McKinley Plays Doctor

Mom always wanted me to be a doctor…

Apparently our city councilman and former police chief, Pat McKinley believes he has the expertise to opine on the severity of Kelly Thomas’s “facial” injuries. You heard him on CNN discount the photo of Kelly’s face. So where did McKinley get his medical degree? Oh, that’s right; his “expertise” stems from having his eyes “bloused” in his career, and look at how handsome he is now!

Man, these cops just don’t get it.


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      1. The funniest thing about this mug shot is that he used in in his campaign literature. Oooooh, tough guy! I bet the Raymond Hills GOP bluehairs got all drippy when they saw it.

      2. Granted facial injuries may not be fatal, however, anyone with an IQ of 10 can easily recognize that being beaten over the head with the butt of a taser gun, the electrical voltage from a taser gun, etc. can be. Can you explain why, if these “peace officers” did nothing wrong, the City of Fullerton offered a nearly 1 million dollar settlement BEFORE an investigation was undertaken? How dare you?

        1. Facial injuries are not life threatening, how about head injuries? Is he kidding, WTF? Please spread the word, we need to get legislation in place to govern and regulate law enforcement. Please sign the petition at petition2congressdotcom, go to Kelly Thomas Law. Thx

    1. Senile is probably an accurate description, if this gentleman doesn’t know the difference between an “eye blousing” and getting beaten to death. Or perhaps he simply has no honor. Most people respect police officers – I certainly do. But when six police officers beat a 135 pound, unarmed man to death in front of cameras and dozens of witnesses, trying to defend it as “eye blousing” or a “tussle” is unconscionable. These six police officers do not deserve the badge they wear. Any one of them could have tried to stop the others, but instead they all participated in this cold blooded, brutal killing. They are a danger to society and should be fired and have their pensions canceled. Unfortunately, their powerful unions will perform damage control, heedless of reality. Whether or not any justice will ever be served is an open question.

  1. “These facial injuries are not life threatening” Are you kidding me? the very least is blunt force trauma… Clueless is the first word that comes to mind. And we pay this guy?

  2. If we were to give a police officer the same facial injuries, we would be charged with attempted murder of a peace officer.

  3. That’s right…More defending commentary from another law enforcement guy. I was surprised however how he answered some ‘point blank’ questions such as if he were the chief of police would he dismiss those officers in question, and without hesitation, he said “yes”. Still, the ‘good ol boy code of silence’ is why he hasn’t asked for Sellers to step down. I think we are going to hear about Sellers hanging himself within the next few days.

  4. I watched the videos of both interviews. Tony nailed it and did awesome.

    I laughed when the reporter caught McKinley in a lie. He said that he hadn’t seen the video that was recorded by the camera in the parking lot. And yet later in the interview, when the reporter asked if he knew any of the officers in the video, he said yes and that he probably hired all of them. She asked him how he felt that they were likely involved in this, and he knew he was caught. He had that deer-in-the-headlights blank expression for a few seconds and started stammering and hesitating. Then he said that he knew of 2 officers who were more deeply involved.

    My question is if he hadn’t seen the video, then how did he knew that 2 officers were more deeply involved? (Probably Jay Cinicellin and Kenton Hampton). Obviously, He either HAS seen the video, or someone who saw it told him about it.

    You really have to laugh too when you see the expression on the CNN reporter’s face. She raises her eyebrows and has that knowing little smile…she knows she just caught him.

  5. I spoke with two doctors at UCI Medical Center last night. They both told me that an autopsy generally takes six weeks to complete. That being said, the one on Kelly should be completed next week

  6. run him out of town, RUN ,


    1. This is what I was thinking, too. At the bottom of the pile of cops he probably self-beat both sides of his face, his forehead, both eyes, then self-bashed the back of his head multiple times with his fist. He probably grabbed the cops Tazer and self-Tazed 6 times. He then drop-kneed his own neck and when that didn’t work he self-drop-kneed his own head.

          1. Yes, it all makes sense now. If I were a cop and had just watched that brutal self-beating, the next logical step would be to immediately round up and confiscate all those cell phone cameras and delete the evidence. I’m not sure why; it just seems prudent.

  7. eye blousing !$#^&* $%&()_(*&^%@




    piece of shit hasn’t been bloused in 50 years

    i don’t think he remembers what a real eye blousing is,

    WTF is that ,, an eye blousing ,,, fucking rediculous

  8. What is wrong with Fullerton to have Pat McKinley in a powerful position for a very long time?
    Take a closer look at their leadership and the way these leaders handle the crisis…disgrace and simply outragous.
    Pat McKinley, City Manager, Mayor and Fullerton Officials and Management…You are FIRED.

    1. You’re lifting information from this blog, so it makes real sense to re-read it on Facebook. That’s odd



  10. he should be shot in front of a firing squad …. what an idiot and complete a shole . What is wrong with the people of Fullerton. Fire and and run him out of town on a rail along with the cops who are “paid ” leave of absence. SO you can kill a homeless person and get a vacation in Fullerton.

  11. it disqusts me as a tax payer and a human being that such people are in office and patrol our streets….there is not one ounce of shame in any of them….

    1. Never will be. Go to the city next door or 100 miles away and you will see the same politicians and the same cops.

  12. I just waiting for Dr. Jones to say that the bruising to his face was a direct result of plastic surgery he preformed and that the cops hit him a fees times so that his insurance would cover it.

  13. This makes me laugh!! Too many cowards in Fullerton Andrew. I had people tell me there’s two sides to a story.Yeah! right the one which is justice. And the other injustice you want all of us to forget. Sad. When these people have to answer to their conciuos one day. I wonder how it would feel??

  14. I take heart in these comments. Can you imagine how a lawyer would TEAR APART the notion that his “facial injuries were non-life threatening”? What about head/neck/skull injuries which were clear in just the photos? Are those life threatening Mr. McKinley? This guy sounds like an idiot, even Im laughing at such an inane comment, a lawyer, if given the chance, would turn that stupid defensive inside out.

  15. I can’t figure out if Pat has one or both of his thumbs up his ass. real head scratcher. I am thinking both….

  16. He’s a terrible spokesman. His lack of any genuine expression of sorrow for the simple fact that someone died is really really poor public relations. Reminds me of how some doctors won’t say “I’m sorry” when they have to give sad news to a family.

