They’re Having A Party!

Looks like the anti-recall sponges and parasites have decided to hold a party to raise money for the Three Blind Mice.

Well, good for them, say I. After all, we really need to see what kind of creeps will support the incompetents who created and tolerated the Culture of Corruption in the Fullerton Police Department.

Here’s the flier:

View the flyer

Of course they were going to trot out the Jurassic McClanahan and Catlin – who were both recalled alongside Bankhead in 1994 for imposing a tally unnecessary utility tax on Fullerton. Oh! And here’s Jan Flory who not only supported the utility tax, but even wished it were doubled. And all of them voted year after year to stick us with a 10% tax on our water bills for no damn good reason other than that they could get away with it. Oh, yeah, they also supported every single Redevelopment boondoggle, giveaway, disaster, and money pit.

And Dick Ackerman? Ho ho! We’re onto that slime ball’s influence peddling schemes. Just a few weeks ago the Three Desiccated Dinosaurs awarded the lobbyist Ackerman’s clint a multi-million dollar subsidy for an unnecessary housing project. Awarded for services rendered, no doubt.

Well, there’s your sad crew of anti-recall characters. Here’s a thought: let’s sweep the whole rotten Phalanx of Failure into the garbage can of Fullerton history – once and for all!

Can anybody say protest at the Villa del Sol?




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        1. He said don’t protest outside the FPD

          Which I respect because this is only about the the Kelly Thomas beating not the sexual assaults, the corruption, the other beating victims, the false arrests, perjury, etc.

          Quite frankly I don’t feel comfortable protesting anywhere in Fullerton until Ron Thomas says otherwise.

          1. Smirkface Sarcasmo and Fullerton Harpoon, it seems to me you have put Ron Thomas upon a throne.. I am a resident of Fullerton and I can do whatever the hell I want to do in my city. If that means protesting on every square inch of the city I will do it. Everyone needs to pull their heads out of their a$$ and stop thinking Ron Thomas controls the people of Fullerton.

  1. In the courtyard? That’s a public space. It will be hard to keep protesters out. This could be good, clean fun.

    I’d be willing to bet my last nickel that this thing is being hosted by Mike Oates of the Hidalgo – a recipient of an interest free Redevelopment loan from Jones and Bankhead.

      1. Well, sort of. It’s open to the public, and just like a supermarket a place where recall signatures may be gathered.

        1. I wonder how many cops they’ll have on hand to beat protestors to death, oh excuse me, I meant to say maintain law and order? Overtime – keep those checks coming.

        2. If it’s a private with invitations like this one then you are not automatically allowed to protest on private property. You can picket on the sidewalk, I think, but you have to make you don’t block anyone.

          1. Bullhorn on Harbor?

            “Justice for Kelly!” “Mayor Dick you’re a clown, we don’t want you in our town!”

  2. wonder why they didn’t pick florentines or the slime bar??

    btw.. don’t forget your
    and is this place walker accessible??

  3. Admin
    I suggest you bring your own fliers spelling out your own reasons for supporting the recall and debunking the claims about you.

    1. Jt and Ackerslime. Naw. That’s just a waste of time. I’m not the issue and nobody outside a few of Ackerman’s pals know who I am.

  4. That “rent relief” line is pure bullshit, just another outright lie from Ackerslim & Co.

    We’ve already seen the resolution. If it was a bad deal for the City blame Bankhead and Ackerman and McClanahan – they voted for it!

    1. Lol. Yes they thought it was a great deal with me putting in a ton of cash up front to renovate theirbuilding!

      If you don’t like the deal blame the anti-recallers who voted for it!!!

  5. We have been protesting for the past 2 weekends on Highland and Commonwealth. We don’t need Ron Thomas to tell us who or what to protest. The momentum can not be stopped after all of our hardwork, time and energy already invested in Kelly.

    1. I “Adore You” my misguided Notre Dame fan……….
      My best to you and your USC half!

      You got it when you say that WE don’t need anyone to tell us “if” and “when” we can assemble and voice our Constitutional rights. I believe the incident that brought us out to the streets was Kelly Thomas, but it has transcended into something much larger.

      Keep being the great people I know you and 9c are………

    2. Continued ‘protesting’, at this point is simply a means for people needing a dramatic outlet. Do something useful and gather recall signaturers instead.

