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  1. Folks this is the real deal so get the word out.
    The cowards are not sleeping at night.

    1. i will be there , if calling FPD edgar, bogart,soto, rincon,lira pigs to ther faceis provocation, then let the war begin , fullerton police cowards , fullerton police pieces of shit.

    1. Sorry to say it Dave- but it appears to me that the majority of support HAS been coming from other cities- based on a loose poll I took at the City council meeting and last Sat’s protest. Based on Fullertons population, 99.9 % of the citizens here are not physically involved in this. i guess dancing with the stars is more important. Even if all 500 protesters last Saturday were from Fullerton, thats .3 % of the population.

      1. I live blocks away and didn’t even KNOW there were protests until I literally drove into the middle of one. As people become more aware and the media attention grows, more and more people from the community will be coming out.

  2. If you live in Fullerton and are doing nothing while this travesty continues unpunished- SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!

    1. YOu all need to stop feeding all the losers protesting GET A LIFE. You can’t support those officers don’t call 911 when you ass is in a jam.

      Kelly Thomas was no innocent person, his father would not allow him to live in his house because he was so unstable and was a danger to others so get your heads out of your asses and look at the facts and don’t be followers but learn the facts before you follow like a bunch of monkeys!

  3. ya , i just want to say that too , , if you live in fullerton and you are not there, that is sad.

    and also ,,, texting all your peeps a lil message to come down is very effective.

    do it.

    u rok


  4. This thing has been growing exponentially since our first rally a few weeks ago. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at the mushrooming turnout every week. Let’s keep up the momentum.

  5. Can’t make it this Saturday, but hopefully we’ll be driving up from San Diego the following week.

    Question: what is the FPD’s status during the rallies? Are they doing traffic control, etc.?


    1. They’ve been blocking off one of the adjacent streets to traffic (not totally sure why). Other than that, they are completely absent. Every now and then, a cop will drive by and get stuck at the red light. His / her car will be immediately surrounded with angry protesters waiving signs, chanting and booing. They roll up their windows and keep their eyes straight ahead.

      Long story short, we’re having a great time. Hope you can make it up one of these weekends.

  6. My prayers, hope and good wishes will be there with all of you, as I am sure that others across the country send theirs as well!

    May God Bless and protect every single one of you that takes a stand against this injustice!

  7. I just posted the Kelly Thomas facebook page invite on 95.5 KLOS radio station’s facebook page. Last Saturday’s protest was the first I attended and will be bringing other peeps with me.

    1. KLOS 95.5 just might send someone down. That’s a good idea.

      I’ll tell you how long I’ve been around SoCal; I remember the big paraquat scandal back in the late ’70s. The rock radio stations got behind that one immediately — KMET 94.7, big time.

      This was way pre-internet; all we really had was FM radio and some funky street newspapers, but it worked.

      My concern is the threat of lowlifes with no interest in Kelly’s story who just want to raise some out-of-town hell. Fullerton is a nice SoCal college town; the problem is the FPD and their protectors, not the citizens and business owners who live and work there.

      1. Just show up. You’ll see families with kids, old people, young people, everybody. Nobody is coming to “raise hell.” Hell has already descended upon us, its name is FPD.



    1. There’s nothing wrong with masked protestors, just like there’s nothing wrong with anonymous bloggers.

  9. The flyer points to a website that doesn’t even have details about this protest. Really now?

    Can we get some general info here? For those that aren’t from Fullerton, you may want to provide some basic information, like the address of the police station and where people should park.

    I’ll be there, for sure, but am curious about parking. More details for people, please!

    1. Behind City hall Brian, lots of public parking. FPD located on the corner of Commonwealth and Highland center of town… Big baseball park across street. Public Library and some good eateries close by.

  10. oh and shane, hoodies, masks and rocks? . shut up.

    ill have a hood a mask and a rock.

    but that don’t mean shit.

    AND also , maybe the nephews of the cops are gunna actually be the ones out there , with hoddies masks and rocks, trying to insite the people,

    there will be many more times to get RAD , in the near future, lets just have a good time , there is a big huge lawn to chill on , infront of city hall, bring a picnic, the fam , and friends , and chill


    1. You missed Shane’s point Chnkn. This tactic has been used many times in larger settings around the world to shed a bad light on a good cause by those who want this to go away.

