Don’t These Clowns Have Any Shame?

Brand spanking new interim Police Chief Kevin Hamilton got his name in the paper today, but not in a good way. In an LA Times story Hamilton admits that the goon squad that killed Kelly Thomas on the night of July 5th watched the subsequently top-secret video as they cooked up their “official” reports. Rather than decry this methodology that permitted the killers to get their story straight, Hamilton claims the exercise helped them “refresh” their memories. Of course the Inspector General of the LAPD completely disagrees with this tactic.

The tenor of the tenure was established on Day One

Hey, say what?!

Have we not been told for weeks now by people like former police chief/current councilman Pat McKinley as well as our Do Nothing DA Tony Rackauckas that the video cannot be released because it might “taint” the memories of potential witnesses?

So let’s see if I’ve got this straight: video refreshes cop memory; video taints witness memory. Got it?

Hamilton, who admits to having watched the video, also characterizes the incident as a significant “struggle.” Hmm. Well, that’s an improvement on “tussle,” but it makes you wonder what kind of damage it would have taken to cause the new Chief to utter the words: “lethal gang ass kicking.”

And so it appears as if our newly minted chief’s first contact with the media was a load of horse manure.

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  1. Criminals will stop at nothing to cover their tracks-par for the course. Let’s stay on ours. I say we recall ALL the council. They are all in on it. NONE OF OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES SHOWED ANY CONCERN UNTIL PROTESTS AND THE LIGHT OF DAY FORCED THEIR HAND.

  2. HE also failed to mention that it is standard procedure in any southern California law enforcement agency to ‘cover-up’ (as best as they can) any despicable and deplorable behavior exercised by their field officers.

  3. I have had personal experiences with Captain Kevin Hamilton and have found him to be a bully and a bullshitter. Somehow those two traits just always seem to go together don’t they Captain?

    1. He heads the detective division so this is no surprise. Dicks are known to be aggressive, racist, sexist and corrupt.

    1. I think Mr. Bushala could pull any woman in Orange County based on this blog! (Well, besides Mrs. Dick Jones, of course…)

  4. Well, who wouldn’t struggle with knees and the weight of a “significant” body on one’s head and throat! Can’t breathe…your reflex is to struggle for breath!
    Or does tasering produce a struggle-like reaction?

    And at what point did the “struggle” start? at the point of death?

  5. HOW DEEP DOES THAT CRAP GO?!!? This stuff makes the doings of the Gestapo/SS look like boy scouts!! UNBELIEVABLE DIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tusabes, stick to the issue. It appears that you do not have a case to make and are ignorant. You could only make a personal attack. I guess putting light on this issue is terrifying for you as you will scurry back into the darkness. I gave you the courtesy of capitalizing the first letter in your pseudo mane, grant Bushala the same courtesy. Once again, evidence that you know you have no case.

  7. I’m starting to like you Tony now that I realize what you are all about. I’ve dealt with the Hispanic activists before and you are identical. You turn every word, every phrase into something that will spark interest from your fellow activists, even if it is adding something that is completely made up.

    I’m surprised at all the people that think Fullerton is any different than any other city in California, or the US. This was a critical incident and is getting attention, but if you had the same incident in just about any other city you would see that the city councils and mayors are the same or worse. In terms of Chiefs, I think some would have handled it differently but from an activist perspective I don’t think any council or Chief could do anything right.

    1. IOW: “Murder by cop is commonplace. Every city council is corrupt. Why don’t you sheep go back to your pens already and let us get back to stealing every cent we can for our pensions and beating you when you speak up.”

  8. No Credibility here,
    One reason the Cops get to view the tapes so they can TESTILIE in Court.
    If you have made a Police Report go and get a copy,
    a) Not the same incident totally rearranged with the facts or
    b) “You have not reported it”
    It is all about statistics.
    How are we going to weed out the pervasive disease
    of LYING??

  9. That is utterly absurd regarding the video!!! These people must think the public are idiots!! Everything that comes out of the mouths of city officials just further degrades the public’s trust in them!

  10. Wow…The Fullerton Police Department had one last chance to come clean, step up, and do the right thing, and they still screwed it up. The new acting chief had an opportunity to present himself as at least one official who was not going to make the same mistakes as Sellers. But he calls the incident a “struggle” when everyone in the public knows that Kelly was beaten to death. It was not a “struggle”…it was MURDER and everyone knows it. The new chief has just proven that the ENTIRE department is corrupt.

    They just blew their last chance. Just disban the Fullerton Police Department completely and have a different agency take over. I don’t know if the Orange County Sheriffs would be any better. But maybe a State or Federal agency could take over.

    That has been done in the past. I live in the Inland Empire, and there was a police department that had so much corruption that the city actually contracted with the California State Police for a while, and then the Sheriffs. It was about 3 or 4 years ago. I don’t remember exactly what city, but it might have been Colton. I’m not 100 percent sure.

