Flightless Bird Attempts Take Off

By 8:00 AM the celebration was in full swing…

Well, here ya go: the last gasp of Fullerton’s Yellowing Observers? Could be. As my old friend Don Carlos Marx once said: History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

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  1. I think this woman and some beady-eyed bald dude used to party in a trailer next to us. Cocktails hour started at 11 in the morning.

    1. The bald guy is Capt Burks. Well Kevin Hamilton married his daughter and promoted up the ranks just as quick as the recall. Then from there Kevin promoted his cronies … what corruption?!?! yeah right, the writing is on the wall to bring back reputable police; OCSD

      1. I had heard scuttlebutt in the past from a reliable source that Kevin Hamilton had jilted a beautiful/stunning blond “love of his life” type woman at the alter.

        I guess he wanted to marry the bosses daughter instead.

        1. that’s why they call him “The Bone,” and it’s not bcuz of his bone mass!! Just ask the parking control chick he kept trying to get hired as a cop

  2. That web site I clicked on is half finished and still has the instructions visible on what verbiage is supposed to go where.

    When you have web site that is supposedly representative of you, and it’s half-ass…

    Nuff said.

    1. Here is the part of her website I like the most:

      “About Me

      Use this space to tell voters a little about yourself. Where are you from? What brought you to this
      business? What professional credentials or qualifications have you earned?
      List your professional accomplishments and other accolades. You might also mention
      business-specific degrees you have earned or media coverage your company has received.
      You can use this section to introduce yourself to voters. You might discuss your dedication to your job, your goals for Fullerton, or ways you are uniquely equipped to serve the community. Provide a personal greeting to your visitors.”


    2. Did you happen to also notice the domain registration info also goes through a service that is also known of hosting spam/phishing sites?

  3. Well I must say my former mistress is hang in’ in there. Times have changed, but she never will. Watch out for the broomstick.

  4. My Ideas:
    * mandatory cocktail hour at 4 PM
    * no kids bike-riding in my vicinity
    * business as usual
    * double the number of bars in Fullerton
    * annex Brea in the Spring

    1. Please define “hit the ground (running)”. Is it:
      • I was running, fell and hit the ground.
      • I fell, got up, took off running.
      • I forgot I was still on the barstool when I tried to run from real questions and fell off, hitting the ground.
      • Oh hell, I just hit the damn ground, running, why must you peons bother me with details?
      • Insert other definition here…

  5. That website is just plain embarrassing. Who puts up a partially finished website for something that important (leaving the construction instructions still visible)? Seems like I saw another incomplete website earlier this week related to Fullerton. 🙂 Looks like a trend.

  6. Help Gin Return Fullerton to the Senior Citizens!

    *Experienced (Have you ever been experienced? I have….)
    * Not afraid of Lime Rickeys
    * Supported by Beefeaters, Bombay, Boodles, Bilbeys, Gordons, and Tanqueray.
    * Only candidate willing to open a speakeasy in my own bedroom.
    * infused with cucumber and rose petals

    My Experience:
    * Waking up naked in a ditch. Oh well, it was a Tuesday!
    *Describe in a sentence or two what you want to do and for whom you do it: This is a family blog, right?

    My Ideas:
    *Here you can discuss what you has to offer the citizens of Fullerton: Satan’s Whiskers. No bike-riding in my proximity. Children should be seen but not heard. Frozen Daiquiri vending machines.
    * Why should they choose you? Why the hell not? McKinley’s dead!


  8. Gin Recipe #305: Gin Flurrie
    2 oz Tanqueray® gin
    2 oz Rose’s® lime juice
    ice cubes

    Blend Tanqueray Gin, Rose’s Lime Juice and 15 ice cubes until it is slurry and pour into a cocktail glass.

    1. I am just sick over these baseless attacks on my old friend Jan Flurry.

      Jam is a consummated professional. Ms. Flurty was mayor of Fullerton for over 70 years and as an attorney she helped countless developers and wealthy business interests obtain what is rightfully theirs. Jam Flurzy helped spur the downtown Fullerton renaissance and is a strong defender of drinking rights. Gam is a great lady, a committed dog-owner and a friend of massage parlors through the county. In conclusion, Gin Floozy represents the best that Orange County has to offer: toughness, incredulity, messianism, and intemperance.

  9. awwww… username and password now required to enter the site. Boo!!!! This was an enjoyable site to see… and mock

  10. how to you have a campaign website that is password protected?

    That is hilarious, even though I am bummed I missed it. Gee, you think anyone is reading FFFF? hehehe

    “Gin Flurrie” creator deserves an award.

  11. HA! Ms. Flory referred to the Council to the “five-headed beast” yet she wants to again be part of that beast?

    She also called Felz a “competent administrator”

    Good grief!

  12. It would be SO nice if Jan would just stay home, and do jigsaw, or crossword puzzles, and STAY OUT of the ”limelight”. She can drink herself into oblivion, and no one will have to even see her. She is not even INTERESTING, TO ANYONE!!!!! Stay home Miss Flory!!!!

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