Homeless Shelter A Big Step Closer


It appears that the good folks down at the County of Orange, allied with the local professional do-gooders are intent on placing a regional homeless shelter at 301 S. State College, in Fullerton.

The only problem is that nobody decided to let the neighbors know; or, even our own City Council, it seems.

The County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to proceed with the purchase of the old Linder’s Furniture store for $3,150,000. Yes, you read that right. Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker showed up to the meeting asking for more time so that his City Council could at least be afforded the opportunity to at least get briefed on the matter (gee that would have been nice). Some neighbors showed up, too, but to no avail. They may as well have stayed home.

The project, apparently the brainchild of our own Supervisor Shawn Nelson, is located across the street from a single family neighborhood and an elementary school, too. It’s hard to tell what is motivating Nelson, but judging by comments to the Voice of OC and the Register he seems intent on proving to the housing bureaucrats and Fullerton’s liberals what effective leadership looks like. Unfortunately he forgot that leaders need to build consensus around their ideas, not dictate them from on high.

Anyway, the pictures of the building on the County’s website show a decrepit 45 year-old building that I think is going to have to be completely rebuilt before humans can spend the night in it. Nobody has even begun to calculate those costs, although the County has 150 days to do “due diligence” whatever that may mean. You may count on many times the purchase price before they are done; running the operation will be a non-profit paid for by you and me.

The other four Supervisors are probably snickering at Nelson behind his back. They’ll get credit for their humanitarian propensities. East Fullerton gets the booby prize.

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185 thoughts on “Homeless Shelter A Big Step Closer

  1. What was amusing was to watch the Board pretend they wanted to give Fullerton an opportunity to create the necessary overlay zone to permit a shelter on the site.

    Too bad they didn’t inform the public(and Mayor Whitaker) that they don’t need the zoning. Because they are the County they can plop that shelter there and flip the City the bird.

    Way to go, Mr. Nelson.

    1. I live in the Chapman Park community and we were not made aware of the project until after the fact. SNEEKY? Its a horrible location! Across the alley from an ELEMENTRY SCHOOL! Just wondering about Megans law and if local authorities will be able to keep up with sex offenders that come and go from the shelter? Also I’m pretty sure there will be a NO DRUGS & ALCHOL policy at the shelter.. I for one am NOT looking forward to the homeless hanging out in the park across the street from my house… or pushing shopping carts thur my neighborhood. I would of never bought my home there if I was aware of the Counties plans for a homeless shelter!

  2. This is all NIMBY bullshit. I’ve been through that area and it would actually be a pretty good place. You’re not going to make everybody happy, so don’t even try. There are homes in the area, but let’s face it-it’s pretty much a commercial/industrial eyesore. Here’s an alternate plan: We can make the North Orange County Homeless Bunker Complex. NOCHBC for short. We can locate it two hundred feet underground with one tunnel leading to Kelly’s Corner and the other to Orange County Social Services in Anaheim. That way nobody will have to see them except those who HAVE to deal with them. That’s what everybody wants, right?

    So, cut the bullshit about “Justice for Kelly.” Who knows what would have happened that fateful night if Kelly had a place to go other than hang out at the Transportation Center. I’m not excusing the Cops for what untimately happened, we all know the story ad nauseum.

    Between an airport at El Toro, a completed 710 Freeway through South Pasadena, a permanent homeless shelter in North Orange County and an expanded Musick Jail in Lake Forest/Irvine, NIMBYism rules.

    All of you hypocritical motherfuckers want to go go to heaven, but none of you want to die. The bullshit is mountainous.

      1. God sent me back to atone for my Nixon-era excess. Go Bruins! Wait until you meet my frat brother Bob Haldeman, he’s was in deep shit.

    1. I like your statement John. Well said! They cry Justice for Kelly Thomas(a transeit), but dont want them homeless people being helped in their city. How fucken disgusting it is. The Kelly Thomas movement was all a bunch of bullshit, if u ask me. Just a bunch of people trying to get their 20 minutes of fame. Posting about Justice for Kelly Thomas on the Friends for Fullerton page, but at the same time, they dont want his kind housed in their city…

      1. I don’t get it. What does objecting to a helpless guy being murdered by the cops have to do with plunking a homeless shelter across the street from a school without telling anybody.

        Sorry. No sale.

  3. my point, this building’s location is far from where the homeless hang out. Fullerton’s homeless more often are found in downtown Fullerton, the Magnolia and Orangethorpe area of Fullerton, Fullerton’s forgotten library, Valencia from Brookhurst to Highland close to the railroad tracks.
    Why would anyone select this building that either must be totally rehabilitated to meet the needs of the homeless, including ADA compliance, that is so far from where the homeless congregate?
    Where is the input from those local organizations, churches and established shelters in other areas of OC, who have and still do aid the homeless involvement in OC Board of Supervisors decision to blow 3 million tax dollars on an empy store?
    Using our hard-earned money siphoned off by our petty government under threat of law so they may purchase positive political publicity with warm, fuzzy photo-ops and bio accomplishments is what this new, improved homeless shelter will do for ?
    Not the homeless
    Again, why was this wonderful concept of transforming Linders empty furniture store into a homeless shelter not publically announced until it was a fait accompli?
    Not a rhetorical question but a sincere gesture to get the truth which I know will not come from the Board of OC Supervisors.
    I presume their is money involved, a favor owed to be paid by us, those who have no choice but to pay our taxes to a government that does not represent our community.
    Taxation without representation leaves our homeless still out in the cold because it leaves the good people of fullerton out of this decision process.
    I hear it now, the pillars of our society, will scream NIMBYISTS at those who dare challenge the wisdom of this Board of Supervisors’ decsion.
    The truth is we, the good people of fullerton, are not NIMBYISTS, they are genuineley concerned populace who truly desire what is best for all members of Fullerton’s community, including the homeless.
    This homeless shelter edifies to Fullerton’s community the callous indifference our petty politicians have for us.
    And it will be another empty monument, a testament, to our petty officials dictates upon us.

    1. Van, I don’t know how old you are, but the “Good People of Fullerton” are big NIMBYists and they have their heads squarely up their asses. That is absofuckinglutely irrefutable. Look at The Fox and The Coyote Hills. Oh shit, why don’t we turn The Fox into a homeless shelter? That would be a great place for one as well. At least the building will get some good use.

