We Get Mail: Not In Their Backyard

Dear Friends, we received the following e-mail from an unhappy resident of the neighborhood around Chapman Park, across the street from the location the County is proposing to buy for $3.15 million to transform into a permanent homeless shelter.

It always interests me to see that those politicians and bureaucrats who support obnoxious land uses of one kind or another always seem suitably removed, geographically, from any undesirable effects of their decisions.

Take the case of the permanent homeless shelter proposed by the County (and possibly our own City Council – nobody really knows what has been agreed to behind closed doors – with zero input from us) on State College. It would be located across the street from the Chapman Park neighborhood where we live. To the north are two story apartments and an elementary school; right next door and to the rear are other commercial properties. But it is a long, long way from any residence of the decision makers. Surprised? Not me.

We will be told that such facilities need to be built where public transportation exists. Okay. But in the next breath we learn that getting the homeless out of downtown Fullerton is required. How come? That is the very heart of the transportation network in north Orange County.  La Palma Park in Anaheim is ground zero for the homeless population of north orange County and is located astride not one but THREE bus lines.

Since the County’s only requirements are that their shelter be on a bus route and away from downtown Fullerton, here’s a thought. Let’s build the shelter next to Hillcrest Park, or near the Brea Dam – near two bus lines – on City owned property that won’t cost anybody a dime. Of course it would be pretty near where Jan Flory and Doug Chaffee live. Or maybe it could be built on some open space in Coyote Hills – near the Euclid bus line and not far from Jennifer Fitzgerald and Shawn Nelson’s homes.


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172 thoughts on “We Get Mail: Not In Their Backyard

  1. I like the idea of building it on public property. But then there would be no sales commissions involved.

    And I agree. La Palma Park is exactly where it should be.

    1. those empty lots next to La Palma park would be an ideal location. Many of the homeless in N OC already live in that park.

  2. A re-post of mine from another thread. Fullerton should not accept another shelter until agreements are in place with surrounding communities. Here’s my post:

    The effects of opening a local homeless shelter is something I probably know more about than anyone here.

    Right or wrong, here’s what to expect:

    There will be much self-congratulatory handshaking and backslapping amongst those in favor of the shelter for all the great things they are doing for the homeless community.

    There will be much gloom and doom from those against the shelter.

    There will be an outcry from those who live nearby.

    You will see an influx of homeless people, even before the shelter opens, because word gets out to the “homeless underground” pretty quick.

    There will be an increase in crime in the area surrounding the shelter. Mostly so-called victimless crimes like drugs and alcohol, but a definite uptick in petty thefts, burglaries, and vandalisms.

    The shelter will reach capacity quickly, and those that can’t get in will mostly sleep in the areas immediately surrounding the shelter. This will result in lots of public urination, alcohol bottles, syringes, marijuana smoking, sex, used condoms, etc., in those areas.

    The shelter will initially buy Purell in the one gallon containers, but after a few months, will switch to the foam sanitizer after the transients figure out they can get drunk by drinking Purell. (Taste it, it’s not horrible.)

    The FFD paramedics will be dispatched several times a day to the shelter. FPD will be needed on every call to provide protection for the paramedics. FPD will receive their own share of calls, but not nearly as many as the paramedics. Mostly it will be for unnecessary B.S. because nobody whines louder than a drunken entitled transient.

    The downtown area will not rid itself of transients. There will be fewer downtown, but many will still come during the day, with a significant percentage making the bus depot/train station their daytime home. They all have bus passes.

    The city and the do-gooders will do their best to bury the complaints about the ongoing problems with transients and the rather large influx of new transients. The newspaper reporters will not write about it because they view themselves as conscientious do-gooders.

    The concentration and larger population of homeless in the area will itself attract more free stuff from other do-gooders, which in turn attracts ever more homeless.

    The mentally ill will not cooperate with treatment. They won’t get better. They’ll never go away.

    Same thing with the drug addicts and alcoholics.

    The only way all this works fairly is if all the surrounding communities also open up similar shelters. It won’t happen.

    The shelter will be a magnet.

    Calendar a date one year from the opening of the shelter to re-read this post. It will all be true.

    1. To counteract the negative attributes of a homeless shelter that you speak of, perhaps we should ask the OC Supervisor’s to stipulate that these are “regional homeless shelters” that will be serving residents that have been displaced from a particular region.
      This would help to deter a city from becoming attractive to anyone that’s homeless, and would keep displaced residents near their jobs and schools to keep disruptions at a minimum to the families that are being displaced from their home or apartment.

      1. Booshala has a building on Santa Fe. (The old ice house). Its across the street from the train station. He is so concern about the homeless. Why doesnt he sell it to the city? Maybe because it is next to his building.

        1. Regardless of the street, Booshala should open up his property(s) to the homeless and stop bitching. Booshala if you are such a friend of the homeless lets see it in action.

              1. Um, where is RON THOMAS WITH ALL THAT MONEY HE STOLE…figure he never gave a shit about kelly til he heard a cash register somewhere-why not have RON THOMAS build one, o thats right he is gonna buy his precious daughter a house for her kid, you know the one he hates, but he needs her now, RON THOMAS WHERE IS YOUR CASH- for the homeless? FUCK RON THOMAS.

                1. whoever posted this should really really leave the kids out of this!!! MY NEPHEW doesn’t have anything to do with any of this money crap!!! He is a very special little boy who is VERY VERY VERY LOVED BY HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!!

