The Fullerton 3 To Return to FPD

Wolfe is gone. So are Ramos and Cicinelli. The other three cops involved in the Kelly Thomas beating death, despite violating policy, have had their jobs saved by a watery Gennco report and an acting police chief eager to do damage control in the ongoing struggle to deny the obvious: a Culture of Corruption in the FPD.

The other three cops: Blatney, Craig, and Hampton. Hampton. Now why does that name sound familiar? Let me think.

Oh that’s right! He’s the fine fellow who assaulted a bystander who made the mistake of trying to video record a downtown Fullerton incident involving the FPD. Poor Veth Mam never knew what hit him. Fortunately a bystander picked up Mam’s phone and continued the video. Watch as Hampton throws Mam to the ground, swings him around like a rag doll, and sits on him.

But the story was far from over. Mam was arrested and jailed on charges of assaulting the cops! The DA was fine with the story Officer Frank Nguyen cooked up which was so obviously contradicted by the video that Mam was eventually unanimously acquitted by a jury.

So were there any repercussions? Of course not. According to spokesman Andrew Goodrich, the cops really and truly thought they had the right man, even though it’s obvious in the video that from the time Hampton arrives on the scene and his immediate attack of Mam he can have known nothing of any alleged previous assault on a cop.

Now that’s mad excessive!

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  1. Obviously the ‘culture of corruption’ is still alive and well at FPD.

    My compliments to Councilman Kiger for his standout performance at yesterday’s council meeting. It was impressive, especially for a new council member. I admired his cross examination of Gennaco. I could see the hair on the back of Gennaco’s neck stand up at times during the questioning. Travis’ questioning brought out some real inconsistencies in Gennaco’s presentation. Gennaco is hiding some cards IMO. You Fullerton citizens found yourself a jewel of a councilman. Do whatever you need to do to make sure Travis keeps his seat. He’s working for you.

    1. I wasn’t able to see the council meeting but you mentioned Travis brought up some inconsistencies to Gennaco’s investigation? Do you recall any?
      I did watch the O.C register version of his report. I really enjoyed how he spent so much time praising the FPD for how much they have responded to and “corrected” themselves. What a crock this guy is. Do people or council members really think that they were going to get an unbiased report? Yea let’s get an ex-police officer to investigate other police officers and see what he has to say. Real smooth Ex-council members. I hope people can read between the lines and realize this was just a ploy to calm the waters. Over 15 different cases of criminal acts, integrity issues, false accusations, cover-ups but signs of corruption??? Gotcha Gennaco, makes absolute no sense.

      1. Gennaco found the Los Angeles Sheriffs not culpable for Mitrice Richardson’s death. Synopsis is Mitrice Richardson was arrested by LASD because she refused to pay for a meal she ate at an upscale restaurant. The police report clearly shows Mitrice, at the time of her arrest, was in a psychotic state, see any parallels here?.
        after a few hours in police custody, the LASD release Mitrice from a sheriff’s station set in a mountainous, rural area, in the middle of the night without her purse, money and cell phone. she was never seen alive again. Her bones were found months later a few miles away from the sheriff’s station.
        Gennaco’s OIR “independent” investigation found “Rather, the OIR determines that the Lost Hills deputies didn’t endanger Mitrice by releasing her and cites the sheriff’s manual, which states, “Misdemeanor prisoners shall be released in the field whenever it is reasonable and safe to do so.”.
        Mitrice was gravely disabled at the time of her release due to her profound psychosis and thus unable to exercise reasonable caution and provide food, clothing or shelter for herself. And there was Mitrice wandering the wild hills of Calabasas at 2am in the morning. Gennaco found LA sheriff’s deputies acted within the scope of the law when they released psychotic Mitrice into a rural area without any way of calling for help or being heard by others who may have cared about the welfare of Mitrice if she screamed for help.
        who cares what Gennaco “independently ” concluded about Fullerton PD’s culture of corruption. Incredibly, no matter how blatant the facts points to police culpability, Gennaco’s track record is to find the police innocent.
        Only the good people of fullerton can roust the culture of corruption from Fullerton PD and Fullerton’s city council

        1. add on: is it just me or does Gennaco believe schizophrenics are only 2/3rds people and thus not worthy to be protected by our laws? Does Gennaco believe it is not a crime to murder or directly cause through indifference or negligence the death of a schizophrenic?

        2. Van, where were the purse, cell phone, money and car? Did whe get to the restaurant without these, or were any of these taken into police possession and not given back to her?

        3. This is another event that still bothers me to this very day.

          When Mitrice Richardson was released from the station, a deputy followed her right out the door. Her parents only discovered this AFTER watching the security footage. When the father inquired into the existence of additional security cameras, he intercepted a some kind of camera technician the very next day at the station.

