Repugs Blow Wad on Ling²

Back for more
Back for more abuse…

A while back we shared the musing of one Matthew J. Cunningham, a repuglican ink-dribbler, who falsely blamed Bruce Whitaker for the embarrassing showing put up by repuglican Larry Bennett in Fullerton’s 2016 council election. See, Whitaker is not popular among the “everything must go” repug’ crowd who see government not as too big, but as just not having enough teats.

Better get it while you can...
Better get it while you can…

So here, forthwith, I present another one of this sorry individual’s political ejaculations. This post was supposed to be a wrap-up of the State Senate District 29 election, a district that includes all of Fullerton. Repuglicans loved them some Ling Ling Chang. And why not? Her candidacy was the creation of the noxious Ed Roski bag man, Bob Huff, the perpetual cheerleader for the failed California Redevelopment swindle.

Back to the actual post: see if you detect the wave of wishful thinking intruding upon the shallow lagoon of this flunky’s intelligence:

After yesterday’s OC Registrar of Voters update, it’s highly likely Democrat Josh Newman’s unlikely political journey has come to an end – and it’s time to start addressing Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang as Senator.

SOS sd29 tally 11-16

29,746 ballots have been counted in the last two days, and Newman is not only failing to close the gap – he is falling further behind. At this stage of the game, if you aren’t gaining ground, you’re losing ground because the universe of uncounted ballots is only getting smaller – meaning the percentage the second-place candidate has to capture keeps getting bigger.

Congratulations to Ling Ling Chang, who once again has emerged victorious from a bitter and hugely expensive election battle.

Of course anyone who follows election counts knows very well that the post-election day provisional ballots always lean heavily Democrat in Orange County. They also know that the late VBM ballots likely go Republican – and these were obviously the first post-election ballots counted.

looking for the exit...
Looking for the exit…

A few weeks of sporadic ballot counting have passed, and the final tally has Fullerton’s Josh Newman, State Senator-elect, winning by 2500 votes. He was sworn in today as the State Senator form the 29th District.

Hello, Newman
Hello, Newman

I feel constrained to point out that this “battle” was “hugely expensive” only because of the $6,000,000 pumped into it by the Statewide ‘repugs and their running dogs to smear Newman, who appears to be a thoughtful and decent guy. Is there any need to also point out that Cunningham’s rancid Dave Gilliard-owned blog also participated in that shameful smear effort?

Friends, we may accurately call Ling Ling Chang many things: nakedly ambitious, serial liar, empty suit, air head, puppet, soon-to-be unemployed; but one thing we can’t call her is Senator.

13 Replies to “Repugs Blow Wad on Ling²”

  1. If anyone ever needed to lose it has to be Ling Ling. Her refusal to support reform of civil asset forfeiture should make her unqualified for public office.

  2. I would categorize Mr. Cunningham’s reporting as part of this “fake news” wave that has diluted the REAL reporting of this election year. This guy wouldn’t know a story if it hit him in the face.

    Hey Mary — where the hell is my scotch?!??

  3. Hmm… “nakedly ambitous” … “political ejaculations”… Should I be posting for this blog?

  4. “So here, forthwith, I present another one of this sorry individual’s political ejaculations. ”

    Skadoosh. Comment of the year.

    Nicely done.

  5. Any politician who makes false statements about their biography and education deserves to lose a vote or voted against. If Irvine carpetbagger Sukhee Kang was facing lyin Ling Ling Chang in the general, both would be a bad combination as both of these candidates have a incompetent past which includes Kang blowing through 2 million along with his political cronies and Chang lying about her having a degree including the part where she cussed in the voicemail which can be found here at . At least we defeated Sukhee Kang in the primary by placing signs displaying “NO KANG IRVINE CARPETBAGGER”. Anyone but Ling Ling Chang and Sukhee Kang would be fine for the 29th state senate district.

  6. Since FFFF loves government cover ups they might want to look into Mrs Emy Flores, Ed.D. The wife of former Fullerton Police officer Ray Flores who allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill a Fullerton High student last year with a gun. Makes you wonder how someone in her position can get away with that!

    Emy Flores, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at Fullerton School District
    Fullerton, California500+
    Education Management

    1. And writing op-ed pieces for radical NorCal leftists. And having lunch with Steve Greenhut. Just search our voluminous files.

  7. Can anyone tell me why on earth Ling Ling Chang didn’t spring for a ballot statement? Someone on the campaign staff miss a deadline? That alone could have made the difference. Lame.

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