Kelly Thomas Memorial Rally and Protest TODAY

There will be a memorial rally and protest outside of the police station from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM today (Saturday). Please come by and make your voice heard.  We must let the FPD  know that we will not let up until those responsible are brought to justice.

More details on Facebook.

Also there will be a candle light vigil for Kelly tonight from 8-10 pm in front of Fullerton City Hall …no signs, just candles and songs

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  1. I just want to commend you guys at ffff for the reporting you guys are doing. Keep up the great work, and get these rotten cops off the streets. Thank you again.

    1. Why was he fighting the police to begin with? Escalation of force!! Last resort is a bullet. The officers did everything to subdue him. Too bad he died. Blame the family for not helping him!!! His dad just wants money now, f him!! Where has he been the last 10 years? Getting restraining orders on his son? Yep!!

      1. So you think 6 burly cops brutalizing a 135lbs mentally ill homeless man to death is what needed to subdue him? What are you? One of the wives of these thugs or what? You must be very proud of your husband. Probably the smell of blood on his hands must have added that extra kick during sex that night? Had it been a one on one fight and this scrawny dude lost the fight then it’s been a different story. But a 6 on 1 fight is a shameful fight for real men. Ma’am, you’re married to a coward. Tell him and his friends to pick on someone their own size the next time. If you’re a dude, then your idolization of these thugs warrants the service of Marcus Bachmann’s conversion therapy.

      2. Anonymous. Just like the coward cops that beat this poor human being to a bloody pulp. You should remain ‘Anonymous’ I would too if I was siding with such filth. You and any supporter of this kind of cruelty should always be so damn ashamed to remain “Anonymous” The only one that you can’t keep your identity from is going to be the one that sends you and all these scum straight to hell. Rott there. Trash!

      3. Great question! Lets not forget what started this. We know our police do not go around killing people! Those people speaking of “justice” need to stop pretending that this criminal was a victim. He made the choice to be homeless, he made the choice to live the life of a criminal, he made the choice to not cooperate with the police. His father did not care about him and left it up to us as taxpayers to give him money to survive when he was begging on our sidewalks. He left it up to the Police to look after him while he chose to break the laws that we all have no problem following. Forget his father. If he wanted justice for his son he would of helped him off the streets and gave him the help he needed long before this. He knew the trouble he was in and what road he was headed down.

        1. When did it become a crime to be homeless? Is it a crime to be mentally ill too?? It’s exactly this attitude that has to stop.

        2. @ ass hole anonymous > your boys club at the Slide Bar is going down also they have been implemented that the call to the FPD was made by there manager Fullerton POLICE HAD THERE OWN HIDE OUT THERE WERE THEY CAN DRINK ON DUTY!! boycotting slide bar is going to happen and the public will beware of the deals the cops made with the slide bar.the 6 little piggies have lost there way.And the rest of the piggies are wallowing in the mire of there piggies lives!
          what a disgrace all you FPD are UN American communistic Nazi bottom feeders low life.

          1. Maybe they should re-name the V.I.P. room over there at the Slidebar to simply “the trough”?

      4. > Efher-Before you open your pie hole lets see what this 130lb man actually did to the Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton.We need to see the city’s video.your a low life swine.a disgraced to your job and humanity with the lords help prison will be your new home. And he will see you in time for your for your eternal reward your evil.

      5. Cops are trained to deal with individuals and that is why they have tasers. People resist arress all the time, it comes with the terriroty. That does NOT give the license to brutally torture a skinnly little 135 LB guy. Their posistion has gone to their big fat head. Tell ya what, why don’t you move to Egypt and see how this type of stuff can escalate to beating for no reason at all? It will happen if we keep allowing this to go on. The cops need to be thrown in jail for main slaughter at a minimum, they murdered somebody and had absolutely no right to do what they did. Cops are getting out of control. You must be a cop if your willing to stick up for the fat overbearing pigs.

  2. thank you FFFF for truly serving the community. If not for FFFF efforts this horrific crime against one of our most vulnerable residents would have been hidden by the machinations of our brutal police force and complicit city council. If not for FFFF we the people of fullerton would never have known about the crooked dealings of fullerton’s redevelopment agency, the wasting of tax dollars spent on ex city council person Pam Keller’s Fullerton Collaborative, and now the exposure of Fullerton’s police department. Sadly, the brutality inflicted on Kelly Thomas is not an isolated incident by our police force. Please, for decency tgrough honesty, keep up the good work FFFF.

      1. Jebus, anonymous, the amount of cop d*ck you suck nightly must be epic. You have got to be a friend or relation of one of the six FPD MURDERERS. Your friend or relation is a murderer, and ther FBI is going to find that out. How’s that feel, scum? How will it feel when they are convicted of MURDER and put in prison?

  3. Thank you FFFF for bringing this horrible thing to light, I live in Irvine and I won’t go to Fullerton for fear of their police dept

  4. FFFF,

    I can’t remember a story that has sickened me more than this. This was a murder pure and simple. Add torture and mayhem to the charges. Oh and the hysterical letter from the Fullerton POA shill was classic kill the messenger. Keep this story moving till the Murder One charges are filed.

  5. I work very close to the train depot. Like Laura, I’m very watchful of the actions of the FPD… Maybe it’s time for us to consider our rights to “Open Carry” weapons. We need to show the FPD that we have respect for LE, but we will protect ourselves from anyone who attacks us. To understand your rights to “Open Carry”, review penal codes 12025 and 12031.

      1. well it works in AZ AND Florida makes you think next time you get pulled dose it not? my biggest question is if there are any good cops left in fullerton police dept why are they not standing up for justice?Are they afraid of there own also?

        1. maybe because people have no lives and are making this a bigger story than it is. transient who was mentally ill, they put him out of his misery.. why didnt his family try to help him before it got to this point? oh yeah!! because they have restraining orders against him. cudos to the fullerton police officers. next time you should just do as they say and no repercussions will occur

  6. i am not a letter writer or e-mailer but i am a father and grandfather and this incident made me want to puke. To see and read what has been online, youtube, etc…with regards to this discusting, disgraceful act by a group of demons that should be locked up in a prison surrounded by like minded beings that return an eye for an eye literally. I have also posted my concern with DA office, FBI, Justice Dept. as well as the the chief of police in Fulerton

  7. I read in the OC Register that the officers involved were merely “assigned to other duties” rather than patrolling the streets. Is Fullerton PD really this arrogant? Why are these officers still working? Who cares if they are not working directly with the public. A life was taken, and these guys are still being paid with public funds? This is not the action the public is looking for.

    Also, can’t even fathom what the city attorney told the father… the rocket scientist comment. All about money… sick sick sick sick sick.

  8. My wife just drove by FPD and says huge amount of Fullertonians showed up. Lets keep it up fellow concerned citizens.

    1. it wasnt just citizens from fullerton-iknow of at least one couple from san bernardino came-i, myself, am from south OC (20 mins outside fullerton) and there must have been others-big crowd

  9. Fullerton police officer charged with stealing iPad.

    A Fullerton police officer has been put on paid administrative leave after she was arrested on suspicion of stealing an iPad from a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint in an airport

    Kelly Janeth Mejia, 25, was arrested last month at Miami International Airport on suspicion of stealing an iPad that belonged to another traveler. She has been with the Fullerton Police Department for about six years, four of them as a sworn officer.