      1. You assume that many of us have not been collecting signatures,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Wrong. I have personally canvassed my neighborhood and have been responsible for 30 – 50 people signing the petitions.

        I, as well as others, can multi task. As far as needing an outlet, well maybe partly true, but when you are passionate and commited to a cause, you don’t quit. Just like Jimmy Valvano of NC State basketball said before he died of cancer, “Never, never, never give up”. I am not a quitter nor am I an irrational type who loves to take up a cause because it is fashionable or chic for that day. When I commit, I commit.

        Got it………………….

      1. History is littered with the failures of fools who’ve made similar observations. It’s called the tip of the iceberg, imbecile!

      2. hell of a job you say? I have a conscience it tells me what to do…I dont give a rats ass if im the only one out there…..waste of time…glad you didnt show- I will not show when they beat the shit out of you or your family…….tell ghandi – shoulda stayed home- one guy doesnt make a difference…what a tool?

  6. Jones: “dignity and chivalry”!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha. This is priceless! They are touting the support of two people who got recalled wih Lunkhead last time! And why does anyone care what Molly McClanahan thinks about anything at all?

  7. I can not attend the protest due to work obligations but I will certainly be there in spirit.

    Pat McKinley along with Don Bankhead and F. Dick Jones just cost the city $350,000 to settle one of many lawsuits to come and now want $150/couple for their “accomplishments”.

    They should all be ashamed of themselves.

    Instead of begging for funds from the public, they should be donating their personnal wealth to the city treasury!

    What an incredible sense of entitlement these three men exhibit!

  8. “Donation $100 per person” lol! What are they going to use the “donation” for? A new toupe so HeeHaw can release that opossum living on his head?

  9. The original queen of mean? She went off the council when Blankhead went on!!

    23 years ago.

    She doesn’t live in Fullerton either!!

    1. Linda 90 % of the morons on this blog and supporters of Kelly and FFFF are not Fullerton residence! So what’s your point???

    1. Banacek? George Peppard??? McKinley’s about 180 degrees away. I never saw it. He might as well go for the “Hannibel” look.

  10. Gosh! I remember that old dinosaur Molly Mc got re-elected a couple of times! Once by one one of the highest number of votes in Fullerton history. Oh, back ‘in the day’…

  11. “Reject Recall” yep, that’s what it is.

    So who will be making out a check to assist with the murder coverup?

  12. it’s funny this fundraiser isn’t on the anti recall website, LOL

    did this flyer come in the mail ??

  13. Dear floating space debris orbiting Earth,

    Please succumb to the Earth’s gravitational field on Nov 3 between 5-7pm.


    P.S. If the debris can’t make it, please pass this along to the frozen turds expelled from airplanes, maybe they can drop by.

  14. Protest is our duty to not these folks get away with anything. Whether they are hobnobbing with their out of town rich friends while they shovel food down their throats laughing at the people of Foolerton they have fooled to pay for such an event. The first paragraph of that flyer is atrocious. The tragic death of a schizophrenic man. Wow! they just dont get it do they? They wont until we rid them of their duties

  15. Flyer is SICK!!! Can’t wait to see who supports these Corrupt non honest Men! They have been turning their heads to crime for a long time…claiming they do not know. And, when something hits them right in the face they then try and forget about it…and bury it just the same.

    This is what I think about their memoirs on the flyer of the “Reject Recall” campaign.

    Mayor Richard E (Dick) Jones: “leadership in challenging times” and “He continues to bring stability to City Hall with dignity and civility.” REALLY???? Take a look at the playback of the Monthly Council Meetings and what about Public TV, CNN, Channel 2, 4, 5, 7 or 11. OMG his Words and Show Presence have not been with dignity and civility, and has not brought stability to City Hall. Instead it has brought humiliating laughter and tears to many many people in Fullerton and all over the world.

    Mayor pro tem Don Bankhead: “His popularity and commitment to Fullerton is reflected in his strong community support.” OMG all you have to do is ask someone at a Recall Table and know that is a LIE! He is the most disliked of all three council members!!! Community support…really??? Like… bullying people who don’t have the same opinion of him? Or supporting many many citizens of Fullerton in their pursuit to save our last hills? Yeah…right! He probably just supports a few citizens in our community in their fundraisers and party functions.