  11. actually , shane , sorry bud , no shut up , i recall that ,,

    you are ABSolutly right ,, they very well may be PROVOCATEURS, out there ,

    and good to be aware ,


  12. From CNN/Justice:
    His father, Ron, said Friday that four new witnesses to that struggle have come forward this week, and he notified the FBI and the Orange County district attorney of the new witnesses Thursday.

    The four witnesses, who had been afraid to make themselves known, saw “100% of everything” and “100% of the nonstop beating to my son’s head” by police, Ron Thomas said. Two of the witnesses are a husband and wife, and they saw Kelly Thomas before his encounter with officers, when Thomas was “not bothering anyone, just walking,” his father said. The four witnesses approached the father Wednesday evening, he said.

    “It’s real key,” Thomas said of the four witnesses’ accounts. “It substantiates a lot of facts. They’re very, very reliable people.”

    The incident “goes so far beyond brutality,” the father said Friday.

  13. Does anyone know who I can go to regarding a witness, that told me, at the Fullerton Transportation Center, saw that Kelly was already handicuffed, as the beatings and taserings continued! Ron Thomas? The FBI? The DA? The OC Grand Jury? All? Other? Thanks

    1. My suggestion is this GOOD guy at:


      a good alternative is:

      Dennise Willett, Branch office Chief
      The United States Attorney’s Office
      Central District of California
      Santa Ana Branch Office
      Suite 8000
      411 West Fourth Street
      Santa Ana, California 92701
      (714) 338-3500
      (855) 898-3957 (Toll Free)

      At least that way the witness’ name goes on record. Strangely, other witness accounts dissapear from the OCDA tip line.

      1. What I love is the fact that witnesses keep popping up, telling essentially the same story and yet the DA investigator (best buds with the Chief) hasn’t talked to them.

        Meanwhile RackCauca claims the investigation is almost over. Sorry Joe S. Your Do-Nothing DA is going to do nothing.

  14. I guarantee that any and all who come will truly be inspired by the grass roots community activism that you’ll see. It’s a very comforting and noble sight to see people from every socio-economic background passionately working together as one for someone that would have been forgotten if not for these same people.

  15. Todd-what’s your sign gonna say, I will absoultey come find you-friend for Kelly justice! Stand on the FPD side near the curb -near the traffic blockers

  16. I really, REALLY wish that I could come. But I live in San Bernardino and I just don’t have any transportation to Fullerton right now. However, I promise that as soon as I do, I will be there!

    Please be assured that we are watching this very closely and my family and friends 100 percent support you! In fact, one of my friends is a cinematography student and he wants to make a documentary about this. I’ve talked with him and several of his friends about this, and we actually want to meet Ron Thomas and help however we can. We want to expose the corruption in Fullerton and see what can be done to pass new legislation to prevent this from ever happening again.

    You are not alone. People in cities all across southern California are watching this and talking about it. Those cops and the corrupt officials in Fullerton will not get away with this.

  17. It’s so true we are not alone. Thanks to the local stirup and Ron Thomas’ crusade, there is heavy media attention..Last Saturday night at the vigil Ron Thomas told us he had a lengthy interview with the largest German Broadcasting company, ala BBC for England. I heard the Dept. of Justice is looking closer into police and sheriff departments.

  18. McGoo will be there on Saturday!

    On Tuesday at the city counsel meeting I’m gonna tell that asshole Mayer to SHUT HIS DAMN MOUTH!!! I am getting so sick of being embarrassed by what he says!

  19. Fullerton polices and officals can wipe out the bloods on their faces but the Truth shall remains. Bloodstain has good memory.
    Spread the word out..We have to stand up.

  20. You all need to stop feeding all the losers protesting GET A LIFE. You can’t support those officers don’t call 911 when you ass is in a jam.

    Kelly Thomas was no innocent person, his father would not allow him to live in his house because he was so unstable and was a danger to others so get your heads out of your asses and look at the facts and don’t be followers but learn the facts before you follow like a bunch of monkeys!