    What would the people in Fullerton have to do to get the police department disbanned? Would a petition work? Someone should start a new petition, specifically to have the police department completely shut down and have an outside, independent agency take over local law enforcement there. And it should be an agency that is completely independant and objective, one that has no connection whatsoever with the FPD or Orange County. Maybe the State Police or a Federal agency. And get a new chief that doesn’t even know who the hell Sellers or Hamilton is…that way there is absolutely no more favoritism, no corruption, and no more cover-ups.

  11. Medical leave? He makes over $200k/yr. and never have any problemss cashing all those checks, but when there is issue to be solved, he ditches his post. What the hell kind of chief is it?
    His wife and his kids should be ashamed for having such a coward hushand and father.

  12. Have to agree with Tony and Chris. Once Hamilton used the word “struggle”, there went his credibility. He just signaled to his forces that he is going to continue to protect them by pretending that there was some sort of rationale for this fatal torture-beating. Unfortunately for him we all know better and we are not going to stop until justice is done. Sorry Chief. You had your chance to help regain the support of the community – and you blew it on day one.

    1. What did you want him to say? He saw the video. I’ve heard it was very much a “struggle” from witnesses and officers. Not sure what you would want the Chief to call it since he knows more about it than anyone but the DA’s office.

      1. It was not a struggle. I don’t know any eyewitnesses who have refered to it as that. They had him pinned to the ground.There was no movement on his part.

      2. He know less about it than the eye witnesses and of course the rougue cops who refuse to cooperate with the investigation.

    2. That guy doesn’t want the support of the community he wants the support of the Gang. He’s been a cop for 32 years – right out of high school. He’s in it up to his eyeballs.

      1. “Hamilton said he believes residents may have lost confidence in the Fullerton Police Department due to the incident, but he hopes to rebuild their trust through their actions going forward.”

        That’s what I was referring to. But it sounds like you have some personal knowledge of Hamilton. Just another bully in blue? How sad for our town. Except this time we’re not going to take it.

        1. Of course he wants to rebuild our trust. How else do you fleece a sheep except by rebuilding trust.

          He’s a FPD lifer. Just like Bankhead. Do you think for a moment he’s not going to adopt the circle the wagons plan and hope for everything to die down?

        2. I have had zero confidence in Kevin Hamilton for years and it’s never wavered. He’s like the rest of these cowards who calls themselves Christians and behave like the devil. As long as he’s in charge of the police force here in Fullerton expect more of the same misconduct as he is a true lifer on the Fullerton PD so I guess you could say that he comes by that trait honestly.

        3. @ # 24 not only are you going to take it! your going to all be ousted no more police bullshit.All you police just don’t get it the party is over we the people demand law and order we don’t need your kind of injustice when all you bottom feeders start going to prison for your crimes to humanity that is when the streets will be safe there is virtually no difference between cops and gang bangers just a different gang only with a badge.this is what you cops are all about just useful idiots.

  13. Serpico you have always been my hero—look what happened to you when you broke the blue code of silence

  14. I’m doing everything I can from Boston. Wish I could be at rally. I’ve set up a Twitter account and am tweeting everything I find here. I have only 16 followers so far but I just started. Have also contacted local news here in Boston with links from this source asking them to cover the story. Beautiful little girl goes missing and it’s on every news outlet every day (a truly horrible, horrible thing – not saying it’s not) but a homeless mentally ill man murdered with what looks like a cover up — story doesn’t stay long on national level.

  15. Hey Fullerton residents – are you fine with the fact that this future disability pension taker is saying that the city council will be handing out punishment, if any, to the six officers involved in the Kelly Thomas murder? Two of them are ex cops and one is a blabbering moron… good luck getting justice from this bunch of clowns…..

  16. There is a point when statements here are a turn off. You might dissagree with terminology used, but it doesn’t warrent inflamatory insults. No person in any position will EVER come out with the terms favored here (thugs, ass-kicking, murder…), so in your book, any official, anywhere is corrupt to you. Parsing every statement for an excuse to post another article denegrating this man is beyond silly.

  17. So let me get this straight. The FPOA can look at it to help rectify thier troubled memories, but individual civilian witness’ can not???

    1. If it was possible, I’m sure they would let the civilian witnesses review it after they give their initial statements. Just like the police, then the civilians can fine tune what they actually saw. The problem is showing the video nationwide and now 1000 witnesses come forward wantin to be involved in the case and saying they saw exactly what was on the video.

      1. Reality,

        Maybe if the other civilian witness’ made a donation to the FPOA, they would be permitted to watch. A Pay-Per-View arrangement perhaps??

        GET REAL! The cue ball’s made of styrofoam!

      2. It IS possible, it DID happen, and it was already publicly admitted by the new “chief.” The cops actually got to see the video BEFORE they even wrote their initial reports (referring to the pre-re-re-re-re-edited reports). BEFORE.