    Corrupt Dept.

    Best is to not let them stop you. Roll to the next PD’s jurisdiction, then stop for them.

      1. Trying to illustrate the scope of Fullerton PD’s issues.

        Not everyone has followed the Fullerton PD’s corruption.

      2. That would be “out from under a rock” you senseless moron. If you are going to insult someone, at least get it right.

    1. It really doesn’t matter how “old” the news is, this story is very relevant and demonstrates a deep seated problem within the fullerton police dept.

      Something is seriously wrong when an officer who makes $70k+ feels the need to steal a $600 ipad.

      If their behavior is left unchecked, if citizens willfully look the the other way and officers are not held accountable for their actions then the system will fail and when that happens lawlessness and mayhem will reign.
      If Officer Kenton Hampton was suspended or fired for beating a man for simply filming him about a year ago then Kelly Thomas would probably be alive today.

      Stop looking the other way.
      Stop making excuses.
      Stop praising the badge.
      Start holding them accountable.
      Start removing the bad seeds.
      Start praising the individual working for the system and not the criminals hiding behind it.

        1. You exemplify the arrogance and contempt that these thugs shopwed for the life of another person.

          You would rather assign blame to a father of whom you can know nothing, assign blame to a mental disease of which you are profoundly ignorant than to admit the freaking obvious.

          You are a pig ignorant, talentless piece of trash but here’s the thing I still would not want you to be beaten to death by six thugs because you are still a human being. Now go figure that one out !!

    2. Thanks Sands for the info. I know they’re all scums at the FPD but I couldn’t even for the life of me thought they would sunk this low! Next I bet we’ll hear about one of the male FPD thugs stealing condoms from the Target Greatland store on Malvern & Gilbert!!!

  10. Thank you guys for all the hard work you’re putting in on this story. The striking thing is how the police believe they are invincible. Any cop will tell you that if you’re gonna beat a perp for mouthing off, don’t hit the face because it outrages the public. Apparently, these officers didn’t care about the ramifications.

  11. @sands, who gives a crap about some stupid girl that steals an ipod….. that is a property crime…stick to what is really important, the death of an innocent person…. murderers on the streets of fullerton…..btw, if a marked unit tries to pull u over and u continue on to another city. make sure u call 911 or fpd dispatch and tell them what ur doing , otherwise it will be presumed that u are trying to evade the police, u will end up with a bunch a cops on u, trying to get u to stop with guns out…….@john doe, i think sands got hit with a rock, in the head

    1. I think this kind of info is relevant because it’s showcasing the depravity of the whole department: the one that brutalizing us and the ones that protect them.

  12. i am sad i cry today i stop by today at the rally today i did not stay long it make me sorry i am homeless to but i did not like what going on in fullerton i sleep the nites in anaheim more then fullerton i know kelly thomas i see him at the feels and at the bus stop alot f the cop who kill him

  13. Just got back from the Kelly Thomas Rally held in front of the fullerton PD-big turn out -my guess -150-200 people with signs NBC was there, so was at least 1 newspaper (I think it was OC register but not sure) with cameras, Mr Thomas was there but I didnt want to bother him-he was also giving interviews-brave man, I hope all those supportrs that were out gave him a little peace-very angry mob but no violence-the couple of black and whites that dared drive past us were booed and yelled at until they turned left and rolled up their windows. Yeah, Yeah, bad apples, good apples ok,ok, in my opinion, looking at the bldg, Fullerton PD is not that big-everyone definitley knew who the 6 were and what they did for a while, these so called “good cops” chose to keep quiet for three wks-theyre all bad to me

  14. I drove by twice earlier and it was 4 times the size it was an hour before. People on both sides of the street, people honking their horns, it was great.

  15. there are so many cops, in so many depts. that do not deserve the badge. the power goes to their head and they think they are better than anyone else. im so sick of know it all, above the law, using the badge to cheat on their wives, citizen abusers! i hope this guys family puts these disgraces behind bars!

  16. Just heard that our pressure has worked.

    KFI reports that the 6 have been pulled pending investigation.

    Great news.

      1. yea working at the desk the chief needs to go also he had to be pressured by city counsel to get these pit bulls off the street.How the hell they can sleep at night is baffling!!

    1. Yeah way to go FPD, finally buckle under pressure to do something they should have done from the very beginning, especially since THEY HAVE THE TAPE

  17. isnt it odd how they had no rules when an officer commits murder on the job, that is what that real dumbass Goodrich says, so they went ahead and put all officers including the Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton who lives on 309 Holliston in Pasadena, when a cop is murdered they arrest that person and hold him they do not pay him they are pigshit, I know all cops in fpd are not bad but think about it how many came forward to speak out against this murder????? None . Go to and you can get all the names of the fpd

  18. We must keep the pressure up, this will ensure fairness throughout the process, If the DA and the defense attorneys are the ones who select the jury what are the chances for a fair and impartial trial not slanted towards bias on the side of government. I would like to see this go as a Federal Criminal Civil Rights Prosecution. Any human being with the visciousness of these 6 would be guilty of 1st degree murder. We have all heard that cops jobs are tough, but they chose this career understanding the risks involved. No one held a gun to their head saying you must be cops, they could unchoose before getting homicidal, in this case they didn’t. I have a tough time when it comes to good cops and bad cops for why don’t the good cops get rid of the bad ones long before something like this happens? Are good cops outnumbered? Helpless? Why are these police not arrested? Is the Chief incharge of his officers actions or just a spokeshole? If he is incharge, then should he be held vicariously liable for what went down along with the city? I think so. This culture of silence and covering up is fostered in most departments in order to wear the victems down so the crime becomes a non issue, a closed case if you will. We the people truly need an independant police prosecutial board not of cops turned attorneys but of regular attoreys and judges to look at the facts just as anyone else would see them. Then and only then would we make a dent in the right direction holding all people accountable under the law.

  19. I felt compelled to join this rally today after my school age children showed me this video and are now afraid to go outside because we live so close to the Fullerton police station. I held my sign up in protest and got goosebumps at the show of support from motorists passing by. I also took a short video of the people there at the protest and my children were greatly heartened at the turnout of people and to know that no one is above the law and that justice will prevail as long as there are people that seek the truth.

      1. …it’s called showing your children that there is people who believe in democracy in Fullerton and not oppressive tyranny. Maybe you could have shown your children more than the back of your hand when they told you they were scared and they might still come by and visit you.

        1. I taught my kids to respect the police but also maintain your rights. I was stopped by a cop in Fullerton 2 weeks ago while walking my dog. When I resisted his questioning he told me not to get an attitude. I felt he was fishing for a confrontation (probably adrenalin left over from KT). First time I’ve ever been afraid of a cop. It was weird. Now I know why.

          1. Yeah, you would love for us to all stay home as you try to sweep this under the rug. Guess what? Way too late. GED moron.