    If I didn’t know much about this case, I would read from his interview that he knows he did something wrong.

  17. This guy even looks like a thug!
    The people of Fullerton should rise up and kick these losers out of office and the city!

  18. Six men can not beat up one man, there is no room ? Give me and another 5 buddies of mine a shot and we will show him how it’s possible.

  19. Game over folks. On CNN Rackaukas just classified the beating as a “desperate struggle”. The way I read this is that the DA will say this was a life and death struggle and therefore will justify the end result. I hope I’m wrong but I am reading between the lines IMHO.

      1. That’s a seriously stupid comment. Only a moron would think that destroying the property of people who had nothing to do with this will result in anything more than previously sympathetic people thinking you’re an out of control idiot child.

        1. you are right J4K, just a knee jerk reaction…
          The DA folding is kinda expected I suppose given the DA’s history. Hoping for more FBI involvement, an outside investigation into FPD, and an independent autopsy.

          1. the family should hire Dr. Micheal Baden. he is a world rekowned pathologist and one of the best in this field. he has been featured on all the major network newscasts. he has been involved in a lot of high profile autopsies. the networks bring im on as an expert. he is one of the best in the nation and everyone should google him to get a better idea of his experience and expertize. someone please relay this info. to the Thomas family. my condolences go out to the family of Kelly but i have faith that with the good lord watching all this, there will be justice 4 Kelly. also, everyone invovled including those that are covering tis up will be punished by the good lord. i have personaly known bad people that got away with things, but guess what, everyone of them has been punished somewhere down the road. some vahe lost loved ones including children. others has mistyriously become ill shortly after doing some wrong. in the end, god has a funny way of dishing out punishments as he sees fit. THERE WILL BE JUSTICE FOR KELLY. a big thank you to all those who have supported the Thomases and dont let up the pressure on the leadership of the city of Fullerton. NEXT YEAR ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF THIS TERRIBLE INCIDENT, EVERYONE SHOULD SHOW UP AT A RALLY OR VIGIL DRESSED UP AS THE MAIN CHARACTER FROM THE MOVIE V STARRING NATALIE PORTMAN. HOW FUCKEN AWESOME WOULD THAT BE. TO HAVE A CROWD OF 1000 TO 5000 OR MORE ALL DRESSED UP IN CHARACTER PROTESTING IN FRONT OF THE FPD.

          2. The family should hire Dr. Michael Baden. He is a world renowned pathologist and has worked a lot of high profile cases. He is one of the best in the nation and the news networks sometimes bring him on their shows as an expert. T o the Thomas family, I offer my deepest condolences and there will be justice 4 Kelly. The good lord has a funny way of punishing those who have done wrong in life along with the people who help cover for them. NOONE CAN ESCAPE THE PUNISMENT FROM THE LORD, NOONE. ALL THESE LOWLIFES SHOULD BE VERY SCARED. CUZ ITS USSUALY ONES LOVED ONES THAT COULD BE THE TARGETS FOR THE GOOD LORDS PUNISHMENT. HAVE FAITH, THER WILL BE JUSTICE.


    1. I’ve said that from the start. There is more to the story than the activists are leading people to believe. Ol’ innocent homeless drug addict Kelly was a little more violent and a pain the ass than people realize. Ol’ papa and the family didn’t just abandon him with no hope for nothing. He had injured the family enough. Schizo is all people are saying now but he was a dope head too. If it goes to trial, due to PR reasons, ol’ Kelly’s past will be laid out for everyone to see. Every part of it. Family will be called to testify, as well as every other person that experienced his anger and violence. Will be hard for any jury to not decide that reasonable force was used due to his running and fighting.

      1. I am not an activist. Just a concerned working professional. So are you saying Kelly deserved to die because of his actions in the past? Are you saying all of the witnesses are incorrect and you are right? I detect HORSESHIT here.

      2. what a novel thought… have the police kill all of the “violent pains in the ass,” “homeless,” “schizos,” and “dopeheads!” gets rid of a “problem” and cleans up the city. and justify it all as “resisting arrest!” brilliant!

      3. I think we understand Kelly’s past. The only thing that will matter are the events of the evening, eye witness accounts and the infamous video

    2. Whatever he says, WHEN will he say it?

      I wish someone (anyone) @ CNN would ask at what phase/stage/timeline he is at in the investigation.
      WHEN can we expect a decision from his office on whether or not he is going to file charges?
      In a week?, a month?, 6 months?, a year?…..

      What could possibly be left to do before he concludes this investigation?

  20. they want us to riot,,,

    they want to put on their riot gear,

    the system deserves to be burnt down and out,

    but , it is OURS ,, we would not be burning of theirs down,

    we can dismantle OUR SYSTEM , recycle it , thow it away , salvage , good parts , DO SOMETHING WITH IT,

    peaceful angry protests ,

    they will try to incite us,

    so they ban BEAT us

    not , yet,



      1. It is legal in Kalifornia to personally own the same gear the cops have. Other than an asp you can pretty much outfit your self exactly like they do. If you want to drive to Arizona or Vegas you can get an Asp, would not be suprised if they used one on Kelly, those things can break bones pretty easily. Side arms and rifles are legal to own too…. well for now.

      2. “Yes! Do it. I wanna watch you get your ass kicked by the cops. LOL”

        i think there are more angry citizens than cops at this point… seems it would not be quite an even playing field.

      3. not with a group of strategycaly placed people with cameras recording it all. a group of 23 all waiting for the po po to get out of hand. it would immediately be uploaded to youtube. what an embarassment to the fpd if they instigate it. they must have a fetish for black eyes on their dept.

  21. #53 , they have up to a year to file , so they are completely in line on that.

