11 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. These council clowns really will don any ridiculous costume that their corporate sponsors put in front of them. How embarrassing.

  2. Grace Ministries received a zoning change, a general plan revision and a CUP to build 16 apartments on a former industrial lot. The apartments are for visitors.

  3. Hey, I thought it was a vicarage. Yea, that’s a super old-timely word for housing for clergy. Does that mean Sam Han is going to move there when its done?

  4. I am not a purveyor of political correctness so to afford waving the morally superior finger and influence over others. However, out of the eleven people pictured above only one is a woman. Are the pillars of Fullerton, our elected officials kow-towing to sexism just to get their political support? If so, then these for sale politicians don’t represent half of their constituents.

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