      2. I knew it wouldn’t take too long for the “too chicken-s*** to admit they’re a cop” and “shrill and annoying beyond what science thought what possible cop’s wives” to make their little snide comments on here. The message? “Anything we do is acceptable.”

        F and U

      3. they would not be hated if they did not murder citizens and obeyed the law like everyone else.He is teaching his children to stand up to out of control police force that we the people as tax payers pay for.better drive carefully you might get pulled over by the pit bull law enforcer Black terminator!

      4. So we should me mindless lovers of a bunch of government thugs with badges like you are? F*CK YOU! Police in this country have become out of control para-military organizations thanks in large part to the “war” on drugs.

        God help you if they get your address through a fake tip or clerical error for a no knock drug raid. Innocent civilians have been slaughtered thanks to such errors and the cops don’t even get punished. Some of the biggest supporters of drug decriminalization are former cops and DEA agents who see what a f*cked up mess the “war” has created. And all this paramilitary, macho, testosterone fueled masturbation spills over into regular police work.

        A friend of mine, a guy with long blonde hair, just last year got pulled over for no damned reason other than a cop saw him and thought, yeah, drug bust. The cop kept saying “I know you have drugs in the car! Where are they!” Eventually the lunatic with the badge had to give up, and let my friend go on his way. No citation, because he didn’t do anything. What would have happened if my friend accidentally made some motion the cop interpreted as a threat?

        Oh, BTW, my friend volunteers at a local outreach program to get kids away from drugs, and has never done an illegal drug in his life.

        F*ck you, “john doe”. F*ck you and your fascist loving ways right to whatever burning hell might exist for scum like you.

  20. @merijoe… there are 8-10 officers per shift. fyi ALL officers did not keep quiet. we are binded by contract and now allowed to speak about anything until formal investigation begins…. so plz check out the rules we have to follow then go ahead with a commet… and if that happenned on a night shift, 80% of the department was not even there. so what were we supposed to come forward and say if we were not there. so i personally have no knowledge of anything that went on with this incident.. I WAS OFF THAT DAY!

    1. Why is the city offering the father a settlement if the investigation is not complete? Settlement for what? Since the “investigation” is not complete. Does the city normally offer million dollar checks to random people?

      1. The city would like to settle ASAP because they’ve seen the video and they know this is going to get a lot worse for them before it gets better.

    2. I think the point of the statement about every cop in Fullerton taking responsibility comes more from the union trying to hide this incident.

      Besides if you really thought what happened was wrong you would out all the cops involved in the incident.

      1. exactly there is not one decent cop on that force this proves it.Fullerton should get rid of it’s police dept and let the sheriffs take over.At least they are more respected.

    3. So, you were just following orders. Where have I heard that excuse before? A man was murdered by police officers who had lethal nicknames like the terminator and you whine about fear of violating police policy and procedure. And your attitude is the other half of the police brutality problem

    4. you know exactly who did that beating by now-so I dont care if “you were off that day”, its a month later, you sure as hell can be anonymous and report those animals by name, if you wanted to… you know, the way you stay anonymous here on this site

      so f your excuses/rules, you are just a plain coward covering for your brothers in blue

      All officers did not keep quiet? really? so the “rules” that bind you from opening your miserable pieholes dont apply to everyone?

      so why we dont have the names of the f-ing animals that did this? huh?

      and is not a formal investigation started by now? you should be free to speak now…no exuses.

    5. @ an officer who the hell knows your union rules and we really don’t care any one in the Fullerton police could send an e-mail anonymously to any of the radio stations or any counsel members.I do not think you alone are being blamed but i would blame the whole department for not exposing officer Kenton Hampton for his conduct in other incidents this was a a pit-bull rough officer gone made on a helpless homeless man.I truly think all police should have 6 month evaluations for drugs and mental health police carry guns and other weapons and should be in control of there mental faculty at all times especially under the color and badge of the law.Your police chief is a pathetic excuse for a law officer trying to hide this is totally unacceptable it makes the whole police department look corrupt.

    6. oh you were off that day???!!! oh my gosh – well now that changes everything. If one of my colleagues at work beat a guy to death I certainly would not pass judgement on him at all, forget that. Heck no. Innocent I say. What? he is caught on film doing it? Well it doesn’t matter I was off that day. What? he has a history of beating the crap outta people. Well like I said I was off that day. I was off that day and I’m gonna look the other way…hey I gotta save my ass. Wow what a superb role model you are.

      Now the next time a group of kids ask you about the right thing to do you must be sure to explain how this whole moral turpitude really works.

      You ought to be ashamed of yourself. It would have been better had you not wtritten that post because I am just frankly nauseous having read it. And to think I pay your salary??!!! So you can pull this crap ??!!!


    1. yes and what they are trying to do is scare people from recording there criminal attacks on people.we have our own Taliban terrorist right here in our homeland

      1. Technology is on our side. Cameras are getting higher res and smaller in size at the same time. We need to start hiding them in hats and eyeglasses. Everyone should have a camera on their person running at all times.

  21. I wish I could be there for the family. I live in another state but I fully support the family of this man. It is just so sad. There is no reason for this to have happened. I hope the police are held accountable.

  22. john doe :
    Wow..What an example for your kids. Know they are gonna turn out to be cop haters like you.

    The surefire way to create cop haters is crooked cops who make people distrust law enforcement.

    I remember this novel a out someone who was victimized by crooked cops, and he turned into a vigilante. His method was that if you do it right, the cops come to you. Surprise!

    1. i think shes a great example to her kids that respect is earned and to not to let Nazi’s mentality including cops or any govt official, get away with tyranny- Cops are paid by taxpayers to protect us not murder us in cold blood

      Kudos to her

  23. @Officer, the formal investigation has begun, so has the FBI,s, you have an audience here, we are all ears or should I say eyes…By your own numbers 60% to 75% of an entire night shift was involved in this incident, is this true? Merijoe might have a point if 3 out of 4 are involved in this beating death on a random night shift. Do the bad outnumber the good in FPD? BECAUSE I REALLY REALLY DON’T KNOW!

  24. So many times folks think Police Brutality only occurs to people of color. Police Brutality is an Equal Opportunity Event and happens Hourly! Why are states now making it a crime to video the police? To Prevent Evidence. My heart goes out to Mr. Thomas and the family. For the cold folks winter is coming for you too! Rage is building daily. Mr. Thomas’s sad passing should mean something to all people, and the trusted few should surrender, confess, and be sentenced to Pelican Bay until they are properly dispatched to Hell. To Protect and Serve the rest of us all!

  25. @pete, as far as the city offering money. at any place of employment, if something goes down that may make the establishment look bad, a cash settlement is always offered. and if the establishment thinks there may be some wrong doing, of course they will throw out money. it would be cheaper to just pay up front vs go to trial, pay lawyers, court costs, depositions, court time, witness time and what ever else may come up if they lose. thus its way cheaper to nip it the beginning and pay out.
    @john… on a night shift it would not be uncommon to have 3 or 4 officers show up a call. as far as a beating down death every night shift, completely false. as far as the “bad apples” outnumbering the good, i would say false to that. there are approx 187 sworn full time officers. the officers that are working patrol at this time is far more then the officers on leave. so i would say no, there are more good officers then bad. once this investigation is completed, i am sure with all the publicity, the department will further evaluate any acts of wrong doing by an officer. the last thing any city wants is negative public relations (PR)…

    1. If they are going to offer a settlement before “the investigation” (and yes the quotes are intentional) is complete, then they should release the video of the murder now.