    @47, i agree, plz people don’t start a riot. this will only lead to innocent people getting hurt and damage to property that is owned by hard working people…..the citizens of fullerton did nothing to anyone, plz do not punish them by banning their businesses and destroying their property……

    PLEASE TONY & TRAVIS>>……please encourage people not to get involved in any riot or violent act. i live in fullerton & own a small business in fullerton. i have nothing to do with what happened to kelly thomas…. i am becoming fearful that my personal lively hood may be in jeopardy. i am a single mom with kids….i can not afford to lose my buisness….. PLEASE PLEASE< tell people NOTHING VIOLENT….i do not want my kids and i to get hurt…

    #50, everyone has some skeleton in the closet. all the attorneys will get dirt on evreyone who has anything to do with the case…kelly, officers, witnesses… thats their job to take away credibility for the opposing side…..its all about a pay check….they will defend the wallet…

    1. The vast majority of us are advocating a peaceful plea for justice. Then there is a group of us who would enjoy seeing the City Hall and the Police Headquarters Burn and Cops lynched in the middle of the streets.

      Either outcome, I believe is entirely up to the PD and the DA.

        1. It doesn’t really matter what you think. You are a cop, therefor your capacity for thinking is significantly less than your average toddler. As was pointed out before, your reading comprehension skills are pathetic. You should be embarrassed for yourself.

          1. We. That’s the key in your illogical, uneducated way of thinking. It’s a group of people, with a goal in mind, not dealing with facts, has to make things up to get people to listen, and eventually convinces themselves that the BS is true. Same shit, different day, different city. It happens over and over in the US.

  22. There are 2 sets of laws in this country, especially in Orange County:

    1. One for the ruling class: the cops, who are above the law,
    2. And one for us common citizens.

    In addition to being able to abuse their badges and beat up, maim and kill at will, they also don’t pay their fair share of taxes, that is, they cheat on their taxes due to significant “disability” claims upon retirement, by using crooked attorneys and doctors to not pay tax on 50 % of their 90- % of salary pensions. I wish the press would investigate and expose how widespread this problem is.

    According to the Constitution, that doesn’t fly. THIS has to end and the GUILTY need to be prosecuted and jailed.

  23. I heard that Mayor Dick Jones is a medical doctor. I was wondering what his take is on the facial injuries.

    1. Dick Jones told Fox News that he gas seen far worse injuries that were survivable. This was aired Thursday, August 11, on the 10pm news. Ron Thomas rebutted and said if Kelly’s injuries were so treatable, where was he (Jones) when Kelly needed to be treated. Mr. Thomas went on to say “it’s time Mayor kept his mouth shut”.

  24. Fullerton Police Dept is enteprise criminal and mafi with license passing on from one generation to others. The only slight different is Honorable Badges.
    Why would Fullerton letting these criminal in charges for a very long time? They are using fears to control all of us, including City officials. Culture is corrupted and nobody would dare to stand up, just a little.
    City Councils have to beg the Untouchable Chief to resign and the Rest protect them at all costs because Pat McKinley nurture these cops for many years.

  25. This is a heart breaking case. I can not wrap my mind around the fact that the higher ups seem to be defending the six police that where involved. And yes facial injuries CAN indeed be fatal. Case in point breaking someones noise with enough force will send debris into their brain…. killing them. Seriously they need to clean out the police department.
    On a personal note I have 2 kids. One is Autistic…. How am I suppose to tell them that police are safe and good people that they can go to if they need help?

  26. If the Orange County DA doesn’t file serious criminal charges against those cops (I would like to see 2nd Degree murder or at least Manslaughter with malice) and the FBI doesn’t take action…then a “plea for justice” is not enough.

    This is not just a political issue anymore. This directly affects public safety. The only thing Kelly Thomas did was run away when the cops tried to search him. That’s all. He ran away because he had a mental illness and he was afraid and he didn’t understand what was going on. If it took so little provocation for those cops to viciously MURDER him, how many other psycho cops are out there who would beat someone to death for any little thing? The public is not safe. This could happen to ANY of us. Look at a cop the wrong way, or say the wrong thing to him and they could beat anyone to death for literally any reason…and they would just have to claim that you were “resisting arrest.”

    Kids sometimes run away from police because they’re scared. Let’s say a kid does something as minor as being outside after curfew. Cops (they always show up in swarms) stop him and maybe the kid gets scared and backs away. Then they tackle him and proceed to beat him to death because he was “resisting arrest.”

    You don’t think that could happen? Think again. If we let these cops get away with this, it WILL happen. I guarantee it. The next horrific picture we’ll see is of a 14 year old kid in the hospital who was viciously beat to death by police. His crime will be something as stupid as a curfew violation or shoplifting. Watch and see.

    If the horrible, heart-wrenching picture of Kelly Thomas in the hospital with his mutilated face isn’t enough to make you want to burn down a police station and hang a few corrupt cops…how about a picture of a CHILD who was beaten to death by police?

    It sounds like a slippery slope, but it isn’t. There have already been cases of kids (some of them as young as elementary school age) being shot with tasers, and in some cases it was after something as minor as a curfew violation.

    It WILL happen if these cops are not put behind bars. We have to send a message to the police that they are not above the law and there will be severe consequences if they abuse their power….Legal consequences or otherwise.

    1. Chris,
      I wholeheartedly agree with you. This is primarily the reason that I stand in protest every Saturday with Mr. Thomas is for my own young sons. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if either one of my them were dealt the same fate and I didn’t stand in solidarity with Mr. Thomas. Bye the bye, my kids are on the Dean’s list every year in the FSD and have never been in trouble at school or with the law.

  27. blah blah blah. He only ran and he’s known to be violent and was in this case. Run and fight, you get what you have coming. Cops don’t have to get punched and beat up to fight back. Sorry to inform you. If a kid punches or is violent with cops, he should get tased. If a schizo is violent or runs from the police, he should get tased. All this BS about oh poor baby mental illness, poor baby he was 17, poor baby he only swung at the cops. Screw all of those losers. They get what they have coming to them. Reality is what it is. Go to any city in the US. Same result. Cops have the power to protect themselves and protect others. Force is allowed even if it kills the person. That will never change as much as you activists try.

    1. There’s a big, bold line between the amount of force that may have been justified and the amount of force that was applied here.

      Your above post is a really bad straw man argument.

        1. I know that 6 professional officers should be able to take one small guy into custody without beating him to death.

          Handcuffs shouldn’t be that complicated for anyone with more than a 1st grade education. Not that many moving parts.

          1. You are falling for all the BS hype by the cop hater activists. There wasn’t 6 cops there fighting with this moron. There was 2.

