Hail to the Chief

The cap and gown are in the mail…

We have a new police chief in Fullerton, and only eight months after his predecessor obstructed justice by giving a DUI city manager a get out of jail card, and retired with a massive pension to become a Disney employee.

The new one is named David Hendrick who was approved unanimously by our city council this week. That includes, of course, self-professed conservatives Bruce Whitaker and Greg Sebourn, who evidently saw nothing wrong paying Mr. Hendricks $230,000 per annum – $5,000 more than his boss, the city manager, and $25,000 more than his predecessor. Of course this gross pension spike will be borne by the taxpayers of Fullerton until Mr. Hendricks and his beneficiaries scoot off to their eternal rewards – in about 30 or 40 years.

Apparently the City Council was not in the least bit concerned that Hendricks was a manager in a notoriously abusive police department; or that he bought an on-line master’s degree from a bogus “university” whose address was likely no more than a post office box in Birmingham, Alabama.

Well, there you have it. Incompetent, leaderless, self-indulgent, lax, expensive, no-fault government continues in Fullerton, full speed ahead.

And please be careful in your interactions with the FPD. Things might end very badly for you.

9 Replies to “Hail to the Chief”

  1. There seems to be zero difference between the liberal Democrats and the self-styled conservatives on our city council. They are all perfectly willing to sell us down the river to keep their own little party going.

    The sad part is that the City is a couple of years from running out of reserves to backfill the deficit they created. And they’re still throwing cash around like monopoly money.

  2. Whitaker has gone native, 100%. Sebourn has been in the tank for staff since December 2012.

    It’s now completely apparent.

  3. Hey, at least council learned from the Obstruction of Justice allegations against our old chief and managed to get true oversight & accountability measures regarding FPD before we opted to pay the new chief a base salary of 3.5X the Fullerton Median Household Income.

    Oh Wait…

    1. Yeah, they gave him 11% MORE than Hughes. Maybe it’s a “hopefully he won’t obstruct justice” signing bonus.

  4. Whether dressed in green, red or blue, the “pillars of Fullerton” and its civic leaders all act like lowlife who continue to contaminate the infrastructure of Fullerton. Appointing an obviously unqualified person proves my above statement.

  5. If you look at that picture you’ll notice a hand emerging from this guy’s shoulder. That’s the hand that holds the roller to apply the whitewash.

    So quit bitching. How many other places can boast of a police chief with a fake Master’s degree and thee hands?

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