Out of Context?

Matthew J. Cunningham is scurrying around the internet trying to plug the holes in his sinking conservative reputation. Amongst other things, he has accused the Friends of posting portions of his invoices “out of context,” whatever that means. Of course he refuses to explain the details of his activities and continues to do the old “look over there” routine.

You want context? Fine. Here are all of the Pacific Strategies invoices that we scanned. Enjoy.

[   ] Invoice-2007-10.pdf 73K 

[   ] Invoice-2007-11.pdf 65K

[   ] Invoice-2008-06.pdf 231K

[   ] Invoice-2008-07.pdf 255K

[   ] Invoice-2008-08.pdf 170K

[   ] Invoice-2008-09.pdf 348K

[   ] Invoice-2008-10.pdf 336K

[   ] Invoice-2008-11.pdf 543K

[   ] Invoice-2009-01.pdf 149K

[   ] Invoice-2009-03.pdf 232K 

[   ] Invoice-2009-08.pdf 201K

[   ] Invoice-2009-11.pdf 148K

[   ] Invoice-2009-12.pdf 129K

[   ] Invoice-2010-01.pdf 81K

[   ] Invoice-2010-02.pdf 73K

[   ] Invoice-2010-04.pdf 268K

[   ] Invoice-2010-05.pdf 279K

And if you don’t have time to go through all those invoices, just listen to this ‘ol clip from the John and Ken show:

35 Replies to “Out of Context?”

  1. I think it’s outrageous that he bills the commission for what he calls “acct mgt (billing)”.

    What next? 0.5 hours to take a dump?

  2. I can’t believe this guy is still around. His blog is dead and so is his job.

  3. Why has Matt, never addressed this head on?


    He has a great fourm to beat the shit out of FFFF, Moxely, Gustavo and Pedroza in Red County, but strangely he never does. Could it be he doesn’t want the last few real conservatives to know what an asshole he is?

    The whole Hugh Hewitt, Bill Campbell scam has run it’s course, why doesn’t matt lock the rollup door to the alley and bail on Suite C.

    In other words: GET A JOB MATT!

  4. Damn you guys!!! I spent all afternoon on the phone with Saggiani making sure my blog buddies rent is paid up on his Sherry Lane condo and now this!!!

    How dare you!!!

    You will never get an invite to Suite C….NEVER!!!

  5. This guy keeps responding in a way that digs his hole deeper. I would like to offer Jerbal some advise: shut up for a while.

  6. So what if he outted sex abuse victims!!! He is a swell guy and my blogging mentor. You are jealous that you aren’t ever invited to Suite C for cocktails.

  7. Wait-Wait-Correction Please

    Suite C in the Jerbie Cave in Orange is packed with his buddies…..Danny Chmie-lewinsky (yes in the Jerbie cave he wears his blue dress), Jerbie’s mentor Urell, Jonny “I am the Fleshman” Fleishmann with his FlashCam, Chrissy “I am the LB Pimpy” Prevatt, the Chipper “I am not a Crook despite my part time job at the Nixon Library and what the SEC says” Hanlon…..And yes Jerbie is passing out tooth brushes (he has a hidden stash in the Jerbie Cave) as part of Laura “Jerbie Girl” serving cocktails to the crew in Suite C-it does get tight but Jerbie has announced that there will be new security for the Jerbie Cave-he has hired Robert “I am proudly from the city of Bell” Rizzo to provide outside security from the torches and pitchforks crew from Fullerton

    1. Hey Richard stop blog trolling on the taxpayers dime and start harassing Carlos Bustamante and precious princess Lori Gallaway.

  8. What goes around comes around. He has damaged the reputation of many people who actually volunteer in their communities. This hack is a political prostitute sapping on the public dime. He is a parasite. Matthew move on and get a real job!

  9. Hey “SCR” how did you get the lowdown on Suite C? That is all supposed to be confidential and only known by members of the inner-circle. Has someone broken their vow of omerta and told tales about our escapades?

  10. This is hilarious, and very disturbing at the same time, this guy is straight up ripping people off! Plus he works with that Chip Hanlon guy doesn’t he?

  11. How can you you call these “selective” examples.

    Initally I was disturbed at the mocking tone taken by Matt’s critic’s, but I have come to realize, thats the only thing that gets to him.

    This guy has no loyalty to ANYONE but him self.

    This is the definition of a PAID HACK.

  12. I notice he says he got out because “blogging doesn’t pay the bills”. He should have added “anymore”.

  13. Did Jerbal really say that? If so, that validates what his critics have been saying all along, he’s selling his “opinions” and blogging as a paid shill. Now that the well has dried up he has no reason to blog. – guess this is his round about way of saying “you guys were right all along”. Go Jerbal, go Jerbal.

  14. It isn’t a libelous comment to say Sean Mill lost his condo in Santa Ana due to a la k of paying his association dues. The joke is you guys deleting a comment you think is libelous when you allow them all the time for people you hate.

  15. Chris,

    You’ve thrice been reprimanded from posting at work. Please stop. If you care to continue to bleed the county dry, do so under your own name.

    Unfortunately we can’t fault Dan for using DKMFAN’s name. Dan has never had an original thought. Plus, since he doesn’t have a job he can post whatever/whenever he wants.