          2. Cynthia, I’d love to drink that drink! Tony knows where to find me.

            I appreciate your work here and at RedCounty. Let’s throw some sensible ideas around.

        2. “You are falling for all the BS hype by the cop hater activists. There wasn’t 6 cops there fighting with this moron. There was 2.”

          and you know this how?

          1. That’s the tale that is now being sold by Goodrich, McKinley & Co. It appears as if they have decided to throw two of their rancid brethren under the bus. Of course that is all a lie. It is much more likely to be four beaters and two wafflers. That means unless they are really, really stoopid (I’m not discounting that) those two will quickly be competing to see who can sell the best story to the prosecutor. After all – one felony, all felony!

            Also they’d better hope no more witnesses show up. We already know there were dozens of witnesses that nobody has interviewed. Yet.

    2. when satan is sodomizing you in hell, ill be eating popcorn while i listen to you scream like a little bitch. oh yea, your family will be experiening the same thing. SQUEL LIKE A LIL PIG. REMEMBER THE MOVIE DELIVERANCE.

  28. Having a hard time hearing McKinley can remember anything!! Word had it when he was Chief he would go for his daily run and the FPD
    would have to send a car out to look for him because he had gotten lost and couldn’t reember how to get back to the station. For the life of me I can’t see how he has made it this far.

        1. If you talk to people in every city in California, they will say how did that baboon end up in office making decisions for us? Same thing in every city. Brain dead politicians that we all vote into office. I have no idea how it happens but it does.

  29. There seems to be a lot of medical quackery going around the FPD.

    Was Dr. McKinley the one who was handing out fistfulls of oxycontin to Ofc. Majors? Did he sign off on Chief Sellers’ medical leave?

    I’d like to schedule an appointment if he’s available. I think I’m getting sick of all the bullshit.

  30. hey “Reality Is”, whoever said anything about the hypothetical kid “swinging at police” ? Read my post again. My statement was that the kid would back away from the police because he was scared…and that would be the ONLY provocation it would take for the cops to tackle him and proceed to beat him to death.

    Because that’s exactly what Kelly Thomas did. He wasn’t violent with the cops. He didn’t do anything except back away. And he was NOT violent in this case. Sorry, but I’ll take the word of 50 witnesses who were actually there over the word of some random troll on the internet.

    Look, I already know that you’re most likely just a troll and that’s why I was hesitant to even bother to reply to you. But maybe you’ll take this issue more seriously the next time you’re driving and you get puller over and the cop tries to do something illegal. Maybe you ask him for his badge number or try to ask him why he stopped you. The next thing you know, you just might be the next victim of a rogue cop. He’ll drag you out of the car and beat you and claim that you were “resisting arrest.”

    Think it won’t happen? It most certainly can. And tell me…what recourse would you have? That is, if you even survive it.

    Do you finally understand how serious this is? Are you done getting your jollies by trolling on the internet now? We are talking about YOUR friends and family too. Do you get that? The next victim could be your neighbor, one of your friends, your family. Any of us. Do you have kids? How would you feel if something happened to them because of a rogue cop?

    We have no recourse against a cops who go pscyho and MURDER someone with little or no provocation.

    Something must be done.

    Do you get that?

    1. Like I said before, you are falling for the hype. What 50 witnesses gave you that version? They didn’t. Your side of players is pumping this up with made up stories and versions in attempt to get people on board.

      You are exaggerating again. I’ve ask many cops why I’m being pulled over or asked them what is going on. It all depends on your tone and demeanor. If I was to say it with a bad attitude or yell, then I would expect the same tone or demeanor back. I was raised that way. Cops aren’t paid to be disrespected or assaulted.

      You are full of it. You act like everyday someone is getting beat up by the cops. You are smoking crack.

      Like I said before. Don’t talk shit to the cops or run from the cops or fight with the cops, you will never ever have an issue with the cops. Be an activist, hater, shit talker, then you will get what you have coming to you.

      1. Oh, thank you, “Reality Is” genius. You’ve finally gotten to the bottom of it. The key to this whole story was Kelly’s TONE & DEMEANOR.

        He was beaten to death, suffered blunt force trauma to his head, and his throat crushed because his “demeanor” and “tone” weren’ to the cops’ liking. I see (thanks for clearing that up)…

        Actually, cops ARE paid to enforce the law and deal with very difficult situations. If they are so unhinged that a rude “demeanor” could set them off in a violent rage, I have to wonder why even a human turd like yourself could possibly defend that (actually, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are only here to get your jollies by antagonizing people — that’s the only explanation, since no HUMAN could be so devoid of empathy and decency as what you have demonstrated).

        1. Hint. I was responding to his beliefs about cops and traffic stops. Violence by Kelly led to his use of force.

          1. PROOF about Violence by Kelly once again.. was it the broken bones the trained and physically fit officers suffered or was it some trauma to their poor batons and tasers..

            You take that one piece of MEDIA DRIVEN evidence and run with it.. eh.. then come in here and talk shit to all of us.. what kind of coward are you? My guess.. you are in law enforcement or a security cop and you like to see miscreants beaten by cops.. eh?

            What will you do if these two stories turn out to be true
            *one officer tried to get in and handcuff him but there was blood splattering everywhere because the cops were still beating on him
            *cops coached local businesses to LIE and say homeless were trying to break into shit not just loitering.. (**my guess is so then they could cuff them and beat their asses and tell them they are lucky they are being let go)

            People who defend monsters like these badge wearing brutalizers are worse than the monsters themselves

      2. “Be an activist, hater, shit talker, then you will GET WHAT YOU HAVE COMING TO YOU.”

        I’m just curious, what country are your from where the “punishment” for being an activist (legally objecting to your government, police, etc.), “hater,” or “shit talker” is death by mass beating???

        I can only hope that one day you get what’s coming to you (and NO, I don’t mean violence — I mean a soul, an ounce of empathy, or some education in humanity).

        1. Never said that. I just said all the hate and lies you activists spew is your right. Cross the line to assault, they should take you to jail. Disrespect them, I hope they disrespect you back at the same level. Assault them, I hope they assault you worse. I have always felt everyone should be treated exactly the same way they treat others. So if you talk shit to cops they should talk shit back. If you spit on them they should spit on you. You punch them, they should punch you back harder. My beliefs. Has always kept me out of trouble.