    2. I hope the dept investigates the “cover for your Blue bro” policy too-oh yeah, they wont since they do it too, all of you are acessories to murder because you cover for each other-I dont care if you feed the homeless, take 5 home with you and let them sleep in your bed, you are not doing whats right by keeping quiet. You dont get that do you?

    3. 3-4 officers just because the sun is down and it’s dark? WTF???!!! Who the F did we hire, a bunch of superstitious children??

      3-4 cops because its dark!?!?!? WTF!

    4. Too bad for FPD. More bad apples are falling out of tree everyday – and more are on the way, I assure you. Hard to believe but the worst stuff hasn’t even been revealed yet.

  26. here is something for thought…. what happened to kelly was morally not right. this situation has forced citizens to become involved in the happenings in the city of fullerton. as taxpayers, we have the right to know what is going on in our community…..

    now when an officer is killed in the line of duty for doing his job and is gunned own exacution style, i can not recall any citizens doing anything to this extreme… and it would have been nice to have this support to bring the murdered to justice. teh officerthat come sto mind, is CHP Officer Don Burt, 1996, in the city of fullerton. He was 25 years old and left behind his pregnant wife and unborn child…..

    and plz no stupid comments, like he deserved it, he was cop…ect…. he was a person doing his job and was gunned down exacution style in the face with his own gun…. no way did he deserve to die like that……

    1. Tragic as that is, an officer dying in the line of duty isn’t the same thing as sworn police officers beating a man, a suspect, to death. A plolice officer’s duty is to protect and serve the people while enforcing laws. When someone takes the job they get trained physically and mentally to deal wth different situations as professinals, citizens don’t get trained to deal with police. Police also know they’re putting themselves in harms way in to some degree. I think people are greatful for that but the laws being enforced that cause the most death and violence are usually crimes the people aren’t 100% behind like the war on drugs, or prohabition in the 20’s-30’s, etc.. Laws which cost tons of lives and money to enforce but never end, they only get more violent, and they ultimately involve the people, or the people’s kids, or they’re neighbors, not some “enemy”. And if police are getting killed while stopping rapes, murders, terror, serial kilers, then I guess I just don’t hear about it. Police are putting their lives at risk and it’s their job, citizens are not and nor are they asked to. That’s my point. There are TONS of videos of police beating suspects well after they’re unconcious or not resisting, if they ever were. This case being one of the worst. There’s not a crime this guy could have done to deserve this. Even murderers on death row who have killed police receive a more humane death than this guy did, if there is a humane way to kill for revenge or punishment. If these laws and punishments worked, people wouldn’t break them but that’s another arguement.
      When someone kills an officer in the line of duty you can be sure that person gets the full weight of the law thrown on them by the courts and DA, and they should if they’re guilty. But when police beat citizens for no reason, sometimes kill or shoot them even, it’s almost always justified and the department is quick to defend their own which creates the division between police and public. I think you underestimate citizens compassion and people’s basic understanding of right and wrong. It’s wrong for a gang of ANYONE to beat up on a person who is not posing or is no longer a threat. Even if it’s One on One but when it’s 4-6 against one, the police are no longer in danger unless that one guy is one bad ass and even still….come on. Some people are saying the guy had “retard strenghth”. That’s probably the worst justification of police brutality I’ve ever heard.
      I’m just amazed how many people have been coming out to defend the police or divert the attention away from this particular case by making it sound like police are on the receiving end of this kind of abuse on any level. Yes police havebeen killed as well, but I’d rather die from a bullet than by a horrific beating like this. And this was for being a “resisting” suspect in a case called in by a “concerned citizen”. Not like a cop saw him doing anything. Even if he did there’s no justification or comparison.

    2. well most citizens react to what happens to other citizens mostly because when we see an injustice done to a person you think to yourself why is it that a officer need to conduct himself like an uncontrollable pit bull on a helpless 130lb man and beat him senselessly until he stops breathing and how can this officer not 1 but 6 be so out of control and not one officer in Fullerton has said a word.well we found out today as there was a “mole” that reported what was on caught on the cities video it is on you tube now it is deplorable they acted like savages.And yes i do feel sad for an officer that has given his life on the job every officer should go home safe and alive and so should “joe citizen” i remember when the chp officer was murdered my heart doped.Both my cousins are police men in the Bronx i heard plenty of close calls and stories.hopefully kelly family will find justice.There are many of thankless jobs police are among them.

    3. Its horrid when any human being gets killed in cold blood, the difference is, this was done by the very people we taxpayers are suppose to turn to for protection – this brutal beat/murder caught on tape, dozens of witnesses stood there scared to do anything for fear they’d be next if they did, no one spoke up, in fact this was covered up entirely for 3 weeks and coppers like you still insist on keeping the names of the perps under wraps as they continued to work on the streets

    4. People come out to support murdered cops all the time. You’re living in an ignorant, blinkered dream world of your own design. We’re you in a coma after the Ryan Bonaminio incident?

    5. when have you ever heard of a chp brutality case?
      city cops should take training from them

      what else are you gonna pull from your magic pity box?

      stick with the story at hand.

      a picture is worth a gizzillion words.
      and kelly thomas after fpd picture says it all!!!!!!!



  29. plz read comment #591-594 under the graphic photo page….. lets help the homeless…. remember bring justice not revenge…

    1. i don’t nor do i think sound people want revenge but they do demand justice.the chief should have taken these cops off the beat immediately as this and him being friends with the district attorney is somewhat troubling.

  30. @tina, unfortunately people have to to account for their own actions. the night in question, teh majority of the officers were not even working therefore they had no knowledge of what had happened. and ur right, police the police… crazy thought…. but in any establishment there are some bad people. and keep in mind that most of us do r jobs with the highest level of intregrity but as we read about in the papers and see on the news, people sometimes just do bad things……if any person could play god and make this a perfect world that would be great but the reality is each person has to take accountablity for their own actions… do the right thing, all the time, no matter what…and those that don’t in some way at some time it will all come out… as they say “u reap what u sew”.

    1. @ an illiterate officer

      U need 2 got U some hooked on phonics!!!
      U’s got so mutch free time posting on these forums?
      why dont you get back on the beat

    2. Sorry that still does not vindicate any officer from being out of control the cop in question has on record been abusive to other he has committed the ultimate abuse on a citizen will be interesting what the feds say about it.