        So how many civilian witnesses have had access to the video huh? How many?

        2 books of law: one for cops, and another for us lesser civilian untermenschen.

  18. ya know what,,

    how hard would it be for a council member or the new police chief , to come out to a city hall meeting , or a news outlet,

    and say ,, my fellow americans,, my justice loving , free people, my peers, what has been going on here in fullerton , is wrong , immoral , and illegal , on my watch , we will change things , there will be no more of this cronyism , or covering up of facts and cases. my pledge to you is that , the moral spirit of the law shall be restored here in fullerton.
    I will make sure that the Kelly case will become TRANSPARENT , in the coming three days , and give you my vow , to protect and serve , and for my officers to do the same.

    My deepest sympathies go out to all of the citizens who have been bullied, beaten , harassed , or as we have seen here in the past few weeks , even killed.

    Im sorry for the level of corruption that has existed here, but there will be a change. it is not easy to root out all that is bad, but i tell you i have already begun , with the firing of those officers , and there will be more to come.

    And to the citizens that have brought this huge issue to the forefront, the protestors and activists , lovers of freedom and our REPUBLIC,,, to i tip my hat , and say thank you for doing your duty as citizens.

    thank you for taking the time to listen.

    lets get to work,




    1. LOL Chicken ur great. Maybe cause then they would be admitting wrong doing before the investigation is completed and before they actually know what occurred? Good effort though. You should dress up like the Mayor and give that speech tomorrow at the rally.

  19. do you really expect anyone in that police department to do what is right?? they all have been rouge operators for along time and they will never change….YOU NEED TO FIRE ALL OF THEM AND BRING IN A WHOLE NEW POLICE DEPT…they are all covering for each other, so fire all

  20. That would be poetic Chiken….dressing up like fat load Mayor McCheese, stuff a couple pillows in your shirt, put on a big stupid straw hat, stick a cigar in your grill, rub red rouge all over your cheeks then pat your belly and read a speech – a speech he should have delivered to everyone a while ago, on the lawn of the FPD then hold up a sign – would get my attention

    1. You know, that’s not a bad idea. What would really be classic if 100 protestors did it on the same Saturday. It would look like a Barbershop choir.

    2. …or if we had a bald guy that resembled Don Blankhead maybe we could dress him up to look like KFC’s Colonel Sanders and have him chasing after residents dressed up like chickens that won’t stop clucking ; )

  21. =oh and he was a sheriff, thats a good idea, ,,, and another thing,,,, give land to people the at need ,,, , also for the ideas of Kelly , to give a reserve , hmmm COYOTE HILLS, given as an open system for you to come , if you don’t have a house,,, and work the land and build and , not be scrutinized by the city ,, a tent city ti start, and then as you build you huts then , there is fairness , abbot owning you land , and being safe if you want to be. a place that is free, almost how dispical this sounds ,, but reservation for the currently homeless, Mr Ron , coyote hills or a big factoy ( hunts in west fullrton, and if the currently homeless could take over and make livable , and most likely somting special good and a worked of art ,, for the people by the people… oh , ya i wot vote for you as some elected or sheriff chief, or somting ,,,,,

    im tired ,, bable sleeoing

  22. because the fear of police and stray volunteers , while homeless and trying to sleep is very tiring , sleeoing in a bush and then woken up to a flashlight in your face, got to leave they say…. and fee land for fee people , im serious , somwere like coote hills , heck there is a fight for it now by two sides , both comprised of idiots . just give it to us , to be free land, move in , and build a hut ,…. there is water , and yo can deal with your own energy needs….

    i wiold be will ing that if that happens , the camp would flourish and be somting wonderful…


  23. Let’s give the new chief a break here. Hamilton has been on the job 48 hours and you’re reaching hard to crucify him. We don’t know if he personally supports or condemns the practice. Besides, he’s one hell of an improvement over Sellers.

    1. I think that 31 years of swimming in the same cesspool of corruption would have been my first clue.

      1. How would you expect a police department veteran of 31 years – who had NOT yet been police chief – to eradicate problems and corruption within the department? That’s up to the man in charge.

        Up until 48 hours ago, he wasn’t that man. I’m not saying he doesn’t have flaws, or that he will be a wonderful chief, but I’m willing to give him some time to prove himself. I think it’s only fair at this point.

        1. I wonder how a guy who has been with the department since 1979 gets passed up as chief so many times.

          …He had to be one crappy cop.

    2. @ # 52 that is to bee seen he did not come off well with his statement of it was a struggle not a very good start ask any one who seen the video which i am sure he has seen or comment from any recorded witnesses it was not a struggle only struggle was watching it.Is that what you meant officer Hamilton?