          1. YOU are maybe one of the dumbest humans to walk the planet

            what an excuse for civilized ape

            yes.. we should all just turn life into one giant fuck you .. good job idiot..

            AND if a cop oversteps the LAW and brutalizes a citizen.. CITIZENS should get to???

      3. Reality Is – you are a moron. Cops are Public Servants. They are paid by our tax money. If we want them running around killing homeless people, then you might have a point. The point is, we don’t. We are going to protest and protest and protest until the whole Good Ole Boy network of killer thugs is cleaned out.

        1. Thank you. If a homeless assaults you or me or a cop then they deserve to be assaulted as much as it takes to get them in cuffs. Keep preaching your BS beliefs. Keep protesting. I enjoy seeing you morons waste your time.

          1. Yeah, you have a lot of balls to be answering every poster in a web forum. Tell you what Reality. Come out on Saturday and counter-protest. Maybe you can make a clever sign like “Cops need to Protect Themselves by Killing Schizophrenic Homeless Men” or “Hey, Accidents Happen” or “Authoritarian Rule is What You People Deserve.”

            I promise I won’t knee-drop your face into the ground even a single time if you come.

      4. I beg to differ. My wife and I were threatened with arrest on our front porch in front of our children after we asked the police to help our neighbor who was a victim of elder abuse. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, because Chief Sellers and Captain Hamilton demonized me for speaking up to the city council for ignoring my neighbor when he needed them most. My kids are also now afraid to even call the police because their afraid of them. If I could get a restraining order on the police I would.

        1. fullerton lover
          Probably one of the most intelligent posts yet.
          Get a resrtaining order on the police.Hmmm.
          You are a prime example of why more and more teenagers disrespect police. I’ll bet you tell your kids that the police are the gestopo (spelling?) and they probably carry around a copy anti government propeganda. Not very intelligent sir,

  31. Reality Is :
    We. That’s the key in your illogical, uneducated way of thinking. It’s a group of people, with a goal in mind, not dealing with facts, has to make things up to get people to listen, and eventually convinces themselves that the BS is true. Same shit, different day, different city. It happens over and over in the US.

    I see. Do you mean like the sheepish fraternity of girls in blue banding behind their good Sergeants misleading reports in an attempt to cover up a murder while misrepresenting and concealing the “facts” to the public? Yesterday your handle was different but you were spewing the same shit. Like you said with that overused cliche’ – same shit different day. Good job.

    1. Now you are leading people to believe that the dispatchers read all the cops reports? You really do have a way of turning things just how you want to view them, so you can also get some of your tree hugging activists to tag along.

          1. Well, you tell me. there were 6 who beat the shit out of Kelly. I forgot I was dealing with your kindergarten level reading skills. I will try to be more literal for you next time…. but since I can’t call them men, what would you prefer?


  32. Here are an assortment of past articles in the LA times about Pat Mckinley
    Is it true he was assistant DA at one time? if so, that explains why he thinks he can play doctor and comment on medical issues- I work with arrogant, know it all attorneys all day, Im a licensed medical professional, they arent but that doesnt stop them from puffing up and blowing farts from theirs mouth about injuries and how severe or not they are

  33. Sean, don’t waste your time with him. He’s just a troll. He didn’t address anything I said in my post either. And you’re probably right, he’s the same one just posting with different screen names.

    Let’s not get these comment boards clogged with replies to trolls. That’s what they want. They’re either bored and just want to get people even more angry for their own amusement….or they’re cop kiss-ups and will support crooked cops no matter what they do.

    Ignore them. Let’s just focus on the concerns and fears that the rest of the people here have expressed here.

    I have no criminal record whatsoever, and I have never been in trouble with the police. But for the first time in my life, I am actually afraid of the police. Because I don’t know how many other psychotic cops could be out there and would beat someone to death with NO provocation. And we would have no legal recourse.

    I also wish someone would address the hypothetical situation I explained earlier. If we don’t do something about this, the next victim could be a kid. If the horrific picture of Kelly Thomas in the hospital isn’t enough to sicken people into taking action (and yes, DRASTIC action if necessary)…than how would people feel about seeing a picture of a CHILD who was beaten to death for “resisting arrest”? Would that finally be enough to make people do what must be done?

    Like I said, this is not a slippery slope. It is a very realistic possibility. We don’t know how many other psychotic cops are out there. I have already read and seen many cases where kids as young as elementary school age were shot with tasers for offenses as minor as being outside after curfew.

    Let’s say the next news story is a 14 year old kid who was beaten to death for being outside after curfew. Let’s say he got into a fight with a friend at a sleepover and decides to walk home that night. And he runs into the WRONG cop. Maybe another Jay Cinicelli. He backs away from fear, and that’s all it takes. First he gets shot with a taser, he screams…and then is beaten to death because he’s crying and “resisting arrest”.

    Would that FINALLY be enough for people to take action….and yes, drastic action if necessary?

    Unthinkable scenarios like that WILL happen because as the law is right now, it is too easy for it to happen. Unless we send a very clear message to police, we will be reading about another horrific incident again very soon.

    1. You want a one sided blog with your opinion only. I already knew that. What if I’m one of the “six” at the beach house in Newport?

      “NO provocation”??!! You are lost.

      Kids, adults, transients, drug addicts, mental nuts, etc. Do what the cops say, treat them with respect, and treat them like your parents. I can guarantee you will never have a problem with the police in your life. Guarantee.

      1. “I can guarantee you will never have a problem with the police in your life. Guarantee.”

        unless a cop makes a mistake under color of law that he/she can’t retract that results in injury/damage/financial loss to an innocent victim of that error who has little to no recourse. it’s happened plenty of times to plenty of people.

    2. Indeed, what if the next beaten to death by the cops is one of the many veterans who are homeless or transients!

  34. Sean :
    Well, you tell me. there were 6 who beat the shit out of Kelly. I forgot I was dealing with your kindergarten level reading skills. I will try to be more literal for you next time…. but since I can’t call them men, what would you prefer?

    Like I said, you are falling for the Bs. It wasn’t six cops.

