We Will Find You. Or Not.

The Fullerton PD just publicized these photos of a patrol car that was tagged with graffiti by a downtown reveler over the weekend. The vandalism allegedly occurred while the officers were away on “proactive” foot patrol.

The social media pronouncement was accompanied by some humorous posturing, including the hashtag #WeWillFindYou.

Now anyone who’s filed a graffiti or vandalism report in the city of Fullerton knows that these types of crime reports usually get stuffed in a drawer, dismissed as non-priorities. You’d be lucky if you can get a cop to come out and take a report, let alone collect evidence and track down the perp.

In this case, some egos have been offended and so we might expect to see some sort of minimal effort expended. But I wouldn’t count on it.

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  1. There aren’t enough officers available. They each cost $300,000+ per year due to fat pay and pensions. The cops are strangling our city.

  2. This same grafitti vandal tagged up a lot of signs at the OCTA transportation terminal and a electrical box; this parked patrol car wasn’t the only target.
    It does seems the Fullerton Police have a good record of getting the bad guys. When a jewlry store was robbed on commonwealth all four robbers went in different directions and every one was caught at different locations around the downtown.

    1. “It does seems the Fullerton Police have a good record of getting the bad guys.”

      Well, they do have a good record arresting innocent people and calling them bad guys.

  3. I was once robbed. He came through a second story window. FPD showed up and threw unremovable black fingerprint dust all over the place. They never bothered to interview the unemployed loser downstairs who was in on it.

    Six months later I got a postcard in the mail from Chief McKinley saying the case was dropped for lack of evidence.

  4. My mom reported an in progress break in at her home to FPD. They came out an hour later, luckily the intruder got scared upon seeing someone in the house and fled. FPD said they weren’t going to take a report because they would never be able to find the person and told my mom, a 60 year old nonviolent lady, that if she had a gun, she should keep it handy in case the person came back. What a joke this department is

  5. On December 10, 2015 someone trespassed onto private property to steal an Our Town Not College Town sign from a resident’s front lawn. He snapped the picture of the vehicle (which is still on the OTNCT facebook page) with the license plate clearly visible. The resident and I both filed a police report and forwarded the photograph.

    And nothing was done about it, despite my calling and emailing several times for an update. As far as I can tell they didn’t even bother to run the license.

    And don’t even get me started on the naked firework bandits of 2007.

      1. Yeah, the FPD bright bulbs jumped all over that one. Photo evidence, a witness and a license plate. It was just too tough to solve. Well, you can lead an FPD employee right up to the threshold of integrity, but you can’t make him go in.

    1. Yes this is a valid complaint. I would expect any police agency to launch a full investigation with every available detective whenever a campaign sign is reported missing. It only happens about a thousand times every election

      1. Correct, many signs do disappear. Joe Felz knows this all too well. He had city maintenance crews believe if Travis Kiger got reelected in 2012 they would all be fired. So what did they do? Yes, you guessed it, they started removing his signs one by one. And, on city time.

        The thing you need to understand it’s not that often that sign theifs get caught red handed on camera. When that happens it’s not too difficult to prosecute. Just ask former city manager Dave Rudat how that worked out for him.

          1. He was also a Deputy CEO at the County and was dumped for campaigning on company time.

            Fear not. He pulls down a massive pension as former Orange Fire Chief and City Manager. Bilodeau hired Tony Rat’s ex-wife and the case was dropped.

  6. Dick Jones was right. Downtown Fullerton is the wild west. This would never happen in Galveston, which is well-run. By the Italians, I think.

  7. “…the officers were away on “proactive” foot patrol.”‘

    Now that’s a load of BS. That cop parked his car to go get a free beer courtesy of Slidebar Rock N’ Roll Shithole.

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