      Van, you are a gifted writer and you express your ideas really, really well. “Paralysis by analysis” isn’t going to solve our problems. It’s time to do something. The longer we debate, the longer it will take to reach those in need. The sad reality is that there is no “good place” for a homeless shelter, but it’s needed just the same. We aren’t going to make everybody happy, it’s not even worth the try.

      1. anonymous, wasn’t it Shawn Nelson who wanted to end funding for Rusty Kennedy’s Orange County Human Relations Commission? Now, Nelson collaborates with Rusty Kennedy and Pam Keller a fellow city council person whom he seemed only to have disdain for?
        What is the story behind the empty Linders furniture store?
        I am familiar with this area. It is another strip mall that has been around for nearly thirty years.
        Even when relatively new, it had a shabby appearance.
        The usual low-end stores and businesses were or still are located at this strip mall.
        Linders was the anchor store, little chinese restaurant, discount furniture store and odd businesses composed the rest of this strip mall.
        Who knows why Nelson, and the always dependent on government hand-outs, the public servants Kennedy and Keller chose this site to concentrate the homeless into an empty furniture store.
        Maybe the cost of repairs on the strip mall outweighted the rent it could get from the tenants. Or online shopping made the hole in the wall stores and businesses obsolete.
        Whatever the reason, it is apparent this strip mall has become an economic burden to the owners or else why would they turn it over the county so this entity may turn it into a homeless shelter?
        Who owns this strip mall? Who in OC county government may be financially connected to this strip mall?
        Once the empty furniture store is rennovated into a homeless shelter, the other businesses in this mall will probably leave due to predictable reduced customers coming to this mall.
        So what would be done with the rest of this strip mall?
        I guess once the other existing businesses leave, then the county would use our tax dollars to purchase the entire mall and turn it into a social services complex.
        Keller’s Fullerton collaborative could expand its services, medical free clinics, WIC grocery store, drug addiction out patient treatment, consolidation of mental health services, including court mandated 12 step programs.
        Wow! I see this part of Fullerton becoming the hub of restorative activity.
        Having said that, most government social engineering projects usually end up serving only to create jobs for more government workers, and the homeless will roam Fullerton’s transportation hub, as they have done for years.
        another social problem solved and the investors in this strip mall don’t lose money

  4. “Feed Them” and they will come…As a resident of West Fullerton, I don’t mind the change to East Fullerton. What is the difference between the old armory and a old furniture store? location location location….Now I do feel that the churches in Fullerton only be allowed to feed the homeless at the new shelter….Boy don’t I sound mean!!!!!! Oh and a recycle center at the new shelter is a must. My recycle can is picked clean even before the truck shows up.

          1. “And if you use Diamond’s last name, just say ‘asshole'”……… Hmmmmmm

            I raise it to FUCKING ASSHOLE.

            I cant wait till we adopt the shariah law so we can file complaint against the liar Diamond and ask judge to cut off his tongue for his lying.

  5. “…You realize people create politicians. We insist on haveing congressional elections every two years which results in politicians haveing to run for office their whol term in office. If any politician told you the truth about what was going on, it would be bad news, not what you want to hear. They would lose for being honest. Someone else would tell you what you want to hear so you will vote for them. WE THE PEOPLE created this problem. Stop putting blame in other people. You demand them to say certain things and demand they tell you it will be just fine and dandy. Anyone who tells the truth will not be elected because they will tell you things you dont want to hear. Its the sad truth. Because of short congress terms we cannot get anything done in congress. They are so tied down by fickle people who will vote them out if they dont get their way in a short amount of time…”
    -Yahoo answers

    1. They have been doing a pretty good job of deflecting attention from reality, not great.

      From broken bones and superhuman strength, to attempting to shut down FFFF, socks, special benches, and Gennacos report, now its still all the victims faults.

      To many Politicians society is for the few.

      1. You have to try and own the “Political Terrain” and not try to ham-fistedly conrol the human one. That lack of respect caused a setback in the “cause.” The goal is not to advance human knowledge. The goal is to win a consensus that will allow advancement of certain goals. Not much different than the vehicle with which we were brought full-circle by. You can’t utterly demonize your opponent to the detriment of yourselves. It’s counter-productive and accomplishes nothing but a migration of support from the People sitting on the fence. Chicago-style politics has a positive side, too. It’s not all about money, it’s all about a Utilitarian appeal to the “masses.” It’s about getting shit done and that’s how you win the “hearts and minds.” People won’t instinctively “buy” the logic in your arguments if you don’t respect your opponent and/or appeal to their better natures. That was the Liberservative failure of the last election cycle nationwide. How can you expect to win when you can’t take ideas that may not be very popular and “sell” them to John Q. Public. The “gloom and doom” prophesies didn’t work except to polarize the electorate and turn what could have been victory into a close defeat.

    2. Vietnam War lasted from 1962 to 1973 and was rooted in the flawed domino theory of communism conquering the US foreign policy. the strategy of brinkmanship fighting only succeeded in increasing time spent in battle that only increased US casualties.
      From a Dem president, Johnson, to a Republican prez, Nixon, the public was fed bi-partisan lies about our “victory” in Vietnam .
      It wasn’t until the people took it to the streets in protest, did America wake up to the fact that the US cold war brinkmanship strategies only won sorrow an shame for our nation.
      We the people did not ask for this protracted war, it was the reps in Congress and the White House who thought it wise to fight communism in southeast Asia because US political theorists fronted a domino theory where communism would overtake US.
      I cite these historical facts to show that at any level of government, when the populace is excluded and only a few “public servants” who claim to know what is best for we the people make unilateral decisions it usually becomes a mess because the decisions are made in presumptions and ignorance..

      1. Van, I agree with you. This homeless issue is big. I myself, don’t want to deal with it, but it’s in my face everyday. I don’t have any answers. I know we have to address this issue. I feel very lucky to have a home and food on the table everyday.
        BTW, the other day there was a man at a gas station asking for money, normally I don’t fall for this, but he had the cutess little boy with him, about the same age as my grandson, yeh I gave him money, hook line and sinker…What a sap I am.

        1. Homeless people only like shelters when it’s cold. They hate rules and authority. They never last. The will all be scattered throughout the communities, parks, schools, and businesses. Fullerton is getting what they asked for. Just watch the council meetings the last year. You asked for it. You got it.

