Council Candidate Supports OCSD Preliminary Analysis

We are in receipt of a letter to the Fullerton City Council from a potential candidate named Jennifer Fitzgerald. This individual supported the Three Bald Tires in the recent Recall, but seems to have seen the light with regard to exploring all opportunities to provide cost effective services to the taxpayers and residents of Fullerton.

It remains to be seen what union spokesman “Dick” Ackerman will think about this missive, but hopefully this lady will show up to the council meeting to let him know.

50 Replies to “Council Candidate Supports OCSD Preliminary Analysis”

  1. Where has she been for the last year? Convenient for her to stand up for something now that she’s running for office.

  2. She may sound sincere Fullerton Lover, but those who have dealt with her in the past no better.

    What happened to your undying supporting for Pat McKinley and his sidekick, Officer Rincon?

    Are you seeking a council seat or an acting role in a TV movie?

    I do not buy it for one nano second!

    She is a paid political consultant who sells her services to the highest bidder, such as to Dr. Jones past campaigns.

  3. Why you nasty little blogging blackguards. How dare you mock my calculated support of this town’s elites? None of you uncouth rabble are worthy of spit-shining my leather pumps with your callow mouths.

    As a lady, these schoolyard epithets are simply unbecoming and during my reign they shall not be tolerated. Once elected Countess of Fullerton, I promise to you all that violators of propriety shall be paraded before the assembled town-dwellers and flogged like the feckless riffraff they are. Mess with me again and ere this night does wane, you will drink the black sperm of my vengeance!

    1. lmao!

      I didn’t know you could have someone spit-shine your black pumps — I’ll have to find out more about this 🙂

  4. Watch out! This individual is backed up by a political entity that’s going to run wild over Fullerton’s domestic infrastructure. You’ll learn to correctly vet your council or pay dearly with your willingness to allow THEM to seduce you with confidence predators! You won a little battle, but THESE monsters are planning on winning the war. I strongly recommend you do not allow this individual to insert herself into a leadership role in your community. You’ll regret it!

  5. Me thinks that Fitzgerald understands that without appearing reasonable in exploring new ideas for police protection in the City of Fullerton that she would be viewed as stagnant or even regressive by the voters and it would hurt her if she decides to run for a council seat. My guess is that if she were actually elected to the council that she would vote against change. And that guess is based on her support for the 3 stooges and opposition to the recall. That’s my opinion.

  6. She comes across as serious, and wellspoken. It is possible to have two or even three opinions and believe in all, even if running for office. Isn’t it possible that she supported the former councilmen and came to a realization she was wrong? Or maybe she hasn’t. I don’t know but I’m willing to listen.

  7. I am confused. Did the same person post the first few comments of this blog under different names?

    1. Do you think it’s a good idea to stalk here, Texan? Goldbar/Index attached to your middle name could bring some interesting characters your tight little world. Think about it.

  8. Unfortunately, the tone and vocabulary choice in that letter is eerily similar to the likes of Pam Keller, Sharon Quirk, and even Jan Flory.

    Those women have uttered the words “community” and “understanding” and “opportunities” and “ideas” and “sharing” and “solutions” yada, yada, yada, probably thousands of times without being bold enough to take a stand on anything.

    The ball is in your court, Jennifer. Are you willing to put your reputation and friendships on the line to do what is necessary for the betterment of Fullerton?

    1. Mr. Snakes: It is indeed my court, and your “balls” will not see the inside of it once my rule is assured. Should you still have them, that is.

  9. Sounds good, but unfortunately I can’t quite get over the picture of the Fullerton Is Not For Sale sign in her front yard – certainly implying that she believed and was perpetuating the lie that Tony was trying ti buy it. That was just two months ago.

    I also can’t get over the support for the disastrous Reign of Error for the Three Dead Tree Stumps. Rather than support her friends she should have been a real friend and told them to step aside.

    Too soon.

  10. What is her position on a Citizens Review Board for the Police or Sheriff’s. How soon can we implement one? If we don’t first have a Citzens Review Board in place to handle complaints of abuse against the Police, it really won’t matter if we pay the sheriff or the police.

    1. Do any OCSD cities have any type of review boards? I wonder if that’s even possible for just one OCSD city. That might only be a PD option.