  31. The Fullerton PD can be abusive and this may be the tip of the iceberg. Once I saw a girl selling something, maybe cookies, in front of a supermarket in Fullerton. She was sitting on the ground back up against the wall, obviously intimidated, while a huge officer lorded himself over her barking something about why is she lying to him. I’m still angry at myself for not saying something to someone. Once I was pulled over and for the next hour they searched me and my car. But my gripe is with the nazi type attitude the officer gave me at the same time I was 100% cooperative. I’m genuinely surprised I wasn’t falsely accused of something. After they searched my engine my battery went dead forcing me to call a tow truck at a cost of $175 – that was no coincidence. I don’t look like trouble, I’m a 50 year old professional driving a white SUV. A single taser jolt to a 135 lb homeless man should take enough fight out of him to safely put the cuffs on. Mr. Thomas, don’t take the money until there is a full investigation, which won’t happen any time soon. And my condolences – I may have bought your son food a couple times. Friendly suggestion, give the money to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation Guardian Scholars program in a trust under your sons name.

    1. i think he wants to give the money if any to a homeless needs organization so maybe other homeless souls can stay out of the cross hairs of rouge police such as Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton Fpd.

  32. @john #66. the point i was addressing it that, killing anyone, by any means is murder. it does not matter if its an officer or citizen. last i checked we all bleed red. we can probaly trace back and research many cases of officer involved killings. but in the end, we have to held accountable for r actions. most people, since childhood, have been taught the difference of right & wrong. and in the end what comes around goes around.
    as far as the cause of death, beat to death or shot in the face….neither sounds very good. i would have liked to see the community put up this type media to the killer of the slained officer. i am sure there are many officers murdered but this officer was a friend. and i understand that is part of the work conditions, u may not come at night and yes people pick this job they are not forced to take it. but murder is murder and when this officer was shot in the face, he pleaded to the murderer not to do it. his wife sat thru his funeral 7 months pregnant, with an unborn child, which was a little boy, who will never know his father and u can only imagine what his wife felt. so which of these cases are worse or which way is it better to die? i can’t even answer something so digusting…….

    1. No, killing anyone by any means is NOT always murder. No person, even a police officer, has the right to do bodily harm without cause. Every individual has a right to defend their, or another person’s, life. Even if that means the life of the aggressor is taken. That concept is called self defense, and it is NOT taking the law into your own hands. It is the preservation of innocent life. And this isn’t a right from the state, it is an inalienable right – all people have a right to life. We, as a society may take that life only with due process of law. Last I checked, police officers haven’t been able to weasel “Judge Dread” rights for themselves.

      Your examples don’t match the facts of Mr Thomas’ murder. He was in effect lynched. Let’s be real about this, six thugs in uniform beat the poor man to death. And they did this under the color of law.

  33. @john 72, i strongly urge u, the next time u are exposed to some type of incident that u feel is wrong, report it. every pd has a complaint form and every complaint must be looked into. so listen closely but do not impeed the investigation. most officers have recorders that are to be recording at any incident.
    i would fully welcome any type of check on any of the calls i have been involved in. i am sure MOST fpd officers will welcome the same investigation. if i have done nothing wrong then i have nothing to hide.

    as far as the search u were subjected to, not sure which agency u are talking about, but i urge u to go file a complaint and have the agency look into the matter. and if u were wrongly accussed or subjected to some type of unfair treatment, and some type of damage was done to ur car, stand up and take action.

  34. #72 an officer, thank you for the feed back. I really don’t have a problem with the Fullerton PD pulling me over in I think it was March 2009. I was lost and somehow wound up in a bad nieghborhood. My gripe, and its legitimate, is it was intimidation from the first second, and because of the intimidation, a simple stop almost escalated in to somehing more, and then it would have been my word v. their. If I gave them a bad time the rules change, but I didn’t. The girl in front of the store, that was Stater Bros on Bastanchury, don’t remember the date. Now this was a girl, not a women. She was black, but I don’t think it had any thing to do with it. “If” there was an ordinance All he had to do is say she can’t sell there, but what he was doing is power tripping.

    1. Statists have a desire to regulate all behavior. There recently was an incident in Midway, GA where “officers” shut down two little girl’s lemonade stand. Why? They didn’t have the right licenses…

      Police officers are the ultimate statists. They believe the government is always right, and you, Joe Sixpack are always wrong. If they accuse you of something, whether proven or not, you did it.

      Our republic has lost all semblance of common sense and restraint. We won’t enforce the border, but it’s ok to beat restrained people on the back of the head with an implement.

      This is just crazy. Reality is probably crazier than the world Mr Thomas lived in.

      1. Completely agree… I had a good friend that is a cop. I don’t even like hanging around him any more. Parties at his house are an orgy of arrogance and belittlement of whoever they arrested that week. At parties, many of them talk about how they “got one last punch in” before the suspect was taken away or in one instance, a motorcycle officer was “bragging” to all his cop buddies about how he goes 100 mph on the freeway. I was fuming pissed and told him that he should set the example for the rest of motorists. He just sat there and continued his cocky attitude. Anyway, the fact is, I have met some very level headed, cool, cops… but the are VERY few and far between.

        RIP Kelly Thomas. WHAT DO WE WANT? Justice!!! Ill be writing letters to council members on my day off tomorrow.

        1. I have two friends who used to be cops. They reported the same thing. Being better humans, they eventually bailed out of that cesspit. They opened a sports bar and never looked back.

    1. I’d be a lot more thankful if they didn’t murder helpless, already restrained, mentally ill people by bludgeoning them to death.

    2. Concerned yes not because he was homeless Fullerton does nothing for them most city’s don’t.the concern is rough pit-bull mentality of at least 6 Fullerton officers
      that the taxes payers of Fullerton are paying the
      salary for.A police chief who kept this quit and kept these animals in the streets in a squad car. the chief is accountable
      for his Nazi officers causing murder and mayhem to a
      mentally challenged 130 pound defenseless man. Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton Fpd is a murderer along with his goon squad accompleses i truly hope they all go to prison and i hope other police agency’s who have rough pit-bull cops rid themselves of this kind of evil.

    3. why would you not not feel safe? you are not homeless now are you?
      well my be some day you will meet up with Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton and his band of low life THUGS!the murderers of Kelly Thomas.Or perhaps in another township you visit you end up on the ground being tazed to death beaten senslesly there are more out there just like this low life Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton of the fullerton police might think your safe but not one Fullerton officer spoke out.the chief tried to push it under the rug his best friend is the DA.wake up you fool!

  35. @ an officer,

    You seem to be resonable in your writing, but you are wrong about Don Burt. First because it had such an effect on me that I rememeber him and that it ocurred at the gas station on the northwest corner of Placentia and Chapman. I also remember the traffic stop, the crimes the guy wanted to cover, and how the shooting went down.

    Second, any time a cop goes down the entire community responds. Normally this is taken care of by the public officials and officers far and wide. The public stands by with respect as long processions cross town, fire trucks hoist flags on overpasses, ect. I believe that a section of the 57 freeway is named after Don Burt.

    Third, cops are paid well (as they should be) and retire better. The community is supportive of the police on a day to day basis.

    Fourth, this is primarily a cop on cop issue. Fullerton was prepared to let this incident slide by as an upsetting part of the status quo. The Fullerton police chief certainly did not seem to take the incident seriously. It was a cop who stepped in, pointed out that the incident was very far from accepted police procedure, and rallied the public to stand up to the FPD.