          1. Van has it mostly right about LBJ and the Vietnam war. But we have to thank an Orange County Developer for at least partially ending the war. Yes Lawrence Weinberg of LarWin Development was the chief fund raiser for LBJ and at the Chicago convention told LBJ while watching the demonstrators, there was no way he could even begin to raise the funds needed for re-election. Shortly thereafter, LBJ gave the not running for re-election speech. Actually, Weinberg was more emphatic, he said he personally would not raise the funds for him! All this Orange County info is in Robert Caro’s second LBJ book.

  6. Shawn Nelson lived three doors down from the armory for 10 yrs. Now his brother in law lives there. Now with the new emergency shelter on the other side of town they will have to miss out on the festivities.

    1. Did you mention all the much larger items on the crime log that where non homeless releated. How about police officer who lives in million+ house comes to fullerton and kills homeless man who sleeps under the protection of no roof for sport.

      1. Here’s one you won’t see in the Register…

        Woman finds signs of rape after blackout
        A 21-year-old woman who passed out after a second beer at the Back Alley Bar and Grill awoke and found signs she’d been sexually assaulted, according to police reports. The woman told police she’d gone downtown to be with her friends. She told police she thinks she was drugged. She felt sick right away and began to lose consciousness after she drank a second beer. She vaguely remembered getting into an unknown car with a man she thought was her friend’s cousin. She remembered nothing else until she regained consciousness just as the cousin was dropping her off in front of a gas station by the cousin in the middle of the night. She called a taxi to take her home. She found hickies on her breasts and neck, and contacted police at 3:30 a.m.

  7. hey, you Fullertonians! Pull up a google map and look at the number of elementary schools located in the area of that vacated furniture warehouse bought by the County for the homeless shelter. That’s a 29,000 square foot building that could easily hold many hundreds, if not a thousand homeless people. I got nothing against homeless people. But a lot of them are bat **** crazy! Would you want one of YOUR kids going to the surrounding schools? I thought everyone was so interested in child safety with Sandy Hill and all. Would you want to own property around there that will take a big hit downward in value due to this County action? Would you want to own a business there with people panhandling on the sidewalk and driving your customers away? Why are you allowing the County of Orange to crap all over your City? The majority of the County’s homeless are going to call Fullerton ‘home’ now. Why aren’t you fighting this tooth and nail? Have all of you been anestitized?

    1. It’s simple. The politicians are slapping Bush and his boys back for his antics. Bush acts like he loves homeless people so politicians giving him what he wants knowing it will backfire on Fullerton. It’s all politics. A big joke. Paybacks.

    1. SIdhu? ha. Are you joking? I’d rather have Carlos Bustamonte as supervisor than Sidhu. Even if he had to attend meetings via video feed from his jail cell.

      1. Sidhu is an idiot but he wouldn’t have put that shelter across the street from a single-family neighborhood in Anaheim!!

              1. Hmmm, no one has looked into or even mentioned the previous ownership of the building being purchased by the County. Must be an owner who knows the right people in the OC Republican party. Why else would they buy an eyesore property and spend our tax dollars suddenly for the homeless? Out of graciousness?

  8. How many Fullertonians are going to show up to the Council meeting that votes on whether to change the zoning laws that would permit the warehouse conversion to a homeless shelter? If you people care at all about your City or have any self-respect that meeting should be standing room only with people on the sidewalks outside. Why would you allow them to dump most of the County’s homeless in your backyard? Are you aware of the unintended consequences here? You should have an many people complaining about this as yo did when Kelly was murdered by those cops. You should demand that Irvine and Carona del Mar take their fair share of the County’s homeless too!

    1. Our neighborhood needs help! The Chapman Park community was kept in the dark until it was too late. I made about 100 calls yesterday and was told by Fullertons Community Developement that “once the property is purchased by the “County” they can over ride the city’s zoning and place whatever they want on the property”. So its not a matter of going to “Fullertons board” to put a stop to it. Its the “County” of Orange and they could care less about our neighborhood and Chapman Park.

      1. I believe that this is the appropriate individual to be contacted in order to affect an Orange County policy decision…

        Audra Fishel

        Policy Advisor/Director of Communications

        Office of Supervisor Shawn Nelson

        Fourth District/County of Orange

        Phone: (714) 834-3440

        Fax: (714) 834-2045

        [email protected]>

        1. I should add that this last post was intended for “w”, and any other Fullerton resident that is upset with Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson’s decision to shove this homeless shelter down our collective throats without our consent.

          Audra Fishel

          Policy Advisor/Director of Communications

          Office of Supervisor Shawn Nelson

          Fourth District/County of Orange

          Phone: (714) 834-3440

          Fax: (714) 834-2045

          [email protected]

  9. I am so tired of people acting like they love the homeless because they are so helpless. Those same people would never agree to have a 29k sq foot homeless shelter next door to them. If you don’t know what to expect from this shelter then just go to skid row in downtown LA and see how disgusting the conditions are. I am so tired of people talking shit on Fullerton. I work hard so I can live in a nice area, so if that makes me a bad person then I’m a bad person. I’m tired of supporting dead wait. If someone has a mental illness I have no problem using tax dollars for a state hospital but so tired of hearing about the poor homeless lazy bastards! I’m gonna move to a city that doesn’t shoot itself in the foot and supports its police department. I know you will all call me cold hearted but I don’t care. Good bye Fullerton. You had a nice run.

    1. We need to take a step back and remember where we were a year or so ago, and understand that this is the next step in the city’s future. So much of our outrage was that we were not doing enough for our fellow persons who were lost on the streets and were left to the the terrible outcomes of being criminal because they had no where to go. Nelson is a friend of Bushula and a past council member and a Republican. If we cannot find even a moment of opportunity to lend a hand to give someone a simple place to sleep is a loss for our community (regardless of the pain of where this place might be.) Please step back and let the chance for us to be hospitable have its chance. it is the right thing to do in light of the terrible crime that occurred to Kelly Thomas. It is the right thing to do – regardless of the sacrifice the neighborhood must bear. In the end, it will be seen as a step in the right direction of how the community came together to give rather than ignore.

