Another Felzian Development

Word has got out that disgraced former city manager Joe Felz is working with Crittenton Services on a new “mixed-use” development on Harbor Boulevard. It’s hard to imagine Crittenden – that takes care of wayward and abused girls – being in the land development business so that doesn’t quite make sense – unless maybe it’s to build themselves a new corporate complex.

Is Felz working for a fee so he can profit from all those inside contacts he continues to cultivate after his (and our) municipal humiliation? Maybe he is donating his valuable time for the sake of the charity. Either way, it hard to see why Crittenden would think the services of Felz, who quit after getting popped driving off the road and trying to make a quick getaway, would be anything other than an embarrassment to them.


I’ll drink to that!

A little research shows that Crittenden has assembled quite a bit of real estate over the years. And curiously (or not) it is directly adjacent to the “Fox Block” monstrosity that never seems to go away.

If the city made a deal to get rid of the “useless” triangle parking lot, the rest of Crittendon’s property along with the covering of a flood control channel and the elimination of an alleyway would make a great apartment block.

And finally, I note that the Fullerton Redevelopment Successor Agency is holding on to $6 million for the Fox Block – vestigial redevelopment Monopoly money that will end up in some developer’s pocket.

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  1. I’m sure Felz is looking for an assist from Fitzgerald.

    I wonder how much it costs to hire a disgraced drunk former city manager?

  2. Why-O-why doesn’t this loser just disappear and enjoy that massive pension – got by seriously fucking up everything he laid his hands on.

    I guess we can’t expect him to recognize his own failures but quitting your job because you got drunk and ran over a tree ought to be an immediate disqualifier for future respect.

  3. Crittenton protects women and children from “abuse, trauma and neglect.” I’d say those three things are right in Felz’ wheelhouse so it’s a match made in heaven.

  4. The Amerige House is a local historical landmark and the Edward K. Benchley House is officially designated as Fullerton Historical Landmark #38. It will be fun to watch those get bulldozed.

  5. I can’t find a job anywhere else. Crittendon won’t even pay me cash. Their best offer was a row of willow trees I can run down with my Subaru.

  6. It’s hard for people to go from a position of power and responsibility to being, to use your word, disgraced, so I understand Felz wanting to keep his hand in the game in some way. I think it’s a bad instinct, but a natural one. Felz has an inability to accept his failings. I’ve seen him turn an honest criticism into a full fledged smear campaign against someone he’d called a friend for years. I think there’s good in his heart, but he’s been corrupted by power and probably can’t help himself from doing whatever he sees as being in his best interest, truth and justice be damned. It’s really sad. I think he was a good guy once upon a time.

  7. And who knows, maybe there still is. I know it’s tempting to vilify people who seem to abuse their power, and Felz has certainly given you plenty of ammunition…but he is a human being with a family he loves and who love him. He’s done a lot of kind things for a lot of people. And while I greatly respect the role your blog plays in forcing a seemingly really corrupt municipal and country government to confront its misdeeds, I think it’s a mistake to discuss the players in terms that dehumanize them, just as it’s wrong to do the kinds of things these people seemed to have been up to. Shine a light on the corruption. Hold their feet to the fire. That’s the real work.

    1. “…but he is a human being with a family he loves and who love him. He’s done a lot of kind things for a lot of people.”

      Well, that’s so far from any point that it hardly needs to be addressed, even if true. His dog probably loves Felz, too.

      Apparently he is still sticking his snout into development deals for his own profit and that REALLY stinks.

      1. Though you’re wrong that it hardly matters or that it didn’t need to be said. My whole point was we shouldn’t vilify people as it forgets that we are dealing with human beings and not cartoon figures. That in my view is important, though you might not share my view on this point.

        1. Yeah, what am I wrong about? All the kindnesses the DUI/obstructor of justice passed out to people who said nice things about him?

          I can’t wait to hear. Do tell. Felz is and was corrupt.

            1. He quit it and takes a $200,000 pension. And that’s still not enough for Honest Joe, family man and dispenser of a million kindnesses.

              = creep.

          1. You’re wrong in giving voice to only the anger in your heart. Not that these words will change that. I just think the world is a better place when we do our best to see three dimensions. To not lead with hate. It’s not easy to do. Hey, this guy has wronged people I care about worse than he has wronged any of you. I’m all for justice and hope it plays out fairly. But the anger and aggression you’re showing is not the same as righteousness. You want to do the right, study the example of Christ. We would all do well to soften our hearts. That’s all.

            1. Jesus got pissed off at the money lenders on the steps of the Temple. A soft heart has no place when it comes to thieves operating under the color of authority.

            2. I think the world is a better place when public “servants” quit feathering their own nests at our expense.

              I’m funny in expressing my anger that way. Sheep were born to be fleeced and I’d be a much happier person when I got used to it, right?

              1. Yeah, what I was saying was that it’s one or the other, seething mob or sheep to the slaughter. You guys seem to have it all figured out. Must be nice to be so certain about everything all the time. Sigh.

                1. Funny, I don’t see a seething mob. Where is it?

                  No one here is pretending to have “figured out” anything. But we know a con when we see one. Sigh.

                2. Let’s see. Felz mismanages our city into insolvency, get’s off a DUI, picks up a $200,000 a year pension for all his hard work, hangs around trying to make developments deals and if we complain we are a SEETHING MOB?

                  Fullerton First called. They want to remind you your dues are late.

        2. I think if somebody drew a cartoon figure of a self-serving, incompetent ninny who was bankrupting the city and turning it over to big, out-of-town developers it would look an awful lot like Joe Felz.

          Oh, and then there’s that drunk driving/hit-and-run thing. Yes Felz is a human being all right. And not a very nice one. Please tell him to be gone.

  8. This company made millions on caring for the flood of illegal immigrant children waiting for court dates. I volunteered once just to see what kind of immigrants we were getting. They were all uneducated and most were illiterate (case workers words). Those of sexually maturity were pregnant and according to the case workers and translators they were all sexually assaulted during their trip here. Most said their parents sent them to provide a way for the rest of their family.

    Meanwhile most of Fullerton doesn’t even know it’s in our town.

    1. The truth of what you say about aliens notwithstanding, Crittenten has always tried to keep a low profile. Being a developer isn’t low profile.

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