20 Replies to “From Fullerton, With Love”

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much about that just yet. The primary election is 15 months away.

  1. I’d like to officially announce my candidacy for 4th District Supervisor. My record as Fullerton City Manager is impeccable.

    Campaign Website: http://www.fullertonsfuture.org
    Campaign Manager: Nicole Bernard, (714) 738-4102 (Note: She’s only available during City Hall business hours)

            1. You guys are funny.

              Don’t change.

              And for crissakes, please keep Tony off the road. For all our sakes.

    1. Note that although the term “snowflake” is intended to be used by the author of that post in a derogatory manner.
      The irony is that the author doesn’t realize or recognize that they themselves are the personification of the term, given their inability to articulate their own position in an intelligent manner.

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