      1. Franklin, absolutely right. Now this is where “the rubber meets the road.” This is the legitimacy test for the entire “War for Fullerton.” They’re faltering badly, I’m afraid. When Kelly Thomas served a political end, it was all good. Now the freak show is over and the problems still exist, they aren’t going away. I thought I was in Irvine for a second.

  10. This is an excellent location and is a much needed emergency shelter that will relieve the armory for the purposes it was intended for.There is no doubt this spacious building will help many people at risk and in need. This close to major bus routes in a buisness district close stores the the needy frequent like the 99 cent store & goodwill.This location not being in an issolated spot will allow the homeless to feel intigrated into the community.The neighbors needent complain because thier neighborhoods are already walled off from the buisness district on walnut . This shelter will provide overnight sleeping & encourage health & improvement and job finding skills. Hopefully this shelter will only be a suppliment to what the churches are already doing in and around fullerton to help with meals and clothing items and positve support.
    It seems the Mayor of fullerton was not fully informed of the plans which is a sorry view of the way things are still going in fullerton. It was the city managers role to properly inform the Mayor.It is understandable Nelsons view however to just secure the building and worry about the logistics next becuase this will be up for debate when it is brought to the council for rezoning.

    1. Franklin and Streets of Fullerton –

      If you 2 live in Fullerton you really deserve to get crapped on. And hopefully it’s a direct hit. Your City is being gamed by those you elected to represent you. And now they’re dropping the homeless bomb on your city when the homeless population should be spread proportionately around the County, not concentrated on YOUR City.

      I bet neither of you live, work or play anywhere close to 301 S. State College Bl, do you??? And I bet neither of you have young children attending school in that area, do you???

      Talk is cheap.

      1. I have been a life long resident of fullerton and feel that you are lost… lost in that you have no concept of action for what is needed to take care of the homeless situation that has been evident in fullerton for the past few years.

        1. it pains me to hear people attack ones who try to find a solution to the homeless situation in the region. Pittbull says nothing but attack those who at least hope …. what is the answer? there are no jobs, answers,… I’ve seen families arrive at the the churches that are living on the streets because they have no where to go and are grateful for the warm meal. I’ve seen the tarps, and worn shoes. Addiction. I’ve seen the eyes… there is nothing we can do but at least give them a place to sleep. hoping for another day…
          So Pittbull..yes. I live in fullerton and accept the “crap” that will arrive because I give to my fellow man.

          1. Franklin, you are very passionate, but do not forget about the people that work very hard to have a home, and a safe place for their children to grow up in. If the home that you have worked hard for is being attacked, your only choice is to protect. You can not expect everybody to see things as you do. I do respect your passion.

      2. Pittbull force is not the best method for getting things accomplished. Thats where the police erred. They Pittbull manuvers and force for what they lacked in education in dealing with disadvantaged. Thats why complacency is one step away from corruption. Its the force and deception that has to take the place of complacency and lack of empthy and learned understanding.

  11. http://i.imm.io/TCrO.jpeg

    Where are all the city workers. Are they still on the payroll. This section of street is right in the center of fullerton and represents the disentigrating streets surfaces.Why couldn’t a few of the city workers already on the payroll drop a couple bags of asphalt in potholes like this and tamp it in. It would take one person less than 30 minutes. Give me a couple bags, I’ll do it for free.

  12. Some people need to wake up and stop living in a fantasy land. If you don’t work hard and make bad choices you can end up homeless and addicted to drugs. Life is a bitch and the rest of us are trying to protect our children. I challenge those who don’t really know what the streets are like to go to 6th and San Julian in downtown LA and see what will happen when you allow numerous homeless to congregate. It WILL attract drugs and gangs. Ive seen it first hand. I bet most have really no idea how bad it can get. Our children are the priority not an adult who made horrible choices in life. As I said before, the mentally ill should be in a taxpayer funded hospital. Its gonna be very bad for OC if this opens. They will not stay in a tiny box you set up for them. They will spear and more and more will come. No other supervisor is gonna open a shelter in their area when their homeless can be dropped off in Fullerton.


  13. I agree with the NIMBYs to this extent — this should not be the ONLY new homeless shelter opened soon. There should be at least five more, spread out throughout the county. The county has not been fair to Santa Ana in the past (though some here seem not to care) and it should not be unfair to Fullerton now.

    I disagree with the notion, though, that any neighborhood — mine included — gets a veto over this sort of placement. What it should get is a compensatory “deal sweetener.”

    1. Greg, we can’t spend a lot of time debating this. The need is real and the need is now. Not three years from now when it’s all been litigated to death and we start over from square one. I find it repugnant to have to “sweeten” any deal that simply involves “doing the right thing.”

      1. John, can I just ask, why do you seem so hell bent on this shelter going through? Are a OC employee? Or just a homeless activists? Just asking.

        1. I’m none of the above. I’m hell-bent because it’s an opportunity to “do the right thing.” We’ve been spending the past year and a half mourning Kelly Thomas, its time to take action. I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to add dignity to his life and his death. Hell, I would even say name it after him. The Kelly Thomas Center. Has a nice ring to it.

          1. Oh, so you are part of Kelly’s Army. And it makes you angry, that most of the residents don’t want this to happen? What is so wrong about letting the people vote on this, after all, that’s what it’s all about. Freedom to make those decisions. Right… And it better be called the Fullerton Center.
            Let Kelly’s family get their own shelter.

            1. I’m not angry, just emphatic. There’s a difference. There are things people shouldn’t be given a vote on, this is one of them. I’m not part of Kelly’s Army, so guess again. I’m a concerned citizen who feels justice for Kelly Thomas is more than just having three cops sent to prison (which probably won’t happen). Just think of me as a benevolent dictator and I won’t lead you astray.

              1. We need to bring this to a vote. It is our right. 135,000 residents have a right. This is the same as coyote hills. And Yes, I am tired of hearing about Kelly and bad cops. You need to get a grip.
                I as a resident of Fullerton, will not have something shoved down my throat, that I do not support. I guess it’s petition time. NO SHELTER PUT IT SOMEWHERE ELSE…..
                “BENEVOLENT DICTATOR”…more like, asshole with issues….