          The most disturbing aspect of this incident was that her body was moved by the deputies. Once they located her body, and before the coroner could get there, it was moved.

          For some reason, the FBI refused to get involved. That really shocked the hell right out of me.

    1. Now now, Capt Hughes handled these IA interviews all by himself… Oh wait when it went to lawsuit he deleted that investigation and had a sgt re do the investigation…. Keep up the good work danny boy

  2. Way to keep the spotlight on the crimes of the FPD FFFF. I hope the citizens of Fullerton eventually get tired of footing the bill for these officers’ indiscretions and demand their firing. You can’t count on the corrupt chief to do the right thing on his own.

  3. shameful that I live in a city that allows men like these to continue to be peace officers. Even if they are permanently behind a desk; in a couple of years, when things quiet down, they’ll apply and get hired in some other PD. And those poor citizens will be subjected to these two mental cases.

    1. It’s not just Fullerton we have to be ashamed of — I hope you all have been watching this bullshit:

      Former Marine Unlawfully Detained for Facebook Posts

      (can you say kidnapped? he certainly wasn’t arrested nor charged with ONE SINGLE CRIME!)

      Get ready for the great dissident round-up folks. Standing as proof positive of what myself and many of us in the patriot movement have suspected all along, it appears that the First Amendment of the Constitution is no longer in effect in America.

      Last Thursday, former Marine; 26 year old Brandon Raub was arrested and unlawfully detained by FBI and Chesterfield County (VA) police after being questioned about song lyrics and political messages posted on his Facebook page. From there he was placed under indefinite detention at a psychiatric facility for “observation”. Raub was NOT charged with a crime, nor was he informed of his rights.

      Now they’re trying to move him to another facility more than three hours away from his family and legal counsel. These judges are bought and paid for — wait, kinda like the ones in Fullerton and every other town in the USSA.

      Thank God he has legal representation — here’s the link to keep up with the happenings on this outrageous government bs:

  4. Don’t mean to spam, but I think this post is more relevant to the current topic.

    Here’s another case of a testosterone filled thug with a badge roughing someone up. The douche tried to excuse throwing the woman up against the car twice because she wasn’t obeying him. Now if we could only start forcing these thugs to pay their only legal fees and lawsuits (like everyone else) instead of passing the buck to hardworking taxpayers. One positive note was how the chief responded: “We have certain expectations of our police officers, and when I looked at the video, I was disappointed because I felt like that didn’t stand up to those expectations,” Pensacola Police Chief Chip Simmons told “We determined that what we saw on the video was inconsistent with what our policies allow and what state statute allows.”

    Wow! All he did was rough up some drunk woman who hurt his ego and was fired swiftly and arrested. Makes you wonder how out of touch and corrupt the Fullerton Chief(s) must be to cover up/stand behind accused murderers.

  5. Definition of corruption: “impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle”. Obviously the Police Unions have been able to redefine corruption to LACK OF INTEGRITY, VIRTUE OR PRINCIPAL. These three are so deserving of being disciplined. They’re being reassigned to desk and admin jobs, shuffling paper – and guess who gets left holding the bag? If acting chief Hughes wanted to truly demonstrate that he was going to bring about reform, these guys should be at minimum demoted in rank, pay and perhaps suspended for a period of time and serve community service in a homeless shelter. Instead, they get a slap on the wrists, no change in pay and will continue to accrue fringes, OT and vacation.

        1. No Tony just a FFFF poster advocating the murder of police officers. This is not surprising or nothing new other than the fact the administrator of this site is a city council member.

  6. At least the thugs are permanently off the street and won’t be harassing innocent citizens for at least awhile. I wonder how dumb Hughes has to be to keep Hampton around when he is involved in multiple lawsuits against him. I guess the good ole boys club at FPD would rather Fullerton citizens pay for their officers crimes than do the right thing and fire them.

    1. “do the right thing” in the same sentence as FPD — kind of an oxymoron? “do the right thing” and anyone at FPD isn’t logical… never the two shall meet…

  7. Yeah, ‘ol Danny Hughes is a real reformer, ain’t he? Danny is just another con artist. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Believe nothing he tells you. Danny’s there to protect his cops – not to protect you, the citizens of Fullerton. You are just an inconvenient distraction that he is paid to stroke. Danny wants to ensure that his cops continue to be held to a ‘lower standard’. Now that he knows there will be no bid request from OCSD Danny knows he’s in the clear. You can thank Sebourn for that!

    1. Ok, so I have still not read anything about a reply from Travis as to why he didn’t vote to acquire an rfp from OCSD… Nor anyone else who was recently voted into the city council…. Did I miss it somewhere? Was it posted?

