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  1. I can’t remember people ever protesting the FPD. Fullerton has always seemed indifferent to its cops…. well they used to be, anyway.

    1. Kenton Hampton is President of THAT condo association he lives in: “Holliston Condominium Owners’ Association”.

  2. The police here in Fullerton have been on a steady path of indifference and arrogance towards residents here for the last couple of years, and I for one have been complaining to the City Council enough and getting nowhere. I think that that’s all about to change though as Chief Sellers will be let go soon and there’s going to be alot more shake-ups and investigations into the dysfunctional commanders and rank and file at FPD than they are telling the public. I have my fingers crossed about what’s about to happen, but my eyes and ears are still wide open.

      1. Absolutely!! Recall those worthless councilmen hiding behind the skirts of the Fullerton police union that endorsed all of them. Where were they yesterday? Why won’t they get the tape of the beating released? Because they can’t go against their masters, the police union. RECALL! RECALL! RECALL!

  3. I have to say the absolute lack of leadership from the mayor on this matter is embarrassing. Where is Dick Jones, in a dark room curled in to a ball? Murmuring to himself about the good ‘ol days in Galveston when the mob ran thing so well? Stammering through a buffet line somewhere with a napkin tucked in to his collar?

    Most of the time a complete imbecile can perform the duties of mayor ( Dick has proven that), however, once in a while a moment arises when leadership is required. This is one of those moments and Dick Jones has proven to be an empty suit.

    We need a mayor that will not look to staff or the police chief and ask what to do. We need someone who will stand up and take charge. The police union loves things just the way they are.

  4. I agree with Fullerton lover, and I hope it is true what they have said about the guilty ones losing their jobs…It is about time to “clean house”!

    It is just so SAD…that it took ones life, and public rallies and signs to make it happen.

  5. Everyone critical of members of fullerton’s city council keep it up and keep it coming until we see these weak, slobs going

  6. Jones, McKinley (ex-police chief), Bankhead (ex-police). No where to be found while the city is in a crisis. Nothing but silence from any of them. If they can’t be here for Fullerton they should exit the stage now and make room for people who know what leadership means. The recall process exists for a reason, and this is it.

  7. Where is the Orange County Republican Party on this outrage?

    Oh, they don’t want to talk about it, cuz the establishment spent thousands on the McKinley-Chaffee vote count.

    Few hundreds of votes makes a difference. Unfortunately, Fullerton is paying the price for having a former Police Chief guarding the Hen House!

  8. Fullerton hasn’t been this angry since that racist Marilyn Davenport spewed her hatred and bigotry not too long ago.

  9. This is some sick sh%t…The gang of 6… “trained” police officers can’t cuff up a 150 lb homeless man what a bunch of clowns. How much are we paying these bastards? FPD you’re doing a bad job you suck. City Council you suck. Mr. Mayor you suck. Mr. Police chief you suck too. I have been in Fullerton since 1967 did K-12 here. I have 100+ friends and family in Fullerton I love Fullerton I cannot believe what I am seeing and hearing from our city leaders. We all have stuff, money, home, job, family, clothes, food… Kelly had NOTHING, but he was still a citizen of Fullerton and those whose JOB it is to protect Kelly… beat him to death. Let’s keep it real here, if anyone other than a cop does this to another human being, they are behind bars right now and headed to prison for a very long time. This gang of 6 is still on the job collecting a pay check, what the hell is going on here?

    1. What’s going on is that the three old guys on the council were all supported by the police union.

    2. Trying to fight a man who is fighting for his life, blood surging with adrenaline, is not as easy as “cuffing up” as you said. Not many people know how hard it is to make a man physically do something that he is resisting and fighting you from doing.

  10. Some kid allegedly punched a guy in Fullerton who banged his head and died…. That kid was arrested and put in jail awaiting trial.

    Six police all actively participated in an arrest which became difficult, so they beat the guy into submission, then continued to beat him until they had caused fatal injuries to him….. They are still patrolling the streets with uniforms, badges, and the same weapons they used in their last killing.

    There is something very wrong with the way we prosecute police misconduct.

