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    1. To be precise he said there was new and improved management. The “new plumage” suggests otherwise.

    2. Chris Thompson is a sucker for Hughes famous back pats, firm handshakes and nods.

      I had the pleasure of talking to capt hughes and I damn near fainted when he gave me a pat on the back after intensely nodding and making eye contact while listening to my ideas.

      1. Just to let those of you know Chris Thompson called me yesterday. We had a good chat for about an hour.

        Chris enlightened me on some things, as I did with him.

        If I should meet the Chief, I too will look him in the eye and shake his hand, it won’t be limp wristed either.

        A pat on the back might follow the meeting. I might receive one, or give one.

        1. Chris should take the time to write up a post explaining exactly why he thinks Hughes is free of the Culture of Corruption. I think that’s nonsense, myself. Hughes has been around for thirty years and in a position of authority for many of those. He can’t get by with “I didn’t know” excuse, or “I was only following orders.”

          It’s very clear to me that the quality of cops hired and the training that they received was very low. McKinley gets his share of the blame for that, and so should Hughes. I don’t care what a seemingly great guy he is.

          This site is supposed to be about accountability. So how about it, Chris?

    1. And his award-winning BS spewing about ‘cops with broken bones’, Kelly’s superhuman strength’, “it appears we got the ‘Wrong Guy’ in Veth Mam case earned him the promotion to Lieutenant.

      You all know my old saying, “This higher the rank the bigger the ………………..”

  1. We that have eyes to see will remain steadfast until the thing is plucked bare and a new one is groomed from the egg to the nest to the air which responds to those whom it IS SUPPOSED TO SERVE. Be not deceived. You will know a tree by its fruit. This one has been dunged enough and is ready for the fire. We are not in Kansas anymore folks.

  2. Yoshii the Bushido Poet is a Ninth-level Haiku master who hails from the Ishikawa Prefecture on Japan’s “west coast” where his family – descendants of a long line of daimyo poets – still eke out a living salvaging debris from shipwrecks in the Sea of Japan.

    1. Fullerton Rudy, do you know if Yoshii The Bushido Poet involved with the maritime rescue of The Fullerton Harpoon in the Sea of Japan?

  3. “Oh Quinceheads of the council, listen if you will
    We’ve asked you 3 to leave, but here you are still.
    The citizens moved forward, to recall all of ye.
    We did all this fine work, with help from Tony B.”

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