      1. What are you talking about? Travis did vote for the rfp. It was Sebourn who folded like an old deck of cards. You’re misinformed.

      2. He did. Greg just used Tonys money to get into office and then flipped him off. Tony is not happy. Problem is that Greg is there for awhile. Don’t think that Tony isn’t already looking into another recall. You disobey the boss you get fired. Greg has no union and no POBAR lol

  8. Which one of these cops lied on the stand in attempt to convict an innocent man???

    What that due to a lack of training too, Gennaco??? 😀

    Maybe if the cop is given another 2 hours of training you can convince him not to perjure himself, huh? I thought perjury was a felony?

    Maybe the cop thought is was legal to lie after providing a sworn oath!!! 😀 Just give him more training!!!

    And even if they are caught lying on the stand red-handed the worst that happens is turning them into brady cops and rendering them worthless to their chosen profession.

  9. Good point DQ. I wonder how embarassing it is for the decent officers at FPD to face public scrutiny every day because their leaders refuse to hold corrupt, dangerous cops accountable.

    Wow, JD and the other cop apologists are awfully quiet. It must be hard for them to accept none of their thug buddies (at least the Fullerton 6) will be policing the streets anytime soon.

  10. Use to be that Fullerton P.D had this on the side of their cars: “We’ll kick your ass, and take your donuts too!”

    Now it says: “To slide and protect our checks”

  11. How ya like those smoke and mirrors? Good work Gennaco. You did as you were paid to do. Now you will be hired to oversee the changes for many years. Win win for everyone.

    Don’t you wish you could fire everyone? I bet you do.

    Your only choice is OCSD. Problem is you will then hire these same cops. Yea I know demand no FPD. Won’t happen. OCSD can’t police the city without the 140 FPD coming over. So?

    OCSD has way more issues than FPD. FPD ha a major incident and 5 or so normal everyday incidents. Bring on OCSd. I think Fullerton needs some jail deputies to come in and clean up DTF. Oh wait you don’t want that. You want some pigs that get their asses kicked.

    I guess this is all just like FFFF. A bunch of keyboard dorks with opinions.


    Keep up the good work FPD.

    Yes Omaley loves you too. Tony does too he just wants to buy you. At least we are making Tony pull out his wallet again. That’s called Winning in our eyes.


  12. These Office of Independent Reviews (OIRs) run by Gennco-types are there to serve the power structure. The one we have in Orange County is run by one of Gennaco’s water boys and the OIR is actually housed in the Sheriff’s office. He works side by side with the cops everyday. He probably eats lunch and golfs with them too. He probably even goes to their social functions.


    Indpendent my butt! IMO it’s a working arm of law enforcement.

    1. True JFA. He’s a smart rich man and getting richer and bigger everyday. Trouble brewing everyone hires Gennaco. He writes just enough dirt to satisfy the public but not enough to satisfy the extremes. Winning. 🙂

      1. Sure. We know that. He’s not about truth. Gennaco plays both sides against the middle to make sure the big bucks keep rollin’ in. He’s a stroker. His job is to create future opportunities for himself and his cronies. He wants to try and keep everybody happy. But truth??? 😀

  13. Gennaco knows that the feebies are examining FPD. So he would look pretty stupid claiming that FPD is clean as the wind driven snow after the feebies uncover all the dirty laundry. The best Gennaco could do is claim that the current FPD execs have integrity and are reforming the department. And then we find that 3 of the cops who participated in Kelly’s fatal beating are going back on patrol with badges and guns!!!

    Read between the lines, folks. Don’t be braindead. Don’t listen to what they tell you. Watch what they do! 😉

      1. You are wrong by a long shot there, pard.

        The feebies are working on this as we chat.

        And they don’t play.

        They LOVE to drag these little hole in wall departments through the mud to make a name for themselves.

        By the time this is over the feebies will turn FPD into a piece of burnt toast.

        Watch and learn.

          1. Oh no. They’ve ripped some small departments apart. You just don’t hear about them as you would LASO or New Orleans which make the news. Don’t forget. Kelly’s beating was reported worldwide. The feebies want to make an example of FPD and make themselves look like heroes in the process.

    1. But you don’t come here for the entertainment value, do you PBOCOP? Sometimes you too are entertaining, and then I snap back to reality and realize you are so-o full of it. Because you are one of THEM!

  14. The locals cringe whenever a feebie walks into their PD.

    I bet when Hughes sees one walk into FPD he drops a load in his pants. 😀

  15. Travis really came into his own last night.

    It was like watching a boy being transformed into a man in 4 hours.

    Good job, Travis.

    Don’t let them turn you into a politician, man.

    Be a human being first.

    You got a Standing O from me, brother.

    The heavy lifting just began.

    And keep getting into Quirk’s face. Don’t let her browbeat ya. Jump right back in her crap.

