Chief Sellers Takes a Powder?

I just heard from a reliable source that Fullerton Police Chief Mike Sellers has put in for a minimum 30 day medical leave for some undisclosed malady.

Yikes! Is this going to be a stress-related gig? Can it be preliminary to a pension tax-grab? Is it driven by the dismal McPension interview on CNN?

I don’t know, but when I do I’ll let the Friends know all about it.

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    1. They are so tough on civilians, but when it comes to their retirements and pay, they do this. I wonder if civil court could garnish some of that retirement money. I wonder if the law is maximum 50% garnishment and he might be bracing for that. Any lawyers out there know?

  1. McKinley (the guy damn well knows all the Fullerton cops and admitted he hired the Fullerton Six stuck) it to him today.

  2. Very typical of union members to get sick just before retiring.

    The money used on him could have helped a few dozen mentally ill homeless.

    1. The practice of doing this is called:
      “chiefs disease.”

  3. Just another way to stick it to Kelly. Can’t he just “man-up” and admit what went down and begin to right the terrible wrong they have caused.

    This is outrageous!

  4. Didn’t Don Bankhead retire like this? I remember something about him falling out of a chair right before he retired so most of his pension would be tax free.

  5. “We wish Chief Sellers well, and are appreciative of his efforts in behalf of the city,” Felz said.

  6. The rats are starting to jump ship. We knew we would see this.

    They can run, but they can’t hide. Not now.

    “Undisclosed malady” my ass. The jerk is running scared.

  7. johnandkenshow John and Ken
    fullerton councilman pat mckinley says police chief michael sellers “will not return.”

  8. Here it comes, “disability” tax break, baby.

    So far it’s the only loophole this leech hasn’t exploited yet, so you knew it was coming. Why put up with this firestorm when he can make bank just staying home, for the rest of his worthless life.

  9. More BS by OC register-“sellers doctor took him off the job” hellllo, I work in this industry, any doctor, that you have a relationship with, could be a podiatrist, can take a person off work and say anything, plus cops get 100% of their pay for 1 yr and medical things then 2/3rds of the pay for 5 years

  10. His city bio says he lives in San Clemente (despite the fact that his contract states he had to move to Fullerton by December, 2010. My guess he’s laughing (see ya suckas!) over a martini sitting at the Fisherman on the SC Pier right now….

  11. This has to be a way to keep him getting paid but taking the pressure off him…Is there any way to challenge the medical excuse? Im sure the unions have that covered tho’….He should still resign…and still be charged with obstruction…

    1. Oh yeah, I personally don’t believe you can challenge a medical leave. Now eventually if your boss has balls, they can “encourage” you to leave, but I think that’s it.

    2. NOT TRUE EVER HEAR OF AN INSURANCE MEDICAL CLAIM ADUDIT, If this doctor is making up an illness other then mental he’ll have to prove this disability claim or the state can go after the medical license of the doctor for fraud. No doctor wants that heat.

  12. Just wait… he’ll either retire before December 31st, which will make him eligible for his 2% cost of living raise on his 200K pension a year sooner or, if he has a raise coming, he’ll milk the medical disability for a year to bump up his highest year pay. 50% of his pension will be tax free.

  13. An anonymous source in the medical office where Sellers doctor practices says Sellers malady is uncontrollable verbal flatulence, a common disease among Fullerton city officials. There is hope though. Frequent hot lime Jello enemas have been shown to relieve symptoms.

  14. You can bet that Chief Sellers, rather than addressing the Kelly Thomas beating and death over the last month, spent his time reviewing all his pension options. You can also bet that he will max out every cent.

  15. is it now old fashion to ask…..’what happened to resigning with honor?’…..oh yea that pension that passes on to my family thats suckling on my teats…

  16. Mr. Felz,

    Please excuse Chief Sellers from work today and for the rest of the year.

    He is suffering from what we call “acute abdominal expansion” as the result of too many years at the helm of a criminal-related enterprise.

    Please send checks to his bluff house in San Clemente.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Sarcastico

    1. Dear Dr Sarcastico,

      Chief Sellers would like a medical marijuana script to ease his nerves. Seems like he has got his dick in a ringer

  17. Fullerton Taxpayers are going to pay dearly.

    It is time to dissolve the department and contract out with the Orange County SD.

    1. That would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. What in the world makes you think OCSD is the cure all? You think you don’t have control now?
      You must work for OCSD.

    2. No let Thomas run things, he would be a good chief. I bet he would hand pick the best officers for the job and preserve fullertons future. He is a hero.

  18. why would Sellers care about collecting his pension in a few months? hes getting 100% of his salary and 100% of any medical related to the reason for being taken off his job – he can coast for a yr before even thinking pension

  19. I wonder if Sellers will show up at the Fullerton College Police Academy tomorrow for his regularly scheduled instructor appearance on Tue/Thur. Attention media: Chief Sellers is an instructor at the FJC police academy too. Will you be there to interview him?

