Good Afternoon. It’s January 30, 2017…

and Fullerton College safety officer Dino Skokos is still on paid administrative leave.

Come to think of it, we’re still waiting for the word on Fullerton PD’s criminal investigation into this assault and battery. Do you think they ever started one?

Nothing intelligent was forthcoming…

And what have we heard from Fulleron’s representative on the NOCCCD Board? Deafening silence, of course.

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  1. No, there was never an investigation. The FPD looked the other way for their retired brother in blue, even though he was wearing those terrible cop shorts.

    1. If there is an investigation, it’s because the FPD is trying to charge the victim instead of the guy with the plastic badge.

      1. BINGO.

        1) he was resisting.
        2) he was disobeying a legal order
        3) we can’t know all the facts and must let justice run it’s course
        5) We wern’t there.
        6) Sokos is Hero and Deserves
        7) Sokos feels awful
        8) Sokos’s family had awful trauma and we’re just mean
        9) It’s all about the kids!

        etc. etc.

        1. some of those may be true but to put it another way, show some “class” not the last three letters. Can’t you do better! Better to use the brain before you react hasitly. I don’t know, maybe there is a proplem in the training process you received. There comes a point when ever officer must face his sensibiliy on his own and not just rely only on what he believes he has the right to do because of his training. ( no disrespect intended)

  2. So it’s been three months into a open and shut case of assault, battery and false imprisonment.

    That idiot Schulz wants us to believe Fullerton Junior College is a safe place even though he can’t get rid of an abusive, already disabled swine.

    Fortunately we are represented on the Board by that stalwart defender of the oppressed, Molly McClanahan.

  3. I love that image of Dino with that big bunch of keys. makes him look like the janitor. And if he were the janitor I bet he’d still be trying to beat up skinny kids.

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