People You’d Like To Hit Up Along Side the Head With a 350 lbs. Frozen Tuna

Freeze it. Use it.

The other day, we posted about some pea-brained, freeze-dried idiot who tried to link our alleged hate-speak on the type of violence perpetrated by some loonatic in Arizona.

Well, shit-howdy, that didn’t seem quite fair. We here at FFFF don’t advocate violence. But if we did, we might advocate slappin’ yer favorite Fullerton official up along side the head with a 350 pound, frozen albacore. But don’t count on using pointed objects, fire arms, slingshots, or any other dangerous objects. No, it’s gotta be a 350 pound tuna. And it’s gotta be frozen.

27 Replies to “People You’d Like To Hit Up Along Side the Head With a 350 lbs. Frozen Tuna”

  1. I’m reporting you to Rusty Kennedy and the OC Human Relations Committee. This is an obvious incitement to violence.

  2. According to Chris Prevatt, anyone who does not immediately and publicly denounce this tunablog is hereby guilty of tuna-slapping themselves, and should therefor be tried and incarcerated immediately.

  3. I am a little unclear. Does the FFFF here stand for Fullertonians For Frozen-Fish Flogging, or something like that?

  4. This is just nuts.

    Advocating hitting people in the head with heavy, frozen fish is completely irresponsible. I condemn this website.

  5. This is exactly why I have proposed broad fish control legislation every year since the great Flounder Fracas of 1983.

  6. As a longtime deep sea angler who has on many occasions been fortunate enough to reel in some albacore, let me say that they come no where close to reaching 350 lbs. I believe the world record is around 75lbs. Now a Yellowfin or Bluefin Tuna on the other hand, they get huge.

    1. Hey wise guy, have you ever been deep sea fishing IN FULLERTON? I didn’t think so. Don’t go telling me how big the fish are around here.

  7. If I weren’t painted to a wall I’d hit the idiots (upside the head with that big frozen tuna) who f’d-me-up without consulting the Ad Hoc Downtown Fullerton Jr. Arts Committee.

  8. Man, I once shared a tank with one of those albacores. Talk about simple-minded. She kept talking about “collaborate this, collaborate that.”

    Jayzus, what an idiot.

  9. I love this post JFD, it’s fun, funny and totally f-ing satirical, but now that the bell just rang and recess is over does that mean that its time to start picking up the toys that we left on the playground 🙁 ?

  10. Hey! How ’bout takin’ me? I got good taste.

    Sorry Charlie – we’re not looking for tuna with good taste; we’re looking for tuna that tastes good.

  11. How about the broad who manages the activities at FCC.

    She wears her fish around her neck, telling Non-Christans what they are missing!!!!

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