denial and protection of a corrupt police force.

  6. #9 by D. Johnson on January 2, 2017

    Maybe there is a change in FPD’s attitude after all.

    The old way of doing business a couple cops would of thrown this woman to the ground and taken her camera for violating Fullertons law of speaking the truth and filming at the same time. Those present on this video appeared polite and respectful.

    • #10 by Martin B on January 2, 2017

      These cops are slightly restrained in the age of the cell phone camera. Their behavior is muted but their underlying attitudes have not changed at all.

    • #11 by Fullerton Lover on January 2, 2017

      That’s because they know that this woman won’t tolerate ANY of their shenanigans.

      May God bless her and always keep her safe from these blue devils.

    • #12 by van on January 3, 2017

      maybe FPD learning not to beat people ? Dare I dream the impossible dream?

  7. #13 by Maybe it's time to leave on January 2, 2017

    Martin are you saying that any improvement in the behavior of Fullerton’s government is the result of the cell phone ?

    • #14 by Anonymous on January 2, 2017

      There are multiple factors, but the presence of cameras has impacted police forces all over America.

      Paul Callan, a CNN contributor and former prosecutor, said he believes that drastic reduction has already begun.
      “I believe that the existence of cell phone video and social media postings has substantially reduced police brutality over the long run. Although the intensity of news coverage of cases such as [George] Zimmerman and Michael Brown makes it feel like there is more police brutality, my sense of the situation as a lawyer who is in court several times a week is that the number of cases is diminishing,” Callan said.

      • #15 by Martin B on January 2, 2017

        That was my comment.

  8. #16 by Captain Rudy on January 2, 2017

    “Are you happy for us” just what you want to hear from Captain Rudisil , another one of Hughes’ puppets. The comment is filled with sarcasm and it’s not something you would expect to hear from a Captain. Unbelievable!…… only bright spot is there’s 130ish officers at FPD and there is not 130 officers there(at least FPD officers). The guys by the SWAT ice cream truck are Traffic officers and have to be there(like seat fillers at the Academy Awards)… So if you think about it, at least 70-80 officers said *uck you Danny, get out of here. And hearing Stu’s speech was rough, no wonder he’s out as FPOA president..

    • #17 by Johnny Donut on January 2, 2017

      “The comment is filled with sarcasm and it’s not something you would expect to hear from a Captain.”

      Hughes promoted an asshole to captain? Yes, I would expect that.

      • #18 by The Wide Blue Waistband on January 2, 2017

        He promoted Goodrich. Even Gennaco busted him. The deboned ham around his neck is more ethical than he is.

  9. #19 by Figgle on January 2, 2017

    I have a business near the police station. An officer came to my business and informed us that the street would be closed to traffic for an “event” on Nov. 10th. I asked what the event was and he refused to answer. He gave me a business card for a community service officer and told me to call him. Really? He couldn’t just can’t tell me what’s going on? So much for transparency!

    • #20 by just a guy on January 2, 2017

      That’s telling. Disrespect and disdain for the public is an FPD hallmark.

      • #21 by The Wide Blue Waistband on January 2, 2017

        Consider Flory, Chaffee and Fitzgerald and you can include last year’s city council in that, too.

  10. #22 by Fullerton Lover on January 2, 2017

    Interesting that OCDA Investigator Stan Berry was there at Danny Boy’s retirement party…

    …this POS OCDA Investigator came by my home and asked if I would be willing to be a prosecutin witness at the trial for Ramos and Cicinelli 2nd degree murder trial.

    SB: “Are you sure you would be willing to be a witness ?” FL: “Absolutely!

    Never heard from him or any one else with the OCDA’s office ever again and was never seposed or called as a witness?

    Judging from this story in this link, I think I found my answer as to why...

    I hope someone from the US Justice Department that’s currently investigating the OCDA’s office reads this and starts asking why favorable prosecution witnesses were kept away from the KT trial because I’d LOVE to know the answer to that question too.

  11. #23 by I don't believe it on January 2, 2017

    I prefer Lou Ponsi’s version where “about 1,000 people turned out.”

    From this video you can clearly see that there were no more than 200 people in attendance.

    Lou Ponsi is a lying piece of garbage.

    • #24 by Lisa CSUF on January 2, 2017

      Dan Hughes, himself, said 1k+ people publicly displayed at the farewell ceremony their love towards him . Dan Hughes biographical account is a sociological jewel. FROM the time he was a kid at Sunny Hills and one cop ‘s fathering words awoke his law enforcement calling (a singular moment of vision which enlightened all his life path), TO the constant embellishment and explicit denial of FPD’s rotten culture…all of it warrants a practical academic study

    • #25 by Marcellus on January 2, 2017

      No, I have to disagree, I think 1,000 is probably pretty accurate — if you count all of the people who were jammed up in traffic!

  12. #26 by Clean the record on January 2, 2017

    His mentor went to work for the DA’s office. I am beginning to understand why FPD is immune from prosecution

  13. #27 by Bax Baxter on January 2, 2017

    If they had 1,000 people there, in this bell curve we had 10,000 at our protests and I have 3 foot cock. Local activist Lou Noble has footage of these guys trying to stop me from showing my displeasure with dan Hughes as I walked about with my sign. Everywhere I went they stood in front of me and the sign and verbally vented their disapproval at my presence. Being a gentleman I of course was cordial throughout, but my sign told Dan to fuck off.

  14. #28 by Bax Baxter on January 2, 2017

    Sorry, full disclosure, my sign thankedstop him for his service, then told him to go fuck himself.

  15. #29 by Harry Sidhu on January 3, 2017

    Hallo, I wood like to apply for plice chief now as I now unmployed.
    May I carpitbag from anuther city or do I half to live in Follertun.

    Many thanks Harry SIdhu

  16. #30 by van on January 3, 2017

    First, my gratitude to the woman who showed composure and courage when confronting the murderous Fullerton PD on their pattern of abuses against the good people of Fullerton. Inserting ethics into this retirement party, she revealed the vanity, arrogance and wanton disrgard for public monies to pay homage to the short-lived career as chief of FPD, Dan Hughes. The meteroic rise of Dan Hughes began when Fullerton Police Chief Sellers, upon learning his police officers beat a homeless, disabled man to death, abruptly left his post and hid behind doctors coats with feigned illness, never to return to the glorious role of FPD police chief. I get ahead of myself by neglecting to mention that before Hughes became police chief, he was watch commander the night Kelly Thomas nurdered by his officers. He had these same officers corroborate their reports on this “altercation” before filing them. Amidst the lauding of Hughes by city council members and other city sycophants, no one mentioned the disbanding of Fullerton Police Academy that occurred during Hughes tenure as police chief and after exposure of this police academy’s substandard training of police officers .
    Dan Hughes next job is working for Disneyland, the land where imagination rules the day, and nothing is impossible.
    And I can imagine a day when ethics returns to Fullerton’s government and to its police force , where Jan Flory’s flip reference denegrates sacred, civic duty to a “five headed beast” will not be tolerated by the good people of Fullerton.
    I don’t have to imagine a better Fullerton, thanks to the efforts of Friends For Fullerton’s Future , it is a possiblity.

  17. #31 by van on January 3, 2017

    If I have erred in recalling above facts, let me, and other readers, correct the errors with the truth.

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