    You make me proud.

    1. JustUs… Ditto here. Travis did a terrific job and JustUs – you summerized his contributions really well. We couldn’t agree more! We actually look forward to the next meeting!

      1. Bruce, Travis and most times Greg just tell each other how great they are doing. Travis you um,ah, oh um didn’t do so good. You sound like a nut who turned down 50K FREE that may have prevented drunk drivers because your personal belief is that you don’t like check points. You represent the citizens who don’t want drunk drivers and would have wanted this check point at NO COST to the city. Sit still in chair, quit making faces and listen to all citizens. Anything Bruce or Travis recommend the other will agree and Greg will most of the time. What a CLOWNCIL we have in Fullerton.

    1. Yeah, and did you see the reply by that Daniel character? He must be a cop or wannabe cop to say what he did. Both of those thug cops need to be charged with first degree murder and they need to be hung in the courtyard for all the other thug cops to see — knowing THEY could be next if they don’t pull their heads out and become HUMAN…

  16. Saturday, August 25, 2012
    9:00am until 12:00pm

    The time for action is NOW. We have all seen the video. It shows the disregard and homicide by 6 police officers. It shows them brutally beat Kelly Thomas to death. We have seen Joe Wolfe take the first swing at an unarmed and scared man backing away with his hands up, but he remains UNCHARGED! Now Michael Gennaco says that half of the cops, shown in the video are fit to go back to work. Kelly needs are voice NOW more then ever. If you have justice for Kelly on your mind PLEASE JOIN US at the Fullerton Police Station from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm. Stand up and be counted once more because clearly that is the only way justice will be served. Don’t let them get away with this again. Demand that Hampton, Craig, and Blatney be charged and fired, Demand that Joe Wolfe be charged with murder.

    1. Demand away. It’s falling on deaf ears. This orchestrated fiasco proved folks will stand around and watch police do summary execution on a handicapped individual and do nothing. N O T H I N G. People think the constitution’s going to stand up on it’s own and start shooting out lightening bolts in defense of freedom and liberty. NOT HAPPENING. That’s the HOLLYWOOD version of America’s survival. you saw what they did at Disneyland. In reality, we don’t survive, because we don’t have state sponsored militia. But we DO have a lot of whiners!

    2. Yawn… Why don’t we have a vigil for those American soldiers killed in the recent “green on blue” violence in Afghanistan?

  17. omg! they are armed and dangerous. hey doggie chaffee tell your beloved 3 stooges to be nice and gentle! if they screw up again it is on you since you love them sooooooooooo much

  18. IF those in power will not do the right thing then it is up to the citizens to terminate these pigs.

    The sooner the better.

    1. Travis the webmaster isn’t this a threat here? Council Member/webmaster Travis is this acceptable?

      1. Yep. “Terminate” is the typical word used to end another’s employment.

        I guess I should have said “terminate these pigs employment.”

        Actually, Hampton is the only one I would call “pig” in the group. I do not know much about Blatney, Craig and it is possible they are honorable men. It does not appear they had much direct involvement in the Kelly Thomas case. I wish they had done more to stop the beating but sometimes even honorable men make mistakes. These two men have a chance at redemption when it comes to the Kelly Thomas trial. I hope my faith in their honor is justified and they do the right thing.

        In contrast, Hampton is a piece of crap and I expect him to lie when the truth is a better story.
        Hampton should NEVER be placed in any position of authority, especially as a cop. What Hampton did to Veth Mam cannot be forgiven and I am confident Veth Mam was not his first victim. Hampton has no honor and giving this individual a badge is asking for trouble.

        Mark these words: If I am right, it is only a matter of time before this piece of crap Hampton abuses someone else. The only question I have is will he kill the next person he abuses or just rough them up a little. He will certainly lie to cover the abuse – he has proven that much at least.

        So keep Hampton employed, FPD . . . show proud you are to have Hampton as one of FPD’s finest. Very symbolic of the truth.

      1. Are you taking bets on whether or not Kiker will denounce comments made on his website advocating for the murder of peace officers? I would think he would especially considering he’s a council member and the police chief’s boss. I won’t hold my breath.

        1. Are you taking bets on whether or not Kiker will denounce comments

          Are you taking bets on the FPOA denouncing the racist and anti semitic comments made by one of their members on this website?

        2. I can hear the big announcement now, “Extra, Extra, Councilman Kiger advocates free speech”.

          That should make them all sit up and take notice huh?

      1. Well, one can’t edit a post once it is submitted. Wish it were possible to edit posts as I would correct the numerous typos I have in my typing.

        I suppose the psychologically sick mind could read “kill” instead of the word I used, “terminate”, in my original post. And, considering the clear culture of corruption that is the FPD, only a collection to truly psychologically sick minds could nurture such an environment.