  20. Chief Sellers is a dishonorable putz. Pat McPension only gets $215K per year, and he served FPD as chief for 19 years. How is it that Sellers is going to get $230K for less than 2 years of FPD service?

  21. i would love to what took him down for an “indefinte medical leave” it had to be some sort of catastrophic reason if he stays on this “medical leave” for longer than a few months

  22. Fullerton Citizen :I wonder if Sellers will show up at the Fullerton College Police Academy tomorrow for his regularly scheduled instructor appearance on Tue/Thur. Attention media: Chief Sellers is an instructor at the FJC police academy too. Will you be there to interview him?

    Get your video camera and head over there.

    Anybody get that police report from Borsari yet?

  23. Scott :Chief Sellers is a dishonorable putz. Pat McPension only gets $215K per year, and he served FPD as chief for 19 years. How is it that Sellers is going to get $230K for less than 2 years of FPD service?

    Because McPension only had 19 years in the CalPERS system, meaning he didn’t receive 90% of his single highest year.

    Sell-out is maxed out, with over 27 years.

  24. As expected. Why stick around to deal with you bozos. He will never be back. Retired happily ever after. $200k pension.

  25. Sounds about right the ship is taking on water and starting to lean… and this clown abandons ship….GOOD!! he was dead weight anyways

  26. lol in bad taste but…the six deputies could take out Chief Sellers and introduce him to the same ‘Indefinite Medical Leave’ Kelly Thomas experienced…..

  27. Yeah, the phrase I’ve been hearing on the news and on KFI 640 is that it’s an “indefinite medical leave.” He’s not coming back.

    We don’t even have to speculate on how coincidental this is. We all know what’s going on. He’s trying to run away and someone is helping him to try to save face (too late for that) by coming up with this “medical leave” crap. He’s leaving before the City Council finally terminated him, or before he himself faces criminal charges.

    One thing that really concerns me for some reason though is that I was listening to KFI 640 today and I just heard that John and Ken are going to be “on vacation” for 3 weeks! I hadn’t heard them mention anything about a vacation coming up. And to me it seemed kind of strange for them BOTH to be off for that long. The timing seems kind of suspicious to me. Is is possible that someone in Fullerton might have made a phone call to KFI or Clear Channel to make John and Ken back off?

    John and Ken really went after this and helped to get things moving. I hate the fact that there going to be gone for so long. 3 weeks is enough for the public to start to forget about this, if we don’t keep constant attention on it!

    It’s possible that there is nothing unusual and they really are just taking some time off. But the timing seems really suspicious to me.

    1. Chris,

      John and Ken are Millionare show business personalities.

      You are living in an alternate universe if you think they plan around anything other than thier kids school schedules and Ken’s husbands time off.

      WTF are you thinking?

    2. Howard Stern has been off the air almost the entire summer. These radio guys can get plenty of time off written into their contracts.

    3. Nancy Grace needs a fresh source of righteous indignation, and trust me, she will dog the FPD and McKinley, Bankhead and Jones

      1. Nancy Grace only talks about pretty white girls who go missing in Aruba or pretty white girls who kill their kids, she doesnt care about Kelly Thomas or crooked cops

    4. They always take an annual trip together to do some male bonding. In the past they used to post random postcards on their blog from their trip. And then John has to prep the kids for school, which starts before Labor Day, and Ken does whatever Ken does, since it is pulling teeth to get him to say anything about what he does the other 20 hours of the day,

    1. When Ken was on vacation to visit his family in Buffalo, John spent the two entire shows on Kelly Thomas. Ken is noticeably less outraged than John is at this and is baiting John more than usual, and would not have done a whole show on this, breaking it up with some irrelevant funny story like transgender TSA agents or Barney Frank farting to get John off track.

  28. Fire this scumbag and hire an independent medical team to do an evaluation of his “medical condtion” then hire private investigaters to monitor his activities 24/7 to see if he really is disabled. This is done in the private sector all the time and is perfectly legal this would be money well spent. Whitaker and Quirk are you listening ?

  29. @Chris-I’ve been a listener for along time to john and ken-heard them report on alot of scary things and keep riding topics for as long as necessary and I assure you there aint NOBODY who can scare them off from saying or doing what they want – clear channel for whom they work wouldnt dare tell them to chill- they would go off! Its not unusual for both of them to go on vacation at the same time-I think its for 2 weeks not 3-I know conway is saying 3 then he says 2 then he goes back to 3 but I think its 2. anyway, no way are the boys being shoo’d into silence-hells no-when they get back they will pick right up again and cream these bastards. and you are right, its obvious Sellers is faking his way out with help before his baboon ass is thrown out

    1. You never tell anyone, because you want your subs to keep their ratings. Now I won’t be listening to J&K the next few weeks, instead turning to baseball or KNX. But the station still needs to make money, and the advertisers (at least the regular advertisers) don’t need to know that the reason most of their listeners tune in isn’t there. Now Handel and “Resnick”, Hoffmann, Gallagher, etc. are all interchangeable and have a similar style, but J&K and Conway/Steckler are not the same.

