And There It Sits

It may have been expensive, but it sure was unnecessary…

Ten weeks ago I took a break documenting the disastrous “elevators to nowhere” story, a history of confusion and ineptitude that had its genesis in Jones, Bankhead and McKinley era. This completely unnecessary $4,000,000 boondoggle was five-and-a-half years old and it was dead in the water.

As of May 10, 2017 work on this project had already been halted for quite some time. Now, two-and-a-half months later, work has still not resumed. It is probably useless to inquire to the City about the facts of this latest delay, given the total lack of transparency surrounding this project throughout its death march. The Public Works Department appears to be incapable of presenting an honest staff report about it, and our elected officials could pretty obviously not care less about the waste or the management problems connected to it.

One thing we may safely assume: the delay – if it is the responsibility of the City, as is highly likely – is going to cost us a lot in extended overhead for the contractor, Woodcliff Corporation; and the cost will be accompanied by the usual complete lack of accountability to the taxpayers of Fullerton.


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  1. Is there a single aspect of this embarrassment that hasn’t been screwed up?

    Whitaker? Sebourn? Hello? Anybody there?

  2. It should be made into a monument honoring dipshit officials who can’t get their heads out of their arse, place the name of each nimrod and the name of all contractors involved.

  3. “cost” “account”
    Like the elevators to nowhere, these follies are spun from a few hands who hold in their grasp the money of many others. And this money belongs to the good people of Fullerton who pay property taxes, exorbitent water and trash bills, parking fees, park fees, city taxes, home alarm fees, and the reader gets my point; Fullerton is a casino owned and operated by its civic leaders.
    Unlike casinos that are privately owned, whose managers must account to the owners and stockholders their costly actions so to prevent insolvency, Fullerton’s civic leaders could care less about accountability, because it is not their money.

  4. Why hasn’t Barry Levinson been all over this? $4,000,000? That’s huge. Is it possible;e that Barry is silent on this because he’s really in cahoots with the phonies Fitzgerald and Chaffee? Sure looks that way. There are no other possible explanations since the facts now fit my theory.

  5. Clearly, Fullerton has no leaders. If they did, someone in the Engineering dept. would have a foot, or two up their ass.

    1. Makes you wonder if any councilpersons even ask about this disaster, let alone try to understand what is going wrong.

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