                1. CG, you’re typical Fullerton Trash swine. The only vote you truly care about is where you’re going to pick up your next max-pack of pork shoulder. I am an asshole, I’m proud of it. As for you, Nietzsche said it best: “A woman’s anger increases in direct proportion to the decrease in her charms.” Relax your muscles, honey, this project will be shoved right down your throat and there won’t be a damned thing you can do about it. The way you run around and call Flory and Fitzgerald “cunts?!” You’re a piece of work and a pretty good reason why Fullerton isn’t smart enough to dig out of their own hole. If you need an opinion, just PM me and I will give it to you. Letting people like you vote is like letting a monkey fly the fucking airplane.

                2. One true part. County are the big boys. They will do what they want to the cities. Nelson is paying Fullerton back now. Making Fullerton the homeless capital and homeless dump of the country.

            2. “Oh, so you are part of Kelly’s Army”……….. Hmmmmm

              No! He is self admitted Bavarian National Socialist, German Workers’ Party, who likes to build human shelters and gated communities like Dachau, Buchenwald and Oberer Kuhberg – naming just few.

          2. Because John lives no where near the proposed center and will only be around it when helping out inside where they all act like angels until they are permanently kicked out. Simple. They need to put it next to John’s house.

              1. That’s the point. Full time homeless shelters won’t work. They have been tried. They all fail. They fail because homeless don’t like rules and laws for a variety of reasons. Homeless shelters and camps all eventually shut down. The only ones open are in cold weather at night. This proposal, knowing it will fail and turn Fullerton into a huge dumping ground for homeless, is just political payback to spank the activists from last year including Bushy. Where do homeless go during the days? Into the residential and business areas, parks, schools, and bushes. It’s a huge fail. Political payback is a nasty game happening right before your eyes.

            1. To be honest, I live in W.F.. I just feel Fullerton has enough issues, without adding more problems. It’s bad enough that the City has let the homeless take over the library. So sad. Dogs don’t even want to go to the dog park anymore. It is not safe there.

      2. People generally love to make others take on the burdens that they don’t want to endure. That’s what’s happening here — and it’s OK because someone does have to endure it. (We’re not putting a homeless shelter into Coto de Caza, as appealing as I’d find that.) But if this part of Fullerton gets tax money spent on something others don’t want, it should also get tax money spent on something that other people would want. That doesn’t mean delaying the project; the latter can happen later.

    2. So what deal sweetener did we get? And what is your deal sweetener? More highly pensioned bureaucrats doing things for us?


  14. The county does whatever it wants. The police does whatever they want. The city council does whatever they want. The taxpayers cannot do whatever they want. Is this correct? The next time a mega church in Fullerton which pays absolutely no taxes wants to dump upwards of 30 or 40 million on a parking structure that sits empty 6 days a week, the city council needs to demand a condition of the development that states that it needs to be open for the homeless 6 days a week and closed to the homeless when the church is open for business on Sunday morning. The poor are to be cared for by the church which the people so generously support NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Upwards of a hundred million dollars a year flows through the 501c3’s in this town which 6 days a week are closed up like the whorehouses after a good revival. What is wrong with this picture? The non profits specifically churches who are truly responsible for the well being of the less fortunate continue to abdicate their responsibilities while actively expanding their client base and enhancing their real estate portfolios. The iron curtain over tax exempt organizations’ finances that are not open to public inspection like churches needs to be replaced with clear glass. No one should go hungry and no one should go homeless. The money is there to solve this problem. It is simply in the wrong hands. I also find it hard to believe that a project like this that will run 10 million dollars from start to finish gets the exclusive input of the very ones running the 501c3’s that have been MIA on this issue for years. The public input means nothing. All we, the public are good for is federal, state, medical, fica, excise, property, water, sewer, and sales taxes and dropping the rest in the plate on Sunday morning when it passes us. We get to get told just how white our shirts can be, when we have to stay in and where our kids should not go. It is getting easier thanks to them.

    1. Easy answer truth. The homeless are a dirty group of people and anyone that has tried to help them knows its an impossible project to tackle. If churches allow them 24/7 and help them they lose their members which in turn they lose their donations which in turn shuts them down. Anywhere homeless are, people won’t go, won’t take their children, won’t take their family. So yes everyone wants to help. Most want to volunteer time, but not their homes or their neighborhoods. So what’s the answer? There isn’t one. It is what it is. Chevron hill is a great idea. But it will be so overrun with homeless using drugs everywhere that it will become unhealthy and rampant with disease it will eventually be shut down. So put em all in Fullerton? God no.

      1. The reason that Jesus Christ delegated the responsibility to the church was very simple. God’s word is power. It is the power to change lives.Now the churches don’t preach it, the schools don’t teach it, and the power to change lives by default has been handed over to the secular humanist government which promotes the destruction of the family, militarization of law enforcement, legislative destruction of jobs, enshrines dependency, out of wedlock child birth, and which eclipses per pupil spending 10-1 per capita on inmate costs. Addiction, drugs, booze, and crime all have a place-crucified with Christ. Your are right there is no solution as long as those entrusted with the privilege to solve our social ills continue to operate like a social club instead of the powerhouse that in the past gave us just government, statesmen, hospitals, universities, orphanages and hope to carve this Nation into what it once was-free and prosperous.

      2. Homeless have been around forever….So what you are saying, there are no good answers. What a pickle we have here.
        I do think that most of the homeless will leave in March when the Armory closes, that’s just what happens every year. I feel a year round shelter will not work. Maybe if they accept families only, with children. Then I would agree to the shelter.
        No adults without children. FAMILIES ONLY

    2. truthseeker, punching through the government’s facade with the truth.
      If I remember correctly it was Darrell McGowan, pastor of First Christian Church, located on Wilshire avenue in the heart of downtown Fullerton, publically announced the Fullerton PD did not kill Kelly Thomas, it was the community of Fullerton’s indifference to the homeless that killed Kelly.
      So I googled First Christian Church and homeless shelter, and found no homeless shelter at this church.
      And this is such a sad fact because this church boasts it close proximity to downtown Fullerton’s transportation hub, the same hub where Fullerton PD’s insensitivity to the plight of the homeless forced them to beat to death a malnourished, schizophrenic, homeless man,Kelly Thomas, in full view of the transportation hub people.
      Maybe Kelly Thomas would be alive today, if First Christian Church of Fullerton Pastor McGowan had opened up his church as a homeless shelter .
      Oh well, its all better now in Fullerton because McGowan and his Fullerton pals hold or held mind-mixer discussions on how to fix homelessness in Fullerton’s downtown area and other parts of Fullerton.