  30. get it out of your systems…they are allowed vacations….you have a voice without them and dont let your little mental hiccups turn this discussion into somehting about J&K….instead of what it should be…..the Fullerton city council not stepping up to control whats going on in its own police department ( psst…thats code for McKinley pulling Sellers strings and allowing him to still be paid and not take the heat)….

  31. I’ve worked for cities for twenty years. Not a cop. Our chief is simply doing what practically every other police chief in California does. He is setting up a workers’ comp retirement which will result in 50% of his retirement being tax free. It is an epidemic. Usually they do it after their retirement so that they don’t have to fact the public and their fellow employees. It is outrageous and they all do it. Rest assured, when he is fired or quits or retires, he will be replaced with another chief who makes just as much money or more and will do the same. And you will probably find that his salary is indexed to the city manager’s so that they are guaranteed to make within 10% of each other. One gets a raise, the other gets a raise. Very common in the industry.

  32. Maybe Fullerton residents shouldn’t be relying so much on John and Ken so much. Make your voices known. Get rid of the clowns you voted in

    1. Anyone have a couple million dollars to build a radio network that can reach millions of listeners just for this case?

  33. This guy is a piece of work, in typical Fullerton fashion. Collect the paycheck while doing not much of anything, then when some actual leadership is needed disappear from view, then jump ship – while soaking the city for every last drop of $$. If these crooks tried the fake disability scam on an insurance company they’d get taken apart in court and probably end up in jail for fraud. But if they only answer to the City, that feeble stand in for citizens, it’s nothing but party time into your golden years.

    1. Exactly. Why should anyone in government care that these people are scamming the taxpayers? It’s not their money! It’s like living in Soviet Russia. A revolution is overdue in this country. The Marxist agitators from the 60’s, and their “I’m too scared to go to Vietnam” baby boomer acolytes are in charge, and all they care about is growing government and screwing anyone not in the club by taking every last cent they can get their hands on.

  34. Say Pop :

    Because McPension only had 19 years in the CalPERS system, meaning he didn’t receive 90% of his single highest year.
    Sell-out is maxed out, with over 27 years.

    Chief Sellout, I like it.

  35. Nipsey – this has nothing to do with the city’s perception of his illness and pending workers’ comp retirement. It is done at the CalPERS level and he is essentially guaranteed these types of benefits. It is the result of many years of the the CalChiefs Association lobbying the California legislature to get these types of benefits. I promise you the executives at the City do not approve of this because they do not get the same treatment and they know how corrupt it is. Of course the retired cops who are now council members are probably very supportive of it because they probably got the same treatment. Cops and firemen only.

  36. I have figured this medical condition out.

    Chief Sellers has a “Vision Problem”

    He just can’t see himself working as the chief any longer.

  37. I don’t know, that doof city manager is congratulating him on his (presumed) exit. There has to be more to collecting fake disability than just saying you have one. Then again, if these feeble minded ex cops managed to do it, it must be damned easy.

  38. No honor. These cops walk around like they are special cause they “protect and serve.”. Take a look at this clown. With the city playing along! I am the first to defend public workers but this is outrageous.

  39. Think about it. If you earned $100K+ (or considerably more) with a guaranteed job for life and will retire some day when you turn 50 or 55 with that much or considerably more forever, would you risk your own life to save another? California voters have voted time and time again to give cops and fireman everything they want, year after year after year. And when it comes time that the city does not have enough money to go around, you tell them to lay off everyone but the cops and fireman. You do it to yourselves. They know the game and they play it. And they laugh all the way to the bank.

    1. Firefighters and police pay never has been up for a vote. I think you’d get a different response if it was.

  40. If this has not already been done, will someone please contact the victim’s family in this case and make certain they obtain their own/separate autopsy of the victim, Mr. Kelly? They are not as expensive as you may think, and can be performed at a mortuary of the family’s choosing. There are reputable, private forensic pathologists available to perform a separate examination. DO NOT trust the Orange County Coroner’s Office finding of inconclusive as to cause/manner of death.

    #59 by admin on August 10, 2011

    I don’t think that’s even necessary. Kelly was in an ICU for five days and was no doubt diagnosed by both emergency/trauma MDs and then by neurologists and brain surgeons. That means MRIs CATs, etc.