  3. My question is why the need to concentrate the homeless in an empty warehouse.
    I emphasize the word concentrate for that is the solution our local politicians and civic do-gooders believe is the humane way to solve the homeless problem.
    Historically, concentrating a select segment of society based on their similar characeristics, in this instance, homeless, mentally ill, poor, into a specified geographic area was done because the majority populace believed the minority faction posed a threat to the civility or well-being of their society.
    Nazi Germany perceived Jews, Gypsys, Communists, Slavs as a corrupting influence to Aryan society. In response to their arrogant, erroneous belief, they placed these persons into concentration camps.
    Fullerton’s homeless, often mentally ill population is seen as corrupting the economy, ambience of downtown Fullerton. In essence, our civic leaders perceive the homeless as an economic drag on Fullerton’s economy.
    The solution proferred by our esteemed, enlightened municipal leaders and their cronies, our current pillars of Fullerton’s society, push for a warehouse to concentrate the corrupting influence of the homeless.
    History does repeat itself, just when and where is the mystery.
    The method of segregating people deemed undesirable into geographically isolated areas is reflected in our history of ghettos, barrios, apartheid and concentration camps.
    The OC Board of Supervisors, Fullerton city council members, the Fullerton Collabortive all who profess to represent and serve the community, incredibly decide to solve the issue of homelessness in Fullerton by carting them off to an empty warehouse on the fringes of Fullerton’s boundaries and miles from where the homeless now congregate, downtown Fullerton.
    What role will the Fullerton PD play in this civic venture? Will they be expected to round up the undesirable homeless and transport them, against their will, to this warehouse/empty furniture store?
    Why not treat the homeless as fellow human beings and offer shelters around the town? Especially in Fullerton’s downtown area where the homeless have been targeted as a problem by our humane civic leaders.
    There are many churches surrounding the booze courts of downtown Fullerton that may welcome the extra revenue from the city or county if they open up their empty rooms at night for the homeless.
    The ubiquitous strip malls that litter the main streets of Fullerton seem to have at least two to three empty stores. The owners of these strip malls would welcome the rent form the county and city if they were open at night to shelter the homeless.
    Having many small shelters available to the homeless within Fullerton’s city limits would eliminate the anticipated problem of concentrating so many homeless into a small space and the accompanying problems of petty crime, disruptive behavior and so on becoming grotesquely magnified just by the numbers.
    The main reason for not segregating and isolating the homeless is due to the fact that whether we, the majority of people, like it or not, the homeless are members of our society and subject to the same rights as the majority.
    Their poverty, mental illness does not strip them of their Constitutional rights or their human dignity.
    Our municipal government does not have the right to inhumanely treat the homeless by rousting them into a big box.
    If our civic leaders could just once get their past their own arrogance and instead act in a humantarian manner and think outside of the box, they would not now suggest concentrating the homeless into a big box.

    1. Out of sight, out of mind. Problem solved. Unless you live across the street.

      I find it shocking that this could get so far without anybody be told about it. The City Manager must have known all about it.

  4. What has happened here is that all the Collaborators want to prove they can do something. It doesn’t matter where it goes or how much money is wasted.

  5. Can someone explain the part about the realtor and the commission being a buddy of somebody? This should be investigated by the DA.

  6. the homeless problem can’t be solved because many of the homeless choose to live that way. They lack incentive and wish to be free of anybody telling them what they can or can’t do. A basic inability to learn to get along with there fellow man in society.

    1. From personal experience (a former friend), this can be true; he has preferred living on the streets for many years. He has stolen from friends and family, lied about some of his military experience, took his mother into homelessness/on the road with him (she died homeless but he continued to collect her pension; he had to report her death to SSA so she could be buried so he didn’t get that).

      Conversely, there are those who never wanted to be homeless, don’t like being homeless, and struggle to regain some sort of life.

      1. Yes, the former category exists (and can largely be traced back to Reagan’s program of deinstitutionalization of mental patients, because it’s supposedly cheaper) — but the latter category is growing with economic downturns and the housing bust, which has left homes idle.

    1. no problem if bus service will be interuppted for over two years as very few homeless will access this shelter due to very few homeless can afford to buy bus passes .
      Using our tax dollars to buy a vacant furniture store and remodeling it into an ADA accessible homeless shelter is a positive photo-op for our city and county politicians and their sycophants.

  7. That emailer needs to show up at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on Tuesday and say these things from the public comment podium while glaring at Shaun Nelson. My guess is that the only person who shows up and objects will be Darrell Nolte who has tried to keep the Board in check for years. You folks get what you tolerate. Your entire neighborhood should be at the Board meeting. If you aren’t there – shame on you.

  8. I was told that this plan was laid out like a homeless shelter where medical treatment would be given to those who needed it, meds etc I assume. It was to be located “somewhere on St. College” but sounded more like it was going to be near the tracks, not a school or homes, a more industrial area.
    If you are against this, I would get as many people against this plan and location to the Supervisors meeting tomorrow morning as possible to talk about concerns. I guess that Nelson, Felz, and Kennedy would be the ones to ask about all of the “details” and I would bet that two out of three will be at the meeting tomorrow.

  9. Mike Wagner :Out of sight, out of mind. Problem solved. Unless you live across the street.
    I find it shocking that this could get so far without anybody be told about it. The City Manager must have known all about it.

    lets try the church thing, if they dont help they loose their tax exemption. they let them sleep outside the churchm but wont open doors.IF you claim to be christian and do nothing your a fraud.

    1. Its a political photo op and distraction, recent news says the trials would not be dismissed, Im sure they knew that.

      Just saw the Mayor of Costa Mesa CA, on national TV news, WOW WOW WOW, the sickness is dark deep and entrenched. Thank him for not folding to the Police Union Law Firm and their “People”. Intimidation fraud and sleezy control of City Government is not the American Way. Their Police Unions Law Firm have 130 Unions and they are mostly in California.

      There is dark clouds in Fullerton.

      1. There is a need for good placement of distressed people, but you cant really expect too much from a bloated disingenuous Government. Hopefully someday that can change very soon.

        1. Do you mean to REPLACE the FPD. I’m for looking into that. Freedom to look elsewhere. No shame in that. After all, we residents are going to pay big time for the FPD mistakes. Or as the FPD call it, “justified” mishaps.

          1. The PD has a history of being top heavy or too much brass. costs have caught up to them, they do act very desperately, we can see why. But I meant the whole County and City infrastructure.