  24. Government Employee+Unions=Absolute Power=Corruption=Loss Of Individual Rights,Freedoms, and Protections. I ‘m sure it has been said before, but it needs repeating. In other states where there are emergency/extreme situations they bring in the National Guard-(just sayin). Definite need to clean the whole house of Fullerton. Otherwise probably like tenting only half of your home to get rid of those pesky termites/roach infestation).

  25. After reading the stories and comments on this blog for the past few weeks one thing is clear. MANY of you are sheep. A bunch of anti-government, cop-hating, followers. It doesn’t matter what answer you get it will not be good enough. You all follow a guy that I have read many of you call “King Tony”. Many of you don’t live here in Fullerton and don’t know your “King”.

    I saw the CNN video where his tag was “Activist, Real Estate Mogul”. Truth is he is nothing but a slum lord. Just ask anyone who lives in his apartments. He owns most of the “ghetto” in Fullerton an does nothing for his residents.

    He is using this unfortunate incident as a political play to get the people that will benefit him into city positions. He is using all of you sheep to fuel the fire. He is not interested in anything that will not benefit him.

    Why doesn’t one of your “investigators” call up the city to find out how many complaints have been filed against Tony, the real estate mogul. Maybe than you will understand why he isn’t happy with the local government and police.

    One comment says nothing will be done by making personal attacks. This whole website is dedicated to just that. As long as the personal attacks are against government and police than it is ok.

    Some of you are interested in letting the investigation run it’s course. Most of you don’t care, it’s just a reason to badmouth local officials and police. If you don’t like it than move. The bottom line is when you need help who are you going to call?
    Why don’t you do citizen’s patrols at 3 am in the middle of a dark alley by yourself and take back the streets. Most of you don’t have the guts it takes to be a cop, but it is real easy to criticize, even when you don’t have all the evidence.

    The police department has done much good for the community over the years and now most of you don’t have the patience to wait for the independent investigation to run it’s course. You will not be happy no matter what happens an will look for another reason to complain.

    And to answer the sheep before they start to slay me, no, I am not the ex Mrs. Bushala, nor am I cop, or Mrs. any city council member.


    1. How dare you bash the King! I didn’t know anything about his past or his motives but if what you say is true, it would all make sense. I’ve said many times he and they have the appearance of hardcore activists and are just using Kelly as a way to bash the police and city government. Things become more clear everyday.

      1. I don’t like slumlords. But that is all irrelevant. Even if Tony is doing this all for personal gain, which I find ridiculously unlikely, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we have an out-of-control police deparment with a culture of brutality and arrogant impunity. We are in the process of being good citizens and attempting to everything we can to clear the department of its bad apples. Since our elected officials are clearly not doing their job in terms of straightening out the FPD, we are holding them accountable. Again, this is about being good citizens. I couldn’t care less who is organizing any of this, and I suspect 99% of the readers of this blog would agree with me.

    2. This whole myth that you guys are trying to create that everyone disgusted with this situation is an activist is bullshit. Almost every single time these incidents happen I give the benefit of the doubt to the police. This time is different though and it’s not only different for me but it’s different for everyone I know. My father who is ex-military and likes to say he is further right than Atilla the Hun was completely shocked by this enough that he started emailing local media before this story was getting coverage. There can be no justification for beating someone so badly. If you watch Cops on tv you see guys a lot bigger than Kelly Thomas who are high as hell yet two cops and a taser can get the guy detained without severely injuring or killing him. I dont need the DA’s horse shit to know that no suspect should look like that after being taken into custody. Waiting for the investigation is fine and dandy but the problem with the “independent investigation” is that it’s not very independent. I don’t trust the OCDA one bit because they can’t be unbiased when they frequently work with the Fullerton police in criminal investigations.

      It’s precious that they showed the video to the cops but won’t release it to the public because it would taint the investigation, complete and udder bullshit. Even if you had 1000 people come forward and testify they saw what was on the video tape, what difference does it make? They would just be describing what we all can see. This video tape obviously incriminates at least 2 of the police officers and the only reason it isnt being shown is that it will outrage people even more. The theory obviously is if we wait long enough people will forget, that’s not happening any time soon though.

      1. Check the facts William Wallace, tasers and pepper spray have a history of not always working on people that are high or mentally ill. Just because you “saw it on cops” doesn’t mean that is how it always is. EVERY situation is different.

        I watched the youtube video and the bus surveillance video. They both don’t show ANY part of the altercation. All you hear is people giving an opinion of PART of what they saw.

        It’s clear that people like you only hear what you want to hear.
        “The theory obviously is if we wait long enough people will forget, that’s not happening any time soon though.”

        If you would listen, you would hear that the video will be released when the investigation is complete. Unfortunately, that is not fast enough for everyone that has already passed their judgement on an incident they did not witness.

        1. Silly me, before tweeds and pepper spray the only option to take a suspect into custody was to beat them into a coma, gotcha.

    3. Yeah you complainers quit with the habitual complaining. Now, this has exactly what to so with cops beating somebody to death?