    @ Administrator: MRI’s, CAT’s, X-Rays etc. are no substitute for tangible tissue samples, arterial magnification to identify any disruption of blood flow due to trauma, and magnification of brain matter. There can be blood present in areas where it should not be; not visible to the naked eye or via modern scanning protocol. What I have listed is but a fraction of the reasons to obtain a second autopsy. You get a second opinion from another doctor on the living, it is no stretch to obtain a second opinion on the deceased. Especially when the Forensic Pathologist performing said autopsy is an employee of the County of Orange, CA. Anyone that believes a government forensic physician is not going to side with another government entity is being horribly naive. (All due respect to Administrator.)


    1. @ fedupwithmorons Then get one. Court orders are not that difficult. Especially being requested from the surviving family. For those against doing so; let me get this straight: Mr. Kelly is beaten to death, and the coroner’s office cannot determine a cause of death? You’re buying this are you? Wake-Up folks. I don’t know the family. Someone step up, Fullerton. You are expecting rational decisions from family members when they are in their most irrational state.

  42. Kelly’s death is going to quickly lead to bigger, more political discussions. Leaving the atrocity behind. Hopefully FFFF will stick to the message and see that those responsible are held accountable.

    I saw a link where the Liberal OC website is taking/accepting credit for this story (Sellars Leave). Lines are going to quickly be drawn and the pro union OCR, Voiceof OC(EA) and the Liberal OC will find ways to defend the union while bashing the act.

    \Watch carefully as the dance begins.

    1. I have a feeling Tony Bushala is going to be under investigation for tax fraud or …something else very soon.

      The reason why people are afraid to speak out is because the establishment is known to utterly ruin those who dare to challenge them.


  44. once upon a time a stolidly middle class man raised in “lily white” fullerton neighborhood who called him an activist for the (using his words) “disenfranchised” told a “disenfranchised” African-American man that he too had to endure racism because his heart and soul was African-American. the African-American man became angry and told him he was an expletive fool and had never been spit on or called the N word when crossing the street. Whereupon the lily-white man turned bright pink, ran down the hallway to his bedroom and did not come out till the next morning. so see, Chief Sellers, you are not the only coward living or working in Fullerton

  45. tony serra – this has nothing to do with a union. Get a life. This is about police officers who have been granted enormous legal and job protections by the California legislature, who you played a part in electing. If you are pissed about this then write your legislator. Whining about the police officers association is idiotic. And if the city council does ANYTHING premature to condemn these cops before they are legally found liable, then you, the taxpayer, will pay up the ass when the cops sue the city for millions and win. Why? Because your elected legislators gave them these protections.

    1. You hit it right on the head. All the blah blah about cops and pensions, salary, benefits, blah blah. Don’t blame the cops. The cops in the US get paid decent salary and benefits. None will ever be rich. They get a retirement at 55, or a lower one at 50. But the city councils and all the state leaders gave them all these benefits. Blame them if you don’t like it, not the cops.

  46. Obviously – If you don’t think police officers in California are getting rich then you are mistaken. Would you like a job where you are only competing for promotions with a limited group of people, where you are virtually guaranteed to become a lieutenant, captain, or chief if you just get a college degree and then stick around long enough for the others to retire so that you can fill their spot, then get paid upwards of $200K a year and retire with $150K+ for the rest of your life when you are 50 years old. Open your eyes. It is happening in every city in california. Same with firemen. Become a battalion chief, captain, assistant chief, chief, etc., and you are earning $150K +, and retiring with almost as much. Then factor in the three day work week and generous overtime and you have quite the lifestyle. I’m not a cop hater. I just believe that the function of government is more than to provide a highly compensated police and fire. At the rate their pay is increasing the only thing cities will be able to afford is them. Forget parks, streets, water, and trash. You get cops and firemen…period.

  47. 1-800-Autopsy provides independent autopsy services. Look them up — They are legit, very professional.

  48. He’s running with his tail between his legs because he has seen the video and know what the hell is coming!!!!

  49. Re John and Ken’s vacation: I have been listening to talk radio for 20 years. The “stars” take their vacations and holidays when the fewest people are listening. When listener volumes are high, they are allowed to be off only for emergencies.

    No conspiracy here.

    There are still competent news people, producers, and fill-in hosts to keep the station running. After all, I first heard of Seller’s leave today on KFI and John and Ken were not even there.

    In other news, these medical leaves and retirements by police and fire are a prevalent abusive practice that is costing the taxpayers of the state plenty.

    Would it not be justice if Sellers was the first chief to serve jail time for such (alledged) fraud.

    1. They take their vacations when they are not in a ratings period. Bill Handel just took two weeks now John and Ken will. Don’t worry KFI has some relentless reporters.

    2. I like Conway’s beer drinking, silly dude next door schtick, but I once heard him go BERZERK on a caller who merely suggested that the pay/benefit/pension packages the police and fire get are unsustainable. The situation is clearly unsustainable, and Conway’s temper tantrum lost him a listener.

