New Well. Same as Old Wells

A new testing well has recently appeared on Walnut Avenue next to the source of trichloroethylene contamination at 311 South Highland Avenue. Friends may remember that this contamination has been monitored by the Feds and the State agency responsible for tracking such things. Here’s the drill rig crew hard at work installing the well casing.

Of course FFFF has already noted the existence of the contamination of the property and its neighbors in the context of the dismal $2,000,000 Trail to Nowhere, pet project of Ahmad Zahra and his colleagues on the City Council; FFFF also identified ten testing wells on the trail site, plus a couple more in the middle of Truslow Avenue. Apparently testing is now taking place to the north, on Walnut Avenue, too. That’s not very good, is it?

The City of Fullerton claimed and still claims that there is no problem with their trail site and apparently the State Natural Resources Agency, the bureaucracy that doles out grant money, remains incurious as to why no mention of trichloroethylene has ever been made by Fullerton’s environmental consultants in their reporting.

Meantime the City continues its silence about the growing plume that could be moving northward, too.

Of course public employees are indemnified for their activities, no matter how incompetent or based in misfeasance. It’s the public that gets to pick up the check.

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  1. You were desperate to find some reason, any reason to kill the trail, but you failed.

    A “plume” near the trail and maybe headed for it isn’t a reason. It’s a concern. It’s something they will certainly have to test for.

    But even if TCE contamination were found on the property… which not even you claim has happened… it wouldn’t be a reason to not use the land for a bike / walking trail.

    It would be a reason to not put a water fountain hooked to a well on the trail.

    It would be a reason to mitigate the industrial contamination to city property.

    But it’s all theory, not fact, and I don’t see it as an argument against the trail, and neither, apparently, did our elected representatives.

    1. The plume is directly under the trail, dummy.

      Six months has passed since the so-called approval (remember, a decision is never a decision as we learned from Zahra). Is a design contract even let? Bet that line item got blown out of the budget.

      And, BTW, how come your Heroes in City Hall have never told the “underserved” residents of D5 that TCE is spreading under their homes?

      1. Good point. I wonder when staff will announce they need to rob the Park Dwelling Fund for more money. A lot more money.

  2. John is right. The North Orange County Plume is a longtime problem that stretches under much of the county. Visit OCWD for accurate info on what is being done to prevent it from contaminating our water supply. The monitoring wells are part of the system and there is also one in the location you mentioned that is pulling contaminants out. The other polluted area was the Manufactured Gas Plant and the land behind it where the gas company dumped the waste. That area was turned into Union Pacific Park which later had to be closed down when testing found contamination there. Other areas along the trail were also tested just in case. The gas plant contamination resulted in tons of earth being removed from the property – until testing showed it was cleaned to residential levels. Go to Cal DTSC for complete info on that issue. Or you can check out old Fullerton Observers.

    1. The source of the trichloroethylene is EXACTLY adjacent to the start of your daughter’s idiotic trail to Nowhere.

      The Poison Park soot contamination is IS NOT EVEN RELEVANT. Be quiet, indeed.

    1. The plume is under a huge area of north and south orange county. Go to the links I provided and check out the map. OCWD is pumping and treating the water in effort to prevent further spread. Several wells had to be shut down. Testing did include TCE and numerous other contaminants. UP Park was cleaned up years ago and tons of contaminated soil removed. You may have just discovered it – but this is a long time issue. Check out old issues of Fullerton Observer.

      1. This TCE plume was created at 311 South Highland. The “report” the City did doesn’t even mention TCE.

        Now just go the hell away. Nobody in their right mind would check out old issues of that idiot rag of yours.

        1. Or maybe just don’t eat the “soils”.

          My understanding of TCE contamination is that it is a danger if it enters the water supply and then you use or consume that water.

          It’s not a danger under a trail.

          However it is a danger to the water supply.

          That is independent of the usage of the space for a trail so I don’t see it as a deciding factor and apparently neither did the city.

      2. Hey, Sharon, what do you think of Zahra having a (female) wife in Arkansas even though he was gay? Why would he do that?

        1. That never happened. Zahra is a proud gay man. Why would he ever marry a woman? Straight from Zahra’s bio, “I knew that I was gay when I was in high school, but could not tell anyone because it was not something to advertise in a Country like Syria, which is where I was born and raised”.

          1. Yes, who are you going to believe, Zahra or…Zahra?

            “We liked each other so we thought we’d give it try. But, it didn’t work out.”

            Gee, I wonder why it didn’t “work out.”

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