Bryan Bybee Branches Out

Let’s say you are in the market for a realtor – one who may be willing to bring a certain, um, shall we say, pugnacious flavor to your real estate negotiations. FFFF may be able to help!

Here’s the real estate promo for one Bryan Bybee, a Fullerton cop who’s looking to make a little extra cash moonlighting in the real estate business:

We’ll close this deal. Or else.

So who is Mr. Bybee, you may ask? We originally introduced the Friends to this gentleman, after he rammed his police vehicle into a guy on a bike. Bybee’s name also figured prominently in a very expensive lawsuit brought by the Ortiz brothers, Luiz and Antonio,  against the City. They alleged (and alleged successfully, it seems) that Bybee and a few of his FPD cohorts beat them up for no apparent reason, threw them in the Fullerton lock-up, and charged them with fictitious crimes – charges that were eventually rejected by a jury and dropped by the DA. That fun-filled episode cost us Fullerton taxpayers a tidy $280,000.

Anyhow, like I said, Bryan’s just looking to make some extra dough on the side, so let’s give a brotha’ a break, right? If you’re looking for “boutique” real estate services and someone to bring a special brand of negotiating talent to the table, Bryan may be just be the fella to meet your needs.


8 Replies to “Bryan Bybee Branches Out”

  1. These cops tell us they work so hard every day, but somehow half of them are running a completely different business on the side. Heroes my ass.

  2. Man’s gotta make a living when he can’t beat people up under color of authority anymore.

    BTW, the Earth is flat.

  3. Don’t forget his mischievous behavior at the LA sheriffs dept before transferring to FPD(thanks to his dad). Nepotism?-na, move along…… look for me driving eastbound on Commonwealth Ave drunk on my way home… smh

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