  10. The last time I visited Fullerton is when John & Ken held a anti-tax rally there. In fact I think it was in the Slidebar Restaurant parking lot. After what happened to Kelly I wouldn’t go there if I were dying of thirst and Fullerton had exclusive rights to the world’s water supply. I go out of my way to avoid that town. I have no idea why people live there. They hit you with unlawful water taxes and when called out refuse to refund the lawful proceeds. They can afford to run DUI checkpoints and pay the legal fees of 6 or 7 lawsuits running simultaneously against the Fullerton pigs but can’t find the money to support a planned New Year’s Eve outdoor celebration with local bands, so they cancelled it. Anything that would bring the local people a litte joy they ****can. Why do you people tolerate this and why do you continue to live in that ****hole? That’s what I want to know!!!

  11. I’m keeping the taxpayers of Fullerton in my thoughts. There was mention of a meeting tonight in regards to the homeless facility. I hope people show up and indicate where they are with this.

    Once the facility is there you’ll never get rid of it. The word will spread and you’ll see fresh faces as well as the old-timers downtown, in your neighborhoods, hanging out in front of mom & pop/big box stores. You’ll end up with mandated integrated housing throughout the community with onsite “community managers” that have a background in dealing with the mentally ill and repeat offenders. If that took care of the problem, that would be swell. But, it does not.

    There is a shelter near downtown in the city where I live that boots its population out early in the morning and the business owners/residents are livid. All sorts of promises were made but as learned, it was just to get the place established. No one’s going to do touch that place now. That area surrounding the shelter is now unsafe, smelly and a bio-hazard. And, they make their trek downtown for the day because that’s where the money is. I’m always astounded at the new homeless faces that I see when I’m running errands. The safety nets here are off the charts. And, I live downtown.

    I’ve been reading this blog on and off for a while. I appreciate that it’s not an echo chamber. While the honest taxpayers in my community certainly have our issues with city leaders not taking us into consideration but, instead, opting to pander to the special interests, we aren’t faced with the open disdain or, even, the open hatred from our own local police department. Best wishes and please continue the great work on this site.

    The operators of this site can determine where I’m from but I decline to state it. The word is already out, no point in advertising for more of the same.

    1. Supervisor Shawn Nelson, who led efforts to find a North County site for a year-round shelter, responded that it was important to lock in the deal with the owner of the property while Fullerton goes through its zoning process, which would include public hearings. “If we don’t enter into a contract first, we can have an owner disappear on us,” Nelson said.


  12. “I’m here neither to oppose or support this project, but to ask for a brief delay in approval of this,” Whitaker said. “Our City Council is behind the curve on this.”

    Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer noted that county officials asked city staffers last month if the shelter would comply with the city’s general plan and received an affirmative answer on January 7.

    “So somebody in your city deliberated on this issue preliminarily,” he told the mayor.


  13. Is anyone getting the video feed on Time Warner or U-Verse? My U-Verse says “This video signal is currently unavailable” (as of 7:00 p.m., and from 6:35 p.m.).

    I am able to follow the online feed but it’s annoying to have to do so

  14. Awww, the honeymoon is over between Ron Thomas and Dan Hughes. Poor, poor Ron…he thought he had Hughes in his pocket. Imagine the blow to his ego when he realized he’s just a piece of shit to yet more people. Now he wants to switch up and be anti Hughes. I’m surprised he didn’t take credit for the approval of the property purchase and to build the homeless shelter. He is God, dontcha know…at least in his mind. Too bad Kelly didn’t get a fraction of concern and attention that Ron fakes so well now.

          1. Thanks but no thanks, WG. On a side note, you’d be surprised on the things we do see eye to eye on. Being a Ron Thomas supporter is not one of them. Get back to me on that after he gets what he can from the city and off the death of his son. He’ll be nothing more than a memory and a bad memory at that.

      1. Politics never goes the way you want. I just live here….I guess we are done, back to the old times. What a shame, I really thought that this City was going to move forward. So Sad….

  15. Thank you, One Who Knows, for your wise words. Why is Fullerton repeating the same mistakes that cities all over the country have made in the past 25 years? Oh right, the back slapping and vanity of having “done something.”

    If you give addicts and criminals physical support, they will stay addicts forever. This is the opinion on Al Anon, not me. It’s called enabling. And that’s what we are doing with all the free food and free housing and bus passes and relief checks.

  16. Jeebus, must Flory live up to her horse name? Is anyone else watching her stuff her face up there? Stuffing so much in, you can see it bulging out her cheek. It’s disgusting and classless.

  17. You poor Fullerton citizens. They outsmarted you again. They caught you with a sucker punch and you leaned right into it. And for awhile you were on such a roll. Pathetic. Now you are back at ground zero and bending over the table for your city lords. Too bad. If I lived in that town I would have already made an appointment with a moving company. And I held out so much hope for you. I thought you would be the shining beacon of freedom from atop the hill in the OC. I was wrong. I’m allowed to be an idealist at times too. But it nearly always comes back to bite me. I normally don’t set myself up for disappointment. Even old dogs misjudge at times.

      1. It was a shame. It was like watching my favorite underdog football team driving down the field in the 4th quarter with a tied score and 50 seconds left on the clock. Down on the opponent’s 15 yard line the QB lobs an interception to a linebacker who returns it 85 yards for a game winning score.

        From here on in it’s more of the same. Get used to last place.

  18. what we needed was police reform not another government homeless reformitory. It was in the best intrest of the city council to vote unanimously for a new chief all though not all were comfortable with the process which railroaded chief Hughes into office. The antics to place Hughes in control were more like what would be expected from a third world country.