    1. hahahaha what a moron!!! do you really think that such a dumb advice will stop us from protesting? hahaha.

      You are the one who needs to get a life.

      Everyone here sees that a person with a mental illness was murdered by six bastards in front of 50+ witnesses, that city officials are preparing a cover up, that there are videos of Fullerton police officers on the Internet where you can see them demanding civilians to stop filming or they are going to be sent to jail, and you come here saying that we shouldn’t protest? hmmmm you sound like you work at the FPD…

    2. @ 55 by Anonymous >you are the reason abortion should be stay legal.Why would anyone support 6 murderers only a cop would have that psychotic approach. By the way if i need to call 911 i want to be assured that who ever provides help is not a Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and are of sound mind and have the dignity to handle the job and not be a psychotic murderers.The only monkeys here are the ones dressed in blue.Remember all cops and law enforcement who have knowledge of corruption and chose the code of silence can and will be charged under the Rico act
      that is the law and every officer especially the chief are going down like the titanic with the help of God the chief will not see dime one of his retirement.

    3. Why would anyone want to call those cops? Apparently the only advantage that cops provide is weapons and force. They clearly don’t know how to subdue someone peacefully.

      So, it seems like people would be better off if they just armed themselves, and didn’t have to rely on the whims of the Brute Squad when they’re “in a jam.” I’ve never seen the police respond to any situation I’ve called them for within time to help. They’ve always shown up after the fact to be condescending, and tell people there’s “nothing to see here.”

      So, yeah, if we promise not to call the FPD, can we stop paying them?

  21. I will be at the protest, holding signs for the Fullerton Police Department and the city of Fullerton.

    Ron Thomas, why wasn’t Kelly living in your home? why does he have a history of violent crimes?

    I think your just looking for a big pay check…
    Get REAL ! ! ! you poor excuse of a parent, you threw you son out to the dogs and got what he deserved now you want justice, where was justice when he was sleeping on the streets and eating out of garbage cans

    1. “I will be at the protest, holding signs for the Fullerton Police Department and the city of Fullerton. ”

      No you wont.

    2. @ #55 Anon

      Being homeless and/or mentally ill is not a reason to be attacked by anyone, least of all, the local police.

      Regardless of how Kelly chose to live his life, it was HIS life. A life the police had no right to take from him. That’s why the cops are criminals in this case.

      Stop defending the criminals and blaming the victims.

  22. Yes I will already made the signs and not worried a bit! I am bringing at least 30 others with me at yes some are current and former Officers and military personnel Donut!

    1. Anonymous-I was there at the rally – didnt see youre sorry ass or anyone else defending theose boobs with badges-you coward.

  23. I hope those 6 MURDERING PIGGS get whats coming to them… GOD DAMN OC DA NEEDS TO STEP IT UP… If this was an average citizen the person or person’s would be in jail right now… lets stop being nice with these CORRUPT PIGGS… This is what happens when you have an ALL WHITE SCUMBAGG, DIRTY, WORTHLESS,RACIST DEPARTMENT LIKE FULLERTON. F.P.D stands for FILTHY PIGG DECIEVERS… I HATE YOU FULLERTON PIGGS… I HOPE YOU ALL BURN IN HELL

  24. I will be there in spirit. Enlighten those who are in the dark about menal illness…it is not a choice to be mentally ill. Mentally ill people often live in fear and confusion. Their loved ones reach out to them, but mental illness clouds reality and homeless is often the result. Our legal system does not address mental illness effectively. Stigmas, wrong attitudes, ignorance and fear blinds those who are supposed to be there to “help.” It appears These “peace” officers allowed their emotions and a “pack” additude to kill another, helpless, already suffering human being. Imagine that Kelly was your son, brother, father, friend….because he was all of these and more. Kelly was a brave soul here to help all of us become more compassionate to those we do not understand, to those who are different…to those who are less fortunate. Please let Kelly’s life have this great meaning and more….learn and grow. Thank you , Kelly….and God Bless you. You have found well deserved peace….

  25. What lie is Ron Thomas going to come up with next??? Please ask him how long he worked at the sheriffs dept. and why did he leave. I have asked several times and never get a response. I thought Tony wanted transparency, it has to work both ways not just one sided.

