We Paid a Head Hunter $23,000 to Discover Karen Haluza!


Yeah, you read that right.

The City  actually hired a recruitment company to find a new Community Development Director – somebody who lives four blocks from City Hall.

Which begs the question: were Joe Felz and his crack assistant Nicole Bernard so busy they couldn’t have conducted this recruitment themselves through the HR department?

Anyway, here are the invoices:

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Insiders have said this job was going to Haluza all along, which means that whatever money was spent on the recruiter was wasted in the appearance of an on-the-up-and-up recruitment process. Of course we’ve all seen how Felz wasted monies large and small, even as the S.S. Fullerton was taking on water badly.

The fact that Haluza has been an unmitigated disaster since joining the city staff is a somewhat different issue, but it makes the price tag a little harder to swallow. One wonders what the losing candidates looked like.

9 Replies to “We Paid a Head Hunter $23,000 to Discover Karen Haluza!”

  1. I wouldn’t blame her for all those disasters. Felz and Fitzgerald commander her to process those developments to get big developer fees.

    As for College Town, Curt Pringle needs to eat too, right?

  2. Multiple 1/2 page ads in Western City magazine and this is what we got?

    Did anyone try Craiglist? Roll down the window at Home Depot?

  3. Is it me or every time the open to the public sessions of the city council meetings are more and more insulting to the public? Yesterday, Fitzgerald brushed aside that she lied in 2015 and 2016 about 2015 and 2016 balanced budgets because the projections made before those years were wrong (CalPers an so on) . Chaffee would like to wait for a new police chief to decide on the behind the badge… The city manager puts bullet points together a 15 year old would be ashamed of. Don’t we deserve better?

    1. They weren’t wrong. Well, they were wrong, but that’s hardly the point.

      She physical signed in the dotted line next to her structural multimillion dollar budget hole last year. It’s literally in black and white.

      She either can’t read, can’t do math, or possibly both. She approved deficit spending every year she was in office and gave out the largest raises to public employees this side of the millennium.

  4. Fitzgerald needs to be recalled!!! She is an excellent manipulator. I’m soo fed up with her lies and listening to her twist everything into her favor. She has got to go!

  5. Reminds me of my recruitment to be chief. I was up against an excellent candidate from Pasadena PD, I had my history of medical leaves, but yet I came out victorious! Years of giving out CSULB degrees to FPD management who attended my weekend classes paid off(literally)!

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