Pat McKinley vs. The FBI’s Crime Stats

Barry Levinson had his microphone cut off on Tuesday before he could finish his exposé on Pat McKinley’s boldfaced lie about crime under his watch. That’s OK, because we can just reprint it here for everyone to see.

By Barry Levinson

I recently saw Councilman McKinley appear on a PBS TV show that originally aired last October, called Inside Orange County hosted by David Nazar.

The Host asks Councilman McKinley: Should you be recalled and is it fair?

McKinley responds: No, I shouldn’t and it is not fair

Host: Why?

McKinley responds: Well I really don’t understand the, the allegations. The allegations I hired some people.

McKinley continues: I am very proud of the agency (i.e. the Fullerton Police Dept.) and what we accomplished over the 16 years I was there .

McKinley: We reduced crime every year I was there.

I had heard the comment about reducing crime by Candidate McKinley many times during his campaign for city council.

Here are the facts: The FBI statistics for the City of Fullerton from 2005 through 2009, the last 5 years that McKinley was Chief of Police are as follows:

Pat McKinley, I find it reprehensible that you would intentionally and repeatedly mislead the people of Fullerton and the country about the actual level of crime committed in our great city under your stewardship. Repeatedly you have reminded us that being a police officer has been your life’s work.  Yet you cannot even tell the truth about your own record as chief of police.

You have disgraced this city with your misinformation campaigns. You have disgraced this city with your stating that Officer Rincon was not guilty of sexual assault, and allowed him under your command to continue assaulting more and more women after the 1st ladies reported it to your department.  You disgraced this city by hiring Jay Cicinelli, who did not meet the minimum standards to be a police officer in Fullerton or for that matter anywhere in these United States of America.  Officer Cicinelli ended up beating an innocent man to death while he was lying motionless on the ground with a Taser gun that is supposed to save lives not take them.

FOR ALL THESE REASONS AND MANY MORE, PAT MCKINLEY MUST BE RECALLED.  And the only thing that is not fair about this recall is that you had the honor and privilege to be our police chief for 16 years and our councilman for another 2 years.   The damage you have caused this city, emotionally, ethically, legally and monetarily will take us literally decades to recover from.   That is the real injustice here!

I thought it sounded good.

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    1. I, for one, hope so. Barry Levinson didn’t just start speaking at the council meetings. He always seems to make valid points on current problems and concerns. He also appears to be a person of integrity. How about it, Barry, are you throwing your hat in the ring?

  1. Those statistics are an indictment of Bankhead, Jones (and Quirk), too.

    The explanation for the crime spike is the shooting gallery these idiots created in the open-air booze court known as downtown Fullerton.

    I guess I’ll have to do a post on that subject.

  2. And of course, what was sickening, was watching that headless horseman of sleepy hollow not giving a crap when BL read the stats out loud. Another “made you want to stick a fork in your thigh” moment was when Pat’s deranged/ghoulish fan demanded to “see” the Pat stats cause he was certain they were made up.

  3. “the last 5 years that McKinley was Chief of Police are as follows:”

    Quirk and Whit were not the police chief and they were not on T.V. bragging about it. McDepends is the one blowing his own kazoo.

  4. OOPS!!! More documention to have to explain away, that can’t be.

    How many nails are in the coffin at this time?

    1. The booze joints and nightclubs where crowds gather, is nothing but a PITA and make your crime stats jump through the ceiling.

      But if your one of those owners, giving out free booze/food to the cops and politicians alike, well let’s just say as far as they are concerned, it isn’t REALLY that bad.

      I really do think many cases go unreported either by choice of the victim, or from being encouraged NOT to report it by the cops.

      Depends if the boys in blue frequent the joint in question.

  5. Reality Is :
    Which is probably where the 4 drunk Marines (3 dead) were partying at before the deadly speed alcohol crash too.

    YEP, Marines and service personnel do in fact come to the attention of the cops way too much as it relates to fightin and drinkin.

