Fullerton Was Sold 20 Years Ago And The Recall Is How We Pay For Her Emancipation

Friends, long time community activist Steve Baxter wrote a must-read letter that was published in one of Fullerton’s up-and-coming blogs, The Fullertonian. Enjoy!

For a period of time I knew the man six Fullerton officers killed last July. His name was  Kelly Thomas and I liked him. As I was walking to my car in the Fullerton Ralphs shopping center, a man, when seeing my “Justice for Kelly” button, said to me that if I cared this much about Kelly when he was alive, he would still be alive. I was pretty baffled at that statement, but then I saw the “NO RECALL! FULLERTON IS NOT FOR SALE” sticker on the back of this big boy’s Jazzy Jeff scooter and it all made imperfect sense. “Hey brother,” I yelled, “just because you …..” That’s as far as I got before I knew it was not worth it. Besides, you don’t look very dignified yelling at someone who is relegated to a scooter.

I know that Kelly was loved by his family, and I know that Kelly was welcome to stay at any number of relatives’ homes, and for periods of time, he did. I know what six of our police officers did to him, and I know how Dick Jones, Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley, the three councilmen now facing a recall, reacted publicly to his death. Their lack of urgency, their lack of outrage, and the insensitive treatment to Kelly’s family, after what in my mind may be the most shameful 10 minutes in this city’s history, rises well beyond what even I expected from these three men. I’ve witnessed their disdain for the victim and his supporters firsthand at many council meetings. I witnessed it again watching TV interviews, where their ignorance was broadcast across the county. These old  mens’ desperate need for order trumped any need for truth. They lied and tried to spin the story at every opportunity, at times to ridiculous proportions. Dick Jones even tried to diminish Kelly’s injuries by saying he had seen worse in Vietnam. When the DMZ becomes the go-to reference point for downtown Fullerton, we have a serious problem. In light of this, the “NO RECALL! FULLERTON IS NOT FOR SALE” signs mean nothing to me.

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  1. Where are we after 20 years? So far down the whole and no way out with a well oiled law suit machine running 24 hour shifts. What will it take to wake people up? Maybe when prop 13( and don’t kid yourself as they have been working on carving it up for years) gets repealed and the occupants of the hill are no longer occupants of the hill they will realize as they are sleeping on the benches what kind of a monster they have created with their blatant stupidity. In the meantime we that are awake pass and will rejoice when the Jacarandas are in full bloom.

  2. Anyone paying attention knows that all three councilmen being recalled have records that are indefensible!

    Every Fullerton registered voter from far far left to far far right must ask themselves at least one question before they give their vote to any candidate.

    Since the 2010 election, what has that candidate done to put Fullerton back on track financially, ethically, legally, etc.

    If your first choice for council has been a “no show” since November 2010, please do not vote for him or her.

    We need leaders who lead all the months of the year not those who decide to throw their hats in the ring when they see a chance to get elected.

    Real civic leaders speak out on all the issues facing Fullerton even in non-election years!

    We need leaders with integrity, guts, brains and determination.

    Those of you who follow this blog know who the real leaders are in this community.

    Please help us get real leaders elected this June 5 by informing all your Fullerton friends and family about making this year’s vote the most meaningful in all of Fullerton’s history

    1. I guess you are referring to Doug Chaffee.

      Yes, where has Chaffee been when it counted? Like many of the other geriatric old-time lefties he was hiding when he should have been on the street corner.

      1. Chaffee seems to be treating this as just another election.

        I couldn’t help but notice that Marty Burbank is on his list of endorsements. Say it isn’t so, Marty…

        1. An insider told me that Ackerman was backing Chaffee, too!

          That’s hilarious. Doug Chaffee the Great White Hope of Fullerton’s repuglicans!

          1. A few faded signs appeared this weekend. Fortunately after June we will no longer have to look at that particular seven letter sequence of the English language appearing on signage in my neighborhood in front yards, on light poles or fences or fliers in mail boxes. This one is “grass roots” baby and fortunately for Fullerton the “roundup” only works on the super-weeds.

        2. I also saw that Doug Chaffe is endorsed by all of the schools tools like Pam Keller, Minard Duncan and SSSSSSharon Quirk SSSSSSSSSilva….throw in former City Manager, Chris Meyer, and I can already see that pension reform with Doug Chaffee on the City Council will be off the table. I also saw a Rotary Club affiliation with Doug Chaffe;s name next to it which tells me a lot about his allegiance also.

    2. Barry, give me a break!!!! Who’s been blowing bubbles up your ass?
      “Real civic leaders speak out on all the issues facing Fullerton even in non-election years!

      We need leaders with integrity, guts, brains and determination.”
      Most of these of people that you are dreaming about, do not have a oz. of integrity. They do know how, to blow bubbles. But, you can keep dreaming…..

      1. LOL: “They do know how, to blow bubbles. But, you can keep dreaming…..”

        Damn CG, THAT was legendary; especially after a couple of cocktails.

  3. There is some office space up for lease at the train depot.This would be a great spot for recall headquarters for a while till the place gets leased.This office could provide information and volunteer services which would promote the changes needed to improve the community and the downtown. This location could also house an information service for the homeless and provide
    resorces for the needy.

        1. No they’re over at your house where you are living the mantra if you had worried about Kelly while he was still alive…

        2. the homeless ARE not part of his agenda. Check your grammar before posting idiotic statements….you idiot

            1. Yes, Ye old abusive fool, I have heard of ebonics-what does that have to do with your grammar challenged post above (“He is not going to let you use it for free. Good luck. The homeless is not part of his agenda.”) ?

    1. Exactly. It’s rather odd that these characters confuse the idea of endorsing Chaffee and opposing the act that would make his candidacy successful. Still, it’s good for the Recall and that’s the main thing.

  4. It’s the old Cruz Bustamante Conundrum.

    Vote no on the recall but vote for me in the recall.

    How’d that work out for him.

  5. 3 shootings this weekend in Fullerton, a more gentle, kinder police force is emerging. The crooks know it and are making the best of it. More shootings, more death for this too is Fullertons future.

    1. Keep licking the stamps and keep licking the boots and between the two you will find your nirvana.You need to be careful at the gym however as the Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is fat soluble and will be re-released from your adipose cells back into your bloodstream. This could send your mind right back to July 5th with the exception that your trip will be that you are on the receiving end of the high voltage and deep tissue massage. Better talk to the D.A.R.E. officer on duty. You should say nope to dope and ugh to drugs Tim.

    1. Recall not enough. Need Dept of Justice to step in, make a determination of systemic civil rights violations in FPD, then have a Federal judge oversee FPD for a decade.

  6. “Goodrich is the biggest liar. Don Bankhead is the biggest nothing, and Dick Jones is the biggest steaming pile of Dick Jones any of us have ever stepped in.”
    Great write up Mr. Baxter!

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