Another $280,000 Flies Out the Window Thanks to the FPD Culture of Corruption

We’re good guys. Or else…

In the early morning hours of the very same day that six FPD cops harassed, attacked and left Kelly Thomas to die in the gutter, four of their bad apple brethren had a run-in only a few yards away with the Ortiz brothers – Luiz and Antonio – a couple of downtown Fullerton bar patrons.

Here are the names of the four cops: Bryan Bybee, Billy Phu, Emanuel Pulido and  Matthew Martinez. Remember the names. According to the complaint Bybee began the July 5, 2011 altercation by attacking Antonio with a baton while his colleagues joined in the fun and also went to work on Luiz. The beat down ended with the usual ride to the Fullerton Jail, lack of medical attention to the beaten Antonio, refusal to pursue an internal investigation following Antonio’s formal complaint, and the eventual filing of criminal charges by our illustrious DA – who never seems to tire of prosecuting citizens based on fraudulent FPD reports.

Miraculously, Luiz was acquitted 11-1 by an OC jury in 2016, and the DA dropped the charges against Antonio – giving plenty of credence to the allegations made by the brothers in a civil suit against the taxpayers of Fullerton, a suit that was recently settled for the tidy sum of $280,000, only about $1.90 of which will come out of the pocket of Jan Flory, or Jennifer Fitzgerald or Pat “I Hired Them All” McKinley, or any of the other vocal cop apologists who bask in the warmth of Fullerton First membership.

Four more demerit badges for former Chief Danny “Galahad” Hughes’ boy scout sash, even as he rakes in a $20K per month pension.

Here are the relevant documents. Read ’em and weep.

Read it

Ortiz – Mutual Settlement Agreement & Release

031125815475 Culture of Corruption

Ortiz v Fullerton Ammended Compliant

26 Replies to “Another $280,000 Flies Out the Window Thanks to the FPD Culture of Corruption”

  1. What? No mention of this from our city leadership. I guess they’re trying to hide it. So much for transparency. You think one of them would do something besides hand out our money over and over again.

  2. It’s just money – a small per capita amount as the author notes. So quit yer bitchin and pay up. Same for that Newman gas tax. A wise investment.

  3. Also wonderful to see officers getting well deserved promotions, and both officers and members of the public being recognized for some pretty heroic actions. There are alot of real heroes here in Fullerton!

  4. Roll Call of Hero Honor

    Bong Hit Shone

    1. Personally, I’d add Coffman and Kirk to that list. Remember the “horning” tickets Hughes orchestrated?

    2. How is Bybee still an Offifer. One of the multiple bad examples the Fullerton PD have for police officers as well as human beings. Theees many more officers who deserve to be fired.. but Bybee was just my most recent interaction. 90% of FPD are just jokes…. No doubt.

      Read a Law Book once in a while, For Love of God!

  5. I remember when Danny told us that anybody who believed in a Culture of Corruption was misinformed.

      1. Was he fired? Nope. Bybee is still heroing around Fullerton. In fact, he was a 2016 MADD Award Recipient.

  6. Oh my God!!!…who was the Captain in charge of those officers in July 2011…..
    DANNY HUGHES….I see a pattern here.

    These lawsuits take a while to work their way through the system…this is just the beginning.

  7. before Governor Brown ended redevelopment funds , where tax dollars siphoned away from needed programs just to make pretty, Fullerton’s city council members used these funds to turn downtown Fullerton into the wild west, by financially supporting abundance of saloons called bars and clubs. Cheap food and bucket sized glasses of beer lured a twenties somethong, motley crowd into these places. Airborne fists and feet landing into others releasing dripping blood from victors and victims, and spewing gastro contents, downtown’s sidewalks became abstract Jackson Pollack paintings. instead of closing down these violent bars, predictably Fullerton’s city council made matters worse by hiring bedroom city commando, Pat McKinley as Fullerton polixe chief. Abuse of power and deadly force stirred into already volatile mixture of impulsive twenty somethings and motley element. allowed Fullerton police officer Rincon to molest female detainees in his squad car, Fullerton police officer Bybee to brutalze a cooperative suspect, and for Fullerton police officers Ramos, Ciccinelli, Wolfe et al to torture and murder a homeless, malnourished, mentally ill man. The problem is larger than Fullerton PD. Decades of corrupt, selfish municipal,government has deprived the good people of Fullerton their safety, protection from being preyed upon by civic greed( remember water rates diverted from maintaining Fullerton’s water source and its sewers and into salary raises and robust pensions for city employees) and their voice in their local government as it fell on the deafmears of cronyism and nepotism. Disgraced, ex Fullerton’s city manager ,Joe Felz , a glaring example of cronyism triumphing over competence and ethics is Mr. sociology major but zip knowledge in finance or public administration has,sent this city into gross debt that will,take another decade to become solvent. In sum, Fullerton’s liberal provincials and their counterpart, the rabid conservatives, it has been these two useless groups, the civic leaders and pillars of Fullerton, who doom this city. Fullerton PD must be disbanded and a new sheriff brought in these two,groups out of our town and into the legal,system for prosecution for treason.

  8. around that time there were a lot of deceased and brutalized victims associated with their run in’s with Fullerton police. Pat McKinnley was really the orchestater of this time of brutality in Fullertons history . Sellers was just on auto pilot & thinking about his next vacation and dodging important issues instead of trying to make changes.At that time was scary for anyone that was walking on a street alone at night as the police frequently stopped and questioned people without cause.

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