    The obviousness of the Matt/Dan/Chris threesome rebuttal is sophmoric. But, I would warn the two married guys against continuing, bringing bad stuff home will CRUSH your already fragile marriges. At least Chris gets FREE HEALTHCARE. Dawn has to keep her job for your families. We have NO IDEA what Lana is willing to do to pay hers.

  16. Is also is not libelous to say Sean Mill’s mother beat up a black neighbor and Davenport gets all he racist stuff this week. Hope Mommy made you a yummy lunch today Seanny!

    1. Chris,

      Try to get your facts straight before you come here and libel folks anonymously.

      Lunch was yummy, thanks.

      I am sure my mommy makes me better lunches than you do for Nick. Now run along and get him his pipe and slippers Tiger.

  17. Chris,

    Maybe Bernardino would like to explain half of his Central Comittee meeting explaining that this really wasn’t you.

  18. So now we have to wonder whats next for Maximus/Jubal/DelusionsofGranduer AKA Matt Cunningham, now that he has listed his retirement.

    I cam across this Gem, which is complete with a Hugh Hewitt reference, I guess they stick together:


    “But I’d like to tell who the writer behind this pseudonym is. My name is Matthew Cunningham. I’m a public affairs consultant in Orange County, California, and a member of St. Norbert Parish. I co-founded Roman Catholic Blog during the last days of Pope John Paul II’s life, at the suggestion of Hugh Hewitt. He had suggested Ultramontane and I employ pseudonyms, although I can no longer remember why.”

    One of the OJB posters has him pegged to start a new venture with Chimiechanga and Prevatt, but thats doubtful consider Laura is scared to death of GAYS. Another suggestion was that he was told by the OCGOP powers to shut up (likely) for a while. But, most likely he is working on his next scam. The free tuition is running out and Laura is largely unemployable as the hate faucet stops pouring…

    So how about a Poll ADMIN??

    Whats to become of the Gerbil?

  19. It has come to my attention, and not coincidently, that there is a reason for Jubal’s exit from the blogsphere (isthat a word?).

    First, a little recent history (2011 stuff):

    1) Matt resigned from the Orange planning commission under fire.
    2) Laura Cunningham (wife) was outed as a plaintiff in a PROP 8 lawsuit, while popular with the right, this position was troubling to the pupetteers.
    3) The FIRST 5 scandal was rearing it’s head again, now more widely.
    4) Matt was called out for his “Friendship” with Dan Chmelwinski, Chris Prevatt and others who run the OCEA website “liberal oc”. Although the latter is doubtful, because Matt and Laura hate fags, and Chris is an outspoken gay activist.
    5) Chip Hanlon is accused of FRAUD. (The THIRD Cunningham employer in 10 years accused)
    6) Matt is again acused, this time by a Dioceon Priest “in the know” of taking $$$ in the form of tuition for his daughters in exchange for defending Mssr. Urell.
    7) Matt who at this point has been absent from posting for weeks, posts his “retirement”.

    Forgive me, but I doubt, that a guy who has started and failed at FIVE other political groups and who ardently defended Urell, suddenly gave up, and was all but invisible in the Davenport debacle, was crushed by those “Challenging The Right Wing Noise Machine”.

    What has become of Jubal and why has he disappeared?

    No farewell?
    No explaination?
    Something stinks, who wants to dig through the trash that it is?

  20. I dont know him and can only speculate. With that said, we all have a breaking point. Jerbal’s problem is he mixed it up with people who were doing the blog thing for fun while he tied his living to it or things related to it. Similar to a guy playing poker with real money against others using Monopoly money. He had nothing to gain and everything (career wise) to lose.

    Jerbal had a good time for a while poking fun and mocking all his detractors but the reality that these same people can create a shitstorm any time he tries to bring on a client took a while to set in. Now, when he has pissed off countless people that will wait for the chance to barrage any potential employer. Jerbal is beginning to figure out his little fits of fun are costing him his livelyhood.

    He is a fool for sure and he probably figured out too late that the one place he should have used some PR skill was with the political blog universe in the O.C. Now he has motivated enemies for no reason other than his foolish pride would not allow him to shut his yapper.

    Good luck with the career Jerbal. Try to stay off the airwaves and be your own man for a change rather than carrying water for some politcal hack.

    1. “Good luck with the career Jerbal. Try to stay off the airwaves and be your own man for a change rather than carrying water for some politcal hack.”

      That would take some real doing. He’s joined at the hip to the Pringle/Lewis/Campbell types who are all about scoring off of government fort hemselves and their buddies.

      You make some good points. The tipping point for this guy was when he started to shill for the Democrat Tom Daly over Shawn Nelson. He tried to keep it subtle but couldn’t avoid catching a tsunami of shit from Bushala and others, and rightfully so.

      For a guy who was making his living from the “new media” via the the Children and Families Commission that was amazingly short-sighted. And of course it was only a matter of time before his $200 an hour gig with that commission came to light. Then his credibility was shot for good.

      I propose that a couple of decades of honest toil instead of being a third tier government influence peddler would provide excellent therapy for him.

  21. Just FYI fellas –

    New First 5 Children Commission problems – this time for LA – when will this agency be shut down?

    Audit prompts L.A. County to seek takeover of First 5 LA, October 25, 2011
    Leader of First 5 LA education agency resigns after heavy criticism , November 11, 2011
    First 5 LA’s embarrassment of riches, First 5 LA has an $800-million surplus, November 16, 2011

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