        So, ironically, you make a good point I should have been clearer.

    1. My friend, the prime directive in these highly occult circumstances is philanthropy, human sacrifice and propaganda. The SSO signal language is Amen-Toth Ra. Learn it, and you may actually yet be able to provide a logical explanation about how to correctly address this issue through the legislature. You people are diffuse and wasting your time. Get a team of attorneys together, seek leadership from one of your state politicians familiar with and in support of a constitutional republic and organize a militia. STATE militia, unarmed, train under supervision. Unified 2nd amendment, but DO NOT arm up. A call to arms is not legal unless performed by state leadership that can interact with federal authority. I am telling you what I understand about the law and the circumstances you are dealing with in Fullerton. You are not the only location that is fielding tyrannical government. This is a neopolitical agenda, and unless you have state leadership to help you understand this you’ll get nowhere fighting this with protests. This is not a white supremacist issue. This is an intelligence issue, and you have to think politically strategic to deal with this without escalating it to a domestic crisis.

  19. Gennaco has it made! Cities hire he and his staff of lawyers to “investigate” and write up to city councils, their findings. They always leave out a lot and provide a little something for everyone.
    In Fullerton, they showed how to terminate cops (info to Hughes eyes only) and since they are hired by the city, Gennaco looks for ways to lower the city’s liability costs. Thus, three goons are back on the force with pay, after collecting a year’s pay doing no work!
    So the City politicians are happy, but taxpayers should be livid. All Gennaco does is waste precious city funds while looking for excuses. The basic problems still fester and grow.

    1. And I am told that he retains attorney-client prividedge with the entities that hire him so that he does not have to reveal the information that he learned, even if called to court.

  20. Actually, Joe, you are missing the big picture here, but it’s an education you probably do not want. I am getting death threats for my activism in Kelly’s behalf, by the way, so this is only getting worse as people are becoming more knowledgeable about what is actually happening within the political infrastructure of the Fullerton community. I’ve been telling you these monsters are occult, and three gone and three remaining is an SSO signature, for starters. You are doing battle with an organization that is affiliated with the Masons. Kelly Thomas was a sacrifice. Your community is being acculturated to occult rendition. You are not going to moralize these sociopaths. You are going into obscurity unless you formulate a plan for a state sponsored militia. You aren’t going to fight this and win in a council meeting. You need attorneys, a couple of politicians who’ll promote and support militia, and there is no call to arms. Just DO organize, and pretty damned quick. Our beloved Jerry Brown and Rick Perry took out a contract on me. They are working on this as we type. FUCK’m. They’re afraid of this information and the fact that there is a growing awareness they have been implicated in kidnapping innocent women and children for torture. THIS, my friend, is what your community is dealing with. Everything else is shock and awe. You are correct in assessing the problem superficially, you are also ego bound and not thinking past the crisis. Now I am telling you, Kelly’s father has already acknowledged his son’s death is beyond local cosmology. You have to start weeding out people who capitulate to debauchery perks, and you would be wise to start with Jerry Brown.

  21. A witness to the police action that night was a homeless man. He asked Hampton who was nearby the bystanders if the media would be there. Hampton said I don’t think so. the Homeless man stated ” It seems like the news media should be here if theres been a murder”. Hampton looks straight at the man and states very assertively, “what did you say?”.There is also a picture taken by a lady there that night shows some of the police officers holding back what appears to be Hampton about 20 minutes after the incident. Iwitness at the scene say a man approached an officer to ask about sompthing unrelated to those events and Hampton angerly came at him yelling get back! I wonder why they would want to pay him to sit at a desk in the police department when he does so well out in the field?

  22. Three fired for good, three demoted and off the streets for good. An excellent start but still lots of work to do.

    1. 2 resigned and 1 medically retired. No demotions. Same pay and still police officers. Temporary desk duty as discipline then back to the streets. Fullerton is moving forward. Congrats.


  23. Where does Gennaco work?

    Who does he work for?

    Who started the business?

    Check it out and you will be amazed and have a lot more understanding why things are happening the way they are.

    You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

    Whosof pot is the $$$$ going to for this report of an “INDEPENDENT REVIEW?

  24. haha :
    I told you they would all be back….Next is the part where they are found not guilty


  25. Is there not anything we can do to stop this from happening. We the citizens of Fullerton, pay there salary. Do we not have a say in this matter? PLease help me to understand!!

    1. You have about as much say in who is hired as a FPD cop as you had in setting their $100/hour salary for life pension.

      Those in power that hire the FPD pigs and pay them like rock stars are voted in power by the people of Fullerton.

      The only legal way to address this issue is vote the FPD sympathizers out of office including those who voted against even getting a FREE estimate on how much it would cost to replace the criminals at the FPD.