  26. anonynous-WTF are you talking about and who cares how long he worked for the sheriff dept or why he left? what is wrong with you? God’s going to get you, you hateful devil

  27. I was honored today at the rally when I got to hug and speak to Mr Thomas-a very gracious and gentle man who’s only concern is assuring justice for his slain son-he is very thankful and touched by all who came out in support and continue to do so.

    One highlight at the rally today was seeing a dog-a big black one, barking loudly-seeming with us, as we all chanted “justice” “now”

    We boo’d passing copper cars that was great to me-especially when they wouldn’t even look at us

    I dont know how everyone else feels-but ABC-7 seems to be an ever presence at the saturday rallies with cameras and reporters, right? guess my problem that haunts me is knowing that they wanted no part of this story when it first broke last month and made no attempt to find out anything before that, and now, all of a sudden they have all this coverage – well, I guess coverage is coverage and I should be grateful for that.
    I saw a truck for KNX 1070, I believe they cover for ch 2 and 9, I think there was other forms of media there without visable trucks-I saw big professional cameras-maybe a you tube or 2 and some cell cameras
    I know of a radio station in my town and was grateful for a handout from a group that announces the saturday rallies that I can give to the radio station and ask them to announce it as a public service announcement- hopefully that will get the word out a bit, hope everyone does this, radio stations will do free PSA’s for events, if you ask them.

    Some very kind ladies went around the crowd offering free sandwiches, crackers, cookies, water and even a moist towelette to people

    mostly I was impressed with the show of support for Kelly and the rights of all – by a very large crowd-itmade me proud and a little choked up

    thank you my friends

    1. “We’re aware of it (the protest). We’re just maintaining regular patrol checks, just to make sure that everything is running fine,” said Fullerton police Sgt. M. Rowe. “We’re going to let them go about their business.”

      How sweet. They let you go about your business.

      What a pantload.

      Something tells me Kelly’s story isn’t getting much attention at the Beverly Hills Courier.

  28. Where corruption exists, the widespread existence of a Blue Code of Silence among the police can prevent the corruption from coming to light. Officers in these situations commonly fail to report corrupt behavior or provide false testimony to outside investigators to cover up criminal activity by their fellow officers.
    RICO actions against the corrupt judges, Clerk’s Office employees, District Attorney, U.S. Attorneys, and County Sheriff’s Deputies
    by by FPD!! silence isn’t so Golden now isn’t it

  29. merijoe :
    what kind kind of bullshit journalism is this? a sgt from the FPD told them 30 protesters were out at 9:15? wtf? i was there at 9:15, though not a huge crowd yet, there was more than 30 there

    After witnessing the many failures in communicating in the English language by the various FPD trolls on this blog, it is not hard to conceive that simple arithmetic is also not part of the FPD skill set.

  30. I think those rotton, sneaky no good nazi’s were purposely trying to downplay the size to the media so it would be reported that interest is dwindling-ce nice try, gestapo, we’re not going away.
    Oh, I forgot to mention, while I was at the rally, a couple of the FPD nazi’s stuck their heads out of their hiding hole and stood on the porch just gawking at us for a good 1/2 hour-so I heldup my sign nice and high for those rats to see “HEARTLESS COWARDS”

    1. You have your local group support. That’s all. No one else cares. The cops don’t care either. They are just laughing at your non sense. The problem is that rational people know that Kelly was a loser, he ran, he fought, and the cops kicked his ass. The only question is was the amount of force reasonable for the violence by Kelly, not if the force was called for. DA will announce that soon but it’s leading toward yes, it was reasonable. the other problem rational people don’t care is because of Mr Thomas. He is a loser. He was a deputy for a few years, but claims to be retired and a deputy for many years. He’s a wanna be. Then to dump your kid on the street for 20 years, and now use pictures from 15 years ago like it was yesterday is a scam. Mr Thomas is a scammer. He lies. If he stuck to facts and not BS, he would get more respect. He’s losing respect by the day.