    4. baaaaaah, baaaaaaaaaah. and it doesnt matter where a person is from- this horrible MURDER by your precious nazis could happen in any city so f you, and no one cares about your crazy ramblings. someone neds to be a leader so us taxpayin sheep will be organized when we stand upon our hind legs and tell these idiots that work for us-WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE

      1. You don’t even live in Fullerton! You don’t even live close to Fullerton. Get a brain and think for yourself sometime you crazy bitch!

        I can tell by your posts merijoe when you do and when you don’t take your meds. Your a f’n moron. Nothing you say means anything. Glad we’re on opposite ends on this one. I don’t need you on my team.

    5. @ 59 wwjd what a cop spokes hole you are corruption brought Ron kelly to the forefront by committing a brutal murder upon his son.he would not be here if it wasn’t because of 6 bottom feeder thug’s.nice pile of bullshit you wrote you really think people think they can’t see through your pig are all communist and you don’t even know it just little government idiots.

  26. I’m not convinced showing the officers the video caused any harm and here’s why:

    1. Doing so prevented the officers from banding together and contriving a big lie about what happened.

    2. Had they not seen the video and a discrepancy existed in their reports, the DA and the courts are going to rely on the video and audio recordings over the police reports anyway.

    3. Anybody with half a brain knows the police reports were biased in the interest of self-preservation. The reports are nothing more than diarrhea on toilet paper.

    1. And here’s why I believe it is harmful. It’s referred to as collusion or collaboration of eyewitnesses and is a criminal offense. Would you let rape victims discuss their encounters with each other before putting them before a suspect in a lineup and still be able to get a conviction? That’s why this law exists.

      1. Um, but its okay for the cops to collude and collaborate on a story and then later on the witness stand (perjury).

        As usual thew cops have a double standard. One set of rules for them. One set for us.

        Suspects in a line up? We already know who the suspects are! The McKinley Six!

      2. What law are you referring to Fullerton Lover?

        There might have been verbal (or perhaps even silent) collusion or collaboration immediately after the incident anyway. Who’s to say they didn’t rehearse ways to defend each other should an incident of this nature take place?

        The way I look at it, anything the cops have said or wrote down in their police reports is complete garbage at this point.

  27. #59, actually, their contriving a lie which the video would disprove would actually be a plus for those seeking the truth. This way, they will make up stories that attempt to justify every single blow and when you can’t see both hands and feet of Kelly, they’ll claim in unison that was the moment he did something aggressive to them.

    It’s much easier to prove misconduct if their co-ordinated reports blatantly contradict the video.

    The bottom line here is that the very rationale given by the police and the council for not turning over the tape to the public is being flouted by them. So either there’s a good reason for withholding the tape from the public or there isn’t.

    Regardless, given now we know witnesses have been able to view the tape (the pick-6), there is absolutely no excuse not to release the tape to everyone. Even the OCR editorial called for the video’s release.

      1. That’s what happened when all the fatsos lied about the phone cam incident. Of course our slimy prick of a DA did NOTHING to the cops who lied and blew his case. How many tens of thousand did that court caper cost us?

  28. You guys have got to push for the release ASAP of the video. Based on what I’ve seen in other cases if you don’t is that you’ll get the video and the DA’s report no-filing the case at the same time. It will be a done deal. And the video will be placed in the context of the cops justifications for each escalation on the force continuum.

    Also, I sure hope the Dad is getting an independent autopsy done.

  29. And as we’ve come to painfully learn over the last two decades or so, the police are above the laws by which the rest of us are forced to follow.

    Collusion? Absolutely.

    This is why the rotten ones are free to run wild and wreak all the havoc they want. It’s not even a rare occurance these days, and hasn’t been for a long time. This is why citizen protesters are finally PUSHING BACK.

    I couldn’t care less who is organizing this either.

    Misdirection is a common tactic — especially here. FFFF is swarming with Barbradys, and we all know it.

    Or, maybe it’s only a few who keep changing their handles. Whatever.

    Sheep? Hardly.

  30. ExPat — thank you for some very interesting posts.

    Question: how do the citizens of Fullerton push for an ASAP release of the video? What can be done?

    I was wondering if a consortium of citizens could bring a class-action case against the City in general and/or the FPD in particular.

    (Don’t flame me. I’m not a lawyer, I’m just asking.)

    What can we do, apart from peacefully protesting and spreading the message?

    The recall is underway, and the bozos and barbradys at City know their collective goose is cooked no matter what. They’re done.

    The reason for all of this is to win justice for Kelly, ensure his murderers are imprisoned, and make sure this rogue cop business is at least stepped on. We’ll never be rid of them all, ever.

    So, how do we get that video released ASAP?


  31. Heard the radio news just now. Supposedly the FBI is talking to Ron Thomas. The news said that Ron feels like the DA is not going to file anything worthwhile…

    Once again, the people get the shaft over the boys in blue… hopefully its not true.

