Police Insider Offers New Graphic Description of Police Beating

Yesterday the John and Ken Show spent 4 hours expressing outrage over the Fullerton police beating of Kelly Thomas, the lack of media coverage and the cowardly concealment of evidence by Fullerton officials.

Towards the end of the show a man called in purporting to be friends with a Fullerton police officer. He passed along some new, graphic information on what was supposedly seen on the city’s surveillance camera, which the police are still not releasing to the public. Here it is:

Notable claims:

  • One officer supposedly beat Kelly Thomas with the butt of his Taser until blood started coming up all over the officer’s arms and hands.
  • Another officer supposedly drop knees Kelly Thomas’ nose and throat with the full force of his body weight multiple times, crushing the victim’s throat.
  • This happened while Kelly Thomas was not moving or resisting.

354 Replies to “Police Insider Offers New Graphic Description of Police Beating”

    1. This is just sickening. I have been following this since I first saw it, which being from the east coast, was only a week ago. While I generally trust and believe in our officers across the country, I can’t even believe that anyone even tries to argue anything in the favor of the law enforcement in this situation. What happened, happened. And I can’t see how it could be argued any differently when we can all clearly hear the reaction and comments of witnesses in video. The follow up calls such as this just solidify how corrupt things are in that area. I urge the country to continue to push for resolution here. Write your congressman if you have to, even if you do not live in that area. Do what you can do before things get more out of hand. This is unacceptable and we must make sure these people are tried for their crimes. My brother suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and he is a wonderful person outside of his disease. It can be difficult at times to handle some of the situations, but my almost 70 year old mother has handled it without harm for many years, and so have I to a lesser extent. If an elderly woman with no training can keep themselves safe through similar situations, why does it take 6 officers and beatings to do subdue someone suffering from the same thing? I realize every situation can be different, but everyone seems to have the same story here. I have trouble believing someone on their stomach crying for their daddy is someone resisting, especially when their are countless witnesses backing it up. A mental disorder is no excuse for murder, and murder is exactly what has happened here. There is no excuse for this behavior. Its such a shame that this has happened and pray for the people of Fullerton, California because they are not safe from those that are put in place to protect them. More people will be harmed and more families will suffer if something is not done.

      1. In response to Kristi,who trusts and believes in these pigs, I dont know what state or planet you’re from but here in California, pigs are a serious menice to public safety. They dont differentiate between citizens and criminals and victimize both indiscrimninatelly. They arn’t governed by laws like the rest of us but instead by ” department policy’ which here in California allows for executions and assaults for virtually any reason they choose. The only reason this case ever made the news is because of who the victums father is .Incidentally, I used to live in Fullerton for several years 15+ years ago and although I wouldn’t live there for any reason, it was much safer than places like nearby Santa Ana or Los Angeles. An additional problem here in California is that they are grossly overpaid and have a retirement that allows them to become millionaires from their retirement benefits at the victums expense. How insane is that?

      1. @ Anonymous he died at the hospital because the murderer stopped beating him when he heard the ambulance coming as declared by a eye witness statement.” he wasn’t dead until days after in the hospital” what a unbelievable human being you are just a homeless guy to you right!

      2. No. 4…it has no bearing on second or first degree murder if the victim receives injuries and lives a few days. Did you know Charles Manson killed no one himself at the Tate Polanski home. He will die in prison. Jeesh

  1. FPD Tasers have flashlights on the end of them, which is probably why the witnesses say he was beat with a flashlight.

    1. Let me tell you all something about all this. The bottom line is this Kelly Thomas guy was, number 1, committing a crime, number 2, he hit a or a few cops, and 3 he was resisting arrest. These are the facts nothing I have made up. First of all he shouldn’t have been committing a crime. Secondly he should have NEVER taken a swing at one or some of the cops. Another fact is that this guy was supposedly a paranoid schizophrenic. Even the dad says the guy was messed up in the head. I don’t believe this because he made a conscious decision to steal but even if he was screwed up in the head there is a slang term used by social workers… “Retard Strength?” I used to work with mentally handicapped citizens and let me tell you if one of those crazy bastards got pissed off and wanted to fight back it didn’t matter if the SOB was 100lbs or 500lbs they have a fight in them that is impossible for one grown man to subdue. If this guy was mentally handicapped then it probably would have taken 5 or 6 of them to keep his ass down even IF he was 130lbs.

