Jan Flory and the “3@50” Sinkhole

Jan Flory is running for Fullerton City Council. Jan Flory used to be on Fullerton City Council. Jan Flory is hoping that nobody remembers her disastrous decisions on Fullerton City Council.

Oops!  Too late.

In one of the costliest misjudgments in Fullerton history, Mrs. Flory joined her fellow council members in approving the horrible, retroactive 3@50 pension formula for the City’s “public safety” employees that was a massive gift of public funds and created a huge unfunded pension liability that eats up a bigger percentage of Fullerton’s budget every year.

Bankhead, Flory, Clesceri, Jones and Norby.  At least Norby apologized for his blunder. Flory never has. She even made the motion to approve the gargantuan giveaway!

View the agreement

Post meeting party at the police station!

Of course the excuse Don Bankhead and Patdown Pat McPension used was that without the benefit Fullerton couldn’t recruit the best and brightest. You know, cops like Ramos and Wolfe and Cicinelli, and Rincon, and Mater and Mejia and Major, and well, you get the idea.

Of course Mrs. Flory never got around to explaining how giving away a retroactive benefit to current employees would improve future recruitment.

Being on a city council for eight long years can create an embarrassing trail of disastrous decision. Our job will be to remind the public of Mrs. Flory’s string of expensive votes.


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  1. Wow! That was awful. She didn’t like it but voted for it anyway. What courage! What principle!

    1. Are you saying that the scandal here is that while on the City Council Jan Flory (along with the rest of the Council) did what most all PDs in OC did?

      That’s not a scandal! Pathetic! Have you no sense of DRAMA?

      1. Why don’t you invest in a mailer that explains the huge pension deficit to the taxpayers of Fullerton. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your explanation.

        1. Are you offering to pay for it, Tony? I’m not running on that issue, but do it and you’re on. But I’d rather you paid for one on marijuana reform, on which we agree and which is one of my issues.

            1. I mean that it’s one of the issues on which I’m campaigning — bringing in revenue to the state by regulating and taxing marijuana as we do wine.

              1. I knew exactly what you meant, gasconader.

                Please go work in your campaign office and grandstand somewhere else.

            1. I haven’t had any marijuana for over two decades. That is in part so that I honestly tell off people like you who think that the only reason that someone could favor marijuana legalization is because they personally want to get stoned — as opposed to because it would bring in revenue, keep decent people out of prison, and undercut the drug gangs who make money off of the risk premium of drug trafficking. So consider yourself told, you stupid lying idiot.

              Tony, this person is maligning you too. Just saying.

              1. “I haven’t had any marijuana for over two decades.”…….. Hmmmmm

                Therefore, in your own admission Golem, you are recovering junky.

                “May name is Greg “Golem” Diamond and I am Junky”

                Furthermore, your legal training was acquired while totally stoned which is clearly apparent from the quality of your Orange Juice blogging articles and your gravely misguided legal opinions here in the “F”FFF

                Folks, Golem’s brain is like eggs on frying pan.

                1. Nope, never addicted — it being marijuana, after all. And my legal training came later. Not that you care about facts.

                  So, tell us what you must think of Tony, then!

  2. Travis whacked Gin Flurry tonight then dove into that tool Gennaco.

    A good night for the reform movement. A bad night for the cop union and it’s free food.

    1. I think you are right about hitting Jan Flory in the nose with a rolled up newspaper after her childish diatribe.

      But, correct me if I am wrong, I thought Gennaco stuck a knife very deep into the Fullerton Police Departments back. He said the Kelly Thomas incident didn’t have to happen and was caused by the officers, should have been publicly handled different with release of information and the manner of release and that the FPD brass should never have let the officers view the video en masse and then write and rewrite their stories. These and a host of other incompetent things that the FPD did.

      Basically he said the FPD is a bunch of incompetent knuckle draggers. I think Ron Thomas is smiling tonight.

