The Quick Brown Fox

Governor Jerry Brown paid a visit to downtown Fullerton on Wednesday, where it looks like he took a tour of the still-unfinished Fullerton Fox Theater with a rabble of current and former local officials in tow. Surely he was impressed.

OK, maybe not.

But why would Jerry Brown fly down to Fullerton to look inside some flopped redevelopment project?

One could guess that battleground Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva invited Brown to pitch some sort of state subsidy to rescue the project; a thinly veiled attempt to buy voters in one district with the rest of the state’s resources. You can tell an opportunity is at hand by the way the local bush league politicos are salivating all over Brown’s loafers. Hopefully someone had a towel handy.

But all of that is just fine. Why shouldn’t residents of Escondido, Bakersfield and Elk Grove pay for decades of Fullerton’s redevelopment screw ups? Mr. Brown, if there’s money to burn on a movie theater, maybe you can fix our decrepit roads and crumbling bridges, too?

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  1. The Fox is a perpetual money pit of dubious value, right line with the rest of Brown’s investment portfolio. Make they can drive the high speed rail through it too.

  2. This place has no appeal to younger people. Not now. Not in the future unless the Fox Faithful cater directly to their tastes.

    We all know that isn’t going to happen.

  3. The Quirk-Silvas, the Chaffees and Leland Wilson. It would be hard to find a dimmer bunch of bulbs to represent Fullerton.

  4. I’m not sure about the assumptions about State funding for the Fox. That doesn’t make much sense and the Governor couldn’t care less.

  5. Quirk: This is Doug Chaffee, our Mayor Pro Tem.

    Brown: Okay. Good.

    Hard to imagine a less enthusiastic introduction.

      1. Jeez, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Makes you wonder how somebody with no social skills became governor.

  6. Jerry is looking old… real old.

    As for the Fox – whatever gets it done. We have a rare jewel, and if it takes sucking up to an idle minded pol from Sacramento get things rolling again, go for it.
    It isn’t like we are struggling or anything… right?

  7. You forgot about soon-to-be-recalled Senator Josh Newman. I’m sure he’ll get in on the self-congratulatory action for whatever pork slinging comes our way.

  8. The ubiquitous Fox theatre, its doubles are found in most downtowns that bloomed in the 1920’s and 1930’s. If Fullerton’s antiquarianphiles want to save the Fox, they can pay for its restoration themselves. I don’t want these same fools using my money(tax dollars) to pay for their folly. Governor Brown may be old but he still has the smarts to look confused as to why he was shown city of Fullerton’s botched redevelopment efforts called the Fox Theatre. I envision the allegorical painting where the politically weak Sharon Quirk-Silvaall smiles, clings to the arm of Governor Brown while staring into the half-assed efforts of restoring a building that serves no purpose and has no historical significance.

    1. You are so right!
      The “Fullerton’s antiquarianphiles” need to pay for it without any government subsidies because their friends will be benefiting from taxpayers.
      I have been against these perks for city officials relatives etc. they need to focus on the crappy roads etc.

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