      1. They continued the beating long after he was subdued, you dumb sack of worthless, fascist loving s***. No log off and go back to sucking whatever bully cop’s d*** you were servicing.

        1. If the 6 had the suspect on the ground, his arms and legs restrained, then it appears as though rage and uncontrolled violent anger from the policemen took over. “Rookie” behavior. Or, even more likely the 6, or most of the 6 are so out of shape (like many policemen you see with beer guts and fat buttocks) they were unable to control the suspect; even with weapons. Those 6 became angrily frustrated. Sure Kelly might have resisted arrest, but you can’t beat a suspect to death because you are frustrated and full of rage.
          I’m willing to bet there will be firings. The sick part is they will ALL keep their pensions, and perhaps even file for “disability” allowing them to take 50% of their pension tax free. It’s not only fked-up, it’s double fked-up. Add to that murder and it’s triple fked-up!

      2. Mike, let me tell YOU something about all of this: 1. There is no proof that Kelly was committing a crime, and if it comes out that he did try to get into a car-he certainly didn’t deserve to die for it. If you want to say that Kelly was committing a crime, fine. Then why won’t the FPD show the video and prove it? And, again-does the punishment they gave Kelly fit the alleged crime?
        2. Kelly suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. That is a severe BRAIN DISORDER and Kelly could not control that any more than if he had cancer or diabetes. Kelly would not, and could not, have been expected to behave in the same way as someone who was not ill. His paranoia would have caused him to be very afraid and perhaps to run, or act erratically, or even more likely to try to defend himself- especially if the officers yelled at him, were rough with him, talked too loudly or too fast, touched him without his permission, or stood too close to him, or stood behind him. Do you remember what the word “Paranoid” means??
        3. If the officers thought Kelly was a “danger to himself, a danger to others, or gravely disabled” the officers should have transported him to a hospital for a psych evaluation-NOT murdered him.
        4. Mental illness is not a crime-people with mental illness need to be protected MORE, not less than other people. They are much more afraid, confused and vulnerable.
        5. If Kelly “resisted” it is because he was afraid for his life and he went into self defense mode.
        6. Officers should be trained how to calmly approach and “take down” someone with a severe mental illness without inflicting great bodily injury or death.
        7. Kelly was taken to the ground and tazed and beaten until he was unconscioius. THEN the officers continued to mercilessly beat Kelly with the butt of a tazer, and knee drop their full body weight on Kelly’s nose, face and throat. They collapsed Kelly’s windpipe.
        8. Kelly was unarmed.
        9. There were six officers and only one Kelly.
        10. The officers, violently and inhumanely, murdered Kelly.
        11.The six officers were not afraid for their lives.
        12. The officers were on a power trip and on a feeding frenzie acting like wild animals.
        13. The guilty officers belong behind bars-not patrolling the streets of Fullerton.
        14 Any questions??

        1. Good for you; we need more people speaking out against this atrocity with clear, logical reasoning. The power of words can do much. I have written emails to the Council Members of Fullerton, The Police Chief, The Los Angeles Times and the President of the U.S. There is nothing more horrible and sad than the victimization of the helpless. I couldn’t sleep last night after I first heard about this. If a Revolution in Egypt can begin over a few words than maybe we can do something about Police Violence by speaking out. I live in Minneapolis, MN.

          1. Thank you Lois, all police brutality in general, as well as that which is specifically directed towards the homeless and the mentally ill really does need to become a national issue. Kelly’s murder needs to get more national media attention in order to shine a spotlight on these issues- if we ever want things to change.

        2. Justice for ALL :
          And, again-does the punishment they gave Kelly fit the alleged crime?

          Furthermore, it is not the business of the police to dish out punishments for crimes. No matter what the suspected crime, the police are not supposed to jump on the suspect with sadistic glee. The only thing they are allowed to do is to bring the suspect before a court of law. That is all they are supposed to do. But somehow people, including cops themselves, have got these things mixed up in their heads. They think cops can and should dish out ad hoc punishments right on the spot.