      That’s my take……………

    2. I was cheering Travis on the whole night! I loved it when SSSSSSSSSilva tried to derail Travis and Travis spoke up and in effect said, “I was just getting warmed up Sharon, where are you going with that pathetic excuse for an interruption by suggesting that maybe some of the other council members would like to speak?

      Sebourn spoke up and said that Travis was doing just fine, and was asking the same questions that he had.

      Damn I was proud of them all for asking tough questions that we all want answered. I salute and applaud Travis, Bruce, and Greg Sebourn for their solid efforts on our behalf.

      1. thanks Travis for telling Quirk-Silva the good people of fullerton want to hear the truth not more Quirk-Silva et al’s pabulum/

      2. Right FL, there were a lot of positives resulting from that meeting thanks in no small part to those three. The new members are starting to find their legs and Whitaker was outstanding. They asked the tough questions and displayed that there is already a new sheriff in town and it is the duly elected representative of the people. Such a display does wonders to ease tensions and is how real healing begins.

  3. Taking notes about the elevated discourse here. In the first ten comments as I write:

    “Jan Flory is a lizard.”
    “She is a shrivel HAG!!!”

    (Uh, what is a “shrivel HAG”?)

        1. Wow. He was at our council meeting earlier looking like a buffoon. He got up right after the clown. Perfect.

      1. I was at the Anaheim Council meeting (at their request.) Then I had to come home to work on my presentation and plan for an upcoming hearing for the work that according to FFFF I supposedly don’t have.

        If you’re talking about the Gennaco report, I haven’t seen it and only know secondhand about the questions that the FFFF three asked, but I’m perfectly happy for them to have grilled him.

          1. “Apparently not that much work” — well, I do try to make time for this. Someone has to keep you guys honest — or, if that’s impossible, to make fun of you and point out the flaws in your “logic” so that those who read but don’t post can enjoy it.

        1. To clarify: “their” being the protesters against the Council majority” — the ones who turn a blind eye to police excessive use of force, not that that would interest people here.

  4. The last agencies in the county to adopt 3%@50 had horrible recruiting problems until they adopted. I’m not sure exactly when Fullerton adopted it, but like others have pointed out, EVERY other agency in the County has/had it.

    1. And every other agency in the County has hundreds of millions of dollars of unfunded liabilities that will never be met. Face it, toots, there are far too many piglets at the teats and not enough teats to go around. You pigs have screwed yourselves BIG TIME !!!

    2. I would argue that Fullerton has had “terrible recruiting problems” after 3@50, too. Unless of course you turn a blind eye to things like grand theft and sexual battery.

      Oh wait. I already did argue that!

  5. Hey joe, who is officer power??? You are an idiot and have no idea who or what you are talking about!
    And it’s funny how you protect norby but if flory apologized you would still bash her!! You FFFFers are pathetic!!!

    1. Yes I meant to write Major. Major. Major Major.

      Remember him? The pill-popper who ripped off the Explorers? That’s the caliber of cop 3@50 bought.

  6. Hughes said the 3 other officers will return to work and placed in non patrol positions. The other thing I heard from the report(if translated) is that the officers did what the supervisors told them to do and got fired. Now what about the supervisors who ordered these decisions? WTF

    1. From the one that saw the video 300 times and said it would change our minds . Hey folks the watch hunt is still on cuz the joint is still haunted . Travis knows subpoena power is the answer and Loretta i mean Sharon creating smoke screens

  7. Hey SQS– people watch these meetings. Not many, but people do. I know it’s late, but holy hell.

    Calm down.

    You just went off on a political tangent against your opponent for another office from the dais. Bad form.

    You also yelled at another council member. You then picked a fight with said council member. Clearly there’s something else going on there, but we don’t need to see you all not get along.

    Please keep your poise, although it’s late at night, while running the meetings. You’re not doing yourself any favors by going nuts.

  8. Be sure to watch the tape beginning at 5 hours 20 mins.

    Sharon Quirk loses it over the water fund. I’ve never seen her this angry. Actually, I have, but that’s another story.