      Three people come to mind and they are either STUPID or they are bought and paid for by the police union (or both). Either way they need to go.

  26. FYI, they have another video from someone else that shows everything from the start. Also shows his friends yelling at him to relax because he is trying to fight with the officers. Perception is reality to you all, but after you see the video and hear everything, I hope your perception changes a little bit. Pick your battles only if you know both stories. Nuff said.

  27. If he wasn’t resisting and fighting the cops, why would his friends be saying “Calm Down______Calm Down man….relax…just relax….” You can also hear the officer telling him the same thing.
    Although we all have our own opinions, and I respect that fully, I can’t help but wonder why this arrest is being taken so far? Isn’t it due process? Isn’t that what we all signed up for? Innocent until proven guilty? There was an incident in which case the officers arrested Veth Mam, when he went to court, he was proven innocent and his case was dismissed, yet now he feels that he is owed some sort of compensation and apology? I have my own take on it, and by all means am not trying to fight anyone on it, but I think he had an unfortunate run in with officers that at that time perceived him to be doing something, he was arrested, and then through the process set forth by government, he was released, had a court date, then was proven innocent and case was dropped. Thats what I signed up for, I know its due process. There are bad cops, just like there is a bad meat processing plant thats closed down or there are bad real estate agents or mortgage brokers or bad drive through workers spitting or urinating in food. The bad ones weed themselves out, but the good ones should not have to suffer because of it. This community has turned their backs on the men that also protect them, are removing drugs from the streets, are removing guns from the streets and are enforcing the laws that we as citizens voted in. Everyone is always a victim, but what about when the victim is a criminal like in Anaheim. A convicted felon that is a known gang member, mid drug dealing transaction, runs from the cops and all of a sudden he is the victim? Would that man still be the victim if he sold your daughter drugs that inevitibly caused her to overdose? Would this man still be the victim if a stray bullet from gang activity he was involved in hit and killed your wife? I’m not wanting to judge those people on here that are defending the rights of others, but at the same time, I just want everyone to look at the people that everyday have sworn to try their hardest to protect you, place appropriate people behind bars and make the community a place that you would want to raise your children in. I don’t pretend to know everything, I have a lot to learn I am sure, but I also see our community turn their backs and express such hatred to a department, that yes, has had some slip through the cracks but at the same time has protected our streets and upheld the law. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, some greater than others, but I don’t think that these men enter into a position like law enforcement with some malicious plan to take us all out. I think for the most part these men truly want to make a positive impact on the community. I just want everyone to try to remember the good that these men do as well. I know you can post videos of potential excessive force, but would you like me to post a response to that? Please see below for the other side, and try to see the other side. I have been to jail, I’ve had my fair share of speeding tickets, and tint tickets and drunk in public tickets, so trust me when I say that I’m not a goody goody, I just want everyone to try to remember what the officers deal with on a daily basis. Here are a few of the thousands of videos on youtube if you would like:

    I am not naive to the fact that there are also contradicting videos showing police brutality, but there is good and bad in EVERYTHING. Where would you be if there weren’t police responding to burglary calls, gunshot calls, riots, murders, rapes, elderly abuse, theft.

    – Your home would not be as safe

    – Your parents, wife, children would not be as safe

    – Schools would not be as safe without campus police

    – Would you go to sporting events if you knew that the opposing teams fans might turn hostile and violent and start a riot just because their team lost or even more sad, if their team won?

    – Your business would be subject to thieves or embezzlement

    – Would you be safe to drive to work or be scared of carjackings?

    The fact is, a lot of people are scared to go to jail or prison. They do not want to be arrested. They do not want to be punished.

    But what if police officers are too scared to actually do their job because everything they do or say is under fire? Do you think they will put effort any longer to protecting a community that does not stand by them and give them praise for what they do? HELL NO. These police officers are not wanting to do anything anymore.

    I don’t want to ramble so that is my opinion. Take it or leave it…….but just think about it before you decide.

    1. truth teller,
      quote “I think he had an unfortunate run in with officers that at that time perceived him to be doing something, he was arrested, and then through the process set forth by government, he was released, had a court date, then was proven innocent and case was dropped. That’s what I signed up for, I know its due process. ”

      ^^You signed up for the due process in that video?
      He was assaulted, tossed to the ground, sat on by a hefty dude, than wrongfully arrested for something he never did.
      You want that to happen to a you or your family?

      quote “FYI, they have another video from someone else that shows everything”
      You saw this video? FYI, no you did not.

      The video I saw is disturbing.

      The citizens of this country would have a lot more respect for the thug blue wall if they keep their oath to the US Citizen and US Constitution.

      I respect officers that keep their oath to the US Citizen and the US Constitution.