    1. Really? In your post right above responding to Chris you refer to the “six” … Who’s BS am I falling for ?

        1. Ok. Well, I’m not the one who is publishing the reports in national news publications about the 6 “involved” officers being placed on administrative leave. But those reports must be lies ….. just like the broken bones.

          1. I know. People interpret everything how they want to agree with their beliefs. 6 were on the call and since no one knows who did what, they put them all off to investigate.

  35. I went to the store to pickup a presciption and almost had a heart attack when i saw a cop car pull into the parking lot of the same store as he saw me entering in, then, I almost crapped my pants watching him drive up and down each aisle of the parking lot that i was in. good gawd im not going to live like this- Seig heil Nazi’s

  36. Reality Is :
    Never said that. I just said all the hate and lies you activists spew is your right. Cross the line to assault, they should take you to jail. Disrespect them, I hope they disrespect you back at the same level. Assault them, I hope they assault you worse. I have always felt everyone should be treated exactly the same way they treat others. So if you talk shit to cops they should talk shit back. If you spit on them they should spit on you. You punch them, they should punch you back harder. My beliefs. Has always kept me out of trouble.

    Lets just reorganize a couple of your thoughts here shall we?

    “I have always felt everyone should be treated exactly the same way they treat others” – “Assault them, I hope they assault you worse” – “You punch them, they should punch you back harder”

    You can’t even be consistent within your own thought. I think now I will take Chris’ advice up there and stop feeding the troll. I’m done with you. Good luck with all this.

  37. OK , pulled another piece of wool from around my eyes. Make this clear I support Justice For Kelly Thomas. Once more, this could have been a homeless/transient veteran.

  38. Tough guy. I have been at all of them. I held a sign at the last one. I will hold a sign at this one. I get a few comments but that’s it. You won’t do a thing. I wouldn’t mind you trying something though. See ya then.

    Jiminy :
    Yeah, you have a lot of balls to be answering every poster in a web forum. Tell you what Reality. Come out on Saturday and counter-protest. Maybe you can make a clever sign like “Cops need to Protect Themselves by Killing Schizophrenic Homeless Men” or “Hey, Accidents Happen” or “Authoritarian Rule is What You People Deserve.”
    I promise I won’t knee-drop your face into the ground even a single time if you come.

    1. Stand on the NE corner of Highland and Commonwealth @ noon on Saturday and I promise I will do a post on you. Please remember to bring your sign.

    2. I am not threatening you, dude. I am letting you know that even though you support brutal, inhumane, callous, thuggish violence towards innocents, we do not support that same violence back towards you.

      So bring your sign. I’m curious enough as to what it reads that I’ll refrain from suggesting that it probably advertizes your willingness to suck a big bad policeman’s balls.

  39. Even if it was 2 cops involved, the other 4 watched. I understand their argument to protect themselves but he wasn’t even armed, no gun, no knife just a 160 lb man. No one should get tazed 6 times unless you’re the Hulk and even then its barbaric.

    Regardless of what happens, the world has a funny way of making things right, call it karma or whatever. Glad there are people out there to stand up for what is right. Get the thugs with badges out, and get the stand up good cops in. I hope they are out there somewhere.

  40. who the hell says “eye blousing” what does that mean? eye blousing-good gawd..”I tells ya” Did he lock people in the big house too?

    old fossil

  41. @Reality is – what did your sign say at the last protest? I’d love to have a peaceful dialogue with you and work out our differences

  42. Tony please look up “reality is” and post his ip and e-mail… he is a tool and is probably a 15 year old wanna be a cop and his dreams are shattered by this… he cannot accept the fact that cops can murder and commit crimes.

  43. OK I worked out the numbers from their campaign finance disclosure reports…so the Fullerton Police Officers Association spent $15,478.69 on the campaigns for both Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley….and this means they funded 24% of Bankhead’s Campaign and 17% of McKinley’s….no wonder McKinley is trying so hard to discredit the incident…he is bought and paid for

  44. Had the autopsy not shown Mr Kelly did not die of blunt force trauma and having his throat crushed , the results would have been released weeks ago.

    They are dragging the release of the cause of death to remove the ability of any independent autopsy being able to make a determination.

    Mr Kelly would be wise to use his new representation to conduct an autopsy.

  45. Do any of you people vote? Some of you sound more vicious than the FPD. I guess blogging for you is a good way for you to blow off steam, but what are you really contributing to the issue?

  46. Wouldn’t waste too much effort on these, this troll, they, he/she are our best PR. Any rational person who is attempting to understand or make sense of this situation who reads these juvinile chest thumping posts, ought be able to see where the truth lay whether placed there by one of the disgraced six, they have plenty of time, its not like they have a job to go to, or one of their baton swallower neophytes, it’s getting late, it’s almost time for them to go to bed anyway, these posts are meant to get a rise out of those seeking justice on behalf of the city of Fullerton in general and Kelly Thomas in particular and we have more important things to discuss

  47. @RealityIsImACop

    I like how when other people make fun of your reading comprehension skills, you try to act/write like you know what your doing.

    Anyways, you sound like an interesting guy to talk to. Are you going to be there on Saturday? Because last week there were hundreds of people out there supporting the same cause. Heck, we would probably kick the shit out of you. Have you ever been in a comatose state before? How about if 6 of us beat the life out of you? I mean, there were only like a couple hundred supporters/eyewitnesses that could state that we were acting in “self-defense”. Right?

    On a lighter note, your “school of thought” seems to be misconstrued. Your saying, DONT challenge authority. Don’t mess with them, and they won’t mess with me? This is how its suppose to work right? No harm, no foul? Hell, if we kept this mentality, we’d still be owned by the English. Talk about un-American.

    And why do you categorize all protestors as “activists and tree huggers”? Last I checked, they were doing all of us, and our children, a favor, you ignorant piece of shit.

  48. …It is kinda funny though, to see that the same poster is using so many different screen names to feign a groundswell of support on behalf of the disgraced 6.

  49. I’m not seeing this issue discussed as yet; so here it goes. Re: P.O.B.O.R. (Peace officer’s procedural bill of rights) AB301-(1977). Ca. State Assembly Bill. Signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in his first term of office.

