12 Replies to “Dedication”

  1. These council clowns really will don any ridiculous costume that their corporate sponsors put in front of them. How embarrassing.

  2. Grace Ministries received a zoning change, a general plan revision and a CUP to build 16 apartments on a former industrial lot. The apartments are for visitors.

  3. Hey, I thought it was a vicarage. Yea, that’s a super old-timely word for housing for clergy. Does that mean Sam Han is going to move there when its done?

  4. I am not a purveyor of political correctness so to afford waving the morally superior finger and influence over others. However, out of the eleven people pictured above only one is a woman. Are the pillars of Fullerton, our elected officials kow-towing to sexism just to get their political support? If so, then these for sale politicians don’t represent half of their constituents.

  5. These people in charge should be doing more to improve the homelessness problem and growing crime rate in South Fullerton.

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