      1. I’ve never met a bigger coward in my life than Darrell McGowan.

        I truly think that St. Peter is going to double over laughing when Darrell shows up at his gate.

  15. Shantytowns worked during the great depression. However, they usually were found outside the main village areas outside the city or village limits. Many shantytowns were family oriented. Riding the Rails was another way of providing free transportation out of town! Quite a pathetic time.
    “Once I built a railroad, made it run
    made it race against time.
    Once I built a railroad now its done,
    Brother can you spare a dime.”
    -Yip Harburg 1931

  16. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/county-383529-shelter-fullerton.html
    ominick Gillotte lives near the proposed shelter site.

    Cpl. J.D. DeCaprio, homeless liaison for the Fullerton police, told Gillotte after the board meeting that the police would have an office in the proposed shelter building.
    “The homeless are already in our community,” DeCaprio told Gillotte. “We’re not going to ignore it anymore. … We’re going to manage it. …

    DeCaprio has also stated that he would like to document all the homeless and photograph all of them.

    This building is to assist and help the homeless have a place to feel safe at night.There does appear to be many nice offices there but Will having a branch of the police department set up office actually help the homeless feel more secure? what is the pupose.It seems that a security guard position would be sufficient.

    1. I remember when DiCaprio was himself kicking the homeless every morning to wake them up. NOw he is all nice to them. He is a two face jerk!

    2. That’s a good idea to document each one and also check and see if they are violating parole. If they want to panhandle they should follow the example of a town in Iowa: they have to get counseling on resources to change their life and have their parole status checked and then they get their “license” to panhandle.

    3. Well, you have to admit. Ramos and Wolfe didn’t ignore the homeless problem. Now the killer cops get an increased budget to pay for a “presence” at Nelson’s shelter? Who’s going to pay for that?

  17. hey, if you folks in Fullerton want to crap in your own nest, be my guest. I don’t care. I’m just trying to help you out by letting you know you’re being gamed by the County. The poster “Fullerton’s done” is absolutely correct. If you put a 29000 square foot homeless shelter at any given location it’s going to turn a full square mile from that location into a total ****hole. Property values get trashed, businesses go bankrupt and crime goes through the roof. But if you want to be do-gooders and sacrifice yourselves for the homeless – go head on. If you want to be ground zero for Orange County’s homeless population – go head on. Personally I don’t care because I don’t live anywhere near there. I am just trying to be neighborly and give you some friendly advice. If you don’t want it – go sit in your nest. Just don’t complain to us 2 years from now about how you got screwed, ok? Own it. That’s all I ask. Don’t blame the rest of us.

  18. Maybe the County thought Fullerton would want the shelter because of the outpouring of love for that gentle soul, Kelly Thomas.

    FFFF’er where is your love now for the poor helpless gentle homeless?

      1. And the reason Kelly’s mother got a restraining order against him was NOT because Law Enforcement suggested it to make him get help. No one in Law Enforcement would ever suggest that because it’s not how it works.
        Cathy got a restraining order against Kelly because she was afraid of him and wanted him off her front porch.
        Don’t forget, Kelly had tried to choke Cathy in the past.
        So much for your gentle Kelly.

    1. Kelly was NOT helpless nor gentle. People choose the life they want; Kelly chose to do drugs and fry his brain. He didn’t want to answer to anyone or be told what to do; just like his army of indigents.

  19. The frustrating thing is that most of the people protesting for Thomas did not live in Fullerton. Now that the residents of Fullerton will have to deal with the issue of being homeless capital of OC, we wont have any support outside of Fullerton. Except maybe PittBull. I will miss Fullerton but I wont live in and raise my children in a city infested by homeless. I drove by La Palma park yesterday and it was disgusting. It will be worse in Fullerton after this shelter opens. I would support this shelter like it was suggested that it be for families only. Other than that no way. I also don’t see an issue with this “NIMBY.” Which I had to google by the way. I think people should fight for protecting their backyard. I wonder how many bleeding hearts posting here are allowing the homeless into their homes on cold nights. Or even allowing them to literally camp in their backyard. No one because it would be horrible. I work hard and not ashamed to say I hate living near homeless. I don’t hear anyone crying for me when I have to wake up at 430 and head to work while these people sit around throwing their lives away. Invite these people into your home and see how long before they stab you in the back. I wonder why their families don’t want anything to do with them until of course you get a million bucks from taxpayers.

    1. I will miss Fullerton but I wont live in and raise my children in a city infested by homeless.

      Yet you were perfectly fine having your children living in a city where the police beats and sexually assaults citizens in addition to all of the drunks plowing through DTF.

      And lets not forget about the local media *cough* Fullertonstories *cough* that works in concert the police department to whitewash and not report DUIs and “incidents” that put the police department in a bad light.

      1. Yes. Normal people have no reason to fear the police. And I would rather have a Fullerton full of tax paying drunks than a Fullerton full of bums.

        1. Normal people have no reason to fear the police.

          Are you saying the women rincon groped and molested, kelly thomas and veth nam arent “normal people”?

          I would rather have a Fullerton full of tax paying drunks than a Fullerton full of bums.

          For a fella who is so concerned about children, you seem to show no regard for their well being. God forbid one of them gets plowed over by one of these drunks while crossing the street or riding with you.

            1. I didn’t say they were driving.

              So, you’re saying that DUIs don’t exist in Fullerton?

              Plus this is a ridiculous argument.

              Maybe you don’t but I take police abuse and DUIs very seriously.

              One has nothing to do with the other.

              Actually it seems to me you view homeless people more dangerous than the hundreds of drunk drivers that are arrested in Fullerton every year, officers beating and suffocating an unarmed man to death, an officer molesting nearly a dozen women, officers raiding the wrong house, etc

              but maybe I’m misunderstanding your point.

          1. Plus you can pick isolated incidents in anything in this world and try and paint everyone with a broad brush. I assure you that Fullerton Pd does countless good acts everyday that no one acknowledges because of a few bad apples. You must think that all teachers are bad because a few molested children. The media has so much control over the ignorant public. Its very sad. The real world is much different than the five o clock news. Try looking past the media hype and see the people you are bashing. Honest hardworking people who care about the community.