    1. “The antics to place Hughes in control were more like what would be expected from a third world country.”
      You mean dictatorship? Dictatorships thrive best in economically depressed, ignorant populaces where military, or in city of fullerton’s case paramilitary, use threat of force backed up with weapons to subdue those who oppose their unilateral policies.
      For too long, Fullerton’s petty government aka municipal government has acted in a cavalier fashion. Our city council and city of fullerton employees will do good for the people when they are moved to do so, not when the people whom they profess to represent need decent policies and decisions that reflect the best interests of Fullerton’s community.
      Somewhere in time, our elected representatives, once elected, assumed a noblesse oblige approach towards the community exemplified by their version of good works seen in revising downtown fullerton into rowdy, booze courts, blowing ten million dollars on phsyical revamp of a library recently built and installing a coffee bar while doing very little to upgrade its IT and paying out millions of dollars to buy hush in the form of legal settlements to the victims of fullerton PD.
      As a Fullerton lifer, I’ve noticed our municipal representatives changed from representing the interests of the people to assuming their government positions allows them to poke and prod the good people of Fullerton into paying more taxes to support their supercilious and superfluous schemes that don’t benefit the populace.
      We, the good people of Fullerton, are not chattel to be herded into obeying the dictates of Fullerton city council.
      We are intelligent, hard-working individuals who respect the rights of the individual over any municipal employee’s myopic vision of collective good.
      Where is the public outrage? The good people of Fullerton must challenge further unilateral decisions made by their council members whether it be the wasteful expenditure of buying an empty furniture store to store the homeless to approving Hughes as Fullerton’s police chief, “The Fullerton police officers charged with beating to death a mentally ill homeless man were given a video of the confrontation and allowed to compose their statements despite initial orders that they stay on scene and speak in person to investigators.
      Acting Chief Dan Hughes said that decision “compromised, or at least damaged, the public’s trust and confidence in the process.” He said he could recall no other time when officers who had used force were allowed to review a video of their actions as they wrote their reports.”
      “Hughes was the patrol captain on the July night when two of his officers stopped a shirtless homeless man in downtown Fullerton.” OC Register May 25, 2012.
      Dare I assume that since Hughes was patrol captain on that fateful night, the watch commander called Hughes for guidance on how to deal with the fact that Fullerton PD beat a malnourished, homeless man into a coma?
      And who from Fullerton PD fed the media the erroneous info that Kelly Thomas had broken the bones of one or two of the Fullerton PD in this “altercation” ?
      We, the good people of Fullerton, must demand representative government, respect for our Constitutional rights and end to fullerton PD and its “culture of corruption”.

  19. Hughes acceptance speech somehow didn’t seem to rise to the level of change and reform, but rather seemed to have the mood of more of the same.Speaking vaguely about officer misconduct that would have to be dealt with with a few issolated renagade officers, it seemed to fall short of an appology that really is needed to put the police department back in right standing with the community.

  20. The past year and a half, were far from a victory the world will be watching, the news media wont be cheering

    1. @van get it da artiste, Awesome!!!

      You should send your stuff to Cable News. Fox Buisness has interest in local stories like Costa Mesa, Melissa Francis (she was the baby in Little House on the Prairie) had the Costa Mesa Mayor. After Confronting and harassing the Mayor their Union Law Firm playbook said to go on to the next “VICTIM”, but he boldly and defiantly let none of that BS go!!!

      1. @van get it da artiste,
        You should add sad and pathetic cause thats what it is. I think anger is less appropriate.

      2. because it is my opinion and this is a blog. I don’t assert my rants as facts. However, I am doing research, combing property records and other documents, that I will present at a later date to the admin of this blog

        1. The story is pretty thouroughly documented and there is even a Wikipedia page and many many videos, and articles,and court papers.

          1. I’ve seen the wiki page/site. It is incredible that our civic leaders, in light of the facts presented on that page, still insist “culture of corruption” is what is best for the good people of fullerton. Gennaco’s exculpation fo fullerton PD into “complacency” does not alter the truth, it only insults Fullerton’s community.

            1. No one would envy that crowd and the work they have been through to keep up and maintain that despicable charade. They have played a terrible game of chess.

  21. PittBull :The last time I visited Fullerton is when John & Ken held a anti-tax rally there. In fact I think it was in the Slidebar Restaurant parking lot. After what happened to Kelly I wouldn’t go there if I were dying of thirst and Fullerton had exclusive rights to the world’s water supply. I go out of my way to avoid that town. I have no idea why people live there. They hit you with unlawful water taxes and when called out refuse to refund the lawful proceeds. They can afford to run DUI checkpoints and pay the legal fees of 6 or 7 lawsuits running simultaneously against the Fullerton pigs but can’t find the money to support a planned New Year’s Eve outdoor celebration with local bands, so they cancelled it. Anything that would bring the local people a litte joy they ****can. Why do you people tolerate this and why do you continue to live in that ****hole? That’s what I want to know!!!

    um, our pd you idiot is costing us everything, until you decide that YES the truth is worth living, join me and get rid of these heavy handed fat fuck cops, and they could do us a solid by removing that tweeker who rambles about how she hates the cops, but know she loves the molesters…O walker your 15 were over 3 days ago,seriously you are the laughing stock of the PD, we know who and what your mother was, and the apple dont fall far from the tree…so for you retarded chirsitine, who made it through 9th grade before becoming a hooker, she has the right to judge who now? And yes MS walker was asked to leave an event, the home less requested it, they said she is a cop, or works for them, she blows Dicaprio at least twice a week.

    1. Many of the people are very very wonderful and there would be an element of loyalty, compassion and empathy for its citizen victims. 🙁

  22. So howd that work for you lira, why on earth did you think that ROn thomas has an ounce of pull anywhere and his ambulance chaseing scum bag garo, LIRA you were sold down the river, NEVER trust ANYONE FROM THE THOMAS FAMILY, look them up at OC courts.com, you will be surprised, Fred ROn thomas married what 5 times, and really the sick one JULIA you pretend you werent married, O the truth has been leaked, at guess who its gonna ruin, the ron thomas story made for TV version, LIRA RON THOMAS IS A JOKE< GET AWAY FROM HIM NOW…anyone who will use there sons death to get pussy speaks volumes,

  23. Sure was fun last night watching the City Council meeting.

    It became apparent that Kelly inherited his schizophrenia from Ron. Talk about a split personality! At least he finally registered KTMF as a charity with the IRS…..AFTER the press called him out on it. Would still be nice to see a forensic audit of all the money that went through there.

