Broken Bones and Blaming Whitaker for the Truth

Oh, oh! The truth almost escaped her mouth! (Image generously borrowed from Fullerton Stories)

It is July 22, 2011 and now-MIA Chief Sellers gets an e-mail from City Hall’s version of Andrew Goodrich, city publicist, Syliva Palmer.

She’s subsequently fled the the scene of the crime, and won’t have to answer embarrassing questions about this correspondence – like her insinuation that Councilman Bruce Whitaker leaked inside information to FFFF in a post. Apparently the otiose Palmer was too lazy to actually read the post, and too stupid to follow the link to The Fullertonian – the ones who actually caught Goodrich in the broken bones lie.

But so what if Whitaker had actually had a hand in disseminating the truth? The outright lie about Fullerton cops suffering broken bones was propagated by Goodrich, clearly with the blessing of Sellers and Plamer, and now we may safely assume, Palmer’s boss City Manager, Joe Felz. Perhaps with the blessing of the Three Dead Tree Stumps, too. That would certainly fit the truth-challenged profile of Pat McKinley.

Note also that Palmer laments the fact that the media didn’t talk to other reliable councilmen who, presumably were only too happy to toe the party line.


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132 thoughts on “Broken Bones and Blaming Whitaker for the Truth

  1. Sickenin but when people I know do wrong- I call em out on it…another example of circlin’ the wagons…..get me a freakin broom we need to clean house…..another swipe at the swine…
    I think we found the one person on the planet ( aside from good lies mom) who likes this guy.
    shame on them.

  2. “No broken bones, also is another nasty swipe at Andrew”-thanks to Mr Whitaker

    and thanks Syl for trying to cover for this lying bag o pig

  3. I love how she whines about the interviewer not hearing from the other council members as if to question Mr. Whitaker’s credibility. What a Taint you are Sylvia!

      1. Yes, or HOOD vernacular. Excuse my name calling especially when we got one like Bertha chiming back in offense.

  4. This just adds more fuel to the fire that our city and police department are NOT worthy of running Fullerton. FIRE THEM ALL!! Let’s start over..

  5. Im sorry my initial prognosis of broken bones was incorrect. with the use of modern medical equipment the proper prognosis should have been a torn ligament. One of the officers involved has received surgery to repair damage inflicted during the KT incident.

      1. All that excess adipose tissue puts a lot of extra weight, pressure and strain on ligaments. They very likely tear ligaments every time they try to get out of their squad cars.

      1. July 20 –
        Fullerton Councilmember Bruce Whitaker releases a letter pushing for the release of city surveillance footage that captured the events from overhead of the bus depot.

        Information is also released by Fullerton Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Andrew Goodrich that the two officers were found to have “soft tissue damage”, not broken bones as previously reported.
        on july 20- two days before this email from Syl? how come she didnt mention this in her email then?
        this is not proof to me, its merely a planted media story- PR stunt

      1. “KT incident” = MURDER

        To prove the crime of murder in a court of law the government needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the specific intent that in this case, the officers intended to unlawfully take the life of Kelly Thomas.

        The facts will show that the officers did not have that intent at the time of the incident.

        1. Wrong. In California you can get a murder conviction for intent to commit a felony with negligence resulting in death. In this case, that felony would be assault, with the intention indicated in the verbal threat “These are the hands that are going to fuck you up.”

          1. Thank God you are not the real Perry Mason. First, Perry Mason was the favorite detective of my parents and they all died 30 years ago! Second, the novels are based on true cases in the 1940’s era and NOT in California.
            Your comparisons tell me that you are so enraptured in your hatred of Kelly Thomas and love of Fullerton Police officers that you make totally invalid comparisons.
            The Orange County DA NEVER charges officers with murder and manslaughter because he is one of them. He depends on police unions for his $$ to run for office. For DA to charge two officers means the dummies really blew it this time. It simply could not be ignored.
            So Perry Mason of FPD, get real and get into the 2012 era and not the 1940’s. Earle Stanley Gardner you are NOT!

          2. There is also a “Felony Murder Rule” in California. Look it up. One needs only to intend to beat the shit out of someone (a felony) aka excessive force which is likely to result in great bodily harm and it does in fact result in death.