  9. Well said by Anonymous in #8 and #20. watching the video was very upsetting and I am sure seen by most if not all, as “pathetic”.

    I am sure tonight’s actions and performance of at least one, will effect votes when pursuing a new future elected office.

    From my seat as a citizen of Fullerton, just another disappoint, and an embarrassment to the pubic at large.

  10. Flory’s comments at the council meeting tonight were laughable. The fact that she spent her entire 3 minutes talking about herself, whining about what is said about her on this blog, and then attempting to insult Kiger in front of a room full of people there to discuss MUCH more important issues shows her narcissistic nature and why she is exactly the type of person we DO NOT want to see holding a seat in our city council after the next election.

    There were so many important issues on the agenda this evening, and she spent her time with the mic nagging about being called a nag, then actually had the nerve to say something about Kiger’s mom in an attempt to… what? get revenge for blog posts here? draw support from the crowd which was mostly laughing along with me at her?

    I don’t want that woman wasting another 3 minutes at the podium at the meeting as a citizen, let alone allowing her to sit on the council again.


    1. I watched the meeting on the web feed last night and saw Jan Flory’s whining display. The highlights however were Travis Kiger asking serious questions about pork in our local government and the watered down Genacio report. Steven Baxter also had a riveting 3 min. of free speech… Justice for Kelly Thomas and say no to Flory and Bankhead.

  11. Well well well. It seems that Gennaco’s report was very favorable to the officers, all six of them. He reluctantly said that they were within policy and that KT was alive when the FFD arrived.
    SQS once again blew it by saying that the officers were TERMINATED. Ms. Silva what are you thinking? Oh, you weren’t thinking.

    Does SQS not realize that she is leaving the City wide open to lawsuits once again.

    Silva, you cannot disclose to anyone at anytime why the officers are no longer working for the City of Fullerton. As a city council person, you have a fiduciary duty to the City. Travis already tried that, he blew it too. His was out of ignorance, which is no excuse. You can both be sued.

  12. It was Flory who chose to push our good community closer towards bankruptcy with her approval of exorbitant pensions for city of Fullerton police officers.

    It was voter apathy that formed the ugly practice of lackluster, self-serving politicians buying the vote with tax payers money.

    Based solely on speculation, anticipated city of fullerton revenue is spent today on city of Fullerton employees salaries and pensions. So from nothing comes fat salaries and pensions; ex nihilo?

    Why would Flory, a person who vowed to represent the interests of all people that compose Fullerton’s community engage in this risky behavior? Because Flory, like Bankhead and Jones, is another lackluster, self-serving politician who exchanges not her money but our tax dollars for the political support of Fullerton’s “public safety” union.
    More good people of Fullerton need to vote in the upcoming local elections to send the loud message to politicians that our tax dollars must be used today to maintain our city’s needed infrastructure, not to buy votes .

    1. Hey van get it da artiste did you notice that one of your old pals and the Editor of the Fullerton Observer, Sharon Kennedy, is “friends” with Jan Flory on Facebook?

        1. oops, I forgot the obvious. sharon kennedy probably is painting jan flory’s portrait for posterity. I wonder if flory will put it on the mantle over her fireplace?

  13. Jan the Sea Hag got up there last night and bitched and moaned about this blog and Facebook like a 16 year old at the lunch tables in high school for a minute and half then did exactly the same thing to Travis and even threw his mom into the mix. That woman is insane! To all those blue shirt wearing creeps, I witnessed a vulgar display of humanity from these cretins. They proceeded to snicker and make rude comments about everyone whom wasnt wearing a blue shirt with Tommy’s chili on the front. The topper was when the gal asked for just a moment of silence for Kelly Thomas I look behind me and a 70+ woman had her fingers in her ears and begun doing Linda Blair tongue routines while making some sort of satanic noise and another mumbling no no no no no. It was a Vulgar display of humanity from these kooks. If these murding loving creeps are from Fullerton, or whatever city, we have a long ways to go to change the society in which we live in. I swear these people are living in the Leave it to Beaver era. With Hughes wanting to put these ticking time bombs back on the force “even behind a desk” which by the way can be just as bad, shows just how much things will remain the same. Sure they might go through the recommendations and check it off as they go and then say ” see we did those” and turn around and be as complacent as ever. Especially since not even getting a bid from OCSD is off the table, they have nothing to fear. To laugh at a murder out of spite is what was I witnessed last night.