    Then there was Ban Liar. Wah, wah, wah. No facts, no proof, no specifics. Where is the big series of interviews with The Fullertonian you promised? How about the YouTube video? Yeah, I thought so.

  24. 1/8 Transient Problem – A caller says 8-10 people camped out on the front landing at the Hunt Branch Library are refusing to leave at 9:34 a.m.

    1/8 Transient Problem – A clerk says transients are bothering customers on 301 S. Brookhurst Road at 5:47 a.m.

    1/8 Transient Problem – A caller is concerned for a man in the cold by a tree in the middle of the park on 222 Pacific Drive at 12:57 a.m.

    1/8 Suspicious Person – A naked man is standing on the train tracks at 1765 W. Commonwealth Avenue at 4:46 a.m. Police arrived and cited the man for remaining on railroad property without permission.

    1/8 Transient Problem – A large group of transients have set up camp on 125 E. Wilshire Avenue at 8:18 p.m. They were later moved along.

    1/8 Transient Problem – A man is sleeping next to the “Highland Creek Apartments” sign at 1:51 p.m.

    1/10 Transient Problem – An employee at the Fullerton Surgical Center asked police to move a man who was sleeping in front of their glass doors because people were having a hard time hopping over him at 6:01 a.m.

    1/12 – Weapon Brandished – A caller says Robert Lapaglia pulled on gun on him on S. Harbor Blvd. and W. Orangethorpe Avenue. Police arrived and arrested the 45-year-old Mr. Lapaglia, listed as homeless, for assault with a deadly weapon.

    1/13 Welfare Check – A caller is concerned for a man who’s been lying motionless under a blanket for the past three hours on 2610 W. Orangethorpe Avenue at 8 p.m.

    1/13 Robbery –When an employee at the Orangefair Mall asked a 6’1” black man asking customers for money to leave, the man started knocking items over. Police arrived and arrested 19-year-old Santa Ana man Kyle Ala McWeeney-Kuhlman for theft.

    1/14 Transient Problem – A caller says a man is setting up camp near the building on 524 W. Commonwealth Avenue and wants an officer to move him along.

    1. Re: A naked man is standing on the train tracks at 1765 W. Commonwealth Avenue at 4:46 a.m. Police arrived and cited the man for remaining on railroad property without permission.

      Don’t suppose FPD arranged some sort of shelter for him? Clothing?

            1. Question is why is FPD responding to transient calls? It’s not illegal to be homeless. The homeless are in Fullerton because EVERYDAY there’s a location in Fullerton (charity, church) that feed them. Lazy DeCaprio always knew this and this is where u need to start to make a difference with the homeless…. Just my opinion!

  25. B4 all u Hughes supporters start praising him why don’t u ask Hampton how his deposition went yesterday? Just bcuz the information isn’t at your fingertips and flowing at the pace you want doesn’t mean it’s not there… Hampton said some pretty incriminating things about Hughes…… To be continued 🙂

  26. Ron thomas looked and acted the fool last night. Seriously why doesnt he just go home and digitally penetrate those dogs of his, thats what he does, he loves those dogs, those ugly little yappy things..Ben Liar..my god BEn run from anything to do with RON thomas, or garo..anyone who is defended by garo, get a new atty and have ron pay back his finders fee…how gross, Rons only claim to fame is his dead kid, and how he uses it to his advantage. Gross. Thanks Jennifer Fitzy for tellin Ron how sorry you are,really IM sorry no one beat the shit out of him when he arrested kelly for stealing a gutiar, then when people gave him a guitar, my gawd you hack, your the reason he was in the system…YOU RON,you killed kelly long before Wolfe got his grubby hands on him. If you had any class you would never ever show up in this city again, and take that tweeker and old has been whore, and the lady on oxycotin and has the large camel toe, take them with you.

  27. Shawn Nelson has given his middle finger to the voters of Fullerton by putting a $200,000 F-you commission check in the hand of his best friend and football buddy Cameron Irons, leaving the taxpayers and the city of Fullerton holding the bag. He is not a fiscal conservative. He is a career politican, only waiting for Ed Royce to bail so he can move onto D.C. politics where snakeoil salesman like him are a dime a dozen. Creepy move Nelson, using the homeless to give Irons more $$ to donate to your next campaign. How many of Fullerton voters who are or were Nelson supporters feel like Notre Dame fans of Manti Teo right now?

  28. Why was the mayor of fullerton left out of the loop on this new homeless shelter? In order to secure the deal before the owner changes his mind? you got to be kidding? Because many personell had been suposedly working on this deal for over 2o yrs.? The public was also left in the dark on this. …The right road leads to the right place.This appears alot like how we railroaded the process for an appointment for of a new chief

  29. Is Lira part of the solution or just another part of the problem. It seems that he also is pulling a Sellars stellar move on the city of fullerton.

  30. As reported in the OC Register, Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker requested that the OC Supervisors postpone a vote on the purchase of land in Fullerton to build a County Homeless Shelter. The very reasonable request was for the joint purpose to allow for discussion by our Fullerton City Council as well as the Fullerton communtiy that would be most affected by the building of this shelter.

    Mayor Whitaker’s request was ignored by the OC Supervisors.

    I wish I had the power to build whatever each of the OC Supervisors’ who voted prematurely for the shelter, personally felt was the most offensive “Rezoned” structure next to their personal residences without their input and see how they like their own medicine.

    Government is just too big, too powerful and much too arrogant for this citizen of Fullerton.

    These comments should not be construed as anti-homeless or even against the building of additional homeless shelters. But in my humble opinion, it required the input from both our local, i.e. city officials and the input by the people who live and work next to this new shelter.

    I truly believe that in the year 2013 we as a people no longer are as free as the framers of the Constitution imagined for us over 200 years ago.

    All citizens of Fullerton please wake up and start paying attention to the ever growing self-serving actions of our supposed representatives before we have nothing left to fight for.