            Perry Mason, you couldnt get through the basic mock trial put on by a local high school. The fact that you would even come on this site to specifically spew that desperate nonsense tells me the cops are worried. They should be.

        2. When you continue to very forcefully and methodically bludgeon a person, eight times in the face, and knee drop on his face and neck twice with full body weight, thereby crushing the facial bones and throat and causing massive bleeding and choking to death, and Taser, and you do all of these things AFTER the victim is already unconscious and non-responsive….at some point you would KNOW that you are killing the victim. IMO, that equals intent.

        3. so Perry, Ramos and Cicinelli never intended their fists to beat Kelly Thomas to death? Ah, last time I checked the brain that coordinates our physical actions is not very far from our hands. If they did not intend to beat him to death then why did they continue beating him until he was comatose and obsiously not resisting arrest. Or did the tasers being shot into his body cause an autonomic reflex giving the impression the was still conscious? Kelly thomas was dying as the fullerton police continued to beat and taser him

      2. Good point JFA, why did it take goodrich from 7/5 to 7/20 to supposedly make a statement that the gestapo didnt have broken bones, it was ligament issues?
        Another reason, I do not believe this wind bag pork butt

    1. One guy tearing a ligament during the beat down does not translate into two officers breaking bones no matter how anyone tries to spin it. The PIO is paid very generously to get the facts right. The cabal seemed pretty upset that “4F” was helping to set the record straight. It is obvious that Whitaker was not part of the cabal.

  6. And according to Fullerton Stories she hasn’t quite fled the scene yet:

    ““It will be a short retirement, though, as I will be coming back in the new year to work part-time three days a week until a replacement is hired,” Palmer-Mudrick wrote in an earlier e-mail to friends.

    During the morning ceremony, Councilman Don Bankhead said it may take “a lot of time” before the publicist is replaced.

    A press release dated January 5 on the city’s website bears Palmer-Murdick’s name, so she’s still there.

    You can sign up to receive the city’s press releases here:

    1. Thanks for the update. So she’s still around. Good. I’d ilk to see her apologize for bad-mouthing her boss.

      Of course if she is retained to peddle her claptrap to Ponsi that will be proof that prevarication and insubordination are indeed acceptable to Felz.

    2. She retired. So she gets her retirement plus the same pay she got before. It’s the PERS double dip job, it’s a sweet gig. Saves the city money too. Yummy. 🙂

    1. The initial communications immediately following a crime are always the most telling. The perpetrators and accesories always operate irrationally and shortsightedly. What can be inferred from her tone is fear, fear of the truth getting out, gall towards Bruce, and worship of the oracle. There is no concern for the murder victim but rather only self preservation for the members of the bloodletting club. I cannot wait for all of the public to see what kind of leadership and municipal employees we are supporting with our hard earned tax dollars. Great work FFFF. Your audience is growing.

      1. truthseeker – Good talking to you in Big 5 before Christmas. You are right about the audience growing. I have talked to a few people who I would have never guessed they read this blog. I’m glad Fullerton is finally waking up!

  7. What is amazing is that she’s not upset that this stuff isn’t true……only that it was leaked and someone found out about it…….she should be ashamed, , it looks like her allegience is with whoever is signing her paycheck……

  8. She sounds like she doesn’t understand her job. I’m going to go write her a polite explanation and suggest she do some soul-searching 🙂

    1. I think that requires a soul.

      So, no one in the FPD will come out with the truth because of the code of silence, and apparently everyone else has to observe it too?

  9. “Another nasty swipe at Andrew”. Now we know who Andrew Goodlie err Goodrich’s mentor is. Good ol chief Sellers, errr sickly chief Sellers errr chief in name only Sellers. So Andy does know where to get his info from. The truth? Nope! He gets it from his bosses! Sounds like Andy needs to take a leaf from the book of Sellers and get sickly and cough cough Retire!

  10. One could easily infer from Palmer’s remark that the city’s PIOs were actively seeking to mislead the public, or at the very least content to let mistruths slip out “accidentally” and then fail to correct them for the benefit of the city employees.

  11. The only injuries these swineholes recieved were cut up knuckles from the repeated thumping on Kelly.
    Badged pussies!!!

  12. I think what’s most heinous about yesterday’s and today’s posts, is that the civil servants that we employ to serve us, are spending their days gathering intelligence on any resident who opposes the three idiots currently in City Council that their public employees unions bought and paid for in the last election.
    On our time and on our dime!