    1. mental evaluations of officers before starting on the beat and every 6 months an evaluation would be mandatory as well as a drug test.And i would include family evaluations also.3 strikes you are out.but we all know the union has our best interest at heart and would never allow this.

    2. On another thought any officer(who is paid by the tax
      paying public) will not interfere with a citizen video taping any indecent being in confrontation with a police stop as long as the citizen is not in the way of the officer perhaps with in 25ft away of the indecent.Any officer will be liable for unlawfully damage to any video recording equipment he decides to throw on the ground and also be liable for any bodily harm to any citizen he does not like recording his actions.police are not above the law they are paid to serve and protect need we keep reminding them.i do feel bad for the good and great police that do a great job you just don’t know which one is pulling you over.

  36. 1-3 you are full of it once again and you -like the other “coppers” (aka animals) dont do anything to deserve your pay or pension example-the kelly thomas beating and how you all are covering it

    #4-it was kelly’s dad who broke the case, hes a former cop, but it certainly wasnt one of you coward freaks that broke shit, you’re too busy covering for each other-following your code of silence. and there is Justice and then sometimes theres Just Us.

      1. Wow, what an interesting comment.

        BTW, you never took up my offer to write a blog post. Typical Fullerton BooHoo chickenshit.

        1. I only write for credible, professional newspapers and magazines. I thank you for the invitation, though, and I thank you for illustrating your FFFF’s trademark slurs, sound-bites, and name calling.

          Now, can you answer my simple question with a simple yes or no answer? I double-dog dare you! Or are YOU the “chickenshit”?

  37. Would you redefine any of the following and what would change the definition to?
    Contempt of cop
    Resisting an officer
    Obstruction of an officer

  38. Maybe a group should be organized to follow the FPD and record their interactions? Nothing else is being done, maybe the fear of being exposed as thugs on youtube will be enough to restrain them.

  39. Honestly ,right now with things standing as they are, if an FPD attempted to pull me over I would not stop. I would probably contact 911 and ask for as Sherriff or Highway Patrol to act as an intermediary. You can’t gain the peoples trust through words, it must be actions. Furthermore, an armed public does bring about behavioral changes in the level of respect police have toward the public. Just ask Arizona citizens how police respect them. The 2nd ammenment right know is being held hostage by the 9th circut court

    1. I’m wondering if I could get a restraining order taken out against them so they wouldn’t be allowed near my home?

  40. @steve brow, i am fully aware that a section of the 57 freeway has been deicated to this officer. i am aware that when an officer goes down, firetrucks hoist flags, motor cades ect… cops are paid descent, they will probaly never be rich but they certainly do not starve. the point i was trying to make was the fact that murder is murder. what i would have like to seen at the trial is community support for the murderer that did this. hold signs and protest the fact that he very well may “do some time” when clearly he deserves to die. i am a full believer of “an eye for an eye”. the other issue is the method of murder that someone else brought up. either way was still a horrible death, which is worse, well they are both completely outrageous and wrong. i do not think any normal person would like to beat to death or be shot in the face.and can u please enlighten me on “the crimes the guy wanted to cover” not sure what u meant. as far as fpd hiding the issue, as i said if u do corrupt things it WILL comeout. as long as i have been there, i have never had any knowledge of something to this extreme happeneing. and respect of cops, prior to this happeneing, on many occasions SOME people are very disrespectful to officers. as we have read many people are stereotyping officers into ALL of us being corrupt which is simply not right or true. don’t think for a minute that some of the good officers will not feel heat from what these officers did. @merijoe, u clearly have hatered for officers so that is something u have to deal with. u continue to stereotype them as all being bad, over paid. u obviously have no clue what officers have reported or not reported on this incident. and based on ur ignorance u seem to be very narrow minded. it ashame u have this much hatetered toward others.
    @michael g….. believe me, if i became chief , i would probaly re-vamp the entire dept. but as we all know in politics, the higher up u go the corrupt u become….i have a high level of intregrity of how i choose to live my life, both private & professional, therefore i do not think i would be welcomed at the top of any establishment.


    give food
    give clothes
    donate money
    open ur home and allow these folks to clean up
    rest in a nice bed
    offer to drive them to a doctor or hospital to receive mental health care???

    most people on this sight have expressed opinions about kelly but yet when he was alive nobody seemed to care much about him. we can not bring him back, but we can step up and help others like him…..and yes, i DO & HAVE helped out homless in the city of fullerton & in the city in which i live….

    @merijoe, get off ur butt and go help a homeless person….maybe doing something kind for humanity maybe it will help you to be a better person and not be so hateful and justice, not revenge!

    1. Good thoughts, officer. If we promise to help out will you promise to stop murdering them?

      (embarrassing pause)

      Thought not.

    2. Hey “Officer”, you have some serious nerve passing judgment on those posting here. You do not know any of us, especially since most comments are posted anonymously. How do you know what we do and do not contribute to community causes? I personally put a minimum of 20 hours a week into my community, with an assortment on non-profits, in addition to raising my family and running my own business, and I am insulted that you have simply pre-determined that none of us do anything. What an arrogant SOB you sound like. As far as helping Kelly Thomas, I do not recall that i ever met him, but I have heard plenty of stories from Fullerton residents that offered him help. And I have known people who prefer to live in ways we cannot comprehend, people who truly would rather live on the streets and feel “free” than take a hand-out from others. So get off your high horse and quit passing judgment on others in some sick effort to justify your brothers in arms beating a man into a coma and death!

      1. Over the past few years, a few homeless, mentally ill people have perished here in Fullerton–bodies found along train tracks or under bridges.

        Can you find on this blog any post dated before 7/6/2011 in which someone expressed outrage over these deaths? In which they pleaded for community action to counsel and financially assist the visible homeless population in Fullerton? In which they blasted the police, the City Council and local social service groups for not doing enough?

        You’ll be hard-pressed to find a single advocate for the homelss or the mentally ill speaking on their behalf in the FFFF archives. To be sure, not a single member of the FFFF militia vollunteered to join Pam Keller’s Fullerton Collaborative Committe on the Homeless that meets twice a month.

        I’m in no way excusing the senseless beating and death of Kelly Thomas at the twelve hands of the FPD. Nor am I suggesting that there aren’t plenty of conservatives out there donating their time and money at shelters and soup kitchens. Certainly there are. However, no Anti-Tax soldier on this blog was “fighting for the homeless” pre-7/6.

        1. Wow, that Collaborative Committee must be so busy meeting that they haven’t found time to protest along side the rest of us.

    3. maybe you should get off you ass, speakup, give the names of the perps that beat this man and stop covering for them-it may help you be a better person – but doubtful- douchebag with a tasergun

  42. If I were a ‘good’ cop in the FPD, I’d be furious at the gang of 6 thugs that beat this man to death. I’d be furious at the leadership who appear to be trying to sweep this under the rug, since after all, he is just a homeless guy right? Too bad, these thugs picked the wrong guy to beat to death, I bet terminator Kenton Hampton is not sleeping so well these days.

    Finally I suspect that ‘good’ cops that blow the whistle are subject to harassment and retribution by the rest of the gang in blue, so it is easier to just let it slide, go along to get along.

