John and Ken Returning to Fullerton to Protest Teachers’ Union Tax Hikes

Political talk radio hosts John and Ken announced that they will be coming to Fullerton on Thursday to counter the demonstration for higher taxes put on by the Fullerton teachers’ unions.

Apparently they were egged on by the receipt of a flyer listing five hundred and eighty five Fullerton teachers and administrators who make a lot of money.

We have here a copy of that flyer:

View the teacher/administrator salaries


The raw data supporting this flyer is located here: Fullerton School District Salary Data and Fullerton Joint Union High School District Salary Data.

58 Replies to “John and Ken Returning to Fullerton to Protest Teachers’ Union Tax Hikes”

  1. Love John & Ken! No one can make noise on issues the way they can. Sometimes they’re too obnoxious, but should be entertaining. Good for them!

      1. Freedom Fighter? Is that what you think you guys are? What a warped perception of you and your little and large size followers. How’s the wife and kids doing?

  2. The way to balance our education budget is to pay teachers less, and to terminate half (or more) of the non-teaching administrative positions. Anybody who makes $90K to work 180 days per year can afford a pay cut. The idea these folks aren’t overpaid is ridiculous.

    I wish I had time to run around with stupid little picket signs, pretending I’m underpaid.

    1. Well Jack Taxpayer. I am a teacher AND a taxpayer. I make about $75,000 a year. I have an an associate degree, a bachelors degree and a masters degree, Jack. I work 70+ hours a week during the school year and return to school the 2nd week in August to get my room and curriculum ready. I do not get paid for this. I also do not get paid for after school tutoring, which I do on my own time and I am not reimbursed the hundreds of dollars of my own money that I spend on my classroom and students. Jack, my friend, you are sorely misinformed and may I suggest that you do some research before you shoot your mouth off again.

  3. Why in God’s name did the CTA choose Fullerton, of all the cities in California, as a battleground?

    1. Because Fullerton aka “The Education Community” is rife with educrats and overpaid union slugs with lots of free time to rally in the afternoon.

      Unfortunately for them, Fullerton is also inhabited by a rabid group of limited-government rabble rousers.

  4. This is the best news I’ve ever heard! I wonder if Fullerton’s teacher union is going to get back up from the state union thugs!

  5. The title of the flyer is “585 Fullerton Teachers and Educators Make Over $ 90,000 A Year”. The text of the flyer is absolutely misleading, however, because there are no titles listed other than “Teacher Name” above the salary figures. If I didn’t know Mitch Hovey was an administrator I would assume that he was a teacher being paid $ 238K a year because he, and presumably other administrators are falsely listed as teachers.

    1. You’re right. The first three on the list are superintendents. The fourth one is a teacher. From there on down, the vast majority of them are teachers.


  7. The superintendents and a representative from the teachers should go to the broadcast booth and argue their case for extending the taxes.

  8. I must have missed something. Exactly WHERE will John and Ken be going on Thursday?

    Saw the teachers protesting yesterday on Harbor Blvd across from Sizzler. I couldn’t help myself, there was a spontaneous middle finger displayed in their direction.

  9. Could we get a time and location to meet? Are we protesting the “no more taxes” angle or just teacher salaries? I’m down for either

    1. if this event will need traffic control, and if so who should pay for it the teachers union or John & Ken.

  10. I myself was disgusted by the other Public Employee Union charade today:

    Since when did Bin Ladens death become a OCEA celebratory driver??

    But most disgusting is they did this among the 250 or so homeless folk who gather there for soup everyday, chowing down Ball Park’s and coke in front of the starving kids (who I don’t advocate for, just thought it was in especially BAD TASTE).

    Thats our Public Employee’s!

    1. I too share your digust especially when confronted by photos of Fat Santa Ana public officials playing basketball at a health fair. DEE-gust-Ting. I’m calling Carlos Bustamante right now to voice my concern

  11. What a fuc*ing tool. I thought that FAT guy in the Register photos looks like that punk Travis, afraid to use your real name?

    1. You’re an idiot. I gave the reporter my real name. The Register messed up the captions.

  12. Travis, can’t you at least be honest and say you created the flyer. Not that you got a copy of it. Now get to the gym Tubby

      1. You’ve got to spell things out for those Liberal OC blog turds. They take themselves way to seriously.

  13. Just so I understand this, “Teachers” who are hired to ensure that the children of our future carry a positive self esteem…….

    Have ended this discussion with……..Travis is either fat or a puke……

    Rather than enter into a civil discussion regarding the matter.

    1. This tip on etiquette brought to you the master of condescention himself, Jefferson ‘bring a gun to dinner’ Thomas

  14. You moving the goal posts? The hype had been about the $100 k club, now you lowering it to $90k? How low can you go ?

    1. That’s a lot more than I make – at 40 hrs a week, 50 weeks a year. And I have a collidge degree, too!

      1. You should ask the johns you service for a pay raise….I see, you earn a shitty living, have no ambition beyond trolling this site for virtual friends, and you begrudge those that have accomplished more than you could ever hope to beyond your promotion to taco bender….

  15. 5th down is a counselor, most on 1st page are not teachers unless they also do coaching and performing arts. Most are administrators, counselors, and CUSTODIANS.

    1. There are 95 teachers on the first page, just under half of the number on that page. That also means that there are 95 Fullerton teachers making over $108,000.

  16. It would be nice to see the names of the “teachers”, so I can identify them. Then I want to know where they teach, what they teach, and how much they make.

    The quicker we can ID these troublemakers, the sooner we can get them replaced with people who will teach the children, not work for the union (and yes, that is a VERY important distinction).

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