    1. Agreed FL. This makes me think of the first city council meeting I had attended in August. When I proceeded to fill out a blue form to speak, someone advised me that it was optional and told me NOT to fill it out as the FPD was running background checks from those form.
      I’m certain their hopes were to find criminal records on us to discount our credibility.

      1. Exactly. Along with the video taping at all the protests and the videos at all the council meetings. Never ending intelligence gathering for future reference all on duty time and overtime. Productive. 🙂

  13. Dr. Marcus Welby :
    Im sorry my initial prognosis of broken bones was incorrect. with the use of modern medical equipment the proper prognosis should have been a torn ligament. One of the officers involved has received surgery to repair damage inflicted during the KT incident.

    If there is ligament damage to a knee it would’ve most likely come from a standing 230 pound Manny Ramos, and not a 130 pound shirtless homeless man laying prone on the ground getting pummeled by six 200 pound officers.

  14. This lady clearly felt comfortable slamming a council member for being transparent with the community. That tells me that her bosses (ostensibly Chris Meyer and then Joe Felz) would have likely looked to her for this type of treatment with information. This tells me that the city managers did not/do not demand transparency of government. They demand protection for themselves. For people that ask me why I associate with FFFF, this is why. FFFF seems to be the only source of information in which truth is the guiding principle. Of course one must slog through conjecture, but as I have said over and over, IT’S A BLOG!!!

      1. Wait, so is Tony Chris’ tool or is Chris Tony’s tool? I can’t keep up with your conspiracy theories. Maybe they are just friends who believe in the same cause?

        1. Me thinks so, too. People tend to judge others by how they are themselves. The three fools and their pals can’t comprehend supporting something with friends simply because it’s right. They only see how they will personally benefit or what they stand to lose.

          There are many of us who believe in the same cause as Chris and Tony. Because we support the same cause. Because it’s right.

    1. I agree Chris.

      This is not a trivial matter. It is a disturbing reminder that we are looking at here is an institution of government which is primarily concerned with the self-preservation of its administrators (including the police). NOT transparency. NOT serving the public good.

      FFF can be very ugly, mainly because it is a mirror reflecting back the corruption of the political leadership of a community. People are angy and we can expect the politicians and their snarling cop accomplices to become increasingly rabid and desperate as the forces of truth and justice close in.

  15. WAY TO GO Bruce Whitaker for calling them out on the truth…
    I’m starting to worry about his safety as well as Tony’s.
    Chief “Spineless” Sellers among others like McKinley will probably be seeking vengeance on these guys. But not to worry; we all got your backs.

  16. Mary Smith :
    Whitakers a good guy. Tony bought him fair and square.

    Bruce Whitaker has my vote for standing tall when it came time to take responsibility.
    Instead of cowering behind a couple of overpaid and overweight liars like the rest of them did, Whitaker took to the lonely high road even though he must have faced many internal obstacles within the city hierarchy to get there. That my friends will always earn my respect and admiration.

  17. FullertonGirl75 :
    Exactly my thoughts. She is very loyal to Fullerton, no matter how horrific the crimes committed here are.

    I believe you meant to say that ” Sylvia’s very loyal to the Fullerton Police Department, no matter how horrific the crimes they committed are”.

  18. Oh boy Sylvia, don’t you know that anything you write in an email should be consider completely public? What an fool you are….and an evil piece of shit. Please do us all a favor an leave Fullerton, forever.

    I hope to God after this revelation she will not be returning, and better yet prosecuted for obstructing justice for helping to cover up the truth.

    Be sure your sins will find you out.

        1. do you think she has a conscience? I don’t.

          I thought signing a “sans conscience” clause was a prerequisite in order to work for the city of Fullerton.

  19. I just sent Sylvia a ‘gotcha’ e-mail message, however I got back an out-of-office reply.
    Forgot it was a Friday.

  20. Hello Syl- another swipe…you stupid old hen-so you get awards…Hitler got em You are here to assist us in rootin out the truth..instead you have decided with all your credibility to suck on that swine ANDREW’s teat-.Im ANDYS boss…thats right I pay his wages….Ill swipe his retitirement–he can thank you for that SYL….dooooooouche.