    Anyone trying to justify the torture beating to death of this man is just a subhuman shitstain.

  43. @An Officer

    It is one thing when a low-life thug kills a cop, it is another thing when a sworn “public safety” officer trained in our rights beats the crap out of an at-risk, defenseless, outnumbered man. Yes, death in either case is sad, but they are not comparable offenses. You cannot compare acts of a criminal thug to those in whom we have higher expectations. You wear the uniform we trust, take the salary our taxes pay for, represent the government in impartingnlaw and justice, and are “experts” in our rights. When cops violate our expectations, all form of law and order are destroyed. Our state is a much more dangerous place from bad cops than bad criminals.

  44. I do believe that a cop killing is a horrific crime and the fallen cop deserves all the honors bestowed upon him/her. However, what would the point be for a public protest? Why would a criminal care what the public thinks since they already don’t care about what is right and wrong? Applying pressure to the FPD via protest is exactly what John Q Citizen should be doing!! It could actually impart some change since justice apparently cannot regulate itself. FPD and the city wanted to sweep this under the rug until the public outcry started. “An Officer,” don’t try to lead this discussion astray by playing the “dead cop” card. I honestly am a law enforcement supporter and feel for the risks cops take, but it is entirely irrelevant to the KT case.

    1. well said and thank you.i have 2 cousins who are about to retire in the Bronx NY they deal with the dregs of society he told me this case has gone viral the world now knows of Fullerton ca what a reputation to have in the world because of the Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton and 5 of his low evil life cops.

  45. @Ofificer Your still waiting, its sunday morning many of us good folk are getting back from church where we tithe and our churches go out to feed the homeless give them blankets and such. I can’t say so much for the compassionate restraint of the FPD toward Kelly Thomas. At least they didn’t cut his head off and set him on fire. Watch your tone you already have an enraged public! By that I mean emotions are running hot very hot!

  46. I just heard about this case today, and I am thoroughly shocked by both the story and the photo taken of poor Kelly in the hospital. If the family reads this, I’d like to thank them for what must have been a heart wrenching decision to take the photo of Kelly’s injuries and allow them to be broadcast. I know it jumpstarted me into action, and I’ve passed news of this story onto friends. I don’t know what else I can do, but I did write to the email address listed on this site… hopefully, our combined voices will be a wake-up call that this happened to a real person, not just a number on the streets. Hopefully measures will be taken so this will never happen again. Best wishes to the Thomas family- I cannot imagine what they are going through right now.

    – Concerned in Buffalo, NY

  47. I just heard about this incident last night, I was shocked to see the video taken of Thomas being beaten by Fullerton PD and the after math and I felt bad that he had passed away from his injuries. My husband is a retired COP and he told me this “that he was ashamed of his profession” because how incident people get brutal abused by the law that should protect and serve the public. I wish the best for Thomas family and to fight for justice for his son and wrongful accused victims.

  48. Police get a call that a man is breaking into cars fitting the description of one shirtless kelly thomas. On a hot night, many shirtless people might be around. Based on this the man is detained then asked or demanded to be searched, he refuses, then supposedly resists, then is beaten to death. First the probable cause to detain a subject must be based on what the officer personally sees, not the wisdom of what may be a crack pot caller.

    Second if the officer did not witness Mr. Thomas breaking into cars he lacked the legal probable cause to detain him and only a consentual encounter could then ensue where Mr. Thomas could tell them to F off, which I assume he did and was subsequentley beaten to death.
    BYE BYE gang of 6 see you swinging from a flag pole. Death sentance to yawl

  49. @ an officer,

    My memory of the Don Burt case is that it was a rather routine traffic stop in Burt’s mind. A young adult Asian male in a quite fancy car was lit up on the 57 Freeway. He pulled off the freeway into a gas station as is customary. My memory is that he was involved in some sophisticated counterfeiting–I don’t think that it was currency but another form of documents. There was evidence in his trunk. He did not give Burt the time to discern if the cause was simple or if Burt was on to his felonies. He blasted Burt unawares.

    My old memory could be muddling things, but that is what I thought I read in the OC Register.

    As far as protests in favor of Burt, we did rise up and recall Rose Bird. I think that in the case of Burt, the public thought that the system was working and had no reason to specifically protest. In fact, it is the system we are suspicious of to the extent that federal judges are not allowing the expressed will of the people to go forward to execute cop kilers and other extreme criminals. But what can we do? We have voted again and again, but if we blockade the 9th circuit, your colleagues will arrest us.

    It is comforting to know that your experience with FPD is that corruption does not go unnoticed and undiciplined. Actually, that does dovetail with my own experience with the FPD. I was locked up in the Fullerton jail in 1964 along with the rest of my Cub Scout den, but we were let out after five minutes and really did enjoy it.

    In 1969 there was quite a controvesy over the handling of the rock concerts at Hillcrest Parkand the riots that ensued. I remember a particular friend of mine at Wilshire Junior High (next door neighbor to Chris Norby on Lemon Street) telling me how cool the riots were. But although me and my brothers felt like we owned Hillcrest Park, my mother made clear that we were not going to go anywhere near the concerts there after the first altercation.

    In the aftermath, my uncle formed a police/community forum to clarify to the police that having long hair or being against the Vietnam War was not a crime per se, and to explain to the long hairs what standards the police were trying to maintain and how they could be expected to react.

    Since then, I have always thought that FPD were the good guys and that it was the Anaheim guys that you did not want to cross. Yet, I never had any problem with Anaheim either. “Contempt of cop” may not be a crime, but it is really stupid.

    In my 20’s, when I was in the age group in which most crime was committed, and when the crime rate was a record highs, I learned that if you had an encounter with a cop, they wanted to challenge you just to see how you reacted. I always reacted as if I was repectful of the law, intelligent, and no threat. They always reacted with reciprical respect, but gave me a traffic ticket anyway.

    The police are licensed by the general public to maintain control. The public needs to allow them to maintain control. I think that a lot of the video-taping incidents are not so much the cops not wanting to be video-taped, but the vidoeographers piercing the protective bubble that the cop needs to operate safely and not feel the need to pull his gun for protection.

    Try invading my bubble when I am taking down a tree and hear how I yell at you!

    Perhaps the reason is that the Chief was going on vacation, perhaps it is the restrictions of the police officer’s bill of rights, perhaps it is the knee-jerk reaction of risk managers to hunker down and go through the predictable steps to admit nothing to prevent the acceptance of liability.

    “An officer” states that the FPD and the public are of equal mind. I hope that this is true. My cousin has been looking into a number of police incidents under her role of publisher of the Fullerton Observer that indicate that there is a young cadre of police officers that may need more discipline and control.

    It seems that currently the Fulleton Chief of Police is the last person to look to for leadership of the Fullerton Police Department. The City Council took control to place all involved officers on leave. Those driving policy are Friends of Fullerton’s Future, KFI, and mostly the ex-cop Ron Thomas (once a cop, always a cop).