    Many in power continue to count on the ambivalance and the lack of knowledge of many of the electorate. It allows them to sometimes misrepresent the facts or worse while not being held accountable for their actions.

    With regard to the appointment of our new police chief, I have this one comment. We may never know what truly happened the night that the 6 officers involved in the beating dealth of Kelly Thomas returned to the police station and were met by their supervisor, Captain Dan Hughes.

    Now let us see if Chief Hughes really cares about openness and transparency of the FPD going forward or if he led a very comprehensive Public Relations effort supporting the FPD and himself.

    Dan please support the Police Oversight Committe and allow it to have power, i.e. the power to subpeana people and support its makeup by only independent citizens of Fullerton.

    You and other safety members past and present should have absolutely no authority over this committee nor be a part of its makeup.

    This will be your defining moment to prove that you too want a better FPD in the future or whether you want to continue to hide behind POBAR which are protections that are “Only Given to Safety Employees in the State of California.”

        1. hands on hips is a universal gesture used to communicate that a person is ready for assertive action.

          Holding the chin also prevents the head from moving and can signal that the person wants to send a head signal but simultaneously does not want to send the signal, for example when they emotionally agree and want to nod…

          recomended suggestions… its time to nod our heads in agreement and stop thinking of our liabilities. Lets take the risk involved in stepping out for true reform to happen. (although the word reform may be offensive to an agency who will not take responceability for a history of widespread complacency.)

    1. Our leverage for the aforementioned went down the drain with last night’s coronation. Kristine mentioned Goodrich is answering the phone as the watch commander? Let me guess Pat Mckinley is the new chaplain? The recall succeeded to take us out of the frying pan and into the fire. Calling the murder of Kelly Thomas and even the suspicious death of the inmate at the jail, molestations, thefts, the frame ups, screen checks and the like just the work of a “few bad apples” is an insult to even my hamsters intelligence. What is really on our water?

      There has been a long history of abuse of the citizens of Fullerton at the hands of the FPD. The fluoridated shortened attention spans of Fullerton’s residents has now met the new boss, same as the old boss and Foolerton thought they won’t get fooled again. It is my understanding that Hughes saw the video 400 times and stated that it would change our minds once we saw it. I still can’t get my arms around that statement.

      Barry we as citizens also have our version of POBAR. It is called “The Bill of Rights”. It is also hot stuff so much so that there are those (180 iq rand think tank psycobiology phd madison avenue propaganidists) that are attempting just about anything to justify taking it away from us. It is such a good read that very soon the 8th graders in the Fullerton School district will be learning about it. Folks give your kids a head start.

      This crony nonsense is right out of the annals of some banana republic. I am just waiting for some Castro looking cat sporting a Gran Habano Corojo #5 El Gigante flanked by Rod Serling to come out of closed session one Tuesday night. Maybe it has already happened and no one was looking. Only time will tell.

      1. So tell us the long history of abuse. I have lived in Fullerton for a long time and I have never heard that. Give us details instead of running your mouth off.

    2. Give it a rest Barry, you are the only one left on this website who puts any effort into his posts. Nobody takes the time to read your pointless rants. You are irrelevant, you are a thing of the past. If there was ever was a chance for you to get a spot on the Fullerton city Council it would’ve been during all of the political mayhem. Hang it up buddy, nobody wants to see your faded Barry Levinson political signs that have been reused 10+ times. You have failed. Shut up and go away.

      1. Ghost of Sanity’s past, my ass! You’re Pat Mc Kinley, bitter as all hell and getting revenge at Mr. Levinson for ‘ripping you a new one’ many times over at the council meetings when you were up there.
        Then you could also be Hughes, who is a huge Mc Kinley fan as I’ve heard him toss his name around with utmost respect; one clueless sociopath after another.

  31. “Now let us see if Chief Hughes really cares about openness and transparency of the FPD going forward”
    Not a dig at you Barry as I respect your comments on this blog.
    However, the popular word “transparency” has supplanted the word honesty. Likening individuals with the capacity to choose his or her actions to an inaminate object, a window, a passive, lifeless thing removes a person’s responsibility for his or her own actions and repercussions of these decisions.
    I challenge new Fullerton Police chief Hughes to be honest in his interactions with the community he has vowed to serve and protect

    1. Bloomberg vs. the Bus Drivers
      Public-sector union power has reached the point where even Mayor Bloomberg is concerned.
      Ira Stoll | January 14, 2013 Reason.com

      “…But it’s gotten to the point where even New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg—a mayor who favors tightened government restrictions on guns, tobacco, trans-fats, and large bottles of non-dietetic iced tea, and who endorsed President Obama’s re-election—is drawing a line in the sand.

      One sign came earlier this month, when Bloomberg likened the United Federation of Teachers, the union that represents the city’s public school teachers, to the National Rifle Association. In post-Newtown New York City, that was not either intended as a compliment or taken as one. The mayor was upset that the union had been blocking an effort to evaluate teacher performance…” -Reason.com


      1. Anaheim to Develop Proposal for Greater Oversight of Police

        Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 4:39 am | Updated: 11:05 am, Wed Jan 16, 2013.
        ADAM ELMAHREK | 3 comments

        “…The debate in Anaheim about police conduct has become so contentious that at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting Police Chief John Welter publicly accused a former council candidate of spreading “bullshit lies” during the public comments portion of the meeting…”

        “…That the police chief would publicly berate a resident and insist that the chief be allowed to vet the criticism before it goes public raised concerns among some about a possible chilling effect on residents who witnessed the confrontation.
        West Anaheim resident Art Castillo, who was present during the exchange, called Welter’s tirade “intimidation” toward residents who want to make public their grievances about the police department.
        Welter is “not listening to the people who are the victims,” Castillo said.
        During public comments, Roberts challenged Welter’s claim in an Al-Jazeera documentary that he didn’t know about a military-style police unit that had been dispatched to patrol the city after a downtown riot in the wake of a string of fatal police shootings. Rioters damaged 20 downtown businesses.
        In video aired by Al Jazeera, cadres of officers in military fatigues are seen brandishing assault rifles while hitched to sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Critics had said the scene looked more like a military occupation of a foreign country than an American police patrol.
        Roberts had said during public comments that he saw an officer on a motorcycle who looked like Welter. Roberts speculated that he struck a nerve with the chief by indicating that Welter may have been overseeing what he acknowledged to Al-Jazeera was a regrettable and excessive display of force…” -Voice of OC