    1. In my opinion Genacco was a whitewash and will soon be in the rear view mirror. This blog has only become more powerful and will command the attention of ALL who wish to have a stake in our towns political body. Mr Kiger asks the tough questions, Sharon blows smoke screens pandering for the union vote, Chaffee drafts her, and I hope Greg learned his lesson. We still have to keep the light of day on. I heard it mentioned by a speaker last night that we need to end the witch hunt and that there is no culture of corruption at the FPD by someone who is VERY close to an FPD officer and his family.We have had 2 deaths last year at the hands of the department. Kelly was murdered on film in front of the whole world. The other “death” in the jail after the officer destroyed evidence was ruled a suicide. Veth Mam was clearly framed and the DA was going along for the ride. The molestations, the screen checks, the thefts, the harrasment of the poor downtrodden residents are not fairy tales. The shutter rate of Genacco’s eyelids says it all. You stated we cannot find any culture of corruption because it doesn’t exist. The culture has been carefully hidden for years and Genacco gave the old guard and the insiders what they paid for. The report looks like a piece of swiss cheese. This blog is not out to trash everything that is wrong with Fullerton but rather to take the trash out of Fullerton. Truth is stranger than fiction and I am glad so many newcomers are aboard. Enjoy the ride

      1. listening to KFI’s Bill Handel show this morning, Handel interviewed a man(I didn’t get his name, but he assumed a mantle of authority on the Fullerton PD investigation by Gennaco and said, I paraphrase, all those persons who protested against the fullerton PD since the Kelly thomas murder by fullerton PD, at last night’s city council meeting were all wearing blue t-shirts to support the Fullerton PD. the intent of that comment was to whitewash further public outrage and continued discontent with the fullerton PD is gone now that Gennaco has “independently” found and shown the public the truth about the fullerton PD.
        these assumptions made by this person on KFI persuades the ignorant public to believe all is well, now, and the fullerton PD and the old regime should be allowed to run over, again, the good people of fullerton.

        my opinion

        1. whitewash and exchange

          whitewash over the truth and persuade public all is well with the fullerton pd

      2. Truthseeker;

        I think Gennaco did as much harm to the FPD as he did good for that same FPD. This whole thing isn’t going away soon. More is yet to come.

        I, like you Fullerton Lover,9C1, Fedup, Wrong Guy and so many others I have had the pleasure to meet, have been involved from the beginning and I believe are as passionate now as ever. All of us, for the sake of our families, city, state and country will not let this rest. I was proud that Travis had the guts to ask the tough questions he did which were backed up by Sebourn and Whitaker.

        As far as watching and digesting the surveillance video of the Kelly Thomas incident, the only thing that came to mind for me was what Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall once said, “I don’t need to have someone tell me about an abomination, I know one when I see one”.

        Keep up the good fight my friend.

        1. TheMoron:

          I was watching David(Travis) kick Goliath’s(Gennacco) ass to the curb last night, and rooting and cheering him on at every step, just like I was watching a heavyweight fighter.

          Travis Kiger is the real deal and validates all of our efforts over the past year to reform Fullerton for the better.

          We need to personally make sure that we do everything that we can to keep Travis in office come November.

          Our families futures may well be dependent on us to do so.

  14. Ms. Flory is a pathetic people pleaser, never has stood for anything,except her paycheck in the last 20 years. When she cried foul, last night at the council meeting, it became CLEAR, she has no intention of running for the betterment of the city, its her ego. Put that on your brand new facebook page, that your an idiot and this is personal. Say it, it will be the first truth to leave your lips in a while.