  50. It was Shawn Nelson that brought this transient Krusty clown police chief to Fullerton. He should be held accountable for his careless decision. Nelson need to be recalled now….!!!!! no recall no peace

  51. How did John and Ken become legit news reporters? Half the time they are talking they have their heads up their asses. Seriously. You think these guys are newspeople? Do you need to be reminded who were the major forces behind getting Arnold elected governator?

    1. So were a lot of people who were fooled by Arnold. Me included. What John and Ken have is a 50,000 watt voice. Be afraid… very afraid…..

  52. And the truth shall set you free…..what a pussy! Gonna live on his pension cuz he can;t face the public. Poor piggy.

  53. 50,000 watts is surprisingly muffled when it is coming out of ones’ ass. Or when a listener is smart enough to turn off the radio.

  54. Peckerwood Pete :An anonymous source in the medical office where Sellers doctor practices says Sellers malady is uncontrollable verbal flatulence, a common disease among Fullerton city officials. There is hope though. Frequent hot lime Jello enemas have been shown to relieve symptoms.

    LMFAO! U have to be my brother…

  55. Jim :He’s running with his tail between his legs because he has seen the video and know what the hell is coming!!!!


  56. The Police Chief is now protected by the American with Disabilities Act or ADA as well as SDI and FMLA. This was a very chicken crap move but also brilliant and I am sure his attorney advised him to do this. He is virtually untouchable and cannot be fired for ANY reason at this point. This is fact and not an assumption. I am an HR specialist and this is law. We may see justice with the filthy six but not the police chief. See you all on Saturday at the court house.

  57. Conway and Steckler are covering for John and Ken at KFI while they’re on vakay. They said today that they would be covering this issue as new info becomes public. I think they will keep the pressure up! It gives them an easy topic to cover every day.

  58. He is an “at will” employee and can be fired by the city council at any time. Are you an HR specialist with experience in city labor issues? The police chief, city manager, fire chief, and sometimes the city clerk are unique among city employees in that they each have a unique employment contract and are at will.

  59. Goddamn what a disgrace. This scandal has risen to the Bell, California level. Except in Bell, nobody died.

  60. If his doctor is making up some illness which I think he is unless it’s depression, which if it is I want his badge and GUN!!! but if this is all made up I WANT THIS DOCTORS MEDICAL LICENSE FOR FRAUD!! and I want him/her put behind bars if they filed a fake medical claim. Medical insurance fraud is a FELONY!!!!

    1. You’re joking right? Why do you think there are a million+ cases of SS disability fraud? The doctors are as crooked as anyone else. Psychiatrists (proably the doctor who signed Sellers paper) are the worst, because you can’t prove or disprove stress, depression, etc. It’s all the word of the patient and the doctor.

  61. The anonymous informant on KFI said there was a live feed into the Dispatcher’s Office of the video camera at the bus station on July 5th when Kelly was fighting for his life. He said the police reports by the cops involved were re-written numerous times as they watched replays of the tape. Then Sellers takes off on vacation for two-weeks, only to find out how explosive things got shortly after his return. He says nothing publicly on his own. The 6 cops were not kept on immediate administrative leave throughout. Now he takes off on medical leave, with McKinley telling the media he’s not expected back!

    What an amzazing, complete and utter abdication of his responsibilities when the community and his Department most needed him!! I certainly hope there’s some way to take this into account before he counts his pension and medical leave payments!

  62. On paper Mike Sellers looks like an great chief. Aside from the double murder at the Montage Resort by his Laguna PD, it was just great. Of course, until THAT moment, he had never had to deal with corruption AND public scrutiny. Fullerton gave him exactly what he signed up for and is now running away from.

    I think McPension wants his old job back.

  63. @Admin&Travis,
    Hamilton is/was in charge of the investigation bureau. Does that mean he oversaw the Kelly Thomas case and subsequent case against FPD officers?

    Where are Hamilton’s loyalties: his “brotherhood” or the People?

      1. And who does that sergeant (do we have a name?) report to? Was it directly to the chief or was it to the captain?

  64. I just saw on the news a surviellance tape of a marajuana robber in fullerton that took place yesterday, why was that tape ok to release but not Kelly’s beating tape? I thought they had to “wait until the investigation was over”

    Liars. weasals. whats the REAL reason for not releasing the tape(s)?

    1. @ # 145 merijoe>Simple they were caught if it put the low life maggot FPD in a positive spin it would have been out the very next day.And that is why the video tape that was recorded by a citizen was stolen by one of there accomplices.That low life cop stole vital evidence from a citizen.they are also crooks!!

  65. Chief = coward.

    By the way Fullerton… you don’t want to go with the OC Sheriffs Department. You’ll just end up with a bunch of 5′ 6″ motor officers wearing lifts in their boots who like to hide behind trees with radar guns and hand out tickets with a swagger….

  66. I appear to be incorrect about the protection he gets while on sickleave. The city rep states that he cannot be fired while out. Sorry about that.