    Councilman Pat McKinley: He doesn’t seem to have anything stated in his memoir except being able to win last November even though a developer spent tens-of-thousands of dollars to defeat him, REALLY???? OMG just look at the news, all public TV, private debates, local speaking events and don’t forget our city’s tapped council meetings!

    I believe the whole world sees his memoir unfolding before their very own eyes…supporting of Nunchucks use against pro-life protestors in LA, hiring of an officer who was deemed to have a disability unable to function and work as a police officer in another city, poorly trained or untrained police officers where they think they can act like thugs, and it’s okay…all under his management and term as Police Chief in the city of Fullerton!! And, let’s not loose sight of the tens-of-thousands of dollars our city is going to loose in law suits this year and coming years because of the “thugs” he nurtured and trained over the years as police chief.

    He has a lot to apologize for!!! But instead he is proud of the ones he has hired and sees no need to apologize for anything! He says that these problems have occurred after his term as police chief, really??? Let’s not overlook the fact that the “thugs”, Thief’s and Abusers didn’t just get that way overnight…it’s CHARACTER!! And, maybe now since his retirement as police chief…the tyrant control is gone…and they have just gotten away with their devious actions!


  16. These fools are trying to make money too. 100/person and 150/couple. Where is that money going to go? Pay for their lawyers?

  17. Why would anyone go to a fundraiser that they know damned good and well the are going to be recalled in? I bet that would be one hell of a story of what is said during said fundraiser….hell protest there too,you all have my support!!!!

    1. Those who benefit…..
      Those who received re-zoning on unsaleable rental units for them and their cronies.
      Worth checking!!!!

  18. CackleFoos :“Donation $100 per person” lol! What are they going to use the “donation” for? A new toupe so HeeHaw can release that opossum living on his head?

    “CackleFoos” Thanks for that link on another thread`Got to smile over a coffee omce again…

    1. Oh, you like jokes, eh? Here’s one you can pull on your inebriated friends. Tell ’em you’ll pay ’em 20 bucks if they can answer it:

      Q: What’s the difference between an epileptic corn picker and a prostitute with diarrhea?

      A: The one shucks between fits!


  19. Also, good to see all these former mayors must have been equally negligent and corrupt. We must have all just been sleeping the last decade or so. Not sure if I’m glad to be awake yet or not.

    Protect Fullerton – Recall Now!

  20. This could be a great publicity opportunity. I hope some news media will be there. This is great timing as it coincides with the last fullerton market on wilshire and also just across the street at the Church meeting at 5:00 is a sharing meeting with members of the new oversite committie the city council adapted for the homeless and mentaly ill.Hope we can organize to get there early in the afternoon like starting at 3:00. Bring bull horn?

  21. I take offense to their choice of words in the flyer. Recalling an elected leader is a right afforded by the California Constitution. Quite simply, it’s part of the package they signed up for. The possibility of recall is a risk they agreed to accept when running for office.

    To write REJECT RECALL in big huge letters implies (to me, anyway) that they reject a democratic and lawful process afforded to the citizens of this State, whether it succeeds or fails in the end.

  22. I heard that there will be all kinds of food and drink for protesters at Villa Del Sol. Is that true?

      1. If you really want to make an impression, stuff yourself with pickled eggs and malt liquor before you go. You’ll be the hit of the party!

    1. Someone who looks like Ernest Borgnine in drag could follow him around like a lost puppy, whining about “When are you going to PAY me!”

  23. Considering the entry of the recall flyer/poster into the public domain with the intent to solicit donations may be illegal.
    There is not a declaration of the source that is sponsoring or distributing this flyer/poster.
    In addition, Mr. Bushala is not a public official and in part it is an attack to besmirch a private citizen. There is also the accusation that Mr Bushala in his business pursuits has in some way, fashion, or manner garnered an inscrupulous profit from the city of Fullerton.
    QUESTION:: Was there an expectation for some sort of remuneration or favor for conducting business with the City?

