Quirk-Silva & Newman Throw Taxpayers Under Brown’s Train

Choo-Choo! Onward to higher taxes.

Our local statewide electeds, Josh Newman (D. 29th State Senate District) & Sharon Quirk-Silva (D. Assembly District 65), have opted to vote to increase vehicle registration fees, gas taxes and add a new tax on zero emission cars in order to fix the budget that their own party is too incompetent to balance.

The vote was on California Senate Bill 1 (SB1) and both Newman and Quirk-Silva voted “Aye” on 06 April 2017.

I’m especially annoyed with Josh Newman because I thought, at the very least, that he wasn’t totally full of it. That he had a solid first name helped some during the election as did the GOP running their own brand of horribleness. Newman seemed like a reasonable guy who wouldn’t buckle to the whims of his party’s thievery.

Newman’s website, in the “Why Newman” section, states the following:

Boilerplate nonsense that clearly meant nothing to him.

It’s time to push back against the special interests and political careerists in Sacramento. As your State Senator, my priorities will be your priorities: creating opportunity, improving schools, balancing budgets, and solving problems.

I didn’t read that as “I’ll tax you into oblivion and work with the political careerists to give them their gas and vehicles taxes that they’ve been clamoring for for far too long”. True to that (D) behind his name Newman played the standard tax’em-into-oblivion game that his chosen party oh so loves.

I voted for Josh Newman but bear suit be damned I will not make that mistake again.Sharon Quirk-Silva got an “F” from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association in 2013 & a “D” in 2014 so her vote we all should have seen coming.

Here’s what Quirk-Silva says on her website under “Priorities“:

As an Assemblymember Sharon would be a leader in finding new and creative solutions to ensure California makes the permanent commitment to investing in our infrastructure and restoring our roads and highways to their former glory.

I’m not sure how the same vehicle registration that helped get Gray Davis booted compounded with higher gas taxes are “new and creative solutions”. Those read to me as “same (D) policies that got us into this mess”. I suppose one could argue that taxing zero emission vehicles is new but I’m not giving credit for new and creative ways to pull the end up with the same result of over-taxing the citizenry.

That her husband refuses to even consider cutting any government spending until a new City Manager is hired in Fullerton should tell you all that you need to know about the Quirk-Silvas regarding taxing and spending. Woe be to the taxpayer as the Quirk-Silvas think they know how to spend your money better than you can manage.

So why do Newman and Quirk-Silva feel the need to bilk the taxpayers more in this already over-taxed state?

Simple – Governor Moonbeam wants more of your money and they’re good party soldiers. This time he’s going after your vehicle registration fees (up to tripling that yearly cost) and your wallet at the pump. Why? Because the Democratic party that controls this state lock, stock and barrel sucks at math and can’t balance a budget. Oh, and the Republican Party forgot generations ago how to run an opposition party and offers voters nearly no alternatives.

These new taxes are estimated to bring in about $5 Billion/year for 10 years to “help fix the roads” which is utter bollocks. We already pay to fix the roads and that money is either diverted elsewhere, spent on transportation boondoggles or misspent by throwing it at horrible contracts that take way too long to complete. Like our local municipality we don’t have any money because public safety, via CalPERS, eats all of our budgets and we can’t afford to do much of anything outside of fund their ridiculous pensions.

If Brown needed $Billions$ more to help fix the roads he could have spiked that stupid Not Really High Speed Rail project that’s already over budget. For reference that stupid project will run into the hundreds of billions of dollars to complete, if it gets completed, and will be subsidized forever and ever amen. Brown could kill that nightmare instead of simply stealing more from the citizenry. However, considering that the Not Really High Speed Rail project itself isn’t funded means our local thieves electeds will be back soon to steal tax more of our money if they don’t simply divert these current taxes to pay for the project.

To put the government stupidity here into context – The State Bureaucrats didn’t anticipate the flurry of environmental objections to their Not Really High Speed Rail project. And I quote:

The effort to get through environmental reviews also has taken much longer than expected and is getting worse, according to the federal review.

They didn’t anticipate environmental objections. In California. The stupidity is deafening but hey let’s give these nitwits more of our money. Our local representatives clearly won’t put up a fight for us.

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  1. Everyone talks a big game when they’re running for office, but time and time again has shown that once they get to Sacramento, they fall in line. I’m severely disappointed in Newman. I had hopes for him. Turns out he lied to all of us just like every other career politician out there. I wonder how his valued and heavily leveraged veterans will fair under the new tax plan. I’m sure those of them who are on fixed incomes will surely feel the pinch at the pump and DMV. This is so god damned aggravating.