    1. Well, we pretty much expected this, scandalous as it is.

      The City and FPD is in total rope-a-dope mode now. It’s all they have. It’s all they know.

      I’m not sure they truly understand the power of Kelly’s story. Kelly and the rest of their victims remain beyond their intellectual horizon, and always will.

      They’ve always had an out. They’ve always lived on Easy Street.

      “Support our boys in blue.” “Back the badge.”

      I was one of those guys, and I wish I still was. Seriously.

      My dad [RIP] is a WWII combat veteran, I was raised in a law-abiding conservative home, and even now at 55, although I would label myself a long-haired San Diego libertarian (small L), I’m still a quiet citizen who wants the best for everyone — in SoCal, and everywhere.

      I’m not an “activist.” Or at least, I wasn’t until recently.

      We all know people who have been roughed up and punched around by the police. This is a terrible truth, and one of our dirty little national secrets.

      Coast-to-coast police brutality is our 300 pound gorilla in the living room.

      Actually, it’s only one of our national gorillas, but this gorilla is wearing body armor, packing pepper spray, a taser, a “nightstick” (god, what a horrible label), a lethal sidearm, and a radio.

      The gorilla radio is the worst. A couple clicks, and a swarm of brother gorillas are on the way.

      That’s trouble if you’re a little ol’ sick dude sitting at a bus stop in Fullerton.

      I was chatting with an acquaintance recently, regarding the Kelly Thomas murder. We’re both born-and-raised SoCal natives, always loved it here, no plans on leaving, and we want it to remain beautiful. We’re both in our 50’s, and for you spunky young guys and gals, I’m telling you — SoCal is SO MUCH worth saving. Don’t wreck it. Save it. Please.

      Anyway, we were chatting about Kelly and the police and all of it, and she said something that really struck me. This gal is conservative SoCal; cute, smart, couple kids, homeowner; not a partier or a troublemaker in any way. Not even close.

      She noted that as a long-time SoCal homeowner, every now and then you will likely find yourself dealing with local “law enforcement.”

      It might be something as simple as an abandoned car or noise or something, but it’s rare. And she clearly remembered and stated that every cop she dealt with was an asshole.

      That’s not one of her usual words.

      Tough guy. Fuck you attitude.

      They bring asshole to the show. They do.

      Now we know (once again) that they bring murder.

      It’s their fault I’m an “activist.”

      I never wanted to be one — not like this. I was busy with other things until the FPD stomped Kelly’s neck and beat his brains out.

      I’m not leaving. I will never leave this fight.

      Kelly Thomas is the unfortunate martyr who might blow the doors off our police state outrage for the next 50 years.

      It’s worth fighting for.

      I have kids. I want them to be safe from the police. They’re not, tonight.

      1. Do you really believe that load of crap you just said? If so, than don’t bother calling them when you actually need help.

        It’s funny after 9/11 they could do no wrong. I have family in law enforcement. They told me how many people came up to them and thanked them for their service after that horrible event.

        Now, when times are economically tough people think completely different, they make too much money, their retirement is too good, etc. The reality is not many of them live long enough after retirement to actually enjoy it. Whether you agree with it or not their job is stressful and takes a toll after a long career.

        The bottom line is they are still regular people like me and you. They just deal with everyone’s bullshit on a daily basis. Because they are people they also make mistakes, just like me and you.

        Even though you think the way you do, if you called for help these same people that many of you despise will still come and help you and lay their life on the line for you and your family.

        I assume by your comments you saw the DA video, that’s why you assume they are guilty, right?

        Thought so. BAAAAH!

  32. I think we need to temper our comments, and not get ahead of what Ron Thomas is also saying. He welcomed Kevin Hamilton being put in charge, and said he had always been truthful and available to him.

    Still, I, too, feel it’s very inconsistent to let The Gang of Six review the surveillance tape and make their reports dovetail with each other, yet argue that this would taint civilian witnesses. And for Chief Michael Sellers to skate out like that – first, with the two-week vacation directly following the July 5th incident, then, with a sudden, unexplained “medical leave” just when two of five City Council members call for his resignation, it looks awful! As if he’s jumping ship before it affects his personal interests, the hell with his officers and the reputation of his department!

  33. Chief Sellers and all you low life thugs you can run and hide but the Rico act is going to kick your sorry behind!

      1. RICO?

        I’m with you 100% all the way, but don’t do that, please.

        Kelly’s story is now worldwide, and congratulations to everyone who made this happen.

        But here’s the thing: it’s still a local case, and Fullerton can win this at the local level.

        Stay on point, Fullerton. You are surrounded by support; SoCal and beyond.

        This isn’t RICO. These are dirty local cops. Stay on point.