  15. I have to say,it seems that the FPD,is far worse off than anyone could have imagined. So now can we have the numbers on the sherriff?

  16. Poor Mrs. Flory. Swinging at the air, batting at non-existing flies. Somebody call in Adult Protective Services.

    1. Good idea for a post. Although I admit there is no love lost here, I really think that woman may need some assisted living choices.

  17. All i can say is that if Flory is so easily distracted she is going to be in a world of hurt.

    Wait ’til GOP central gets a hold of her.

  18. So I noticed that Sebourne is trying to suck up to Kelly’s Army after being the deciding vote that rejected the OCSD bid request at the last meeting, huh?

    Talk is cheap. It’s the vote that counts. Always always remember that. Don’t ever go for the head fake.

    I have a long memory. You should too.

  19. Flory is nothing but a drunk. I was sitting behind her last night, and said so she could hear me: “NNNNNNNNNNNNNaaaaaaaaagggggg!

    Travis was on fire! Bruce also was great! Gennacco was pathetic. We should ask for a refund.

    1. R.D. you are not supposed to say that. You risk getting smacked with the business end of that broomstick. Believe you me, that hurts!

        1. First, I am already dead. Can’t you read?

          Second, I can tell you that after what I’ve been trough on Earth I wouldn’t fear anything. Michael Vick is a pussycat.

    2. EssR.D. You look like the type of guy who would shit his pants if you saw a homeless guy in a dark alley.

      1. Rocky: Without knowing who you really are, you’re the pussy. Hiding behind the badge, and being anonymous shows how much of a coward you really are.

  20. Regarding a special meeting for next Tuesday and Chaffee’s reluctance to commit, Travis turns to him and says, “Assume you can make it. It’s kind of important.”

    Good job Travis.

    1. Ron Thomas is so full of himself! Why couldn’t he put the same time and energy into his son? When he was called to help Kelly he said his son was dead to him!!!WTF??? Oh but now he thinks he is father of the year, especially when there is a news camera! Totally pathetic and everyone sees Ron for the person he really is!!! Ron take your money and go away! You are making a total fool of yourself!

      1. Sorry Moron but you are apparently a ‘lost soul’ and a very screwed up one at that.
        Why don’t you try to prove any of the statements in comment #57 are untrue, such as:

        “Gennaco agreed with me,” Thomas said. “Nothing would have happened if it hadn’t been for what I did. They’ve made strides because of my actions.”

        THAT’S the truth and even though the truth can hurt Morons like you, no one can deny the fact that when Ron Thomas took that beaten up faced photo of his son and gave it to THIS blog, which then KFI radio saw, this thing went viral and only then did your FPD pals take action. Much of that action WAS ‘cover-up’ regardless of what Gennaco states.

        So a police department murders this man’s son, and he’s full of himself?

        Be sure to keep your moniker.

      2. First off, hopefully no one will confuse you with me.

        Secondly, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Do you know Ron Thomas? Have you met him or talked to him personally? What makes you an expert on what he thinks or how he should act?

        The mans son was brutally beaten to death and if not for the fact that he brought the incident to the light of day at the council meetings and subsequent protests, this whole incident would have been covered up. Business as usual would be the order of the day at FPD. We would still have the (3) fossils in office, the illegal water tax, property giveaways to supporters and we would be on a faster track to bankruptcy than we already are.

        You may not like Ron Thomas but have a little respect for him and his family. And to my friend Wrong Guy, please don’t confuse me with this Fool.

      3. R.D. :
        Flory is nothing but a drunk. I was sitting behind her last night, and said so she could hear me: “NNNNNNNNNNNNNaaaaaaaaagggggg!
        Travis was on fire! Bruce also was great! Gennacco was p

        1. So like I said, Ron Thomas tries to take credit for all that has happened!! The bottom line is that if Ron Thomas had done his job as a parent this whole incident would have never happened!!!! That’s my point!! He is so arrogant but takes no responsibility for leaving his son to fend for himself on the streets!! So don’t try and preach to me about not knowing him or talking to him!!’ I know enought that he left his son on the streets to rought!!! Several agency called him for
          Help and he said” he is dead to me” ask Ron, he can’t lie because the dispatch tapes will tell the truth!!!!