    When these officers were called in to make a statement by Fullerton Police Dept. employee(s) assigned to the internal affair’s investigation, they would have been read their Miranda rights. After the advisement, the officer is asked if they will discuss the case, and the officer is commonly instructed to decline by their LDF Attorney.

    The internal affair’s investigator then administratively orders the officer to answer the questions under threat of insubordination, which is a termination level offense. The officer then agrees to make a statement, but since the employee was compelled under threat of termination to make a statement, the statement CANNOT be used in any criminal investigation against the officer. If any feds or D.A. Investigators attempt a separate criminal interview independent of the police department, they have to start from the beginning. They too will make a Miranda advisement, and again, it is up the officer/LDF Attorney as to whether to waive those rights and make a statement. That statement can be used in any criminal proceeding.

    What will be interesting to see is if the officer’s completed and turned in all reports related to the case before the victim passed away. The reports would have then been reviewed by a supervisor, approved and turned in as part of a pending criminal case, had the victim survived.

    Most people are under the assumption that law enforcement unions contain conservatives that only vote for conservative candidates. Remember, liberals may not care much for law enforcement on a personal level, but they are PRO-LABOR. Even if that labor is law enforcement. Most of the protective laws that law enforcement has today were brought about by Democratic Legislators, not Republicans. You’ve heard the cleche’ “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” Police/Sheriff Unions give most of their P.A.C. monies to Democratic Candidates, and not Republican. Confused? Don’t feel bad.

    1. “liberals may not care much for law enforcement on a personal level…”

      That was a poorly conceived and flatly erroneous statement, in my experience.

      I know some liberals, several, in fact. The ones I know do recognize the need for law enforcement. Where they [liberals] have a problem is with poor quality of (unequal) law enforcement, especially as regards excessive force and generally abuses of power. Conservatives, on the other hand, are willing to pragmatically turn a blind eye to injustice as long as they aren’t the victims of it. Liberals have a greater tendency towards idealism and honestly belief in, “liberty and justice for all.” Ever heard of it?

      So, here are a couple questions for you from a free thinking political independent: What is the point of making laws if those enforcing the laws refuse to abide by them?

      If laws are elective, what’s the point of employing law enforcers?

      Then what’s the point of having law makers?

      Finally, If law-makers and law-enforcers are irrelevant, what the heck am I paying TAXES for when all I need is my trusty S&W?


  50. This panhandler was arrested, charged for hitting someone in the head “once” with a club. The victim survived.

    The Fullerton 6 aren’t charged with anything (yet), and are basically on a paid vacation.

    I pray the FBI or DOJ goes after them with everything they can.

    They are criminal and deserve jail. They’ve dishonored their profession and Kelly’s blood is on their hands.

  51. Fullerton councilman and former police chief, Pat McKinley, has to protect his creatures and terrorist cells within Fullerton from the helps of powerful “Police Association.”

  52. Either older blogs must be deleted, or I’m too dim to figure out how to find them. It sure would be nice if the site builders would make it more ‘transparent’ how to access older blogs.’ Then we could refer to something someone else said, or we said ourselves ‘back then’ to put in context something we are trying to say now. In one of the earlier blogs I posed the question, “what is the purpose of having a police force?“ Evidently, no one on either side could ever think of one, as there never was a reply. Now I’m going to pose another question, and I hope SOMEONE (sorry for the caps, but this format doesn’t seem able to support either italics or underlining, Sad,) anyone is able to provide me SOME sort of REALISTIC, not smart-mouthed, answer because the question is honest and sincere.

    Why did you become a cop? Did you want to beat helpless mentally ill homeless people to death? Really? That one is tough for me to swallow. Besides there are much more satisfying ways to get an adrenaline rush. Did you become a cop because you wanted to write people traffic citations when they are already having a rotten day, and the last thing they need is a ticket from you? Really? You wanted to make other people even more miserable than they already are on a bad day, just for your own amusement? Lousy reason to pick a dangerous occupation, isn’t it? I mean, you could ruin other people’s day just by becoming a clerk in the County Courthouse or a myriad other civil service jobs, and you’d never have to put your life on the life once.

    My guess is most people, guys and gals, joined the police force because, in some form or another they wanted to HELP people, especially, to protect helpless people from mindless violence. I’ll certainly stand correction if someone wants to explain their own differing reasons for becoming a cop., but that’s my guess.

    So, what has been bugging me from the beginning of all this is, how did you come to the point of defending an indefensible horrific act by a couple of very angry aggressive cops against a COMPLETELY helpless bound sick guy on the ground? Didn’t you join the force to HELP people? Then why didn’t you help Kelly Thomas in the greatest hour of need in his whole sad life? Kelly Thomas was an ultimate helpless victim of violence. “dad, DAD!” Literally, he was as helpless as a child.

    There can be no possible rational excuse for his murder.
    NO human, no animal deserves to be tied up and beaten like that. How can you reconcile doing nothing to help the most helpless guy in the world when you always wanted to be a hero? You, a hero, remember? How can you rationalize to your conscience covering for the animals who savagely brutalized and killed him? How did you get here from there?


    1. In conclusion:

      I imagine this is all like a waking nightmare for you, but believe me, that 10-15 last minutes was much worse for Kelly Thomas, and everyday is now worse for the Thomas family than it is for you. They lost someone they loved. Don’t you for a minute believe they didn’t. He was difficult for them to try and help sometimes. He wanted to live his life out in the open on his own despite their desire and attempts to help him. But, don’t you even insult my intelligence by claiming they didn’t love him because the whole world is watching now, and they will recognize the lie.

      Do you remember swearing an oath to serve and protect?

      What happened to your oath. What happened to your honor?

      Okay, that was more than one question, but I really want to understand. Any honest replies would be greatly appreciated.

  53. oh , ya ,,, police reports ,, show em ,

    probably anyone reading at 3rd grade level would be able to pick them apart, lie for corroborated lie.

    what about those police reports, ????

    and they guy who got his phone impounded ???

    and of course , the TAPE of everything ???

