2016 Fringies© – The Scariest Ghost of Fullerton Past


And now I present to you humans the nominations in the supremely important category of The Ghost of Fullerton Past. Why is this important? As an expert on the subject of ghosts myself, I can tell you that Fullerton never seems to be rid of hauntings by former inhabitant of the worst ilk. My former mistress was nominated in 2009 and finally took the home the prize in 2012, before she managed to re-materialize in something approximating corporal human form. Usually the nominees are culled from the large stock of horrific departed repuglicans such as Linda LeQuire who revisit you near every election time to promote this or that non-entity propped up on the campaign dais by Ed Royce.

This year was no different: the nexus was largely the misbegotten campaign of Larry T. Bennett, and how the grisly Ghosts of Fullerton Past manifested themselves to support the insupportable. The first five entries distinguished themselves by clambering up onto the rickety Bennettmobile.

Dick FitzBennett

Dick Ackerman. Scam artist and influence peddler who tried to sell the OC fairgrounds to a bunch of pals by illegally lobbying the Legislature. Yes he got a pass from our useless DA, just in time to run his laughable wife as a carpetbagger for the Assembly in 2009, and later lead the  anti-recall campaign in 2012. “Scary” doesn’t begin to describe this lowlife.

Gone, but almost forgotten…

Linda LeQuire. This hideous apparition rises every election cycle even tough almost nobody knows who it is anymore – which makes the haunting sort of tragic. Even worse, she brought along the comical side-ghost of her Earthly husband, Roy, this year. The noxious vapor, LeQuire, has the dubious distinction of winning this coveted Fringie© in 2009, but that in no way diminishes the contemporary horror.

Rebels Fire on Fort Sumpter

Buck Catlin. Buck Catlin is also a former nominee in this category. His claim to fame was getting recalled in 1994 by voting to impose a completely unnecessary utility tax upon the populous.

The Three Bald Tires. Yes, you know them also as the Three Tree Stumps, the Three Dead Batteries, etc. Mssrs. Jones, Bankhead and McKinley were recalled in 2012 for their deplorable behavior in the aftermath of the Kelly Thomas killing, and their die-hard love of the illegal water tax. They re-emerged on the political scene this fall, thinking their estimable reputation would help Bennett. More than likely it hurt, and hurt badly; but no sympathy for Ol’ Schlep Larry – he obviously solicited their endorsements. Pathetically, each of these burned out bulbs brought along his spouse to the party to join in yet another electoral humiliation.

Matthew J. Cunningham. Third tier squealer for the County’s repuglican grifters, this creature is more greasy than scary, and has left a shiny green slime-trail across our pages over the years. Since we saw him last he has been toiling away for Curt Pringles’ influence peddling machine in Anaheim; working against a homeless shelter; and in 2013 he even set up a votive candle to the Virgin Mary next to a mangled teddy bear – on the anniversary of a Latino’s death – shot by Anaheim cops. In November he emerged from his hole on cue to blame Bruce Whitaker for Bennett’s embarrassment.

And finally, a non Bennett-related entry.

A perfect record…

Lou Ponsi. This specter popped up as a writer for the utterly lame and publicly funded Behind the Badge, touting the good works of our cops, specifically in bribing kids with a Thanksgiving dinner to be good little barrio tykes. Nobody involved seemed to pick up on the rather demeaning condescension involved in this display, but FFFF did. Ponsi spent many years regurgitating the lamest and most insipid sort of pabulum for the local Register rag, swallowing everything he was dished out like a hungry little bird, and never asking a single probing question about the behavior of the Fullerton Police Department and its employees. Not one. Ever. None. Nada.

There they are, human Friends. A scarier rogues gallery shall ye never find. Them’s your potential winners. And by winners I mean we all lose.




29 Replies to “2016 Fringies© – The Scariest Ghost of Fullerton Past”

  1. The good thing is these people are all, literally about to shuffle off this mortal coil. But i wonder if you aren’t growing a new crop what with Fitzflory and all.

    1. Anaheim Outsider, you hit the nail on the head, “…growing a new crop what with Fitzflory and all”. I’d say of all the people around, Fitzgerald’s the one who you all need to keep an eye on. If fact the more eye’s the better. She’s B A A D.

  2. Don’t forget Bankhead’s public endorsement of Map 2A during the city council meeting placing Measure II on the ballot. Since no such map existed, Mr. Bankhead was actually right about something, if accidentally so.

  3. It looks like Lou Ponsi got shitcanned from the Register in May. I don’t normally wish ill on people, but that little turd deserved it.

      1. “No, he didn’t.”

        Uh, yeah. Unless you believe that a decent newspaper should employ real reporters. But, of course since the Register is NOT a decent newspaper maybe Ponzi did belong there. So I guess maybe we’re both right.

  4. What about Greg Seaborn with his mind blowing chicken shit flushing down the crapper, the momentum of the recall rejecting the investigative attempts at an OC sherrifs bid for services? what about Bruce Whitaker for voting for map 8a and remaining silent on everything imaginable like Fitzy’s Pringle gig and cashing Popofs campaign checks while he lets him run illegal business as nightclub? Why not big boy Shawn Nelson and Mr Irons for trying to stick homeless shelter behind an elementary school? Why you five guys focus on these peeps. Why dont you focus on real problems in Fullerton like getting rid of whole council with recall?

    1. Unfortunately these humans didn’t do any of this stuff in November of 2016, and of course Sebourn and Whitaker aren’t ghosts.

      Nelson is 300 lbs of something, but it sure ain’t ghost.

    2. “What about Greg Seaborn with his mind blowing chicken shit flushing down the crapper, the momentum of the recall rejecting the investigative attempts at an OC sherrifs bid for services?”

      Well, yeah , that wa spretty chickenshit alright. But in fairness to Sebourn there was a scary earthquake tremor that he took to be a sign from God. Or maybe he lost his nerve looking at all those overweight goobers in blue T-shirts.

      1. Why you defending the sound of Tony’s $500,000 going down the toilet? Are you stupid or something? The earthquake was a sign from God? What a sign to protect the killers? Is that really you Fred Alcazar aka back the badge? Get off the chronic if that is you Tony. Greg was the reason the whole recall progress all fell apart. Travis finished the job by opening his mouth and sitting on his ass instead of walking precincts. Now Fullerton is F+=@ed and Flory just tiurned into a mexican man and changed her last name to Seelvaaaaaaa. Who gives a shit about Vince Buck or some dead judge.

    3. “Why dont you focus on real problems in Fullerton like getting rid of whole council with recall?”

      I love it. Wreck three turds in a recall, take a break and a month after these bloggers come back they’re faulted for not running yet another recall. Why don’t show us what YOU’VE done?

      1. The sheer possibilities of what can be done offset what is done and has been done. We can not carry on under the same inertia

  5. That Cunningham is a completely despicable piece of crap, but does he qualify as a ghost of Fullerton Past? Never lived here, right?

  6. Crickey! You found a pitcher of Linda LeQuire. Not fair to my synapses. The only good thing about her was how much she hated Flory. So she’s not 100% bad.

  7. Dick FitzBennett.

    The motto of the failed anti-recallers in 2012: “Fullerton is not for sale.” That was because these swindlers already sold most of it off.

    1. Hmm. Apparently bringing coffee to an Assembly Critter doesn’t pay as well as writing op-eds for leftist educratistas at $200 an hour when Rob Reiner is picking up the tab.

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