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  1. I thought Hugo’s Moronic and Unsafe Stairs To Nowhere were going to chase the junkies out of Hillcrest Park.

    1. How do you know that this drug paraphernalia wasn’t found by a stair climber? Parks and Rec keeping you safe.

  2. You FUCKING idiots it was found by union bank parking lot … Berkeley and harbor … I saw it took a picture and posted it earlier this morning on my Facebook page … quit lying about the location

    1. Reading is fun.damental.

      Everyone knows Hillcrest Park has been exclusively claimed by sex pervs, not junkies.

      1. I knew that 30 years ago.
        Every city has a pervpark.
        In Santa Ana off of 3rd street and just West of Broadway
        There was a park we all called “old man’s park” old men would sit on benches flashing.
        Off Santiago Creek with the dangerous SS slide, goobers, married ones in SUVs would park and shop for nubile boys.
        I know of no other perv park in Fullerton.

  3. Read before you post, the article says “near Hillcrest Park.” Or don’t and make a fool out of yourself. Your choice.

    1. Your lame … i posted a picture way before the story came out … I asked the owner of FFFF to print truth and correct this b.s. story .. he is currently looking into it … it was next to mclains coffee shop at union bank parking lot not hilcrest park

        1. Why would I call a cop ?? Judging from every post from FFFF the cops are evil and violent … now again why is any FFFF blogger or commenter encouraging me or anyone else to call a cop … you are a hypocrite

          1. Keith has a good point. about calling the police. The last time I called FPD for an emergency, my dad was begging them not to hurt my drunk brother. Needless to say they slammed my shirtless bro to the 100 degree hot asphalt,. My dad begged the cops to let him stand because the street pavement was freaking hot. Anyways, they arrested my dad along with my brother. The worse part of the story, no crime committed other than my drunk brother was acting foolish so we called the peace keepers for assistance.

            1. “no crime committed other than my drunk brother was acting foolish”

              Being drunk and (or) acting foolish are not crimes. However when you introduce the FPD into the situation you have immediately invited probable escalation because at that point the cops can commit any abuse under the comical pretense that these delicate flowers “feared for their safety.” Yes the bar is set that low.

              If your brother or dad had put his hand in his pocket there likely would have been a hail of bullets and a phony DA “investigation” to cover it up. So at least you got that goin’ for you.

  4. Hillcrest Park borders on Berkley and Harbor. The bank is literally across the street from Hillcrest Park. That’s not near enougj for you?

    1. This box of needles were found in the union bank parking lot next to barbarians barber shop a few feet from mclains coffee shop.. not hilcrest park.. that’s where I took 2 pics of it and posted it on Facebook on my wall prior to this lame blog post trying to tie it into hilcrest park … the blogger was having coffee at mclains who took the blog post pictures .. tying it to hilcrest park is a FUCKING lie

      1. That’s a block away from the park you nitwit.

        But hey, all hail you and your two photographs. Because that’s what’s important. Your recognition.

        1. Nope .. truth is you try to give hilcrest park a bad name in this .. instead of the coffee shop where it was located a few feet away .. speak truth in your post or you get called out on it


            And swearing.

            And contractions.

            And possibly a few other things.

          2. Yeah Hillcrest already has a bad name with the all anonymous gay sex pervs hanging out. Let’s not make it worse.

          3. You mean Hillcrest Park DOESN’T”T already have a bad name? What a hoot. You know what that suggests, right?

            Instead you want to dump on the poor, unoffending coffee place.

  5. Big deal….a citizen on their way to the drug store to exchange them misplaced them. I’m glad the photo was of not of a bag of used tampons or a dirty diaper that would be yucky.

  6. Most likely stuff purloined from the FPD evidence lock up and dumped as a fake news tale instigation on the cop’s website.. Keith Sanders is likely an FPD snitch.

    1. The only fpd snitch is the person who called the police to pick up this box .. I am sure thru a record request we the people can get the callers name … and possible transcript and body camera footage of the caller talking to the cops … so it won’t be me … who from the blog is the cop caller

      1. You didn’t call the cops? Then you left the needles lying around without telling anyone? Wow, what an asshole.

  7. And your picture shows an altered “staged” version of the contents … whoever photographed the contents was careless because they touched and moved potentially dangerous items for the sake of a picture … what a dumbshit the photographer for the blog truly is … my pictures are the natural untouched versions at least I used precautions to avoid getting stuck by a potential hiv inflected needless …

  8. Don’t whine, celebrate, it’s diversity! Junkies are people ,too. Soon, CSU Fullerton President Mildred Garcia will offer a course ” Persons with addiction challenge”. Syllabus would list: only racists dislike heroin addicts, crack heads; equal rights for junkies, only republicans discriminate against junkies, why white males who are politically conservative should not participate in government or other civic causes because they hate junkies. The final will be a project where the student must inject self with heroin then wrote a one page essay on this diversity experiment. Extra credit if essay ties in heroin high with contempt for those who don’t celebrate diversity through drug abuse and vote democrat.

  9. Funny thing about this blog all who come forward to say negative things about me disguise their names .. and detract the truth that the location of the items found were in the bank parking lot .. although they continue to reference hilcrest park … hilcrest park has nothing to do with it … end of story

  10. The real story here is that some guy came on this blog and bragged about finding dirty needles but left them in the bushes for kids to play with.

    Thanks to whoever called the cops. No thanks to this Sanders guy.

    1. Yes call your friends at the FPD … you all are hypocrites … and liars trying to tie hilcrest park into this stupid blog post of lost and found items .. you instead should of called the fire department hazmat team … and rid the coffee shop and surrounding area of all the drugs in the immediate area .. but all of you follow the cops guide lines of see something say something .. we here on the streets laugh at people like all of you haters …

      1. Tony likes weed. But there must be some explanation for Bigmouth Barry’s aberrant behavior. I thought maybe those videos of him in front of the city Council were when he was in withdrawal.

  11. This is really disturbing listening to you guys cuss each other out and it seems like whoever put this article together is lying how about where this was found. I think we should be more careful. We should also be more compassionate for the people who have drug addiction problems as it is a very vicious cycle one that most people do not understand unless they have gone through it.

    1. No, only one person was using naughty words. As for the post, it described the needles as found near Hillcrest Park, which is perfectly true.

  12. I pad Lost 6/15/19 at Fullerton Doggie Park around 6:30 PM. I left my I pad Air on top of my car roof and drove away. It has a brown case. Appreciate contacting me at 562 397-3901

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