19 Replies to “And The Winner Is…”

  1. Look at the expression on the dinosaur’s face. He seems concerened about the burning money, but not enough to actually move.

  2. This is so humbling I wish I has spent more than four seconds designing it. Thanks to the FFFF academy, and to all of the sauropods who continue to inspire me. Looking forward to the CD…

    1. The secret to success, it seems, is not trying too hard… a precept I’ve been adhering to for my entire life with mixed results.

  3. A worthy selection, although I personally preferred Krazy Doc HeeHaw and “It’s The New West.”

  4. Effervescent Emancipator! Dinosaurs, brick veneer, burning money? Yes, Friends, it’s outta here! Touch ‘em all!

    Yep, this pretty much sez it all. You guys are a bunch of tools.

    What will they say about Tony when he has passed?

    1. We’ll say that he took a chance to make a difference when he could have kept his head down and gone along with the herd.

  5. Normally an award of such grand stature demands a presentation at the next city council meeting. I’m just sayin’….

  6. dinosaurs largest animals to walk our planet only propelled by two brain stems’ one in the head and the tail. Purpose of these animals? To eat , to evacuate what ate, reproduce and all this accomplished by smashing through jungles. city of fullerton’s civic leaders frequently engage in singular thought that serves a short-sighted singular purpose accomplished by smashing through existing downtowns, strip malls and apartment buildings . In light of this comparison our city’s motto should “Evolution. not.”

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