    Finally, I would like to educate the general public on one thing. I have been following two inland empire political websites for two years that are frequented by cops. The cop issues get the most comments. Although they hang together to the public as a monolith, they have no compunction against tearing at each other in private. There are teminators, there are tough guys, there are diplomats, there are politicians, there are beneviolents, there are philosophers, and there are pansies. Each cop has a reputation that is argued by all others in the department and each department has a reputaion that is argued by all other departments.

    It is not as simple as most cops are good with a few bad apples. They establish their societies that are always subject to flux.

    The police force is licensed by us. They are not distinct from us, they are a part of us. If your car was suspected of being broken into at the Fullerton Transprtaton Center, how would you want your licensed representatives to respond?

    The Fulletton Police Chief is technically a lawman, but by his office, is very close to being a poltician. The Fullerton City Council members are politicians and have the responsability of bringing the will of the people of Fullerton into public policy.

    “An officer” states that there is no fundimental difference between the will of the Fullerton Police Department and the will of the commuity. Ex-cop Ron Thomas professes that he wants good policing just as the anti-police riff-raff do.

    So let us not fracture, only to have to come up with some expensive compromise. Let us agree and build upon what we have already agreed upon to continue to build what Fulertton has always been: a pretty good city.

  50. @ OFC. RYAN WARNER, FPD: Step up and do what’s right. Out the bad cops before you get lumped in with them! You are one of Fullerton’s TRUE heroes, so step up and clean house.

    1. @ Chicken Little his union will not let him they are in control of his working life this should have been done long ago sorry he might be one of the i am challenged to say this “good cop” by his silence i doubt that still protecting his scum cop friends.He could have sent an anonymous e-mail to kfi or any other media outlet but he too kept is going to take a very long time for the city to heal congrats officer Ryan Warner silent cops like you have now made us world renown good going.

  51. Wonderful Steve Brow-your beard scratching posting was very intellecual and deep, the bottom line is that these FPD knuckleheads, ALL of them, the teminators, the tough guys, the diplomats, the politicians, the beneviolents, the philosophers, and the pansies need to step up to the mic and name names and stop covering for each other…and there is something called the silent code that they all follow. I would also like to know why the beating didnt come to light until the father released the photos? and why were these animals allowed to carry on as usual after the beat/murder?

  52. merijoe :Wonderful Steve Brow-your beard scratching posting was very intellecual and deep, the bottom line is that these FPD knuckleheads, ALL of them, the teminators, the tough guys, the diplomats, the politicians, the beneviolents, the philosophers, and the pansies need to step up to the mic and name names and stop covering for each other…and there is something called the silent code that they all follow. I would also like to know why the beating didnt come to light until the father released the photos? and why were these animals allowed to carry on as usual after the beat/murder?

    Criminals always run and hide and that is what the gang of 6 is doing, so if the shoe fits. Should be innocent until proven guilty (so why hide) that is the way we do it here, but these cops have so much guilt and shame from this senseless, brutal, and unnecessary murder of this young man. This Sh#t is so far over the top (6 cops beat to death a homeless man in the center of town) They should all turn in their badges, be fired, no pension, be sent to prison, and have a criminal record for the rest of their lives. These dirty cops would not know what honor, service, protection, and courage is if it hit them in the @ss The chief is hoping he can wait us out and we will go away. Not the case this has gone viral and they have got a real cluster _uck on their hands.

  53. HAHA this aint goin away ever, you gangsters of the FPD -hear? ever. Squirm buggy, this aint going away, we are fed up and not going to take this crap anymore-not from you or any other tax payed entity -you animals killed that poor defenseless man in cold blood -just as sure and as heinious as Jeffrey Dalmer did. and you are covering like Mahoney is covering for his rapist priests.
    Dont get comfortable, this is not going to be forgotten -the people have let you get away with your shenagins too long, so look for a revolt that you brought on yourself

  54. these 6 low life excuse for police were so arrogant they had no qualms about beating down this poor soul in a busy bus depot luckily none of these maggots of society seen anyone recording them as we all know now that Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton has no problem destroying a citizens personal cell phone recorder and using the excuse he was hampering and interfering.This guy is the lowest form of scum society has been tolerating.Who would want to live in Fullerton with a corrupt police department the chief might as well been one of his scum officers who destroyed kellys life by not ousting the corrupt cops from squad car duty this shows his approval what a slim ball.they all need to see a prison cell and any officer out there who is pro FPD shame on you there will always be some one with a camera watching you.

  55. every one is racist!!!
    mexicans hate el salvadourians
    irish hate north irish
    black muslims hate black christian’s
    the list goes on and on

  56. I wonder if those animals were making any noises as they beat that man to death-I havent listened to the tape yet, any grunts or squeals eminating from these warthogs?

    1. @ merijoe we found out today on KFI radio an insider stated that the main officer beating the life out of Kelly was a former la cop who lost an eye on a call the informant stated that this low life bottom feeder of a human bragged about the beat down he performed on Kelly what a maggot! his name is ! officer Jay Cincinelli

      video from the oct bus as it was happening

  57. Some of the 5-6 officers involved are getting a bad wrap. At the moment, it looks as though 1 or 2 participated in the abuse. The others just responded to the radio call, as they should have. But the FPD is over due for an attitude adjustment, and I have documented on similar sites where I have not only seen them act unprofessionaly, but where they’ve been unprofessional with me. Sometimes the police need to turn up the heat, the FPD’S problem is they’ve been applying heat when they don’t have to. The Kelly Thomas matter went viral only after the news media got hold of it. I would like to see what the FPD’S internal investigation was saying ‘before’ the media became involved. If the Thomas family reads this I have a friendly suggestion, a lot of kids who age out of foster care become homeless. Give the money to Orangewood Gaurdian Scholars.

  58. Has anyone ever heard of a ‘stand-up’ cop’? A cop who has stepped up and stopped his peers from making a mistake like this, in the field? No, because cops aren’t hired to be heroes. Cops aren’t hired based on their character or courage or even intelligence. Everyone likes the fact that there’s nothing special about cops. They’re civil servants who get special treatment because they’re more ordinary than everyone else.

  59. These cops should all kill themselves! Not just the ones who did the beatings, the captain, the cheif, dispatchers and other Fullerton PD employees including city employees who heard all of this while it was happpening and did nothing! Nothing!!!! What a disgrace to humanity. Hitler did such despicable things. And he did kill himself! Get the f***ing hint!


  61. Onto the council meeting, please pray to God for justice for those who are wrong, and a peaceful successful meeting tonight.

  62. The entire city government of Fullerton should be terminated and banned from public service. The police that were present during this atrocity, along with the complete chain of command up to the chief of police should dragged out to the lawn of the Fullerton Police department and publicly executed and their bodies left to rot.

  63. Heard about the case today in New York. I hope for Kelly and his family that he receives justice. These cops belong in jail.

  64. I just want to mention a FACT about all this and hopefully people will realize the brutality that must be harbored by the filth employed with my tax dollars. “15 years around the streets” think about that for a minute. This means EVERY ONE of these punk a%$ pigs knew this man as they beat him sensless and to death. People are talking of his being a criminal so all the officers have to have known him and his mental illness and to anyone who is sticking up for them I pitty your ignorance. No one deserves this kind of treatment outside of child molesters which he obviously was not… R I P kelly.

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