  11. I know an infiltrator when I see one. If she were to get elected she would continue the old ways.

  12. Outsourcing Jennifer Fitzgerald’s rhetoric to local fishwraps, the truth is the good people of Fullerton’s tax dollars have been spent on million dollars settlements to the victims of the Fullerton Police Department.
    Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by Fullerton police officers, perjury by Fullerton police officers have sent innocent persons to jail, molestation of female detainees by Fullerton police officers, a culture of corruption seeded by long-time Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley who as police chief and then as Fullerton city council member seemed to have no ethical qualms about buying hush in the form of legal settlements and attorneys’ fees to protect his miscreant officers.
    Contrast the above with the fact that Fullerton Police Department’s budget costs the city 37% of its revenue, not including the numerous legal fees and settlements it incurs with its crimes against Fullerton’s community.
    Fullerton Police Department’s exorbitant salaries, pensions and benefits coupled with its penchant to commit crimes upon the community of Fullerton greatly damages the economic health of the city of Fullerton.
    Even if the some on Fullerton’s city council find no problem with the cost of keeping the Fullerton Police Department or argue it would cost the same to outsource to OC Sheriff, the prominent truth is the Fullerton Police Department is so corrupt that after murdering a homeless, disabled in full view of the public, these same culpable officers returned the station where they colluded and perjured their reports on the murder of Kelly Thomas, that this police force lacks credibility, and thus its authority to enforce the laws.
    Those on Fullerton’s city council who fight to retain the Fullerton Police Department after public scrutiny revealed its numerous scandals and crimes may see his or her only source of political power in the political contributions from Fullerton police union .
    Those city council persons who truly desire to represent the interests of the community and not protect the selfish interests of Fullerton’s government employees will see it is best to destroy the culture of corruption, the Fullerton Police Department,that abused so many people.
    just my opinion

  13. I wonder how FFFF obtained this letter??? That to me is the bigger issue? Travis Kiger is using FFFF for his own personal use! Makes me wonder if all the closed sessions will be posted here too.

    1. Are you suggesting the letter was some sort of secret? She obviously wanted it public or she would have made phone calls.

  14. Don’t we already have 2 council members that blow with the direction of the prevailing winds? Like we need another. The three we currently have that are anchored in their convictions will suit Fullerton just fine. Another fair weather friend is precisely what Fullerton residents don’t need.

  15. The young lady’s letter is extremely well written. It has a political tone to it that tells me it was written by someone who is a political consultant.
    The contents of the letter are valid, but the past history of the writer is suspect! How can she have signs and support the 3 dessicated tree stumps then two months later support inquiring into disbanding the very same FPD institution that provided much of the support over the years for the 3 excommunicated fossils?
    Remember: “Money is the Mothers Milk of Politics” and I smell the underlying stench of Mr. Ackerman of Irvine!

    1. Tuco, the letter is occult. It is written neurologically cued to the number 13 and contains several levels of coded language, but don’t take my word for it. You can take it to an expert for analysis, but this will cost you a small fortune. IF you had an oversight committee for such purposes you would already know what this letter is actually saying.


      You are Not going to push back this sedition cohort with creativity, morality or ethics. They are atramental. They want your property and they want YOU to capitulate and give it them, including your children.

      Again, your oversight committee has to be permanent and staffed with paid attorneys. I am not bullshitting you. Wake UP, Tuco! Wake up your community! Sound the alarm!

  16. Jennifer, your calls for civility, and reason ring very hollow. If you truly wanted to find the lowest cost option, the request for outside policing services would be open to all comers (i.e. LA County Sheriffs, OC Sheriffs, City of Anaheim), and then the Fullerton PD could bid against them. Thanks to Shawn Nelson, the Sheriff has already done a lot of work, and I expect the result is already on the shelf. As a former political hack for Eddy Royce, you know very well how cynical, and self serving your missive is.

  17. Just make the decision. Do it now. That way all te FpD cops can abandon ship when they want. Seeing that it won’t switch over until 2015, the only ones left will be ones that can’t get hired elsewhere or choose to work for OCSD. Some cops woul love OCSD. Get older and fatter and work in the jails or courts or transportation services. As the white trash says “Get ‘er Done!”

    1. Why not? Look at the crap we’re getting right now for $100,000+ a year: Hampton, Kirk, Coffman, Goodrich, Tong, etc. etc.

      Couldn’t possibly do worse. Save money. Win win.

    1. This guy was waking the parking lot at Safeway doing windows. I figured what the heck, go ahead. Wiped everything down outside, then asked for $10. Fucker. I told him I said he could do the windows, not that I would pay him for it. Fight nearly ensued. He settled for .50 cents. Conceal carry. Hehehe

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