  34. i say let em see the damn tape and write asmany reports off it that they want- shit, the tape is true, the nonesense they write is fantasy bullshit and they will look like the fat, lying, cowardly fucks they are, as soon as anyone compares the video to their obvious attempts to cover their asses -the truth is the truth-its on tape-what are they going to do? rub their magic lamps and change it?

    1. a police officer was controlling the camera and they already say that there are some unclear parts etc. same recently in denver they moved the camera at the critical moments. interesting also a cops son beaten also so it didnt go away

  35. for those of you who dont know what RICO act is (obviously) here’s a definition -The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows for the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed someone who told a man to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually do it.

    1. @#88Where corruption exists, the widespread existence of a Blue Code of Silence among the police can prevent the corruption from coming to light. Officers in these situations commonly fail to report corrupt behavior or provide false testimony to outside investigators to cover up criminal activity by their fellow officers

  36. I don’t get it. They viewed the video to assist in completing their reports. You would accuse them of a cover up if the report did not match what was on the video. But now people complain that they viewed the video. The video will be release but not for sometime. The DAs office does not want it to influence any witnesses that may testify in any of the future criminal or civil hearings. I guess people just want to see someone get beat by the police.

    1. Or its exactly as has been described and they don’t want the public to know it.

      Rodney King beating, none of those cops would’ve been charged without the video release.

      No sane person wants to see “beatings by police”. That’s why we’re against what happened to Kelly.

  37. How do you know when the Fullerton polices and politicans are lying to their teeth?
    When they open their mouths. These cops are not as good as you are paying them all these years to protect you.

  38. This ‘police department’, da office and council is appearing more and more like a corrupt criminal organization every day. So far it appears a murder has been committed, phones, cameras and city videos have been stolen and/or seized, witness/citizen intimidation and traumatization, false reports to the media, failure to follow guidelines, allowing the perps to view the video tape and review/makeup/lie on official reports, vacations for the perps, no kind of correct lawful action what so ever from the fpd, the da’s office or the council. This is utterly disgusting and all the people helping stall and cover up this horrific crime are ‘accessories after the fact’.

    Just because you work for the government does not mean you can break the law.

  39. Where corruption exists, the widespread existence of a Blue Code of Silence among the police can prevent the corruption from coming to light. Officers in these situations commonly fail to report corrupt behavior or provide false testimony to outside investigators to cover up criminal activity by their fellow officers

    will be pursued by the Rico act.

  40. I want to know if the Saturday gathering and vigil will be continue? I will go for as long as it is planned,

  41. Actually, it does seem like a really good case to charge the entire Fullerton Police Department under the RICO Act. And with the FBI investigating (if they’re serious about it), that does seem like a very real possibility.

    I would love to see an entire police department that was corrupt be charged with a Federal crime. Every single one of them – the new acting chief, ALL the officers, all the administrators…the ENTIRE department, taken away in handcuffs by Federal authorities.

    And on top of that, the 6 cops who killed Kelly Thomas be charged with 2nd Degree murder with mallace.

    And heck, if the Orange County DA is really as bad as everyone has been saying and always lets corrupt cops get off with no charges…then maybe they should be investigated under the RICO Act too!

    What we really need is someone from the Justice Department with a good sense of right and wrong who has the guts to really do what has to be done. Throw the book at the Fullerton Police Department and the Orange County DA. Prosecute them for obstruction of justice, the RICO Act, and anything and everything they can to send a message that corruption will not be tolerated.

    1. LOL you are really in a long lost wild dream. If you think anything close to this will ever happen then you are smoking that same stuff that fried Kelly’s brain. Keep dreaming.

    2. i would say 1st degree murder IF it is true they instructed someone to give a false report to the dispatcher in order to do great bodily harm to mr. thomas, resulting in his death.

  42. Hey all you outraged, Be warned…This police corruption, police brutality thing is not going to go away from California soon!

    California Government, and certainly the County of Los Angeles Courts- if not the Fullerton Courts as well – have blood on their hands.

    If the police in California beat you up you need to file a California Government Claim. See link below

    If you do not file a California Government Cod Claim after 6 months you cannot file a case against the police, or the other California Government Entities and THEN YOU CANNOT PURSUE A LAWSUIT.

    In some cases in County of Los Angeles Santa Monica if you have a case against the police and have not filed a California Government Claim – the California Court can pretend to have a hearing – but it is a set up for police brutality – like a back alley – and the police beat you up further for reporting their corruption as well as the Government Entities’s corruption. And the County Courts don’t care…


    Note: the Sheriff Deputy who was not the sheriff involved – even though County Sheriff Lee Baca says he was – was convicted in Federal Court in 2008 in a different matter.

  43. While we may not agree with what Hamilton is saying and think it is bull or propaganda and he is saying what we have suspected all along….at least he is talking and communicating. He has said more in his first 48 hours as acting chief than Mike Sellers has said in six weeks. And one of the things I think we have all wanted was for the Police Chief to be more communicative. We eventually need a new guy there who has no connection to the previous FPD. Hamilton does not fit that bill. He has been there for 35 years. We need a brand new start and approach to law enforcement in our city.

