Fullerton Flashback: A Beer with the Boys

A Lit roadie recently shared this image on social media and an observant friend passed it along. Can FFFF readers identify any of these distinguished gentlemen?

Here’s a hint. The photo contains at least one budding lobbyist, a Fullerton police union president, a planning commissioner and a soon-to-be bar owner/nuisance generator.

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  1. The guy in the white hat looks like Jeremy Popoff. It makes sense with the Lit connection.

    The cop drinking beer in uniform is cool as hell. I didn’t know that was allowed.

      1. Nope. From the FPD manual:


        (g) Uniforms are only to be worn while on duty, while in transit to or from work, for court, or at other official department functions or events.

        (i) Employees are not to purchase or drink alcoholic beverages while wearing any part of the department uniform, including the uniform pants.

        Members shall report for work in an appropriate mental and physical condition. Members are prohibited from purchasing, manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, possessing or using controlled substances or alcohol on department premises or on department time (41USC § 8103).

        Members who are authorized to consume alcohol as part of a special assignment shall not do so to the extent of impairing on-duty performance.

  2. I think I see John Cross, one of Fullerton’s dirtiest excuses for a police officer.

    And there’s Sean Francis who was a planning commissioner and bar-owner business partner of Shawn Nelson.

    And next to him is a douchebag who lloks an awful lot like Germ Popoff, the Nexus of Nuisance.

  3. Jeremy Popoff, “the rebel hard rock player”. Um.,,He is best friends with FPD head honchos, a planning commissioner and the developer’s lobbyist Jennifer Fitzgerald (not pictued here). Very inauthentic dude

  4. The Slidebar has had a close relationship with the Fullerton cops from Day 1. And that’s why so many people believe that the call that started the Kelly Thomas killing was no accident, but an orchestrated effort to teach a nuisance a lesson. The hard way.

    That would explain a lot.

  5. Lobbyist = Craig Reinhardt

    Dirty Cop = John Cross

    Bar Owner = Jeremy Popoff

    Owner of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – AJ Popoff

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