  67. I really like the BS quote for Quirk-Silva in the OCR saying she is concerned about the Chiefs Health. What a load of BS. The only thing she is concerned about is getting her name in the newspaper and press to help with her next re election campaign. Typical politician.

    1. This is a typical boohoo response from Quirk. You’ve gotta be seen as “concerned” about everyone’s feelings.

      Whether she really gives a damn about Seller’s “health” is irrelevant. She should have expressed outrage that Chiefie is gaming the system to get a disability retirement and dodge income tax.

      Maybe she can knit him some socks while he’s home at the beach recuperating.

      1. i knew it. shes full of it too. another skirt with a microphone, another one who only cares about her own agenda and will say anything she thinks people want to hear, I got suspecious after hearing her waffling (a sign that the person doesnt know or care about the issue) and her nonsensical whining on John/Ken “Im against releasing the names of the officers” – what really got me was that commercial to gather socks for the homeless that she tacked on the end of the letter that was disguised as a letter to support to suggest Sellers step down and addressed to all citizens of Fullerton-can you say, Grandstanding?

        1. @ # 152 merijoe > unlike any one else Quirk-Silva demanded the 6 bottom feeder maggots who pose as peace officers be taken off the streets immediately i think that show her caring.People were scare to be pulled over by FPD Goon squad.She did something about it and that speaks allot for her caring and demeanour

  68. I spoke with a homeless guy the other day at the Fullerton Transportation Center. He used to be homeless in Laguna Beach, during the time Sellers was there. The homeless there labeled him as the “butcher”. Is there anyone out there, homeless or not, that could confirm this??

    1. see you tube, under mike sellers-some guy-looks to be homeless in laguna beach and not lucid, has a series of videos regarding him and the po-po there and they are not kindly- it kind of gives you an idea of how he was thought of by Sellers and his gang of baboons

      heres an example

  69. oh ya ,, fuckin SELLERS, SELL US ALL OUt, you piece of shit,,

    he should be face fucking CHARGES,, and that fucker, gets no pension ,, no medical ,,, oh maybes , he can just * ! 3





  70. Leadership in Fullerton.
    Bunch of cowardice…Abuse, Thugs, Cover-up. Lies. Deceptive….Hide behind closed door. Running a way from problems. Is it a leaders you want for Fullerton?

    Do you know how much Fullerton Police Chief make a year?
    His annual salary and benefits package of $228,576. If you add generous pension, healthcare, and others…You will be surprise.

  71. You would really think at this point they would back off on the corrupton, but instead it just gets worse. I always knew sellers and mcpension were scumbags, but I assumed they had some brains to minapulate the system this bad, but I guess it was just flat our dumb luck.

  72. Mike Sellers is remembered in Laguna Beach as the police chief in charge when a problematic homeless man by the name of Matthew Dunlevy was tased and died in the Laguna Beach city jail in 2006. The victim’s family was offered and accepted a quarter of a million dollar settlement. Sound familiar?

    It was also on Sellers’ watch that a distraught couple, hiding in fear at the Montage, were blown away by police in front of their 14 year-old son. The husband had called 911 and pleaded with the dispatcher, “we haven’t done anything wrong,” but police opened fire on them, killing both. The couple was found to have had one handgun gun between them and the police justified killing both by claiming “At different moments in the room each one had possession of the gun separately.”

    So naturally both had to be shot and killed!

    According to the couple’s young son, there was no attempt at negotiation, just an order to “drop the gun,” before officers opened fire on both his parents.

    Suffice it to say, not many tears were shed by locals when Sellers moved on, and in true civil-servant fashion, UP, to a larger police department with the city of Fullerton. How do they always fail up?

    As an aside, today the homeless in Laguna Beach are sheltered at night in a facility up the canyon. Storage is provided for their things, as is transportation back and forth to the beach. Dinner, and, believe it or not, a movie, round out the services used to lure them back to the shelter in the evening. Many locals used to make fun of it, including me, but the program has been a HUGE success, the village, beach and boardwalk are more attractive than ever at night and confrontations between police, the homeless and citizenry have been significantly reduced.

    1. Blah blah blah. Jail transient was a dope head and died due to drug use. The Montage incident was a clear cut case. Any cop in the world, and any citizen when presented with the facts, would have done the same thing. They wanted to die and they died.

      Wow glad I don’t live in Laguna. No money for anything these days so let’s just cater to the homeless. Most homeless in places like OC make more money than most hard workers. Just ask em. Between their welfare checks, the giveaways, and the money they beg for they have plenty of money to lead a great life and do all the drugs they want. Just ask em sometime.

    1. That’s funny that Sellers is given credit in that article for “overseeing the city’s highly successful program to address homeless issues.” It was the city’s Homeless Task Force, created in the wake of the tasing death of Matthew Dunlevy, that in its first interim report “recommended” an officer be assigned to address the issues of the homeles. It was the City Council that implemented the recommendation, Sellers was along for the ride.