  2. The fact that this hits those that are poor and on fixed incomes the hardest seems lost on these bleeding hearts… The only bleeding they care about is bleeding out the treasury for their union thugs.

  3. Disappointing, Yes.
    But, GOP hasn’t come up with an alternative arguments but just scare too many people away because of their blinder views.

    1. Indeed. Perhaps they will.

      We’ll also need revenue to pay the hundred or so million we owe for existing pensions.

      I mean, jeez, we just owe, so let’s raise sales and property taxes. Because we owe.

      Or, I dunno . . . We could prioritize spending and not buy things we can’t afford. Maybe we fix the broken process that created the problem in the first place. Maybe, just maybe, we make the difficult and responsible choice to finance our needs before our wants before getting out the check book.

      But hey, that’s hard. Let’s just throw someone else’s money at it, celebrate how great we are, and hope things get better. That’s cool, too.

      1. None of those funds earmarked for roads will ever end up in Fullerton. Caltran’s projects such as improvements to the freeways, interstates and state highways such as SR 90 and SR 39 for example would see some improvements but not surface streets. Most of that money needs to come from city and county funds. Of course the city and county funds go to paying us first to keep all of you safe from yourselves and your crazy friends.

  4. And there you have the titanic stupidity of Quirkie-Quirk. Talking about roads but showing a staged “construction” photo with a set of plans – with some dudes who are installing the wood floor in a gymnasium!

    1. Wait, why isn’t she wearing a hard hat? You would think that her political handlers would know a hard hat is ALWAYS required when politicians pose for anything related to construction or infrastructure.

      1. Would have messed up her hair. Reminds me of Lorri Galloway another highly intelligent Democrat.

  5. How many people would be willing and would LOVE to sign a RECALL petition if Newman and Quirk were being recalled?

    1. If feeling better would result in any actual policy change, that’d be great. It won’t. Better to pillory the people and these terrible ideas. Has anyone conceived of an initiative that could stop the Train to Nowhere? I’d sign that in a nanosecond.

      1. You are a typical uninformed American. Europe is full of these beautiful trains and I took one from Budapest to Vladivostok on business.

        Investment in transportation is a bedrock Democrat philosophy and I am a bedrock Democrat.

        1. The “bullet train” starts and ends in the middle of nowhere in the San Joaquin valley; nothing like the trains in Europe or other countries. Ideally, the “bullet train” would start in SoCal on one end and in NorCal on the other end, then meet in the middle – like the transcontinental railroad (did you learn about the “golden spike” in your Eastern European classes about U.S. History?). And you’re a typical whatever – I’m leaning to former USSR-leaning “democrat”.

        2. Those lovely european cities were laid out when foot, horse, and buggy were the main modes of transport.
          Since we are a modern society – especially here in California – we were laid out where cars and airplanes are the preferred mode of transport.
          Imposing rail to this problem is very backwards looking and getting the wrong lesson from europe.
          People live better, healthier lives when not crammed into mega block housing structures and relying on others for their transport needs.
          We are not europe – so stop trying to make us that!

          1. We Democrats understand the advancements Europe has made in government transit investment. We are in the Stone Age. Like Bedrock.

          2. “People live better, healthier lives when not crammed into mega block housing structures and relying on others for their transport needs.”

            I’m going to take a couple handfuls of Ibuprofen and come back later to see if that makes a bit of sense.

    2. Voters are too stupid. That is how they got elected in the first place. You will never get them out. Newman is Tony’s pal. Socks Silva is too. Cheers.

  6. The worst part is that she was holding out her vote to get money from the State for a Veteran’s Cemetery in Irvine! Not for tansportation projects in fullerton, not for anything in Fullerton, for a Cemetery in Irvine. What has the Irvine Company promised her?

    1. FYI – The Irvine Co. has no interest in a cemetery one way or the other: TIC doesn’t own El Toro. If they did THERE WOULD BE NO CEMETERY AND NO MORE BULLSHIT ABOUT IT.

      Maybe Quirky did make a deal but I doubt it. Deals are given to her prepackaged just like the whole Veteran Hand Wringing issue was last time around.

      1. CC, thanks for the so-called “FYI.” Please explain how you know your statement to be true. Everyone following this issue closely is aware that the Irvine Company is trying to make sure the Cemetery doesn’t move to try to cause harm to their competitor who owns the land immediately adjacent to the Cemetery site.

        My main complaint is that she is doing the bidding of an Irvine developer in the gas tax negotiations instead of what benefits our District. So in Fullerton, we get no benefits and all the burdens.

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