    There appears to be several legal points pertaining to this solicitation that appear to be for politcal purposes.
    Is the sponsor a registered lobbyist?
    Is the sponsor registered with the IRS?
    Then there may be the matter of libel against Mr. Bushala.
    Is this affair covered by the FPPC?
    Is there a position for a reverse SLAPP?
    Is this affair in violation of the Brown Act?
    Do you think could be on the next city council meeting agenda? haha

    1. To find out about SLAAP suits and the use of the Special Motion to Strike against them, go to California Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16, I believe. Unless a civil lawsuit is brought in a court, it has no application. Hope that helps you answer at least one of your questions. WSH

  24. What do we wanna bet that the number of attendees will dramatically drop now that protestors will be present?

  25. With the cash both former police chiefs on the City Council make, why the need for donations to fight the Recall? Oh, that’s right, always easier to spend someone else’s money than your own.
    I wonder how many tickets the FPOA will buy……

  26. Prior post clarification: With the cash the former chiefs receive in yearly pensions………

      1. if there were female streakers, the boys would look at their wives and take off running after the streakers…

  27. The Blue Hairs are strong in Fullerton. Don’t count them out. They Vote. We need a push on 18-50 registered voters. Only 70,000 or so registered voters in Fullerton. The Blue Hairs voted Bankhead back in, after being recalled once already. Look on the hills of Fullerton.

  28. Could somebody please arrange for a mobile Viagra promotional van to show up and park outside of Villa del Sol during the anti-Recall fundraiser??

    1. Now that’s funny!!!! Blue Pills for all!! They to need to mention that in their flyer….A giant woody party. Maybe…

  29. They all have money. Why do they need other peoples money? CAUSE THEY CAN!!!! Old farts F’ers. Taking advantage of blue hair ladies… Smile and flirt with the old blue hairs, shame on them…BLUE PILLS FOR THEM, TEXAS STYLE, WITH NUNFUCKS.

  30. I. Somebody please tell me whether or not Molly McLanahan is still on the North Orange County Community College District Board. If not, does she hold any elective or appointive local political office at this time??
    II. Somebody please tell me whether or not anyone in the Recall movement has asked Molly to examine the Rincon materials — including the statements by the Federal District Court judge — and to opine about whether or not there was adequate oversight in FPD at the time.

    Remember: She built her political career chiefly upon Fullerton’s educated and professional women: League of Women Voters; American Association of University Women; YWCA; and so on.

    Molly got recalled the last time, because she was the victim of underinformation and disinformation by the City’s staff, and as a result made poor policy choices. I don’t believe for a minute that she ever really intended to take sides against the People. The same thing may be happening now, and it would be very regrettable for her to make the wrong political choices at this time. It would not cost me very much to educate the activist-feminists about Molly’s political error on the Rincon issue… it would be better, and fairer for her, if some female representatives of the recall movement see if she will give them audience. With exposure to the proper, relevant information, I am confident that, before the fundraiser, you all can get Molly to come out and say that she is staying neutral on this recall.
    Best wishes, WSH

    1. You have to be kidding me. Yes, Molly McCLanahan is still an elected member of the NOCCCD Board of Trustees, but her term will expire in 2012. No, she is not the victim of anything but her own misinformed mind. No one with any shred of independent intellect would stand up in favor of the Bankhead, McKinley or Jones. I can only speculate that her own sense of self importance requires her to oppose any attempt to recall an official elected to the same office from which she herself was recalled in 1994. She is a perfect example of someone who purports to care about the working class while consistently taking sides against them, because that’s who Rincon felt up, right? Bar hostesses, not university professors or lawyers, so they can be overlooked. I repeat, I have no idea why anyone would pay any attention to anything she has to say about anything.

  31. Did I see that $100 entrance fee correctly? I guess its one of those “fund raisers” like Obama just had-the Trailer version-what do you get on your plate for 100-150 bucks? fried squirrel?

  32. Molly McLanahan, is the the big “C”, she was always a liar. Where do these people get medical care. They should all be in full time care by now. Call the “DEPENDS” truck too!!!!!

  33. If they’re lucky 25 people will show up to this thing. So, $100 x 25 = $2,500.

    Once you factor in food services, mailers, space rental, transportation, etc They’re going to be in the red big time.

    1. I expect the vast majority of these will be in the form of ‘contributions’ to be paid back in political favors down the road.

  34. Re Protesting…why, what’s the point? This is a fundraiser and me thinks the only ones showing up will be their friends and staunch supporters. I can tell you from putting in many days of signature gathering, these are sheeple and will not listen to or believe what is said against these morons, no matter how loudly it’s said.

