Intrepid Friend, David Curlee, has got hold of mobile data computer log from the FPD patrol cars on the night City Manager, Joe Felz, was driving home after a night of campaign partying, jumped the curb on Glenwood Ave, ran over a tree, and tried to motor off. After that the Cone of Silence has descended on the incident thanks to the Fullerton Culture of Cover-up.

HCON3 is a dispatcher. U321 is a patrol unit. Note the time: 1:30-ish in the morning. Precisely the time the Felz incident occurred.






Hmm. Twenty minutes of radio silence. Then another cop who must have been there decides that whatever happened, he ain’t a-talkin’. I wonder why not. No I don’t. And notice U321 isn’t saying anything, either.

Now, remember Barb Pollinger, the neighbor who called the cops in the first place? She said very clearly that driver of the vehicle”should have stopped.”

Is it possible that the MDC is describing an incident other than the madcap motoring of our City Manager? I suppose it’s possible. But it seems pretty implausible.

The witness talks about a suspect departing the scene of an accident. The log conveys the notion of someone in need of immediate apprehension.

I think what is being described here is a crime. If that’s true, then I would also think the actions of former Chief of Police Dan Hughes in ordering his troops to let Felz go without a breathalyzer analysis, to drive him home, to tuck him into bed and to forget the whole thing would also be a crime, obstruction of justice-wise. Our lawyer, Dick Jones, said that a criminal investigation was underway/remotely possible, but since the cops arrested no one that night, and since nobody has been charged with anything that I am aware of, what gives?

The City Council once again takes up the topic of Mr. Felz’s performance tomorrow night. It might be an interesting performance.


  1. Somebody threw the ratso on Joey today. Must have been Greg Palmer, Esq. of the esteemed firm of Jones and Meyer. That means Fitzgerald just voted Joey off the island.

            1. Rams, I don’t believe Fullerton Lover missed that post. He wrote; “maybe 4F could do a parody”, you know, make fun of that chucklehead Lou Fonzi.

            2. …how about “To recognize bullshit, the nose is always better than the ear”?

              Is that title taken?

              ; – )

            3. …I wonder how the “Behind the Badge” bio article(s) about the new interim Fullerton PD Police Chief David Hinig are going to differ from this account?

              ——— DAVID HINIG ———
              Hinig David Profile
              Fmr. PVE Chief of Police, David Hinig:
              PVE’s rid of him after a few months of dishonor

              DAVID HINIG: David Hinig was a lock to be inducted onto the PVE Police Department Wall of Shame for allegedly making false or misleading statements in response to a public inquiry while in possession of self-contradicting evidence, in addition to appearing to condone alleged police misconduct by Aaron Belda, Erick Gaunt, Steve Barber and Hazel Menendez. The men, women and children of Palos Verdes Estates collectively genuflect to God that this horribly dishonest and disingenuous man David Hinig has left our fine city, now unfortunately in the bumbling hands of Jeff Kepley.

              CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATOR? The long record of civil rights violation allegations against David Hinig is extremely disconcerting. On April 22, 1997, after the cost to the City of Arcadia rose into the tens of thousands of dollars, the honorable U.S. District Judge Robert J. Kelleher entered a judgment and order against co-defendant David Hinig as Arcadia Chief of Police for violation of the Civil Rights Act (Case # 2:94-cv-04571-RJK). Previously in June 1995, Judge Kelleher denied defendants’ motion to dismiss the case. On July 21, 2003, David Hinig was served again in a lawsuit in which he was named a co-defendant for alleged violation of the Civil Rights Act (Case # 8:03-cv-00301-SJO-MLG). On December 15, 2003, David Hinig was served in yet another lawsuit in which he was named a co-defendant for alleged violation of the Civil Rights Act (Case # 2:03-cv-07179-ABC-Mc). Astoundingly, on April 7, 2006, yet another case alleging civil rights violation was filed against co-defendant David Hinig, this time in the Superior Court of California (Case # BC350368). Source: Bloomberg Law dockets. This is the man that the PVE City Council chose to protect our residents? More details that expose David Hinig as the shameless man that he is viewed to be are available by E-mailing ankur@savepvefromtonyd.com.

              REJECTED BY RIALTO? Soon after the judgment and order against David Hinig in a case against him et. al. for violation of the Civil Rights Act (see above), it appears clear that Hinig sought to salvage his career by reportedly attempting to become Chief of Police of the Inland Empire city of Rialto. However, after a thorough background check by the decision maker similar to Tony Dahlerbruch but in Rialto’s “city administrator” position, David Hinig’s application was rejected in favor of Michael Meyers, who served as Rialto’s Police Chief from 1998-2005. Thus, while Hinig apparently was not qualified enough to lead a town in the Inland Empire, the PVE City Council and Tony Dahlerbruch’s questionable judgment and perhaps less thorough vetting process put David Hinig in charge of protecting ours. one?


  2. Actually this lends credence to the anonymous report we got saying the cops did some sort of police car maneuver to cut off Feltz.
    GET HIM!

  3. I decided to take two more weeks of vacation and then start my retirement. Thanks for all the fun years. I will miss you. I might go work at Disney soon. I’m going to operate the Utopia ride.

    1. Yes, they practice illiteracy while making jokes about “Killary Clinton” and calling each other names.

  4. How long has this man been abusing the public’s trust? I’m glad they finally caught him. Imagine the damage that a monster like this could do if put in charge of a whole city.

  5. Since FFFF loves government cover ups they might want to look into Mrs Emy Flores, Ed.D. The wife of former Fullerton Police officer Ray Flores who allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill a Fullerton High student last year with a gun. Makes you wonder how someone in her position can get away with that!

    Emy Flores, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at Fullerton School District
    Fullerton, California500+
    Education Management

    1. At least you included the words allegedly. We all know this was just a made up political smear. Good attempt though.

        1. I assume this is related to the ongoigng fiasco concerning the DA’s handling of jailhouse informants but its a pretty large document dump. What should I be looking for, specifically?

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