    1. “some kid” punching another citizen is not authorized by law, so he should be prosecuted for manslaughter. An arrest by officers is legal and must be judged to be reasonable, or not. Until all the facts are brought to light, all we have is speculation as to why the officers did what they did. If it turns out that their conduct was illegal and in violation of the 4th and 14th, then they should be held accountable. Comparing an illegal fight to a lawful arrest is comparing apples and oranges.

    1. Where and when? We should do one on a weekday if possible, to gather more public awareness for all the passersby that travel through Fullerton to go to work. Im on board… couldn’t make the last one, but drove by in my taxi and honked. I saw the video… great stuff.

      Also, contact New York Times and other major news outlets.

  11. it was good to see everyone out there, met a lot of cool people, ive been to all three and it was really gratifying to know that we are having an impact.

  12. I am very angry about this, I left my home in California due to Police Brutality (Had my leg broke by Orange county in 83) You nice folks need to fight this with all you have. I support you, I have told all my friends and family in California, their reply…WHATS NEW! This really makes me ANGRY! Nobody cares? I Goddam care! Fight on people!

  13. A candlelight walk from the transportation center to the PD on Friday, August 5th, one month after the mortal wounds were inflicted by the callus and disgusting uniformed police officers, would be a nice tribute to Kelly and a reminder the FPD, City Council, and the thousands that visit Fullerton’s Downtown nightlife.

    God Bless you Kelly; Rest in Peace.

  14. Hopefully these rallies will keep growing in size and volume until there is some justice for Kelly. Last week, we probably had 20-30. This week it was closer to 200.

    This site has done a great job of bringing attention to the issue. Please don’t let up now that we’ve started to gain some traction.

  15. RE: your email to NBC4 LA
    Kelly’s father Ron Thomas was a guest on our 7pm newscast Nonstop News LA l(*which airs on our digital channel) ast week, we covered the vigil this weekend and Mr. Thomas will join us again for a live interview with Chuck Henry (in for Colleen) tonight at 7pm.

    We are definitely following this story very closely.

    Thanks for watching NBC4 LA!

  16. Why would anyone give any business in fullerton one dime? The taxes go directly from the downtown area that all of so cal supports directly to fund these murderers. Picture your kid out drunk in fullerton. Look at the beating photo and realize this could be your kid. Boycott fullerton until the businesses bring down the police that did this. Not one dime.wikileak the video!

  17. Don’t “boo” the patrol officers working people. We are talking about 6 officers under investigation, not the entire department. Those men and women still have to strap on a vest everyday and go to work protecting and serving the city. The vast majority of police officers are there to help and protect. Yes there are bad ones, and they will be punished.

    Sad that some show so much hate for ALL police officers, yet the ones working will show up to your house if you need help.

    1. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link and a police force is only as good as it’s worst officer.

      The thugs who murdered Kelly represent what the Fullerton police force is.

      They should have ‘policed’ themselves and invited the overly aggressive members to leave.

      You don’t give people who have such extreme anger management issues a badge , gun and authority over others.

  18. ya know what, it is all police. from the top down , mckinley , and now sellers they set the mood and culture for all the boys in blue,

    and there is their police brotherhood , and they will always turn a blind eye , or support one of their own , even when they are doing despicable things.

    a lone good officer could have stopped the beating , but not one little piggy ,, YELLED STOP ,,,

    and as for booing ,,, all the officers ,, we should tell them fuck you ,, and look them in their glass eye , or eyes, and mean it,,, because ,, they need to be shown , that they can not intimidate us ,, that we are not afraid of them ,, that they work for us, and if they cant handle it and do what they are supposed to do then , maybe they can go and off themselves…

    i sound angry, but , i have been harassed , i have taken multiple baton blows by these professional thugs, and every time one goes by ,, I get the black and white fever, AND that is the little scared feeling you get , like oh shit , here comes a cop,,, EVEN when i am just walking down the street, and that is not ok.

    and i have many friends who have been abused by them too.


    somting that also needs to be done , is to look beyond these 6, because ,, many many many fullerton cops beat and abuse and harass people for many years, and its just gets swept under the rug, because its just a broken knee or leg , or smashed wrists and twisted arms. and unfortunately , tragedy had to happen to wake us up ,, to shake us up. to stir up the people, who ultimately are the AUTHORITY…

    , till then


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