They Shall Not Pass 

Another public sidewalk expropriated by a developer.

This is the site of the giant mess coming in the 700 Block of South Harbor Boulevard – a behemoth brought to us courtesy of our present City Council, who approved this monster unanimously.

I don’t get it. There’s nothing difficult about a contractor keeping a sidewalk open. It just takes a City that cares about the people who live here and use the public sidewalks, instead of bending over backwards the the developer of another massive, San Quentin-like apartment block. The only thing missing will be the gas chamber.

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  1. And no accountability from these apartment complexes. The one on Deerpark and Yorba Linda Ave has been there forever. Huge profits, but in the summer alll the apartments are saunas since the ac units don’t blow cold air. They’ve had the same equipment for decades.

    1. Sidewalks??? Walking????? Your legs are tires and your arms a steering wheel. No one makes money out of your walking

  2. Too many apartments in Fullerton. They are nests for problems. Cars broken into and stolen property. FPD is good at giving the city manager a pass and sucks at solving petty and other thefts. Parking is another big problem because of these apartments. I was at one complex last Saturday and the picture was gloomy. Cars all over. People arguing out loud. Local government is killing Fullerton

  3. This is so beyond acceptable. There was quite a vocal objection to this very thing at Monday night’s meeting about Amerige Court; specifically that they left no room for pedestrians at this “project” on Harbor an Orangethorpe. An older lady was seen walking in the middle of traffic.
    I don’t know how much this has to get before people “Storm the Bastille”, but there is that is the kind of anger brewing.
    The City Council needs to act and act quickly first to save lives, and second to stop this madness.

  4. This sort of thing WOULD NOT happen in city that REALLY put the citizens first. I am so sick of Fitzgerald’s idiot Cheshire Cat grin and selfies. At least Flory is gone. She REALLY hated the people of Fullerton, although she was in love with the bureaucrats.

    1. Maybe its time for our third recall in 30 years. I hear there’s this guy who makes real great signs.

      1. The way things are going , it looks like a recall will be in order in 2017. Just wait a little longer. The club ‘s eagerness is approaching the last straw-tilting point

  5. The city rolling over for developers is nothing new. What’s new is that its so blatant. I mean what are pedestrians suppose to do, walk in the middle of the street?

  6. For those who don’t remember, this was the site of the old Fairway Toyota. The dealer was GIVEN a public street by the City back in the 90s in order to expand, and then a few years later moved to Anaheim for a better deal. Of course the City never got OUR street back and now there will be another monster sitting on it. Here’s you list of culprits:

    Flory (again)

    1. Yeah, that’s a true story. Fullerton Redevelopment never got anything right – even as it was dying. Of course Chalupsky was just a lackey.

      The boobs on the council completely bought in to the crony capitalism they called (and still do) economic development.

      1. Yup. Give me a sweet deal and public recognition. In a few years I will get even a better deal next door and move all my business there. Screw the community with a big Colgate smile. By the way the Toyota guys loved Flory

    2. Sad how we are extorted by these corporations. We should recommend to mayor and council members to change it to the name of the most obvious victim of police brutaly in recent Fullerton’s history.

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