We Get Mail: Slidebar to The Rescue!

Found this in our “in basket” tonight from an anonymous correspondent:

Well, that's two of the basic food groups...

Here’s an in-depth article written by Sally French at the OC Register detailing the philanthropic spirit of the downtown Fullerton’s Slidebar “club,” and its owner, Jeremy Popoff, who has been much-maligned by people on this mean blog.

Unlike Friends for Fullerton’s Future, Sally recognizes somebody who gives back to the community – and in a big way. Feeding 700 people mac and cheese ain’t free!

The cynics on this site will say that this was merely a publicity stunt perpetrated by a douchebag with a guilty conscience or a Fear of the Living Jehovah. And I say: how much chloersterol and empty carbs have any of you given the hungry?!

Dead heads I Aint a Swallerin That Setting The Bar Low

37 thoughts on “We Get Mail: Slidebar to The Rescue!

  1. Macaroni and cheese?? That’s pathetic! How about oven roasted chicken breast, with yams, green beans and cranberries.

  2. First of all…….
    Me nor did any of my freinds call into the PD, and get a homeless guy- removed
    second-me and my freinds do not go downtown and take parking spots for your own valet service.
    third-I have done plenty- for the homeless not embarrassed to say prior to Kelly T, I was lacking- I just didnt know- so am I to bend over and thank Jeremy for 700 boxes of mac n cheese? Great job..on that- well about the call….

  3. I would sometimes stop at Burger Town at Magnolia and Orangethorpe to have lunch if I was in the neighborhood working. On many occasions, homeless people would come up and ask me if I had any extra money for food. I would never give them any money, but would always offer to buy them whatever they wanted to eat. I didn’t care if it cost $10. All you have to do is to put yourself in their predicament and ask yourself if YOU would want someone to help YOU to eat. I’m not looking for any recognition here, But you have to help people where it is really needed!

  4. How kind, a few times a year… really? Dont you have to eat everyday? or should they just wait for a Popoff philanthropy to come around

    Bruno Serato at Anaheim White House Restaurant feeds more than 300 kids 365 days a year

    1. Bruno Serato is a wonderful person for what he does.
      Showing that it can be done in such a fine resturant. Is very touching.

    1. Nice way to describe a human, a stinky bum.

      Futher, FFFF is a blog- PEOPLE make up FFFF, and further you have no idea what anyone in FFFF has done or is doing for anyone, genius

    2. yes their customers are usually stinky….but reslly attacking their patrons…geez a new low for the other side….gotta get up pretty early jeremey.

    1. Bruno doesnt feed them there -he cooks the food there and brings it to another place to feed them-so no, he doesnt have the facilities to feed many people at once, just the kind heartedness and you dont see him begging for publicity either.

        1. Yes, true, my point is that this type of charity is something that is a calling and needs to be done daily or it doesnt help much, but for that 1 day and looks suspeciously like a photo op.

  5. I encourage care for the homeless by the Slidebar and anyone else.

    We do not need to know who did not make the call to bring the police to the Kelly Thomas beating. We need to know who did make the call, what specific words were said, and whether or not the specific words were by prior coaching.

    I have done some puff pieces in my days of semi-professional journalism. This is a time for hard news and investigative reporting.

  6. It’s really pathetic that you ffffers are never happy or satisfied with anything! You bash the slidebar, then they donate food and then you complains about the food raised or donated! You fricken idiot are never happy! You just look to complain about anything and everything because that is all you know!!! It’s time to grow up, get out of your moms basement and see the light!

    1. Poor little thing, you are wearing your blinders and you are living in a dark, dark tunnel of ignorance and complacency, -by choice. Perhaps a better moniker for you would be, “Always Happy” – with the status quo and can’t be bothered with the truth.

      If you don’t wake up and start asking questions and demanding answers and accountability, then you can only expect to see more of the same criminal and self serving-behaviors in the future from city leaders, city employees and businesses.

      Perhaps, after someone that YOU love, or care about, is beaten to death, you will finally wake up and take off your blinders and smell the coffee. I hope it doesn’t take you that long. And, by the way, it’s MY basement. If you are down there, please leave.

    2. You post on here with different names, , but it’s obvious you have a thing about basements…..Cali doesn’t have basements….

  7. So if I call the cops and get a homeless man beat to death I can find a forgiving community if I give cheese and macaroni to everyone.

  8. I hear the cooking is pretty good at the slide bar, but I didn’t know that mac and cheese was on the menu there.

  9. And most likely the mac and cheese came right out of a box of Kraft mac and cheese! Hmmm, I can taste all those wonderful ingredients, which many of the names you cannot pronounce.

  10. Hey Sally…I ask you that same question. Every Tuesday night at the Depot right outside Jeremy’s bar a church group (who does NOT ask for donations) brings food for the homeless. With such a thriving business Jeremy can easily work with this group and provide some meals. I made over 100 sugar cookies before the Christmas holiday for the group. And to your snarky comment about empty carbs and sodium….you do realize what you wrote, right? Empty carbs and sodium DOES NOT help sustain life, which seems to be Jeremy’s MO.

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