  73. #158 I like that idea. We should do it here too. So that this kind of sad incidences would not occur. And everyone can breathe a little easy. Today more than many years ago we have people who had lost jobs and homes and forced them into a situation beyond their control.

    1. Of course he isn’t going to return. He’s maxed out and ready to retire anyways. Now he can avoid all this BS from all these idiots, collect his retirement and maybe 50% tax free due to stress, and never hear or see any of these idiots again. Wouldn’t we all do the same thing?

      1. @168 > my be GOD will take him before he gets the first check and smack him in the face with the supreme almighty justice burn in the fires of hell for his injustice to Gods children.

  74. So sellers lawyer tells him to go see a union doctor….he’s so stressed from his job he goes on state tax payer disability…you will never see him back at fullerton…he will enjoy is retirement along with a nice disability bonus that he does not deserve…hopefully the feds will find that he try to hide facts and bust his useless ass

  75. Christian :@Admin&Travis,Hamilton is/was in charge of the investigation bureau. Does that mean he oversaw the Kelly Thomas case and subsequent case against FPD officers?
    Where are Hamilton’s loyalties: his “brotherhood” or the People?

    ^This. What does anybody know about Hamilton? Any former abuse complaints against him?

  76. they need to investigate chief sellers for faking a stress case.
    chief sellers ordered the cops to rewrite their reports and falsify what acctualy occured.
    that IN ITSELF IS A crime

    1. Hard to disprove stress after 35 years as a cop.

      And you know this how? Ohhhh Tony probably told you. LOL

      1. Yeah, who’d think stress might be part of the job description and not some unexpected, debilitating “disability”.

  77. I’m sure this will piss people off, but I really wonder about this guys family. He dad is a retired OC Sheriff, a law enforcement professional. Where was he while his schizo son was supposedly scaring people on the streets? I don’t mean to be an asshole, but seriously? He didn’t run his son’s police record to see what is was up to? He didn’t feel some responsibility for bringing this guy into the world and then allowing him to live on the streets. The kid had a police record, so obviously he wasn’t a harmless person. Reverse this situation and put yourself into that family. What would you have done if your son had mental problems, refused to take his drugs, and decided to live on the streets. Then consider if you are a police officer and know the kinds of stuff this kid will get into, and/or do to other innocent people. You wouldn’t do everything you could as a father (law enforcement professional) to make sure your son was living a healthy, productive, law-abiding life? Just saying. And my comments certainly don’t dismiss or minimize what these police officers may or may not have done to him.

    1. I don’t give an F about his family. I worry about out of control cops who do whatever they want under the color of authority.

    2. #182> either you are just a fukn’ dumb retard or you are smocking crack!! were cockroach nest did you crawl out from all that ha s been told and explained to many times to countYou and your bottom feed FPD are going down in flames the feds are gonna burn all you bottom feeder maggots read on maggot this is gonna show you what federal law IS ALL ABOUT >
      Hello Serpico via Rico act!!

  78. And maybe you should consider that the chief does have some serious issue going on right now. High blood pressure could be a killer when it is complicated by stress. Yes, the stress should be something you deal with as a city professional, but if it was you and your blood pressure shot up over 150 during this case, what would you do? Just saying that it’s a possibility.

    1. So, this miserable old coward you call “chief” was never stressed out in 35 years of policing? 1st time? isnt stress part of being a polo- cia? I guess if you dont doing anything its not.
      ball sack should have become a CPA since he had the hypertension and all

    2. My bp goes up over that every time I ride up one of the steep hills on the Fullerton Loop at training pace. The Chief is the guy who, by definition, is supposed to make the tough decisions and (har, har) the buck stops with him. Claiming that the stress of the job of ‘leading’ is some extraordinary occurrence outside of the expected scope of the job is laughable. I’ll be fire is scary too, do firefighters go on disability retirement the first time they approach blaze? Oh, my bad, maybe that happens.

  79. Kelly Thomas lost his life to a gang of 6 cops who decided they weren’t going to be intimidated by a homeless man. BIG MISTAKE!! The cops will, at least, be sent to prison and their lives and reputations are ruined. The chief of police will most likely leave with a heavily tarnished reputation. Certain members of the city council will be recalled due to conspiracy to cover-up a senseless, aggravated murder. It will take many years before the City of Fullerton can regain trust in their city government. Faith in the integrity of the O.C. DA may evaporate if he finds no fault. Finally, the Thomas family must endure their terrible loss.

    So, in the end, there are no winners in this hideously tragic event that most certainly never should have occurred!

  80. This guy is as slick as Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly. I think these guys go to Harvard to learn the art of running and dodging when the going gets tough. I think they all missed ethics class. What a shame!!