  32. Liras disability claim :Is Lira part of the solution or just another part of the problem. It seems that he also is pulling a Sellars stellar move on the city of fullerton.

    anyone who cohorts with RON thomas is filthy, Ben lira just got on the GARO ambulance chaser team you figure it out, ANother finders fee for RON THOMAS, didnt know the death of your son would work out so good for you, you woulda killed him yourself if you knew you would get all this, where were you when he was 17 , not with you, he only stayed with you for a minute, you were too busy fucking you what 5 wives, and by the way you never were a cop where did that story head line go? BEn lira should be laughed at –like ron thomas.

    1. Funny you mention this. I posted a warning to Lira sometime back on here about avoiding Ron Thomas like the plague. He’s battling for credibility as it is. If he has in fact hooked up with good ol’ Ron, he just blew what if any credibility out the window. You have to love it, though, they’ll be each other’s nail in the proverbial coffin.

  33. shielded by the shield :http://shieldedbytheshield.com/
    Under construction, info to stream, flow and overwhelm you coming soon

    ha ha ha what a fucking joke, sheilded by an corrupt ex cops who again stick together…COP BLOCK…now there is an organization, fuck off ron and garo, you two aint making a dime…dana fox- can anyone with dirt on MR THOMAS PLEASE CONTACT DANA FOX WITH THE CITY. I know ron ran around the city trying to get our homeless to say that they saw him down here looking for kelly…never ever happened, good try even that restraunteer hates you,he was being nice, but when you ask people to lie for you RON, thats when its over, your done for. YOu pathetic looser.

  34. Peaches :Re: A naked man is standing on the train tracks at 1765 W. Commonwealth Avenue at 4:46 a.m. Police arrived and cited the man for remaining on railroad property without permission.
    Don’t suppose FPD arranged some sort of shelter for him? Clothing?

    at least he was one of the lucky ones, he wasnt thrown on the trax,,,like Sean Moses? good job fpd didnt kill that one.

  35. Wouldn’t it be great to make every member of the FPD, Ron Thomas, and anyone who we think is twisting the truth, take a drug test, polygraph test and maybe even a phsycological exam?

    I did like the little factoid that the Mayor put out there that the crime rate is down in Fullerton despite that fact that there are fewer officers in the PD. Sorry Jan, we do not need any more officers at this time.

    I also thought that it was very telling when the Mayor stated he would like to agendize the Police Oversite Committee to come give a presentation, at least two of the council were spitting all over themselves and wanting a new committee …what the heck? Were they not aware of the group led by Jane Rands who have been meeting for months? Too bad they were too busy running for office instead of finding out what is going on in Fullerton.

    So back to the homeless, I spoke to a few of them recently and they are split on the new homeless shelter going in on State College. Some think it is a great idea, some do not think that you can make some people go and stay there. Some think that the people hired to work there will be cold and uncaring. Some think that the churches will stop helping the homeless.

    Lots of opinions out there doubt if Nelson or Pam Keller or Kennedy asked any homeless what might or might not work.

    1. “Lots of opinions out there doubt if Nelson or Pam Keller or Kennedy asked any homeless what might or might not work.”

      Gee, that’s not the way government ‘experts” work. Nelson and Keller know what’s best for the homeless. Why the hell bother asking them?

      1. When Sharon Quirk-Silva did ask them, and found out that they wanted warm socks, the delightful people here spent the next year and a quarter pummeling the stuffing out of her. So if that’s now how “government experts work,” FFFF can take a bow.

        1. Too bad Sharon Quirk was only out to cover her ass – and diverty attention away from the Kelly Thomas murder and her own police department that did it. Nice.

          1. Yeah, I guess she was only out to cover her ass — OR to find out what could be done to better the condition of the homeless in the wake of the killing. Obviously, one must give the benefit of the doubt to the position that all motivations must be cynical and evil. It’s the American — or at least the FFFF — way.

          1. Who said “and be done with it.” Looks like you can only argue with people if you get to put words in their mouths. It’s like batting off of a tee, I suppose.

        2. Greg, you can’t be serious?. A survey is more than a cursory “how are you?”.
          First, not only should civic leaders get off their bottoms and see what reality is for the homeless, these same civic leaders should be guided by experts in the area of homeless and mentally ill population.
          from triangulated observations , not just one Q&A publicity stunt/photo-op session, criteria used to develop a multi-question survey that shows the needs of homeless/mentally ill.

          1. What she did is ask them what they needed.

            Dwight Smith seems to be the county expert on the homeless. Tell you what, let’s ask him whether he is more impressed by (1) her asking they what they want most, finding out that it’s warm socks, and starting a drive to collect and distribute socks to them or (2) FFFFsters making fun of her for doing so.

      2. you mean taking a survey to determine what would best meet the needs of the homeless instead of pushing through a 3 million big box building to concentrate the homeless?

    2. That would be great. Then all of you would see how great your chief of police and your leader Ron Thomas really are.

  36. Van you are absolutely right. I too find more meaning and substance in a few key words and the actions they represent such as “honesty, integrity, selflessness, courage”, etc.

    We as a society I fear are loosing these characteristics and replacing them with self-interest and what I like to call “me-ism”.

    After another disappointing moment dealing with a less than honest salesman, I started to ponder about the honesty of our current society. I asked myself are there more dishonest people in the US and in the world today than in previous generations?

    The simple answer I came up with is that I simply do not know for sure.