  6. Can’t wait to hear McKinley’s response………………………………………………………………

  7. The look on McKinkys face when Barry was talking at the council meeting was priceless. I thought he was gonna puke.

  8. Hi fucktard! The “proof” of those “lies” you were talking about, please.

    Keep stalling much longer and people might start to think you’re all hat and no cattle, and we can’t have that can we.

  9. There should be a 3 strikes law that would immediately remove evil liars from any government office…no recall necessary.

  10. Pat Mc Logical liars like our ex-Chief of Police(s)will never own up to anything or admit to wrongdoing, which is why these are the very LAST type of person that we need in a position of public trust.

  11. The chief wasn’t lying. By “crime” he really meant jaywalking, specifically, which is down by 3% citywide.

  12. If you include the two yes two murders last year by the FPD then the stats go into orbit. I look forward to when Chris, Travis and Barry get elected. They have the fortitude to stand for what is right and the wisdom to pull Fullerton back up from the clutches of the Satanic mafia that has held it hostage for far too long.

  13. It concerns me that no matter how many undisbuted facts come out, some refuse to believe them. Even worse are the ones who shrug and look the other way.

    I can’t believe McKinley and two pals are in denial about losing their seats. I actually don’t think they are. It’s a good strategy. If they let on they know they’re in serious trouble, some of their blind followers might take a second look at the facts. Their pause might just be enough to comprehend. Kind of like a sinking ship and being told all is well and to pay no attention to the water coming in. McKinley and friends are sinking fast. The sooner their gullible fans figure this out, the faster they’ll run. I’m not referring to their fellow cronies. I’m referring to the ones with blind loyalty.

  14. Perhaps, I don’t sit in the right chair or favored position.
    The last police report, other than the Kelly Thomas murder, was the award that (I think) Hughes received for apphrending stolen vehicles. Otherwise, there have been no CRIMES committed in the city of Fullerton.
    Where are these crime stats published or made available locally, some casualty insurance writers would probably be very interested.
    Goodlicker takes direction from the CHIEF.
    Who is the CHIEF LICKER licking??

  15. Fullerton Public Servant :
    McKinley’s reduction in crime the last 5 years as police chief = a bald face lie.

    That wasn’t a lie because police chiefs do nothing all day long. He probably never read the reports. I’m assuming he made that statement on the basis of less dogs committing Felony Defecation on his front yard. Not a good thing and sure as hell a dangerous thing!

    1. How many people when surveyed would find a copy of a
      Police Report they had made, did not exist.!!
      Yes I believe the FBI statistics are seriously fudged.

  16. Mr. Levinson, not only did Pat McKinley serve our city, Fullerton, as police chief, he also served on Rusty Kennedy’s Orange County Human Relations Commission, a tax funded commission with the mission statement to act as a clearinghouse and mediator between the OC communities and their respective police forces.
    Someone should ask Pat and Rusty if anyone from Fullerton complained about its police force’s systematic civil rights abuses while Pat was in charge of the Fullerton PD?

  17. merijoe :
    And of course, what was sickening, was watching that headless horseman of sleepy hollow not giving a crap when BL read the stats out loud. Another “made you want to stick a fork in your thigh” moment was when Pat’s deranged/ghoulish fan demanded to “see” the Pat stats cause he was certain they were made up.

    Exactly. Hopefully McKinley’s ‘Brown-nosed Buddy’ Dennis is reading this blog. He’ll still say it’s BS…

  18. To Admin or Anyone,

    Barry also called McKinley out to apologize to the citizens of Fullerton at a council meeting a couple of months ago.
    He said, “Pat McKinley stop being a coward and apologize to the citizens of Fullerton.” (paraphrasing)
    When he walked back to his seat Barry looked at McKInley, who was glaring at him, and said, “Well, we’re waiting!”.
    I cant’ recall the exact date of the meeting but I’d that would also be worth posting.