      “nuff said”

  28. We are safer when citizens are not arrested and tried on fictitious charges where sworn peace officers get together and conjur up a scenario that deprives an American citizen of his liberty and/or livelihood. Your username is Truth teller. Do you expect officers to tell the truth when they compile their reports? Should there be consequences when they don’t? Or, should a desk job be created for them when this type of behavior catches up with them?

    1. I have never read a police report that was 100% factual. They embellish the shit out of them so the case sticks.

  29. Of course I feel that there should be consequences for those that truly deserve them. But like I said, I feel alot of this is one sided. In response to you saying that a scenario was conjured up, that is purely opinion. Lets look at the other side of the scenario: lets say the officer was arresting someone and someone else jumped on his back. Given that the officer does not have eyes on the back of his head, he was not able to see who it was on his back, so he must then rely on other witnesses. So if it wasn’t Veth Mam that jumped on the officers back, and it was someone else, then the fact that Veth was arrested, considered innocent until proven guilty and then proven innocent with no additional reprocussions sounds like due process correct? How did this incident deprive this man of his libery of livelihood? He was so scarred from the incident that he is not able to do what? Hes not able to make a living or feed himself? For that he must have some sort of outrageous financial compensation correct? Or perhaps, instead of a financial compensation, lets provide him with counseling to help aide with any psychological damage that he has endured from the incident? Or would he rather take the money? I’m betting on the fact that he takes the money, because that will cure everything right? What I see is process going the way it should, and this Veth Mam seeing an opportunity to make money off of another unfortunate situation with Kelly Thomas? Prior to Kelly Thomas, did Veth Mam contact an attorney or file a lawsuit? Something tells me he went back to work, went back to hanging out with his friends, went back to going out to the bars and maintained the lifestyle that he previously had. What a coincidence that he hired the same attorney as the Thomas family. What a coincidence that instead of people seeking help or change, they are seeking money. And this is okay with everyone?

    1. You are mistaken. Mam was cleared the last week in June, 2011 – a few days before Kelly was beaten to death. Mam found Mardirossian about the same time Ron Thomas did. So what?

      Mam was tried based on obviously fraudulent testimony and not only suffered physical abuse, but was arrested, his life put on hold as he was maliciously prosecuted. He had to bear legal expenses for no reason.

      Mam is going to get more than Ron Thomas.

    2. Another thing: after Hampton roiled up in his car nobody was on anybody’s back. He went straight for the guy recording the event, slapped the phone out of his hands and immediately started throwing Mam around.

      The actual events bear no resemblance to the story Nguyen told a jury.

      The story was cooked up to explain how Mam ended up in the Fullerton jail the next day.

  30. Yes, Mam had a video to prove he didn’t assault anyone and was cleared by a jury. Others may not have that luxury. Later, when the public became aware of what happened, they said they got the “wrong guy.” One of the charges was resisting arrest. That is not an opinion. Maybe it was the wrong guy who resisted arrest?

  31. Look at your first sentence though….MAM was cleared. MAM WAS CLEARED. Was he in jail the entire time up until his trial? No, he was arrested, spent a few hours in jail and then continued on with his life up until his court dates. The legal expense he incurred was due to him seeking counsel. If he had this video the whole time, he would not need an attorney as a public defender would be able to deliver the photographic evidence the same way. He chose to hire an attorney and chose to incur the cost of it. He signed that line. And you said after Hampton rolled up in his car no one was on anyones back. Was Hampton the first responding officer? Are you 100% sure that Hampton was the FIRST responding officer? So you are sure that someone didn’t describe Mam by accident as the person suspected of jumping on the officers back and Hampton grabbed him based upon someone elses testimony? YOU’RE SURE? Thats my whole point, is you aren’t sure, you weren’t there, neither was I, and to place the blame on people we don’t know for an episode that we all weren’t present at is not conclusive to being just at all. Everyone wants to preach about justice for this and being fair, but where is the fairness when we make judgements based upon a blurry, shaking, 15 second video that in my OPINION looks like the suspect is resisting arrest and did need more physical strain to get to the ground. Like I said, my OPINION. I wasn’t there. Neither was ANYONE that seems so quick to jump to the aide of the cleared suspect.
    Also, if I record a video of a tree falling that starts as its halfway to the ground, who’s to say I’m not the one that chopped down the tree and then started filming? Who’s to say that I was or wasn’t JUST filming and didn’t partake in any cutting? A blogging site? People that weren’t there?
    Listen, I want the truth just as much as anyone else on this board, but I will not PREACH about things that I do not know about and I think its a shame and adding fuel to a fire for others to do the same thing.
    Let the courts do their job, let the bad officers weed themselves out, let the good officers actually do their job and lets finally have some peace because I’m honestly scared to have a child in this society where the criminals have more rights and officers refuse to handle business because they might be painted as the “bad guy”.

