19 Replies to “Stability? Dignity? Civility?”

  1. What’s really pathetic is that’s how HeeHaw really sees himself. And his half-dozen sycophants in Rotary and developers like Ackerman who suck at his teat seem to want to appeal to his distorted vanity.

  2. I think this was from the Sept 20th meeting (there was no meeting on Sept 6th).

    Sadly, he’s getting his way with the new policy of limiting public speaking to a mere 30 minutes at the beginning and anyone else wishing to speak must wait till the end of the meeting. Not a lot of people still hanging around at that point. I believe it was Bankhead who first suggested it and then later, motioned to make it a permanent policy. Three said yes, Whitaker said no and Quirk-Silva was absent that night.

    Love this video btw ROFL!!!

  3. You Ffffers need to get a life! Jan flory’bitch you have way to much time on your hands! Maybe you should get a job/life and quit wasting it on pointless videos!!!

  4. Great! this video captures the essence of representative government, fullerton style. Now if we only had taken then current council person’s advice, Pam Keller, to have the city of fullerton sponsor a civic blog where only nice things were posted on it, then poor old civic leader dick jones would not have to tell us recalcitrant fullerton residents and fullerton business owners to shut up. Thanks to Tony Bushala, Chris Thompson and the many contributors to FFFF’s courage, intelligence and tenacity the dictatorial rule of Jones, McKinley and Bankhead, and their cling-ons who scramble for the crumbs these three throw them, will be removed from their civic positions.

  5. I Love Spunky! And all the GOOD people that are speaking up/screaming out.
    F. Dick Jones, We Will Not Be Shutting Up any time soon. Make sure you let the Shebear know.

  6. PS.: Don’t look now, but the next mayoral showdown’s Dec. 6, barely a month away.

    Whooz the next Hizzonner?

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