      1. I have been yelling at every Fullerton cop I see for weeks. They haven’t been pulling me over. They’ve been avoiding eye contact and looking away. The way I see it is that they’ve been told to lie low. Or they know they’re toast. Either way, it doesn’t matter. FPD is discreted in this community. Nobody is going to be buying any tickets for the Policeman’s ball anytime soon. Nobody is going to be coopearting with any FDP cops on anything they don’t need to anytime soon. Juries are going to be siding against FDP cops and prosecutions for the forseeable future. This town once supported its local Police Department. No longer. I’m sure there are some good Fullerton cops out there. My advice would be transfer to Anaheim.

  31. Mr Thomas is a grieving dad and has not lost my respect, in fact has gained more of it-Im sure Im not the only one who feels that way- I heart him, he doesnt lie but you and your gestapo friends do-nice try, no gives a crap what you or your fat-load, frankfurter necked, cycloped, GED BFF’s think or say-the problem is you are all wicked devil nazi’s and God’s gonna get ya. We are all gong to keep fighting-no matter what you or any other asswipe says-CA-PISH?, COMPRENDE? AND THISIS MY LAST COMMENT TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE FULL OF HOT AIR AND FARTS AND I DONT HAVE TIME FOR YOU AND YOU BULLSHIT

  32. @Reality Is Im A Meat Wallet

    So if he’s scamming the city, he must have set up his son and knew the cops to beat him to death, jeopardizing all of their jobs, only for a monetary gain? Where in the hell do you get this shit? I think you gotta understand that ALL cops aren’t evil like you make them out to be you fucking cunt. Quit hiding behind your screen name and playing tough guy like the rest of your buddies.

    1. @Bilbobaggins

      ” he must have set up his son and knew the cops to beat him to death, ”

      No, but like a hot cup of McDonalds coffee to the crotch, no one expects it, but when it happens it like a jackpot on a slot machine. It doen’t change what happened to Kelly, but it certainly taints his percieved motivation. He should have waited til after the trial.

  33. who do we call for help now days every time I see a story of police brutality the officers are pardond. this saves law suits but who do we call to save us theese days. I was beat by the police at age 14. I am now 43 and I am still haunted by it . if im pulled over by the police I have anxiety for days R.I.P kelly thomas

  34. Fuck all those Nazi Cop Mother Fuckers their corrupt Nationwide….Infact thier just pure SCUM…Death Penalty for all 6 of those fuckin murderous, shot fat fucks,

  35. And it starts from the top down….I’m in another state and I’ve been watching this closely……RELEASE THE TAPE! and let’s see the real facts….camera’s don’t lie like most police, D.A’s and most people connected to the government…..I hate to say this, however, the only way to bring justice to this corrupt department….is a RIOT….it’s worked in the past.

  36. Easy with the riot stuff, Orion. Don’t do that.


    A riot brings justice to nobody. rioting has never worked.

    I remember Watts. I’m that old, yes. I was a little boy, but I remember.

    Fullerton is a wonderful SoCal city.

    Fullerton has a city/police problem, evidenced by the murder of Kelly Thomas. Rogue FPD killed Kelly, and this is what we’re working on.

    We’re not trying to burn down the system; we’re trying to save the system.

  37. Your trying to save a corrupt system, and I remember the L.A Riot when they violated King’s “civil rights” and he lived..as you may know these “House proud town mouses have a 80 percent chance of getting a slap on the wrist for this SICK CRIME..and effects all those that care…it’s a Local issue for you but a Global issue in reality…That Big man Pig man HA HA Charade he is…burn the fuckin Department down and rebuild it…but remember to lock the doors….Seller’s is nearly a treat and he likes the feel of steel….but he’s really a cry! Bottom line, I’m fuckin pissed …so don’t tell me how to feel. R.I.P Kelly.

  38. To best end the Officers hiding behind “the Public does not know how to subdue someone excuse” Litigation Logistics Group is creating a Public Service Video using a LEO Defensive Tactics Instructor showing the proper, approved take down technics for dealing with someone like Kelly. We will post it free on any site that wishes it.

  39. Cuss words and unprofessional comments is not the proper response. We must take the higher ground and teach by example. As a retired LEO and retired Military Officer I know from experience. I been where they were and I never beat anyone down. restrain yes, kill no.

  40. May be others who have been victims can have a forum at this protest – people who have something in common with the Thomases.

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