Jeremy Popoff Cuts Record; To Hit Road

According to the OC Weekly’s Brandon Ferguson, here, a rock band called “Lit” has made some sort of comeback album and will be joining other groups in a summer tour. Why is this relevant to Fullerton? Because one of the members of this illustrious ensemble is none other than Fullerton’s Slidebar empressario, Jeremy Popoff.

Playing the standards...

Ferguson dispatches Lit with quick aplomb. Apparently the album is called The View From The Bottom which seems pretty darn appropriate.

Now, I admit that being something of an old-timer at 37, I had never even heard of Lit until Jeremy Popoff popped off  in connection with the Kelly Thomas murder; and so I defer to Ferguson’s musical opinion. However, if the noise emanating from Popoff’s establishment in violation of the Municipal Code, here,  is any indicator, I have to say that I appreciate my former ignorance.

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  1. The only reason bands do comeback tours is because they are broke. And after the smoke clears from the Kelly Thomas murder and it is proven the call came from his vicinity…he might have to shell our some clams for a good attorney. Continue to boycott the Slidebar!

  2. LIT, was and is a crappy band, they were sucky as razzle, and stained…if they even try to say they are punk, let it be KNOWN, no one thinks they are punk…yes they are PUNKS, like I want to be your cell bitch punk, yes..Jermmee is that, but to anyone who wants to see, the WHERE are the loosers from yesterday tour…LIT IS ON IT!…I want to start an all girl band called CLIT…and do covers of lit, which wont be too hard, they only had one song.

    1. Good one, CM – but Seattle has already done something similar – they have/had a transit system there known as Seattle Light Urban Transit System

  3. Have they figured out how to write music so one song doesn’t sound like the rest? I would be interested in hearing who the promoters of this tour are and the appearance locations.

  4. Jeremy-get in touch with Billy Corgan as he can show you the way out of this hole. There is a way out. It is not the view from the bottom but the view from above. U-turns are permissible.

    1. I guess all that money went to his head and made him think he was better than Kelly Thomas.

    2. Albey Al :Funny thing is that band grossed more $ than all of you stooges combined.

      I didn’t know you knew everyone on FFFF’s, bank account-little boy(piss ant) blue.
      Now go train GoodnPlenty, his buttons are busting.

  5. Jeremy is going on tour FAR, FAR away, -to another country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S. Whew! Just in time!!

  6. You know what they say Jeremy… “If you can’t stand the heat…stay away from the kitchen!” LOL

  7. I see they’ll be touring with Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms and Marcy Playground. Wow, one big swirling sonic cauldron of suck.

  8. As a commuter via Train to LA from the Fullerton station, I noticed that there is a Slide Bar van in the parking lot EVERY DAY. It has been ticketed more than once, probably for not moving in 72 hours as posted. Come on Slide Bar, that parking lot is FULL every day by 745 AM. Take that thing out of there, or someone might take it out of there for you!

    1. Is the van in a lesser time allowed area? Is there more 72 hour parking other than in the parking structure? Are you saying this van is never moved, as in not running?

      While on the subject of parking at the transportation center, I noticed during a weekend evening that some of public parking was blocked off and being used for valet parking only. This was the section immediately west of where Pomona ends, holds maybe 50 or 60 spaces (guessing). I’m wondering how this is allowed in what is clearly public parking, is this the norm for weekend evenings and which business(es) are using this area as their private parking area.

      1. The businesses/nightclubs use the public parking areas as their own valet parking service throughout downtown Fullerton.
        I have no idea who authorized this, however I’ve often wondered myself how they continue to get away with charging people money for public parking?

    1. “Can” is not the same as “will” in this case – FPD won’t have the van towed.

      Maybe Hughes will prove me wrong, but I won’t hold my breath.

      Can you take photos of it without being obvious, date stamp them and have them posted?

  9. Then if they will not tow, I would go to the city council meeting and ask them WHY the P.D. refuses to tow it away!

  10. The van does get moved, and when it doesn’t, I have seen the citation on the windshield. The new parking structure will make the no spaces available a mute point. The use of the parking structure for commercial vehicle parking is what is getting me.

    This city has bigger issues than a cop loving restaurant using a city funded lot to store it’s assets.

  11. Albey Al :Funny thing is that band grossed more $ than all of you stooges combined.

    It’s obvious a pathetic parasite like you would worship $money$ and attempt to say one is more superior because they have more than another.

    Time for you to grow up, get your other hand off of your little needle-pecker and try typing up a meaningful comment on this blog.
    Or get back in front of your mirror and GTFO of here!

      1. And one more thing:

        “Now, I admit that being something of an old-timer at 37,”

        Surely you jest.

        What are we over-fifty people? Old-old timers?

        Classic rock all the way!

        1. That’s right Jane H.

          The Beatles to Led Zeppelin all the way!

          These young punksters, like Albey Al worship cement mixer sounding music like that of “Lit”.

          Bunch of ‘crackheads’.

  12. Albey Al :Funny thing is that band grossed more $ than all of you stooges combined.

    there it is….its true money cant buy you class….huh?

  13. Albey Al :
    Funny thing is that band grossed more $ than all of you stooges combined.

    McDonald’s sells more hamburgers than anyone else too. Doesn’t mean they are any good.

  14. Jesus Christ. Seriously? You think he set out to kill Kelly Thomas? Some of you need to get over yourselves. If I had a dollar for everytime someone wrote “wait until the truth comes out in court and the Slidebar is…blah blah blah.” This blog is about as fair as Fox News. Oh…yeah… Lit does kinda suck.

