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During the Marilyn Davenport protest a CBS news crew walked up the block to Dick Jones’s house to see if they could get a comment from the comical mayor of Fullerton regarding this controversial event.

Too bad Dick was hiding from the nice news lady and her cameraman.

If our mayor had the guts to address these protesters, what would he have said? Who knows? Normally nobody can get this guy to shut up. On this day he was MIA.

Dick Jones Home Town Hero I Aint a Swallerin That

26 thoughts on “No Comment

  1. That’s the fugliest house I’ve ever seen. Didn’t HeeHaw pride himself on his architectural aesthetic appreciation?

      1. That man must be the most ignorant public official in California. He went to college?

        Congrats, Fullerton.

        1. He’s actually a doctor! He cut on people when they were unconscious. Which just goes to show you: any idiot can be an MD!

    1. Joe, your’e so right about Mayor Hee Ha. He was freakin badmouthing Salvador Dali and his house is soo… freakin “roof a buzz cut” fugly haha…..

  2. Wow what a great video and article. It shows a reporter ringing a door bell and nobody answering so you make everything else up. What a hateful group you are.

  3. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Both Hee-Haw and Blankhead would join ranks and say that Davenport is “easy on the eyes…”

  4. I find it annoying to so regularly feel the need to defend an individual (Dr. Jones) who I frequently disagree with and dislike (i.e. for the manner he interacts with citizens during council meetings), BUT…

    The Mayor’s personal residence (as also the Davenport’s personal residence) is NOT the place where the public business of our City is conducted.

    The TV “News” crew can easily make an appointment to meet with the Mayor, or they can attend any Council meeting and pillory him with questions there. They have NO RIGHT to visit his residence or otherwise accost him, when there are innumerable ways and easy access forums to obtain the News for public information.

    Obviously, similarly with respect to Mrs. Davenport and her private residence – which is not the location where she conducts her official duties relating to her elective office.

    These meetings are PUBLIC by their very name and design and intent – so why chase someone to their home?

    But these are merely the BULLY tactics of the now completely politicized “main stream media” which is working so closely with and heading in the exact direction of a muscular bully thuggish Leftist Totalitarian Communist government, the type which the entirely politicized “government workers” Unions support to extract their inordinate and thoroughly undeserved outlandish compensation “benefits.”

    Too bad it wasn’t Obama’s ACORN gang “visiting” these residences, they could have just kicked down the doors and dragged the Mayor or whomever the Leftist’s dislike, out into the street.

    It’s certainly been done before and we now have the Communist “big government” “in power” right now which is all ready to do (and as with ACORN has already done) just that.

    1. “They have NO RIGHT to visit his residence or otherwise accost him”

      Hello Rain, is this your first visit to America, Land of the Free? Here we can knock on anyone’s door at any time. If they are public figures, doubly so.

      1. I agree with Rain (!). Keep it to the public sphere. The protest should have taken place at the Republican OC meeting, not a mrmber’s house.

  5. Rain :The TV “News” crew can easily make an appointment to meet with the Mayor

    Does the mayor take appointments? I know Bankhead used to, but can you see Jones sitting down with the rabble on his own free time? Nope.

  6. I would like to hope that I can knock on a door as I see fit. If you choose to tell me to leave after I knock, so be it. If you are a public official, you should be willing to put up with this-reasonably.

    1. And would you also “like to hope” that if you happened to be hungry, I suppose, then perhaps you would just walk into the kitchen and open the refrigerator and make a meal for yourself?

      These are PUBLIC officials and PUBLIC issues for debate in PUBLIC offices and places and forums, all open and available all day long every day with completely convenient hours of operation to accomodate any member of the PUBLIC.

      Don’t you have any BRAINS? Can you not differentiate between public and private?

      OR as is most likely the case, are you one who disputes the entire basis of FREEDOM which revolves around private property, personal security, individual freedoms which are ONLY available and enhanced by the mutual respect for the private property and rights of others?

      Are YOU merely part of the big government THUG-OCCRACY of government Unions and phony non-competitive special “rights” based on phony unverified-unverifiable sad stories and phony claims and MOB intimidation over things that never happened to you or are utterly unprovable but which certainly serve to sully and harm the lives of your TARGETS?

      Our limited government public institutions were all created to serve and benefit and enhance the freedom and opportunity of the greatest possible number of citizens, now big horrible government is merely the special interest preserve of the cheats and the lousey and the bullies who respect no one and defend nothing as they seek to steal that which they never participated in creating.

      You “would like to hope” for the “change” which will destroy the gem which the genius of our Founders recognized as could become our Constitutional Rule of Law nation for all to benefit in freely under the design of Our Craator.

      1. Great video and I like the sound of them birds chirping.

        Ya see them hills was one of them bird sanctuaries before all them doctors and professors moved into our neck of the woods.

  7. That house looks like a ranch house that was cosmetically surgeoned into a baby Freanch chateau. Just the perfect aesthetic train wreck for somebody “who tried to make people look beautiful.”

    I wonder if the breast implants are in the back.

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