  44. Am I missing something here… If the officers told Kelly that he is under arrest for whatever reason, he puts his hands behind his back and they handcuff him, then none of this would have occurred. I wonder how many arrests were made that week and how many were beaten. I don’t believe the police have a right to beat anyone, but some of the responsibility is on those who resist being arrested and are injured in the process.

  45. Hadn’t seen this. Thank you for posting.

    “There’s clearly no evidence whatsoever that there’s any intentional killing of this, uh, person. Nothing like that.”

    Clearly no evidence. Right. Except that he’s dead.

    So, how’d it go, merijoe? Any news from the protest?

  46. yeah, i wrote about it on the RALLY FOR JUSTICE CONTINUES ON SATURDAY blog post, see there, i dont want to post again and look obnoxious 🙂

  47. One person the citizen’s of Fullerton are letting fall under the radar is City Manager Joe Felz. The mayor and city council of Fullerton are largely part-time figure heads. The real power in the day to day operations of any small city is in the hands of its city manager. The city manager is also the boss of the chief of police. The chief of police does not even have the power to terminate an employee. The chief can suspend, or place officer’s on administrative leave, but they can only recommend termination. The city manager is the only one with the power to permanently remove an officer from their employment.

    Chief Sellers initial inaction in this case is every bit the fault of Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz, as there is no way he did not know what is going on. Chief’s of police throughout California are on the phone with their city manager’s several times a day over one issue or another. City manager’s get their daily marching orders from regional heads of the California League of Cities. Since Chief Sellers did not take action in the early stages of this case, City Manager Joe Felz is every bit as culpable as Chief Sellers. Possibly more.

  48. Where is the 911 call

    We deserve something from all those cowards circling their wagons..

    Really frightening the fraternity we allow cops and politicians to become.

    I really want to hear the 911 call and what it was for exactly.

    Like I have stated several times before.. Just intuitive feeling but Kelly knew the cops were going to kill him that day and they knew

    after BLOW
    after BLOW

    Six Taser hits?? **That right there will not go over well with any jury

    Sadly.. jurors could/would have their lives and family threatened by a group like Fullerton, CA police department and city council

  49. IF the cops really did use their taser 6 times on Kelly Thomas then wouldn’t that be murder all by itself?

    BTW.. that DA is seriously frightening looking.. like he would lie even if those cops murdered your Grandmother.. he would do all he could to pin it on granny

  50. @Anonymous….From my sources, Mr. Sellers had (and I emphasize HAD) a good reputation for being a decent Police Chief before coming to Fullerton. He even teaches out at the Academy at Fullerton College. I can see how any member of our city council or City Manager would believe this was a good hire in the beginning. But his failure to get those six officers off the street during the investigation immediately (it took four weeks from the beating and three weeks after Kelly’s death), his allowing of the rewriting of the police report while allowing those officers to see the video tape, and his not communicating to the public are three unforgivable sins (we know about) among other things and is the reason he needs to go.

  51. I am friends with a few of the Fullerton police officers and they think they are above the law, so I quit talking and hanging out with them. One day one of them called me and asked me why we are not talking anymore and i told him that he acts and talks like he is above the law, and he said that is one of the advantages of being a police officer. So I asked him again, is that a “Yes” answer and he said that is correct, so I said good luck with your attitude and life. He preceed to say he can get me a pass to get out of any tickets or problems by showing his business card and police card. I said I will pass and don’t need to get a dumbass attitude like you. I hung up and he called me back and said to watch my back and don’t call me if you have any problems. I said DON’T WORRY I DON’T NEED YOUR BS AND POLICE ATTITUDE IN MY FRIENDSHIP. **** Never heard from his again.

  52. Let’s taint the jury & say that the Cops are “Guilty” right off the bat! without hearing the tapes & seeing the video’s. Send a message to the City of Fullerton & Police Cheif and see how they like it with the games they are able to play.

    **** Won’t it be funny that all 6 got “Guilty” and spend time in prison

  53. One would hope the FBI has already confiscated the original street camera video. There’s no doubt the corruption in Fullerton is there washing each other’s hands and covering each other’s behinds.If the FBI is worth it’s salt, they will have already seen through most of the games being played and already had enough eye witness testimony and the two videos already circulating showing the witnesses responses. Not all the people can be lying or delusional.The mere fact that the cops were able to see the video after they beat Kelly Thomas into a coma should speak volumes to the FBI if they will conduct a search for truth. The good of the community is also a consideration if rogue cops can violate civil rights and get away with it by their friends and co workers helping in the coverups. Let’s all hope the FBI shows honor and roots out the liars and good old boys all trying to cover each other;s butts . There is no other way to restore the public trust.

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