    OH SORRY , cant let the tape out , because we don’t want the witnesses memory of the event , skewed by the ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF THE MURDER, WHAT A JOKE

    do they think we cant see when they lie and try to still use their ridiculous mind control techniques,, \

    ooh , he said mind control,,, ya FUCKERS , the covering up of the truth , is the desire to promote false realities.

    and thats just a lie.

    but anyhow ,,,

    police reports , NOW , and, the reason YOU the police chief , and DA and ,, all YOU people of the SYSTEM need to tell the people , and come clean is , very simple . TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT , so WE can trust YOU


    becAUSE the people are pissed. and none of us think that YOU are doing anything ,OTHER than trying to save as much of your own asses as possible, by MANIPULATING, FALSIFYING , AND CORROBORATING , and trying to propagandize this case with dumb little sound bites , like EYE BLOUSING, or cant SKEW the witnesses memories , and stalling , stalling ,, for what , are you hoping a TSUNAMI , comes and wipes california into chaos , so you can go hide in your BUNKER,



    ,,,, corruption ,,, seems to be able to be burned out …

    or BLOWN UP. or earthquaked to death maybe,

    look now im a terrorist,



    bok bok bok


    oh look he’s radicalized. she’s a radical devout person , oh look how radical things can get, he’s a terrorist, they are brown, she’s a terrosist, they are terroristS,, WAR, war on terror,, smoke em out , , drug wars, ruined lives, look the chinese are gunna get us, oh , shit ,, the mexicans,, fuckin homeless, and dam crazy people making our white bread bullshit lives look not perfect, anyone can be a terrorist, a 6 year old , getting molested before she flies to see her grandma in Chicago , or , maybe ,, its the guy , that had the FUCKING , illegitimate , IRS take away his family farm , or ,,, someone cant makes ends meet , or maybe its the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE , that , had the white man come and steal his LANDS, ISNT AMERICA BASICALLY STOLEN property? BECAUSE ,

    and then you fucking ,shit men people , figured out how to TRICK the world into being slaves to make shit for america and now nothing is made here ,, thus , there are no JOBS, IT IS NOT BECAUSE the immigrants are taking them ,, its cUZ , we don’t make shit here, except BULLSHIT, ALL AROUND THE WORLD, over and over and over , again,,, its the same shit,,

    and it stinks,

    If i don’t post within 48 hours , it means HOMELAND STUPIDITY , came and arrested me for , getting a little RAD.

    just kidding, but not ; (




  54. regarding that mayor/doctor who comments this morning that as a doctor “he’s seen worse survivable injuries” He’s definitely covering by saying this. Im not trying to brag by saying this-I have a point, I am a medical professional and I know, every doctor knows full well, that there’s more to it then “just” superfical wounds that can kill a person-as surely in this case, it was the injuries from the beating that killed him-therefore Kelly died from the beating and Mayor McCheese fully knows that-hes trying to cover

  55. To CHIKEN [Re: Your Post # 173]
    We can trace your IP—oops I was just told that you are one of us!!
    Truly Yours,
    One of your allies

  56. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has caught this, but I haven’t seen a thread or discussion on it, so I’ll bring up the questions or observation.. McKinley said in his CNN interview, they didn’t want to release the tape because they didn’t want to skew the witness’ memory.. But then why would they allow this “tape” to skew and potentially alter the memory of the 6 six officers involved? Shouldn’t the reports be written from their own perspective? Instead, they were allowed to view the video and alter their reports to all match. How is this even legal? Why would they need to even watch it, I mean weren’t they all there? First hand witnesses? I remember being an eye witness to a crime several years back with an ex bf of mine and when the cops came to take our statements of the incident, the very first thing they did was seperate us. They explained that they didn’t want our stories to influence each others’ memory of what happened. Meaning they didn’t want my version to fill in any of the blanks in his story or alter his version. Recently I was in an incident with APD and again, while they were taking my statement, they asked my husband to step out of the room, because they thought he was witness to what had happened and they didn’t want my statement to be influenced by him, when I let them know he wasn’t present, he was allowed to stay. But my point is, if this is standard protocal for witness statements why would they not follow protocal? (<-Duh, I know) Why would they not only allow these 6 officers to watch the video, but then to discuss it and come to terms about what exactly will be written for these reports?

    Side note: My husband is 6'3" 320 lbs and has been tasered, (he's been certified by Taser to instruct and has his permit) and it took one shot to bring him down.. he said there would have been NO reason why it would have taken 5-6 times especially at his height/weight.

  57. From CNN/Justice:
    His father, Ron, said Friday that four new witnesses to that struggle have come forward this week, and he notified the FBI and the Orange County district attorney of the new witnesses Thursday.

    The four witnesses, who had been afraid to make themselves known, saw “100% of everything” and “100% of the nonstop beating to my son’s head” by police, Ron Thomas said. Two of the witnesses are a husband and wife, and they saw Kelly Thomas before his encounter with officers, when Thomas was “not bothering anyone, just walking,” his father said. The four witnesses approached the father Wednesday evening, he said.

    “It’s real key,” Thomas said of the four witnesses’ accounts. “It substantiates a lot of facts. They’re very, very reliable people.”

    The incident “goes so far beyond brutality,” the father said Friday.

  58. Merijoe

    When the people fear its government (police), it is tyranny. When the government fears its people it is liberty. Thomas Jefferson said this

  59. This case is starting to smell. I often wondered how it happened that a supposed honest cop sired a “schizo” homeless man. And I wondered how this ex-cop managed to keep his composure during his numerous interviews and rallies against the Fullerton police–not to mention why the media sought him out. “I will pull the switch myself on those 6 cops.” Well now that I see this ex-cop is preparing a suit to prosper from his homeless son’s beating. And why should he receive a dime? I think this has been a set-up from the beginning. The ex-cop is rid of his embarrassing son and he profits greatly at the expense of the City of Fullerton for some planned change. Something is fishy here and I believe an investigation is needed into the background of Thomas’s father.

  60. Remember the Orange County head cop that was jailed not long ago for offenses that would have been overlooked had they been committed by Sherman Block? His successor, who was a woman, at her first press conference said, “I’m a change agent who will bring change to the police dept..” Looks like THE MAN is getting rid of the old traditional police (like Daryl Gates) who won’t submit to the dictates of the NWO.

    Think twice and don’t trust what the media (John and Ken) are telling you. Could be much more to this than meets the eye.

  61. I just watched this again and can’t believe how disgusting this man is. How the hell is this slime in any kind of public office? Truly disgusting.

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