  21. What about all this stuff? Does Syl have anything to say about this?,0,3703611.story

    “Rackauckas said key evidence included 30 minutes of surveillance video from a camera at the Fullerton bus depot, two cellphone videos taken by witnesses and six videos from Orange County Transportation Authority buses.

    Investigators also reviewed audio recording devices carried by the officers and interviewed 151 witnesses”

  22. here is my email:
    Your probably already aware of this..but the FFFF and its many followers have been enlightened to your douchery. Yep we know about it, so just lettin you know this is a SWIPE at you….so when you hang out with Andrew-as you call him- we call him dildo hole..but what ever.just an FYI
    Citizen M
    ps. Again this is a swipe at you..and they will never stop until you and your cronies get it- WE ARE TAKING BACK OUR CITY.

  23. The interesting thing about that comment by Sylvia is that the truth doesn’t seem important to her just the sides she has chosen to take.

  24. …we used to call these stealthy whispering apple polishers, “the House Mouse” when I was in the service. The house mouse was usually the runt of the litter that had arrived amongst the 50 or so recruits assembled for basic training. They would ostensibly be tasked with keeping the Drill Instructors office clean, however the majority of the House Mouse’s time inside of the Drill Instructors office, was usually spent currying favor with the D. I. by squeeling on what the rest of the recruits were saying about the Drill Instructor when he wasn’t around.
    Probably how “Andrew” get’s out of doing physical training and still doesn’t get assigned to the “Pork Chop Platoon”, yet pulls in over $10,000 dollars each and every month!

    1. Someone on this blog used to comment that Goodrich would hide in his patrol unit and watch DVDs whenever there was a “shots fired” call. If true, it fits well with your analysis and his current situation.

  25. Nice citizen m.
    Here’s my message to Sylvia:


    FFFF has posted an extremely disturbing e-mail message dated July 22nd of last year that you had sent to your MIA ‘spineless’ police chief Mike Sellers concerning councilman Bruce Whitaker’s letter to the Register, questioning the truth (or obvious lies by Goodrich) about the cowardly acts of your police department viciously murdering Kelly Thomas on July 5th last year.

    This is more evidence to the community and the entire world for that matter on how the city leaders of Fullerton had attempted to cover up this brutal senseless murder by cops!

    Thank you for your ignorance…Hopefully federal indictments will be coming soon!!! Then you could deliver cakes to Mr. Sellers and Mr. Goodrich when you visit them in Club Fed.


  26. You people are pathetic with a capital P. Is this all you’ve got?? Quit being such tweakers and then maybe people will take you seriously!

    1. When the three old goats take their recalled walk of shame, people will take it seriously. Go jump in front of a car.

    2. They never have a valid point. All they can do is run background checks into people, viciously attack a murder victim’s dad, call people names and refer to them as “you people”.

      They’ll never spell out why this disagree with you because they can’t.

  27. I’ll bet you’re taking us and FFFF very seriously, which would explain why your making little whiny comments on this blog.
    Go sniff some bacon, swinetroll!!!

      1. Fullerton Stories is my favourite source of information. Iso objectib and keeps the sheepul asleep uhhm I mean informed.

    1. Hello? It’s common everywhere. Retire, then come right back and get paid the same along with your retirement. She scored!! 🙂

  28. A PIO churns out press releases no one reads and generally covers up for politicians and bureaucrats unable to speak for themselves.

    It’s a pointless position that was created for Syl specifically back in 1986 when the old Daily News Tribune folded and she needed a job.

  29. I met Sylvia once, didn’t trust her then as she was hanging out with the Bankhead and McKinley and really don’t trust her now. Thanks for keeping it real FF!

  30. “another nasty swipe” what gall and how typical of our fullerton public servants. The truth to these people will always be of little consequence . what truly reigns in their souls is telling lies to protect their cushy, comfy government jobs even if that means covering up a murder committed by Fullerton police officers

  31. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Sylvia is a tool of her employer. She supports anything and everything the city council does because HER JOB DEPENDS ON IT! If she disseminates the truth she would be sent into a quick retirement where she belongs along with Sgt. Andrew Donuts, missing chief Sellout, and the FPD union. Understand that your having liars and perverts on the force, directed by a no show is truly pathetic! What a mess of a city!