    1. You said it’s not fair to make judgements based on a blurry, shaking 15 second video that looks like Mam is resisting arrest to you. but here was your original comment that prompted a response.

      FYI, they have another video from someone else that shows everything from the start. Also shows his friends yelling at him to relax because he is trying to fight with the officers. Perception is reality to you all, but after you see the video and hear everything, I hope your perception changes a little bit. ”

      If it shows Mam jumping on someone’s back and choking them, then we will see.

      “So you are sure that someone didn’t describe Mam by accident as the person suspected of jumping on the officers back and Hampton grabbed him based upon someone elses testimony? YOU’RE SURE?”

      Yes, quite sure. We don’t have to guess who made that claim. That testimony came from Officer Nguyen.

      “In police reports about the incident, Officer Frank Nguyen alleged that Mam jumped on another officer’s back and choked him. Nguyen wrote that he pulled Mam off the officer’s back and pushed him away. The officer claimed Mam continued to approach the officers, who arrested him.”

      Mam may have been loud and mouthy. Such happens in a town where liquor flows so freely, but mouthiness or videorecording is no excuse for falsely arresting and prosecuting someone with such serious charges.

  32. They were allowed to resign because the coward of a third string chief didn’t have the guts to publicly disgrace them after they were caught on tape murdering Kelly Thomas. I wonder how much longer it will be until the 4th string chief replaces him.

    The other three may not be losing any of their overinflated pay, but they sure as hell took a demotion in responsibility. You know that sadistic thug Hampton is pissed he can’t beat up innocent citizens. And Craig and Blatney are probably muttering “all we did was fail to stop a murder, why do we have to be off the streets.”

    No matter how you spin it Reality Is, there are six less thugs the good people of Fullerton have to worry about harassing them.

  33. Maybe Craig and Blatney, but Hampton is too much of a loose cannon. Even Hughes will have to put bad publicity and lawsuits in front of loyalty and image at some point.

  34. All of the Fullerton hogs involved in the Thomas matter July 5, 2011 should be charged with colluding and intentional filing of false / misleading police reports. The DOJ will begin their investigation with this evidence and the eyewitness. This evidence demonstrates that the FPD, from the top-down, knew they shit in their mess kits; they stepped in it and rolled around in it. The fact those original reports were re-written and there is a witness to this fact indicts the ENTIRE department. The money spent on a now useless investigation, only to exhonerate the FPD is complete a waste of time and craps on our system of justice for all. The money spent could have been donated to feed Fullerton’s homeless – or better yet, that money should have been spent installing closed circuit HD cameras throughout the FPD stationhouse to monitor / babysit Fullerton officers and their activities. The fact is: EVIDENCE OF COVERUP IS EVIDENCE OF GUILT. I believe the corruption is at its all time high with the release of this asinine report excusing multiple felonies by Fullerton’s police department brass and its ‘officers’. Time to clean out the barn.

    1. The feebies will get them. And they’ll make Gennaco look like the lapdog that he is. The feebies got the money and the power to destroy local cops. Some of these GED educated cops make more than the feebies who have graduate degrees in accounting and forensic sciences. You think they don’t love pullin’ back the curtains on these local crooks with badges who make more than medical doctors? There’s nothing that the unions can do to stop the feebies either. They roll right over along with the brass. When the agent in charge walks into their offices all you hear is “Yes, sir” and “How high would you like me to jump?”

      1. The Feds are an inexorable force to deal with. I wouldn’t even wish an enemy to pick up a Federal charge. There’s no jail over-crowding, you serve 85% of your sentence. Look at the history of local Police scandals. Invariably, it took the Feds to bring most of the players to justice. Think Knapp Commission in the ’70’s.

  35. Isn’t it funny ho history repeats itself:

    Recommendations of the Knapp Commission

    The commission issued its preliminary report on August 15, 1972, and issued its final report on December 27, 1972. In its final report, the commission found widespread corruption in the New York City Police Department, and made the following recommendations:

    1. Commanders should be held accountable for their subordinates’ actions.

    2. Commanders should file periodic reports on key areas that would breed corruption.

    3. Field offices of the Internal Affairs division should be created at all precincts.

    4. Undercover informants should be placed in all precincts.
    improve screening and selection methods and standards.

    5. A change in police attitudes.

    It’s a good start.

  36. 8-24-2012 FRI.

    Lying, falsifying, fabricating unionized, overtime-abusing, drugged-up dirty cop terrorists with “police powers.” EXterminate like cockroaches. and Quickly. FRIDAY. 24-AUG. 2012.

    p.s. arm yourselves taxpaying Suckers.

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