  81. Mckinley says there were no intent by the officers, but has any one mentioned that the officers were wearing digital recorders at the time of the incident and the initial contact. I am told by reliable sources that officer Ramos threatned Kelly Thomas with his straight stick and made those comments which were recorded and confiscated by the OCDA. That will come out later or should come out later, if it is not destroyed?

  82. Lies. Coverup. Hire “independent consultant”, Running away from responsibilities, etc.. Is it a corrupted cultures from Fullerton Police Dept. and City Officials?
    FBI and Fed are good enough. There is no need for Fullerton to add another level of complexity.

  83. Pedro :
    And maybe you should consider that the chief does have some serious issue going on right now. High blood pressure could be a killer when it is complicated by stress. Yes, the stress should be something you deal with as a city professional, but if it was you and your blood pressure shot up over 150 during this case, what would you do? Just saying that it’s a possibility.

    Interesting theory. My theory is that he wasn’t expecting the public to give a shit about one homeless guy beaten into a coma…hence, the reason he went on vacation right after.

    Oh, and hypertension starts at 140/90. But for someone as rotund as Sellers, 140/90 may be the norm.

  84. “Mayor F. Richard Jones said Thursday that he did not expect Sellers to return. ”

    “The medical leave bars the city from firing Sellers, whose compensation package totals $228,576 with benefits.”

  85. If Sellers goes out on a disability pension he will get 50% of it tax free.

    There is no way Sellers could legitimately qualify for a disability pension, but the way these gov clowns game the system and the lack of objecting to disability scam pensions by CalTURDS and the 37 Act pension systems it is very possible he will get a $200K per year pension with $100K tax free.

  86. Julie :
    If Sellers goes out on a disability pension he will get 50% of it tax free.
    There is no way Sellers could legitimately qualify for a disability pension, but the way these gov clowns game the system and the lack of objecting to disability scam pensions by CalTURDS and the 37 Act pension systems it is very possible he will get a $200K per year pension with $100K tax free.

    Now doing nothing is a stressful occupation? Only a cop could set the bar that low.

  87. From CNN/Justice:
    His father, Ron, said Friday that four new witnesses to that struggle have come forward this week, and he notified the FBI and the Orange County district attorney of the new witnesses Thursday.

    The four witnesses, who had been afraid to make themselves known, saw “100% of everything” and “100% of the nonstop beating to my son’s head” by police, Ron Thomas said. Two of the witnesses are a husband and wife, and they saw Kelly Thomas before his encounter with officers, when Thomas was “not bothering anyone, just walking,” his father said. The four witnesses approached the father Wednesday evening, he said.

    “It’s real key,” Thomas said of the four witnesses’ accounts. “It substantiates a lot of facts. They’re very, very reliable people.”

    The incident “goes so far beyond brutality,” the father said Friday.

  88. This suit from Thomas’s father doesn’t look right!!!

    This case is starting to smell. I often wondered how it happened that a supposed honest cop sired a “schizo” homeless man. And I wondered how this ex-cop managed to keep his composure during his numerous interviews and rallies against the Fullerton police–not to mention why the media sought him out. “I will pull the switch myself on those 6 cops.” Well now that I see this ex-cop is preparing a suit to prosper from his homeless son’s beating. And why should he receive a dime? I think this has been a set-up from the beginning. The ex-cop is rid of his embarrassing son and he profits greatly at the expense of the City of Fullerton for some planned change. Something is fishy here and I believe an investigation is needed into the background of Thomas’s father.

  89. Remember the Orange County head cop that was jailed not long ago for offenses that would have been overlooked had they been committed by Sherman Block. His successor who was a woman at her first press conference said, “I’m a change agent who will bring change to the police dept..” Looks like THE MAN is getting rid of the old traditional police (like Darryl Gates) who won’t submit to the dictates of the NWO.

  90. Charles-I try to ignore jackasses who post on here, but im only human (which is more than I can say about you) and theres only so much i can take, so Im going to comment about that cruel posting of yours that made me sick to my stomach, pertaining to a grieving father.
    What you perceive as a cold man restraining his emotions- is a daddy who lost his son, his baby boy (not a stray cat he fed one day) who was diagnosed with an illness, that he raised as a single father -in a very vicious beating death at the hands of those paid to protect him-in public trying to hold in what he was feeling so as not to upset morons like you-you have no idea what he was feeling on the inside
    Yes,hes suing the city, which he should, (and so would you) but he has stated hes giving the profits to homeless shelters (if you bothered to listen to the news).
    I assure you at Kelly’s worst day he smelled better than you do right now,
    I think if any investigation needs to be done it should be conducted on you-so what’s your first and last name so I can start that.
    How would you react in public, if this happened to one of your loved ones? what would you say if you heard your child on tape yelling out “dad, dad” wouldnt you want to pull the switch too? and any answer but yes from you is a damn lie

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