      4. Clear Kelly’s name? Ronnie you know that is not happening. You still wake up at 2am and hear him screaming your name. How about where the cops would call you at 2am to come pick up your son and you would tell them “He isn’t my problem and hang up”. The millions are going out the window like three farts in the wind. Now that Gennaco said he was breathing when the paramedics arrived. The plot thickens. More slam dunks to come from the defense.

        1. Nice discovery, Columbus.

          Every one already knew he was technically alive. He went into cardiac arrest one or more times on the way to the hospital.

          This has nothing to do with “the defense.”

          Damn, you’re dumb.

  21. Dear Mr. Sipowicz: I quote “At least Norby apolozied for his blunder”

    So he apologized! He got the endorsement and $$ he wanted from his police & fire buds.

    He successfully sold his vote. He is a slimey politician like the most of them.

    1. Has Flory apologized yet? The only difference between her and Norby is that Norby sold his vote. She tried to.

      Norby admitted his error. It was an error. I wonder if Flory has ever admitted any of the messes she has supported.

      1. No, of course not. Norby doesn’t want the taint of pub lic employee union support anymore. Flory has yet to realize that her cheese has been moved.

    1. Member? I think you’re confusing a blog with a union. We don’t pay dues, we don’t have an association, and FFFF doesn’t have members.

      Get a clue buddy. This is a blog and not an organization.

  22. Norby may have ‘apologized’ for his ‘blunder’, but that doesn’t make it OK. The guy’s always been a loser (as well as a drunk).

  23. And in that “Day at the Races” photo wasn’t that high roller the Development Services Director posing as he took time out from gambling away that very same retroactivly spiked pension that Flory bestowed on him ?

  24. I love how Silva keeps saying..”that was in 2006″( when it was determined it the water TAX was illegal). Last time I checked it is 2012!! Where the eff have you been for the last 6 years? Oh that’s right…approving the TAX. Going on her Norby rant made her look like Gin Flurry going after travis’ mother…. CRAZY! No wonder she supports the ol gray mare.

    How does a council go about removing her from the the Mayor position? Even tho it is really a ceremonial position, she doesn’t deserve to be there. It drove her crazy that she couldn’t control everyone on the dais. It was wonderful to watch her coming undone.

  25. Here’s another case of a testosterone filled cop with a badge roughing someone up. The douche tried to excuse throwing the woman up against the car twice because she wasn’t obeying him. Now if we could only start forcing these thugs to pay their only legal fees and lawsuits (like everyone else) instead of passing the buck to hardworking taxpayers. One positive note was how the chief responded: “We have certain expectations of our police officers, and when I looked at the video, I was disappointed because I felt like that didn’t stand up to those expectations,” Pensacola Police Chief Chip Simmons told ABCNews.com. “We determined that what we saw on the video was inconsistent with what our policies allow and what state statute allows.”

    Wow! All he did was rough up some drunk woman who hurt his ego and was fired swiftly and arrested. Makes you wonder how out of touch the Fullerton Chiefs must be to cover up/stand behind accused murderers.


    1. First, Brandon, Pensacola did not have Gennaco. Pensacola did not have Pat McPension covering for his mistakes while police chief.
      Actually, Pensacola has a real police chief and leader who takes no crap from the union. You mess up, we can head off the lawsuit by firing the cop! Absolutely great idea! Crappy leadership makes for a culture of corruption and frankly, the leadership is still crappy at FPD!

  26. Hymie: If you really believe that those thugs are going to get off despite videotaped evidence and dozens of witnesses you are deluded as the three recalled council-men. Rackauckas, a guy who never prosecuted any cop before Ramos and Cicinelli, already publicly condemmed their brutal murder. No jury, even a conservative brain-washed group of Republican OC suburbanites, will let those animals walk.

