See No Evil to Head Fullerton Police Department

On July 18, 2017, the Fullerton City Council will vote on whether to approve staff recommendation to hire David Hendricks as Chief of Police of the Fullerton Police Department.

According to his resume, posted online with the staff report, Hendricks has served in the Internal Affairs Division of the LBDP and has “managed approximately 400 Internal Affairs investigations per year.” Per he resume, he also “(p)resented preliminary and formalized complaint cases to the Chief of Police and executive team” and “(r)eviewed police officer use of force/ identify patterns or problems.”

Given that Hendricks has been directly involved in investigating use of force claims and Internal Affairs divisions, it would have been extremely helpful to know what his thoughts on this 2013 beating of Porfiro Santos-Lopez, while lying on his back:

Or his thoughts on the $2.5 million settlement, reached after a plaintiff jury verdict, to two cousins who had filed an excessive force lawsuit arising out of a police beating by Officers David Faris and Michael Hynes, which was caught on camera in 2010.

Or his thoughts on the infamous incident in 2013 where a man named Doug Zerbo was shot to death by police officers while holding a water nozzle, an incident for which the taxpayers had to cough up a $6.5 million judgment.

Actually, thanks to Transparent California, we already know the answer. Both Officers involved in the $2.5 million settlement are still employed with the Long Beach Police Department as of 2016, as is Victor Ortiz, one of the two officers responsible for the spray nozzle shooting death and subsequent $6.5 million lawsuit.

Total compensation of the officers in question, give or take about $9.1 million.

As for the Portofino-Lopez beating, it was described by the Internal Affairs Department itself as a “by the book” arrest in 2013.

The Fullerton Police Department needs reform. The head of an internal affairs division that has a proven track record of excusing and soft peddling officer misconduct charges is not the solution.

9 Replies to “See No Evil to Head Fullerton Police Department”

  1. Word is one of the council members is out of town. So I predict this will be pushed a meeting so the whole council will get to vote on it at which point there will be mild rumblings with an eventual 5-0 vote in favor of approval.

  2. Well, that’s about right. A cover-up artist for a trigger-happy department with fake academic credentials from a mail order diploma mill.

    “We have the Albert Pujols of police chiefs”

    I wonder how McKinley missed hiring this one. perfect FPD material.

  3. How did he get past the selection committee with those typos in his resumé? Did Fullerton have that few applicants?

  4. What Foolerton needs is Steven Segal. He’ll go in there and break bones to clean up this department!

  5. If any one of you can watch that tape that’s included in this post, and still allow this man to be the Chief of Fullerton’s police force,especially Bruce “blah,blah,blah,blah,blah, blah,blah, Ive talked for ten minutes and never really did anything about it” Whitaker, than the blood of the victims will be on your sad little shoulders.

    1. The apologist cop at the end of the video sounded so much like Goodrich claiming the cops who killed Kelly Thomas had broken bones.

    2. I watched the tape. How do I not allow this man to be chief? I don’t want to have blood on my hands.

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