    But what I do know for sure is that many dishonest people today do not seem to be shamed by their dishonesty and lack of integrity. Many seem to be comfortable about their disingeniousness.

    This conclusion about us as a society today made me very sad.

    I am no PollyAnna. But I was raised to believe that doing the right thing is reward enough for performing those actions.

    I was raised that doing the right and honorable thing is not only good for society but good for the individual performing the righteous acts.

    I was raised to believe that telling the truth no matter how difficult the situation may be, is always better than lying!

    I learned these lessons from my stay at home mom and NYC Police Officer dad.
    It is in this context that I have been so disappointed in so many of the bad acts performed under the color of authority of our police department.

    We all need to do better and I believe it is still possible to achieve. Not easy, not simple, and maybe not today or the next day, but yet still possible as a goal.

    My running for office was done at a personal price to my family. Financial needs were put on hold and family time was reduced while I ran for office. It is a high price to pay for anyone.

    Yet I believe I did get much out of my experience. I expanded greatly the group of people I call friend. I learned that many indiviiduals with different life experiences and different outlooks on life, can and did influence my thnking and enrich my life as well.

    I still believe that we live in the greatest county in the world, mainly because Amercans are unique, dare I say special.

    With all our current problems, I believe that courage, spirit, integrity and wholesomeness of our nation will eventually triumph over our current malaise.

    It is up to each and every one of us to ensure that that legacy does not fade away forever!

  37. Barry, thanks for acknowledging my observation.
    Running for political office is very time-consumeing and financially difficult for the honest politician.
    We need more people like you in politics. Don’t give up on us because we, the good people of fullerton, desperately need persons who put first their interests not special interests. Not trying to be melodramatic, we, the good people of Fullerton, should no longer suffer the broken bones, sexual molestation and beating death(s)? by our police force.

  38. Don’t give up on us because we, the good people of fullerton, desperately need persons who put first Fullerton’s interests

  39. Fuck the piece of shit who sent the email about the shelter. NIMBY motherfucker. Typical Orange County trash. After all of the shit rain about Kelly Thomas’ death, the sturm and drang of a contentious recall and a Council election with a near-comedic outcome, it’s funny that nobody wants the homeless anywhere near them. I hope Fullerton chokes on it’s own alcohol-induced vomit. These pages used to be pretty good but after the coitus interruptus of whole FFFF movement it’s clear that nothing will change. I’m out…

    1. If the Council isn’t busy making sure city employees’ futures are cozy and secure, they’re trying to make sure they are preserving property values. That is, when preserving property values doesn’t get in the way of keeping the only downtown businesses that produce tax revenue happy — the alcohol-licensed ones.

      1. I was around for the past twelve months, posted under a couple of different names. It all went from supernova to dwarf star, unfortunately.

    2. the sturm und drang arose within the good people who viewed homeless, malnourished Kelly Thomas beg for his life while Fullerton police officers beat him until he died in the hospital five days later.
      Sturm und drang was the natural reaction of the good people of fullerton when it became obvious that their civic leaders and their sycophants aka pillars of fullerton’s society did their best to hide or deflect Fullerton PD’s crime and its culture of corruption thanks to bedroom city commando Pat McKinley.
      Storm and stress arose within all good people who saw the horrific torment Kelly thomas was subjected to by Fullerton PD before he entered an irreversible coma and died.
      If you believe abandoning FFFF is the best thing to do, then do so. but losing a battle does not always indicate defeat in FFFF’s war for decency from Fullerton city council , city manager and Fullerton PD

      1. The sturm and drang was the fight for City Hall. Look, I’m not withdrawing my support of FFFF. I guess I’m about as disappointed as the rest. My only qualm was with strategy.

        1. John, Richard Branson of Virgin fame said never start a business unless its started from frustration.
          I would expand that to never start reform/restoration of representative government unless it starts from a populace frustrated by their city council persons, municipal public servants’ greed, lies and cruelty.

    3. I drove through the area where the shelter is planned. I don’t want to offend anybody, but I don’t see what the problem is. I can’t see how the shelter would run the neighborhood down any further than it already is. This is just a bunch of NIMBY bullshit.

  40. Unfortunately, justice will not be served in the Kelly Thomas beating death because 3 officers have not been criminally charged nor have they been disciplined and/or punished by our own FPD. It sends such a terrible message that those in our society who should obviously no better, our police, can participate in illegal and immoral acts on duty and not pay any price whatsoever.

    The fact that they are so highly compensated by us the taxpayers, only rubs salt on an open and ugly wound.

    Respect should always be earned, never given out free of charge.

    1. van get it da artiste :
      because it is my opinion and this is a blog. I don’t assert my rants as facts. However, I am doing research, combing property records and other documents, that I will present at a later date to the admin of this blog

      Van thats a given even if you were James Bond 007.

  41. @ Barry L: I agree, it is a shame that the other three officers who were accomplices to the murder are back on the force after minimal discipline. But at least they are under constant public scrutiny. Of course with the lack of leadership at FPD, it will take another videotaped encounter of their abuses to get them fired. Look at the thug Kenneth Hampton. The guys involved in numerous different lawsuits for abusing citizens which are costing taxpayers in Fullerton millions, and still Hughes refuses to get rid of him. Almost makes you wonder if the higher ups like creating a thuggish reputation for their officers so the public fears them.

    1. “It will be too convenient to say ‘you guys work really hard and we’ll just ship our homeless to you”…uh uh, that is not going to be the case,” Nelson said. “The other supervisors are going to be expected to work with their communities and find a site.”

  42. Stanley Fiala: Once again, you were wrong. A trial date was set today. When are you going to accept the fact that your cop buddies were wrong and murdered Kelly Thomas? Comical how you could even believe things will go your way, because your head is so stuffed with bullshit.

  43. So tell us the long history of abuse. I have lived in Fullerton for a long time and I have never heard that. Give us details instead of running your mouth off.

    1. Maybe the residents that have lived here for a long time, have just had a paper bag over our heads for to long? Sometimes the wake up calls just suck, but it happens.

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