  27. Travis, I didn’t get a chance to watch the entire city council meeting. I began watching at the point where the last public speaker addressed the council and I watched through the portion where SQS was taking questions (with regret) from the audience.

    Anyhow, Travis, I want you to know that my husband and neighbors, did observe SQS’s unprofessional and angry behavior towards you.

    In spite of her, you were so composed. Your responses were ‘right on’, your questions,comments (including union remarks) and requests were absolutely perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you for standing up to her and pressing the issues. We literally cheered in our living room!

    I also have to add: I, too, am a public school teacher, as are most members of my family. Collectively, we do not support the union monster (or unions in general) and we value your comments about it. I digress though…

    SQS’s attitude, mannerisms, and tone in which she addressed you and even some community / citizen speakers is an embarrassment to the teaching profession, as well as to the position she holds on the council. Surely, she’ll review the video from the last night’s meeting and recognize her shortcomings and adjust her behavior accordingly.

    To that end, as a Fullerton citizen and teacher, Sharon, I have a comment for you, too:

    It’s so unbecoming and terribly ugly to see you conduct yourself in the manner in which you did last night.You were rude and condescending. Imagine, if your students witnessed you behaving this way? How could you even begin to justify it?

    Given the remarks made here, I look forward to watching last night’s meeting in its entirety –

    Again, thank you Travis. You continue to have our support.

    1. Sharron Quirk Silva’s “performance” last night was like that of one of her elementary school students.

      She bot only acted as a vindictive child, she was poorly spoken and overly defensive.

      her ploy to bring a political opponent (Norby) into the discussionis reprehensible and WRONG.

      She is toast. She is a poor canidate and lacks leadership skills.

  28. “Surely, she’ll review the video from the last night’s meeting and recognize her shortcomings and adjust her behavior accordingly.”

    I will give you odds.

  29. “It’s so unbecoming and terribly ugly to see you conduct yourself in the manner in which you did last night.You were rude and condescending.” and to clarify above statement to fellow representatives of the people and the people themselves.
    More proof Sharon Quirk-Silva is a stolid member of the old regime:Jones, Bankhead, Mckinley. She , like them, believe the good people of fullerton must shut up and give up their individual rights to free speech, taxation with representation and to assemble in public.

  30. Greg Diamond :
    So, tell us what you must think of Tony, then!

    ……….. Hmmmmmmmm

    IMO, Tony appears to be nice guy Golem, and I think he is finally taking my advise not to mud wrestle with mud-man-moron-mongoloid.

    That is true progress.

  31. Greg Diamond :
    Nope, never addicted — it being marijuana, after all. And my legal training came later. Not that you care about facts.

    ………. Hmmmmmm

    Speaking about the facts — have you disclosed to your law school and the Bar that you are recovering marijuana abuser, that you have purchased and distributed #1 control substance by the Federal Government and by doing so committed felony?

    Furthermore, have you disclosed to your current employer that your brain may be permanently damaged as result of your criminal acts as seen from your postings?

    Have you voluntarily submitted to the drug testing?

    1. “Nope, never addicted — it being marijuana, after all”……. Hmmmmmm

      FYI, marijuana is gateway drug so who knows what you are on today.

      We do not know!

      However you are public person by way of your political aspirations, therefore, I believe that you should be tested for all drugs in your system and all viruses associated with drug abuse.

      The people have right to know!

      I think that the OC DA should be able to take care of it.

      1. I am my own current employer and I have made the suggested disclosure. Good for you for tolerating Stanley like this. Want to tell Tony (if you’re not Tony yourself, I forget) about how bad marijuana is?

        1. “I forget about how bad marijuana is”………. Hmmmmm

          Obviously Golem, if your brain is destroyed by it.

          Same for Gröfaz, his brain and liver is destroyed by the alcohol so he is too totally unaware how bad articles you write and how much you are damaging the OJ.

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