    On the other hand, while I respect Ron Thomas’ wishes to no longer protest, this only applies to protesting on Kelly’s behalf imho. The ones who are still protesting on Saturday are doing it for all who are abused and harassed at the hands of FPD. And this recall for many of us is not solely about Kelly. The way the three idiots mishandled it afterward was the final straw for most of us but by no means, the only straw.

    Back to the fundraiser…funny but near the end of my first week of signature gathering, someone approached my table ranting and raving at me from his car all the way into Ralphs, continuing when he came out and ending with his finger in my face telling he would match us dollar for dollar. Seems he was either talking out his rear end or has lost faith in his pals. He looked very much like one of the guys alledgedly behind the anti-recall but since I can’t be sure, I won’t mention who I think it was.

    However, if anyone wants to patronize the place where they’ll be and enjoy a glass of wine while catching the BS that will be spewed, this would be seem a more reasonable action than protesting. Although it might be better if it was someone different than those of us who did it at She Bear. lol

    1. In Chap 13 of The Art of War, Sun Tzu explains the importance of getting to know your enemy by use of spies and espionage. This, at the least, is a good reason for someone to attend: to learn their plans.

      Chap 6 teaches how to take advantage of the enemy weaknesses, and how to distort their perceived reality. Psychological warfare, in other words.

      If the goal is to disrupt and disorient, attending their little meeting would make perfect sense.

  35. I just saw this posted elsewhere having absolutely nothing to do with the recall but is oh so fitting, don’t you think?

    “Idiots that follow such idiots without complaint deserve only the company of idiots.”

    (I still think protesting their fundraiser is pointless but always supportive of the cause; if it happens, I’m in and I want a sign that says what I just quoted! lol

    1. Pointless? Are you crazy? It’s psychological warfare. A little more pressure and these fools will wilt like their police chief.

  36. I have my sign ready for their little party and their little friends.. Welcome to” Fool”erton, home of the Council Rejects who are robbing everyone BLIND!

  37. I will be assisting Erin… house for pre-game on this one….lets file out and over to the Vista….awesome!

    1. We would love to occupy Fullerton, unfortunately, a majority of us residents don’t have it like the FPD, whom make $86K annually. So we have to work for a living to pay the city taxes for the inflated water rates, and law suits against our police.

  38. “Remember remember the fifth of November
    Gunpowder, treason and plot.
    I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
    Should ever be forgot…”

    Will the people with the Guy Fawkes masks be there?

  39. Anonymous :
    Does anyone out there know why Fullerton is not OCCUPIED?!

    Because we want solutions not more problems.

    @ everyone else: See you tomorrow! 😀

  40. Mckinley: “Most of the recall supporters don’t have a high school diploma.”

    What a complete jackass. With over 20 patents I will gladly school that arrogant bastard any day of the week. I swear, all three must go but McKinley is the worst. Every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it, and isn’t he triple-dipping on pensions+pay?


  41. When did he say that? And on what basis can he make that kind of blanket statement? I support the recall and I have a post-grad level education in Political Science (International Relations and Comparative Politics) with my B.A. from CSUF. I know a couple of people with their doctorates; one of them has patents in the field of genetics. Maybe I should ask him what kind of genes contributed to McKinley…. Hitler and Eva Braun?

  42. LOL. Exactly.

    The whole thing from the word go was back peddling, and at one point I was standing there doing nothing and I was threatened to be thrown out (lol). Then the same guy that threatened me walked over to a woman that supports the anti-recall and commented that we are so hostile…Really? We said absolutely nothing.

    Beyond stupid.

    Funnest part for me was McKinley showing his true colors once again…I hate that man and his arrogance.

  43. Wait for the press; there were a LOT of “journalists” there, and they all were talking to us more than them. 🙂

  44. If both Moxley and Whiting were there, we can have a sort of Point-Counterpoint 🙂 Off to stimulate my mind with some idle gaming on Pogo 🙂

  45. Titan of Truth :
    How many are at the recall dinner?

    Maybe a hundred people. And they kept calling the ~10 of us there stupid. It made them look even more foolish.

    …and when I say 100, I mean about half that under age 60. 😉

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