Boozing, Schmoozing and Being Lobbied. Check, Please…


Man, there’s a lot of bottles back there!

Let’s say you’re the mayor of a City that is chugging red ink like a drunk city manager slurping booze in a cheap downtown Fullerton bar. Would you be sensitive to the appearance of wasting taxpayer’s money on a footling trip to Sacramento, ostensibly to “advocate” for something? Well, not if you’re crooked, and very confident. And nobody has accused our 2016 mayor, Jennifer “sparkyfitz” Fitzgerald of honesty, or lack of confidence about not having it.

Last year the Orange County Business Council, the twisted brain child of grifters Curt Pringle and Lucy Dunn (whose purpose is to rob public agency coffers) teamed up (once again!) with the Association of California Cities – OC another twisted brain child of Curt pringle and Lucy Dunn (whose purpose is to rob public agency coffers). Why? The teamwork was meant to throw a big, out-of-town lobbyist party. In Sacramento. Naturally, our then mayor-for-hire Jennifer “sparkyfitz” Fitzgerald had to attend. And so did our then-City Manager Joe Felz. Wild Ride Joe knew which side of his bread was buttered and who was buttering it. And then there was all that liquor – paid for by somebody or other.

Of course “advocacy” means lobbying, but surprise! It turns out that the would-be lobbyists were not going to Sacto to lobby, but to be lobbied! And we paid for it.The politicos who went were there to lobbied by other ACC-OC/OCBC members! That’s the cozy, incestuous little world inhabited by the Fitzgerald family. That’s the ACC-OC/OCBC formula for success.

Wow. Even Doug “Bud” Chaffee went to this expensive non-event. And while certain stuff that couldn’t be easily laid on the public – like Chaffee’s wife’s plane ticket – was reimbursed by the party-goers – the rest of it was on our dime. And at the very same time Fitzgerald was lying about Fullerton having a balanced budget. Here are the numbers:


What sort of idiot pays almost $500 for airfare to Sacramento? The sort of person who is playing with house’s money. I wonder if a single mutual legislative goal was achieved. I bet not. Any takers?

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  1. A $5,000 party trip for our little town’s government officials. Great Scott!

    I’d like to see a list of accomplishments from this adventure. Maybe Fitzgerald can fill us in at the next meeting. She’ll have to speak for Joe, I guess.

    1. Thank you. This image illustrates the point of this post. Disney and others used the trip as an opportunity to lobby city officials. That’s it.

      Fitz and Felz did nothing for the actual residents of Fullerton, but we picked up the tab.

    2. I’d hit that. Yeah all I that! There is something sexy about drunk ladies, even this grouping of untouchables, which gets my fire going. “No girls, keep the ears and sox on, we’re doing this cosplay style.

    1. If this crap, plus looking at that pic doesn’t get your blood boiling, then you probably voted no on the last recall.

  2. Boozing, Schmoozing and Being Lobbied. Check, Please?
    You guys are hilarious. We know about Tony toking with Norby, schmoozing with Nelson and trying to lobby with his 3-4 hundred grand extravaganza wasting away in maragaritaville. wear is the pictures of Tony in his beannie on his bike? You haters pick the chicken shit stuff to complain about. Why don’t you go volunteer somewear and do som ereal good for this community instead of posting old pictures and violationg peoples privacy. Post this you chickens

    1. I’d volunteer at the Literacy for Cops program but no one ever shows up. They’re off posing for Behind the Bullshit giving away taxpayer paid for turkeys.

    2. “wear is the pictures of Tony in his beannie on his bike? ” wear ..were..we’re.. where? If Fitzgerald were to ride around on a bike the downtown once in a “whereing” a beanie to see the town & talk to people at the street level & (not just on her way to the bars) I think my estimation would of her would increase! With the meet & greet with Mayor Whittiker & the walk & talk with Silva, we could have the nightime bike ride with Fitzgerald, please bring your beanies.(Fpd) bicycle cops are allowed to go also.

      1. Mayor Whitaker? Yes he wants the marijuana stores to be everywhere. We all know it. So how come you don’t post pictures of Tony and Bruce getting stoned with you guys? How come you don’t post pictures of Whitaker drinking with Felz? Yeah thats rite. At least Jennifer is still married and has a family.

          1. He was just calling you guys out. You think we don’t know what you guys want. Jas is making bank and you guys are working in retail shops internet stalking for Tony.

        1. Yup. What I call a very self-integrated family. Sweet of her, sends her kids to go knock on doors…um…not to sell Boy Scout cookies but win votes. Her unconditional love for her hubby asked for a contract with the city to beef his sales up a bit. A business or a family? very confusing.

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