            1. All of the aforementioned supposed honest hardworking people that you refer to were conspicuously silent regarding the murder of Kelly Thomas. I didn’t see any of the Fullerton teachers at the protests or at the dias speaking out nor did I see any of the Fullerton police officers either. If there was ever a litmus test of who is really who, it is whether the televised trial, conviction and execution of an innocent homeless man in the street by agents of the state moves you to righteous indignation or complicit silence.

            2. The few bad apples you are referring to, are not bad apples at all. They became bad apples to these people who judge without knowing the person. These officers had been working for over 10 years with no incidents. Things can happen in an instant and your hold world is shit!

              1. They became bad apples to these people who judge without knowing the person

                No, they were caught on audio and video savagely beating and suffocating a shirtless,shoeless and unarmed homeless man who was begging for his dad.

                These officers had been working for over 10 years with no incidents.

                How do you know that?

                I think Cicinelli was accused of roughing up a young girl a few years ago.

                Things can happen in an instant and your hold world is shit!


                Are you by chance Jay Cicinelli or John Huelsman?

                1. There was only one officer striking him on an attempt for Kelly to release the officers arm. All you haters see a dead guy and its assumed 6 officers were on top of him when really no one was. Just trying to arrest him. I have seen worst pile ups on cop TV.

              2. Just to be clear I’m not calling the officers involved with Kelly Thomas bad apples. I’m speaking in general terms because every profession has bad apples. The situation was unfortunate and Kelly Thomas played a big part in it. The general public loves to see things in black and white. Like another post that said all Fullerton teachers are shit heads not worth shit. It doesn’t get much more ingnorant than that statement. Everyone deserves their day in court. I support people who risk their lives for me including FD, PD, and everyone in the military. Most people could never do these jobs and should thank first responders every chance they get. How many firefighters and police officers died on 911 running into burning buildings while the public ran away from them. How soon we forget. But I assure you no matter how much you bash the police, when you need them, they will still come.

                1. Hide behind your cheesy cliches, the troops and 9/11 all you want but Fullerton’s Done with trash like you.

                  Barry, why don’t you high tail your fat ass to the LA County Sheriffs Department where they accept sadists like you with open arms.

                  Your heavy handed, gang mentality, thug tactics don’t fly in hard working communities like Fullerton.


                2. Thanks for clearing it. I also believe that everyone deserves their day in court. Kelly did have a big part in it. It was unfortunate that he died. I am with you in saying that I support the police the military and firefighters. They all have a very tough job to do.

        2. You actually believe the two are mutually exclusive? Don’t you see that is why this town finds itself in its current demise? Almost all of the green bins in this town clank loudly on trash day. How can anyone expect to vote or think rationally or for that matter be justly governed when their own glandular functions are turned over to the nightly production of alcohol dehydrogenase? This last election proved that.

  20. The perspective on this issue might be broadened just a little if someone would ask the Fullerton School system for the number of children enrolled who are identified as homeless. I do not know the number, but bet it would be a real eye opener to some.

  21. Friends of Kelly would like the homeless shelter more if it were located where the action is, near the armory. By moving the shelter to one end of Fullerton does not guarantee the homeless will go there especially if the notorious FPD will be patrolling the building and asking for IDs, etc. How about a patrol by Fullerton clergy offering services? Hmmm. More no shows?

  22. Both Over and Tuco make good points; a thought came to me about Over’s comment about “children identified as homeless” – where is Fullerton’s Bruno Serato? If you aren’t familiar with the name, Google it – would be nice if there was a restaurateur in Fullerton who would do what Mr. Serato does for the children in need who are in Anaheim…

    1. Peaches, I really don’t think there is one resturant in Fullerton that could match what that man does. He is a angel to children. Anyway kids can’t drink……

  23. Read yesterdays or the day before LA Times about the homeless in Costa Mesa. How the city has a bus to take the homeless to a shelter in Santa Ana. They have two or three homeless that jump on the bus the rest say they dont want to go because they are filled with dopers and criminals. They will always have an excuse. You cant even get them there on a free bus ride.

  24. MICKEY HALLER :You all know what our great leaders are going to say, “We built it, and they didnt come,” We did our part.

    and they will cash the paychecks, Pam KKKeller and everyone currently sittin in city council is a bag of shit and should be treated accordingy

    1. Can someone please remind me why we have over 35 children in elementary school classrooms here in Fullerton, and yet we are still paying Pam Keller’s salary as a Teacher in Fullerton, when in reality she’s making an ass of herself once a week for Davis Barber’s cheerleading rag, Fullerton Stories?


  25. And Mr Thomas can spend all his donations on that fake billy jack whore he rolls around with, She is a fraudster from anaslime. Where is your shelter ron, Im talking about that shitty condo in tangle web either. Why not open your house, o thats right its for blow jobs from your fake girl friends. So any of your 5 ex’sgonna say how you beat kelly? I say 2 do.

  26. truthseeker :All of the aforementioned supposed honest hardworking people that you refer to were conspicuously silent regarding the murder of Kelly Thomas. I didn’t see any of the Fullerton teachers at the protests or at the dias speaking out nor did I see any of the Fullerton police officers either. If there was ever a litmus test of who is really who, it is whether the televised trial, conviction and execution of an innocent homeless man in the street by agents of the state moves you to righteous indignation or complicit silence.

    fullerton teachers? that is hysterical are we talking about the over fed no child left behind test givers..FUHSD is a joke. Every teacher in that discrict is a shit head. NOt one worth a shit,not one.

  27. Eastside Resident :Most likely bicycle. Maybe buses will pick them up across north oc? I don’t know. It’s a lousy location.

    But hey the realitor got 150 thousand for the finders fee…who makes 150 thou off homeless, The collaborative, Dicapprio, and not fullerton, whoo hoo we are going to be the scumbag, corrupt police capitol, drunk town,thanks to our city council…thank you..Why not Jennifer Fitzy, your church is huge how come you guys dont help the homeless..O you guys pray for your own prosperity…GROSS> EV church you are gross.

    1. Look on the bright side, city borders arent far away, those cities are doing unbelievably well, because of Fullertons stupidity. What any city in the world would give for the location next to Disneyland, the ideal weather, and the surrounding goldmine.