    1. Oh I remember that! McKinley responded, too. It was off-mic and difficult to hear but still audible. I don’t remember specifically but it was something like keep waiting, you’ll be waiting a long time…anyone else remember?

      1. Yes. After Barry said, “Well we’re waiting”, which you can’t see or hear on the video, McKinley said, “you’ll keep waiting!”

  19. Wrong Guy and SherBear:

    It is comforting to know that my efforts to highlight Pat McKinley’s harmful actions against this City has been noted by you and hopefully others as well.

    Those comments you referred to were made by me at Council on the 20th of December 2011.

    I will pass those comments along to Travis and he can post them with my blessing.

    1. Please know, quite a few listen when you address the council. As I said in a comment up above, you make valid points and show a lot of integrity. I sat next to you at the Recall table when John and Ken were here and found you to be quite pleasant and very knowledgeable.

    2. Indeed Barry, your presentation was excellent then, as your most recent on this post.

      Barry for councilman???

      Well, we’re waiting! lol

  20. McKinley might even survive the recall if he had anything positive to show for himself since he was elected in 2010, but he’s done absolutely nothing since then except for tow the line for his masters. Even for a rookie councilman his tenure has been singularly undistinguished. I have never once heard anyone say they admired something he said or did since taking office, but I have heard several people say they regretted voting for him.

  21. The stats are no surprise. Sure seems like a lot of guys just kinda walking around the neighborhoods. Guess they are all “just looking for my dog”. In my yard. Right.

  22. The FBI statistics are lies under McKinley.
    You think you have made a report only to find it does not exist.
    Any more of us out there to give a statement but to whom?

  23. “On CNN, for instance, McKinley complained about the “flamboyant” and “exaggerated” nature of eyewitness accounts. He focused on the need for due process for police officers and admonished the public against leaping to conclusions. He mentioned that there has been no officially determined cause of Thomas’s death and that the photo of Thomas’s beaten face doesn’t mean that the police beating caused his death.

    I’m told repeatedly by law enforcement officials that we can’t judge how police behave because they have to make split-second decisions.”

  24. “The Catholic rite for a formal exorcism, called a “Major Exorcism”, is given in Section 13 of the Rituale Romanum.[4] The Ritual lists guidelines for conducting an exorcism, and for determining when a formal exorcism is required.[5] Priests are instructed to carefully determine that the nature of the affliction is not actually a psychological or medical illness before proceeding.[3]”

    In Christian practice the person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist, is often a member of the church, or an individual thought to be graced with special powers or skills. The exorcist may use prayers, and religious material, such as set formulas, gestures, symbols, icons, amulets, etc. The exorcist often invokes God, Jesus, a litany of saints, and/or several different angels and archangels to intervene with the exorcism. It may take several weekly exorcisms over several years to expel a deeply entrenched demon.[5][6]” -Wikipedia

    It may take several weeks 🙂

  25. There is a straight-forward explanation as to why the FBI’s statistics and the City of Fullerton’s statistics could vary significantly: the FBI’s data is far more inclusive, because other governments report crimes that occur in Fullerton.
    For example: the California State Police/ CHP handle crimes that occur on the CSUF campus. The CHP and Orange County Sheriff’s Department handle crimes that occur on state and county highways. Believe it or not, murders and rapes have occurred on the 91 Freeway and the 57 Freeway.
    Finally, I must note that crimes committed by FPD officers would likely be reported to Orange County, State of California, or federal criminal authorities, but NOT to the City of Fullerton. As a CPA, I would love to see a “spread sheet” in Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel format, that breaks out the FPD-collected data, the data collected by other agencies, and then a “clearing” column for crimes that are reported by multiple police agencies. I would like to see how much of the FBI’s data pertains to criminal acts by FPD’s personnel. Wouldn’t you??
    Mr. Levinson and the rest of you are doing great work. Keep it up!

  26. Oh, and one more thing. This will not help to foster a better relationship between the FPD and its citizens. The very little trust I had for LE, is slowly slipping away.

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