  15. You must have forgotten the Browns vs Simpson case, or you weren’t born before 1980. And that is were my comments stem from. Of course, I don’t believe Popov set out to kill Thomas. A call that was made from his establishment may hold him a bit liable in a civil case against his establishment.

  16. Is it still his establishment if the call came from an employees cell phone? Was he there that night?

    1. Here’s your answer:

      Civil Liability
      Civil liability allows individuals to bring suit against licensees, social hosts, or companies depending on where the problem occurred. Lawsuits can be filed by innocent victims injured by an intoxicated person or by the intoxicated person himself. Juries typically award monetary damages to compensate victims (compensatory damages) and to punish the offender (punitive damages). Awards can range from a few thousand to millions of dollars.

  17. Cody :Jesus Christ. Seriously? You think he set out to kill Kelly Thomas? Some of you need to get over yourselves. If I had a dollar for everytime someone wrote “wait until the truth comes out in court and the Slidebar is…blah blah blah.” This blog is about as fair as Fox News. Oh…yeah… Lit does kinda suck.

    So, I call into the PD, and lie, and say your kid is breakin into cars, the PD shows up and beats your kid, to death, with out a jury,with out over sight, they kill your kid, they effectively have become judge, jury- and end your kids life. O yeah, about me, so I called in and now your kids dead…gee’s Im sorry- that good enough for you? I didnt think so. If you call in and lie, and someone is dead, because- your buddies over in the PD, get free booze, and get to feel up the young drunk college co-eds, and in return for that, I get to call into the PD, and lie- so what if it killed a kid, meh? I get to have my bar, which is lame, and get to get my goon squad to extinguish who ever I want….the charge for resisting arrest inst death, but I do know calling in a fake call to the PD, is a crime,and when it ends with a death, that is a felony. So who ever told his worker to call into the PD, and have Kelly removed, IS the problem and should be treated as such, A liar, and felon.

  18. Cody :Is it still his establishment if the call came from an employees cell phone? Was he there that night?

    The problem lies here: If you call into the PD and say, a homeless guy is in front of my bar, scaring customers, the PD, will take 20minutes to get there, how do I know this, because they have 20 patrol guys on a given night, 9-11 are in the bar area looking for crime, easing the problem downtown,I live next door to the PD, I have called and the dispatch lady see’s me, waving from my roof, for help and she tells me, its gonna be 10 minutes, Im next door,,,so Imagine if you call on a homeless guys asking for cig’s…the wait would be a long time, so the only way to get rid of homeless is say they are breaking into cars, and you get your sirens, and squad members to show up and pounce, its called lying, and until they tell me different, you cant lie, on a report, calling in a report,and if you do, you go to jail. So, Jermmee wasnt there, maybe, I dont know, but his rules of lying were, so dont youthink he should be held accuntable for the actions of his workers, who he has break the law and call in illegal reports?

  19. If Cody thinks Jeremy is innocent of the call then I suggest the way to find out is for a subpoena in a civil rights action to get the woman who made the call deposed, under oath, to explain why she made the call, and especially whether it was rehearsed with her boss and/or members of the FPD, beforehand.

    If it was prearranged, then a conspiracy existed to deprive Kelly of his civil rights (a crime) and ultimately his life (another crime, of course, but one our DA won’t touch.

    1. Reading that very biased story Merijoe reminds me of what a tool Davis Barber has been for the city of Fullerton’s cycle of corruption.
      Looks to me like a certain amount of back scratching is going on for articles that reflect favorably on Fullerton.

      From Davis Barber’s website…

      In 2012 we will partner with RRM Planning of San Luis Obispo, California, to gather public opinions and comments during the first phase of Fullerton’s Downtown Core and Corridors Specific Plan.

      Civic and regional documentary is our passion, along with public engagement and historical preservation.

      Davis Barber Productions, Inc.

      305 N. Harbor Blvd.
      Suite 300c
      Fullerton, CA 92832
      (714) 525-2671

  20. While experts say it’s not uncommon for people to exaggerate the circumstances of a crime – especially if they are the victim – most are unaware about the importance of their role in an emergency response and the potential consequences.

  21. Leon, but man Kelly scared people. We were always having to kick him out of our bathrooms or tell him to leave customers alone. Then he would yell at us. What were we suppose to do?

    Every time we called the cops they would tell us there was really nothing they could do…he wasn’t breaking any laws (hint hint, wink wink).

  22. I’m quite sure that Kelly wasn’t just “yelling” at people because he felt like yelling, “people” were most likely verbally or physically attacking him, you know, treating him like he was a wild animal and he was defending himself-I doubt very much, it was Kelly who was the one being an asshole.

    Yeah, the police-nazi’s of Fullerton treat the homeless so well, that’s why they report to this day that officers kick them while they are on the ground to get them to move along.

  23. How about all the yelling from the DJ stand that has been broadcast over monster speakers at the Slimebar for all the past years. That was and is the real crime and the FPD would time and time refuse to take a written complaint when I would call them to my home at midnight or 1AM after I was blasted from my bed by their last call for shooters.

  24. Gee I read fullerton stories jeremy poop-off never ever mentions thathe allows ex cops to do blow in the back room, or how he gives dirty cops a venue to leer at young co-eds. Jeremey you must be so proud of your shit hole. I cant wait tril those who you have let go, decide to -gee I dunno- speak to the DA, re your hiring and firing practices…O your so screwed, and frankly its fun to watch.

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