  28. Look at The Fox and The Coyote Hills. Oh shit, why don’t we turn The Fox into a homeless shelter? That would be a great place for one as well. At least the building will get some good use.

    I LIKE IT! Lets do something with the damn building.

    1. @Shimon, that’s actually a great location. It’s within walking distance to the Transportation Center, it has plenty of room and it needs to be utilized for something other than other than just reminiscing about the past. Could you imagine the shit storm if someone seriously proposed it?

    2. that is a better idea. the fox theatre and its adjoining complex is a few blocks away from fullerton’s transportation hub where many homeless hang out until rousted from it by the police.
      As for a homeless shelter ruining the ambience of downtown Fullerton, the long empty Fox Theatre and its sputtering, last gasp rstaurant and its one or two shops already ruin the ambience of this area.
      Placement of a homeless shelter here would better serve the homeless.
      oops! I forgot, don’t some pillars of Fullerton’s society live close to the Fox Theatre?

      1. Yes this Timeline is true. Probably Ron and Cathy Thomas didn’t know 75% of these incidents. I wonder why? I heard that Ron Thomas was paying the homeless population so they can lie and to say he had been looking for Kelly for years. Good father.

        1. Ron Thomas a victim? Its the best thing that ever happened to him. He gets to be in front of a camera. He is probably going to get some dough, I hope not, but he probably will. He should of taken the $900.000. Now he will be put on the stand and be shred to pieces.

    1. and where is the timeline of events that show Fullerton city council , Fullerton PD and Rusty Kenendy’s Orange County Human Relations commission response to the Kelly Thomas murder starting on July 6th 2011?
      I bet this timeline would show: lies, obfuscation, deflection, indifference.

      1. Sorry Van, it just does not matter any more. People will be people. Fullerton has been around for a long time and will go on. With lies, obfuscation, deflection, indifference. There are changes though, look at all the people at the Council meetings, this is a good thing. Some are more aware. I remember going to Council meetings, when you could count the audience on one hand.

  29. Greg Diamond :And the level of discourse on FFFF rises yet again.

    Greg Diamond- why o why do you persist, we dont like you. Mr Bushala can you in any way block this fool, or make a DIAMOND FREE site? He is a vile 3rd grader who wasnt invited to the party and rides his huffy barnstormer around with flat tires, wondering why he never gets invited…lets tell him- NO ONE LIKES YOU, I havent found a person yet, and its a holy grail for me, no one and I mean NO ONE< likes you , now I showed voters who they voted for, YOU, and I allowed them to view your vitrol I showed them your posts….. the voters-your voters- were privy to who and what pathetic man you are, most if not all have voters remorse.

    1. Awww…Mickey made a friend! Wait a minute, Mickey, Mosca and John Doe sure read an awful lot alike. Right down to the grammar…

      1. They are cyber stalkers, using IP hacks. Ther death and personal threats are probably entertaining to them. 🙁

        At least they has a little more control over his abusive Psychosexual threats. Obscenity, sexual sadism, and idiocy are a very very bad combination.

      2. Anyone with a brain on this blog sound like the same person. We are a threat, or is that a bad word to use. Right down to the gammar…You are funny.

        1. The only time I felt there was a nut case on this site was when someone using the handle “LDX” was posting. That motherfucker was wierd.

            1. FL, I am glad you chimed in. Somethin, Somethin, happened to me yesterday. it is heavy on my shoulders. Do I make that call or do I ignore what I see. The somethin was moved on (sleeping). It was done with respect and kid gloves. So am I a “NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD” person or a “NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH” person? It was very hard to make that call, but it had to be done.

          1. LDX was indeed strange. He seemed like an agent provocateur to me but I must admit that he most certainly had quite the grasp on the full blown evil at the upper echelons.

  30. truthseeker :The reason that Jesus Christ delegated the responsibility to the church was very simple. God’s word is power. It is the power to change lives.Now the churches don’t preach it, the schools don’t teach it, and the power to change lives by default has been handed over to the secular humanist government which promotes the destruction of the family, militarization of law enforcement, legislative destruction of jobs, enshrines dependency, out of wedlock child birth, and which eclipses per pupil spending 10-1 per capita on inmate costs. Addiction, drugs, booze, and crime all have a place-crucified with Christ. Your are right there is no solution as long as those entrusted with the privilege to solve our social ills continue to operate like a social club instead of the powerhouse that in the past gave us just government, statesmen, hospitals, universities, orphanages and hope to carve this Nation into what it once was-free and prosperous.

    where are the churches when the homeless are asleep in the halls? I can walk by 12 churches and not one of them do anything past 7pm at night for anyone, lets be real. If they truely followed the faiths,saying my brothers keeper- they dont, they pray for PROSPERITY, any church that doesnt help the homeless, should loose their tax exempt status. ANd those who force the homeless to stand in front of the well dressed parishoners and wait in lines in front of the church for food while the rich parishoners walk by is sickening. WILSHIRE CHURCH, sick sick…I have seen this, Im sick of people claiming they are christians, and yet they do nothing, its very sick indeed.

    1. The modern churches are all whores bought and paid for lock stock and barrel by the government’s strong arm agency-the IRS through the 501c3. The cure for cancer is in the first chapter of the Bible. You will never hear a sermon on that, or on how owning weapons is Biblical or what the idiot box is doing to everyone or where all the taxes go and what is going on with the big timers and the little boys. No now at it’s rock and roll, a little bit of psychology, a little bit of Bible history, pass the plate, and NO preaching on sin, the need for INDIVIDUAL repentance, or no real mobilizing the church members to affect society like the church that used to build hospitals, orphanages, schools and universities, or noticeably impact the community. When it does mobilize at the behest of the leaders, they get the congregants together to do things like WASH THE FPD’S POLICE CARS, pick up trash, hand out water bottles at the beach or paint schools that we have paid for 100 times over with our taxes. May God have mercy on this town and the churches that Jesus Christ would vomit out of His mouth if He showed up today.

  31. the homeless are under the freeways, by the tracks or behind every shopping center in every city in orange county. They lay low and not for their fear of the police. There population is made up of drunks, tweekers and dings, most homeless by choice. Why not put this shelter in by the buena park transit hub at mag and orangethorpe. Those who work can be appreciative of what they have and those homeless can see what real working people do to survive. Its under a freeway perfect

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