  32. Sylvia hurried her email to Sellers alerting him that the Register possessed the
    Whitaker Letter advocating a clear, factual and complete explanation of facts surrounding the Thomas death including the release of video and audio recordings. She was distressed that the other four councilpersons were not interviewed. How was she certain that the reluctant four would knock him down? She knew because a couple days earlier, they had already done so over at Fullerton Stories.
    Her insinuation that Whitaker had leaked the truth about no broken bones to FFFF indicates that she feels Whitaker was a betrayer of some strange, clandestine bond.

    1. fullerton Stories, now this is real blight on our community. I bet Barber Davis misses redevelopment funds because he may have gotten big bucks to fix his propagenda paper

  33. …this was a comment that Ron Thomas left regarding his treatment by our City Councilpeople…

    Ron Thomas on July 24, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Bruce and his wife have shown great compassion to myself and my family. However, Mayor Jones has not given us the time of day. I can only guess that this is because (as seen in past council meeting videos) he is going to see to it that the downtown area is cleaned up. Well, his goon squad has gone to far this time. I have no doubt that the intention of this “goon/hit squad” was to show the other homeless people that if they don’t leave, they will be next. Well Jones, I’m not going anywhere. I will find justice for my son even if it means your job. I don’t appreciate the fact that you have already had your attorney contact me for an out of court settlement. He felt compelled to degrade my son, and to go as far as saying “Ron, Kelly wasn’t a rocket scientist”. After hearing my son on the video beg and cry out for them to stop they tazed him some more. Then he cryed out “DAD..DAD HELP…..These were the last words of his life as the murderers continued to beat him to death. I will never give up my fight for my sons justice.

    Ron Thomas, Kelly’s Dad

    …looking back at this situation with 20/20 hindsight, if this had happened to your own son or daughter, which City Councilperson would you be trust to tell you the truth now?

  34. That woman should be ashamed of herself. I just don’t understand people. What happened morality and ethics? What a joke!

  35. Poor Sylvia obviously isn’t too bright and has been surrounded by people at City Hall who have never demanded any sort of superior ability from anyone.

    I think pity might be the best approach.

  36. As far as the officers not having the ‘intent’ to kill KT –

    Was it not posted on this very blog that in a murder case intent is not relevant?

    Feel free to correct me.

    1. According to Law and Order TV, malice aforethought, is required for Murder 1.

      malice aforethought n. 1) the conscious intent to cause death or great bodily harm to another person before a person commits the crime. Such malice is a required element to prove first degree murder. 2) a general evil and depraved state of mind in which the person is unconcerned for the lives of others. Thus, if a person uses a gun to hold up a bank and an innocent bystander is killed in a shoot-out with police, there is malice aforethought.

      Seems even Murder 1, could apply

  37. my posting to OC Register was reported within seconds of posting to homeless serial killing story when responding to mention of the Fullerton PD. these trolls must have word recognition software down at HQ

  38. truthseeker :
    The initial communications immediately following a crime are always the most telling. The perpetrators and accesories always operate irrationally and shortsightedly. What can be inferred from her tone is fear, fear of the truth getting out, gall towards Bruce, and worship of the oracle. There is no concern for the murder victim but rather only self preservation for the members of the bloodletting club. I cannot wait for all of the public to see what kind of leadership and municipal employees we are supporting with our hard earned tax dollars. Great work FFFF. Your audience is growing.

    ^ That. Keep it up guys, 4F is snowballing because you guys nail it with every piece of truth you publish.

  39. Well here I go off topic again:

    Thanks for coming over for my b-day Friendly Neighbor and citizen M, it was really great to spend some time with you guys. 🙂

  40. Reality Is :She retired. So she gets her retirement plus the same pay she got before. It’s the PERS double dip job, it’s a sweet gig. Saves the city money too. Yummy.

    It’s great I am doing it!!

  41. Reality Is :Hello? It’s common everywhere. Retire, then come right back and get paid the same along with your retirement. She scored!!

    Love it, thats what I do. Work whenever I want and double dip baby!! Works for me.

  42. Ive been taught that, overweight people have no respect for themselves so why would you expect them to have any respect for anybody. Thats a general statement, not always true, but look at how they are SO willing to destroy their Community. Lack of empathy or feelings, is very dangerous as we can see here. In recent polling, 86% of Americans feel that the US congress are not there for the American people, but for themselves.

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