          I wonder what caused this confusion of justice? Was it all the television that for decades romanticized the notion of angst-ridden hero cops taking justice into their own hands? For decades Americans have been indoctrinated by television to this completely bogus view of law enforcement.

          Remember the case of the young man who got his head slammed into a concrete wall by a cop who had mistakenly identified him as the perpetrator of a violent crime. The young man will now spend the rest of his days in a vegetative state due to severe injuries to his scull and spinal chord. What completely validates my hypothesis about there being a massive confusion about law enforcement is that some people are trying to excuse even this perversion of justice by saying that the cops did the right thing but to the wrong man. The real moral of the story is that now, instead of one life destroyed, there are two lives unnecessarily destroyed forever.

      3. There is no proof he was “committing a crime” all that has been published is that the police were investigating reports of cars being vandalized and he was in the area and they thought he could be a suspect.
        Furthermore, schizophrenia is not exactly uncommon among the homeless or “vagrant” population of this country. The vast majority of people on the streets are mentally ill in one capacity or another. The police should have a better understanding of this and knowledge on how to deal with situations like this. You claim to have worked with the mentally ill, but that seems doubtful if you think responding to them with with violence is the proper way to de-escalate a volatile situation with someone who is mentally ill.

        Finally you’re comments are not based in facts; furthermore your attitude towards the mentally ill is small minded and offensive. Given your attitude and comments I seriously doubt you have actually worked with this community of people. If you really have, I feel bad for the people who may have suffered through your care.

      4. Most people who work with the mentally ill are trained in physical restraint, where a patient is meant to be subdued and restrained without hurting him. I have worked with mentally impaired people myself, and I have had this training, as did everyone I worked with. The bigoted phrase “retard strength” describes a phenomenon which does not exist. For what it is worth, by the way, Mr. Thomas was not mentally retarded, but schizophrenic. Mythical superhuman strength or not, in order to restrain someone properly, again, without hurting him or her, it can indeed take anywhere from three to six people, whether the patient is a “crazy bastard” or not. But the only reason it takes this many is because of the care taken to prevent injury to the patient. Police are also trained to restrain people without inflicting injuries. They chose not to pursue that avenue in this case. Probably thought no one would care about just another crazy homeless guy.

        I would also like to know…is it his alleged breaking in to a car, his alleged hitting “a or a few cops” or his alleged resisting arrest that makes all this okay? Or is it the combination of all three? I am not sure if you’re aware of this, Mike, but we live in a country with laws, where we have a judicial system meant to mete out justice after a careful consideration of the relevant evidence. But here, nothing the cops allege is a capital crime. The death penalty would be on the table for none of those alleged crimes, nor for all those alleged crimes put together. That doesn’t matter in this case though, does it? Because the cops apparently decided they get to decide who lives and dies. Apparently you, Mike, think that is okay. Most people do not.

        It is a bad idea to take a swing at a cop. Our police exist to protect and serve their community, and they should not have violence perpetrated upon them. I agree with that. But even if we assume that Mr. Thomas took a swing at someone, heck, even if we assume that swing connected and he actually hurt a police officer…he still did not deserve to die.

        I’m sorry mike, but the men who did this to Mr. Thomas are the real criminals here. Unfortunately, they’re unlikely to be punished very severely for what they did, at least in this life, but if there is a hell they’ll burn in it. You can be sure of that.

      5. you stupid ass idiot we dont know anything there is no confirmation that he was even stealing anything. noone even knows if he was guilty of theft.

      6. you had aboluely no bussinees working with the mentally challenge..They have an actual disorder..you are just plain stupid.Swing..hit.kick..we have strategate shots to take them down:only one involves the face. Five tasings was abuse, when tased ,thats when you cuff and subdue not abuse and beat another human being. The abuse to the face says it all:anger, not detainment..god help you, your family and loved ones if you feel this is okay.You are the one who is mentally challenged

      7. Mike, I have a really hard time believing you studied to work with handicapped people, only to make comments such as “retard strength”, “crazy bastard”, and “SOB”. It takes many years and real world experience to be in a qualified position to work with Schizophrenia patients. And on top of that I have never heard any professional ever use those terms. If you spend 5 minutes researching Schizophrenia you will see why your statement about Kelly making “conscious decisions” invalidates everything you say. But lets not disregard the fact that there is no evidence that he stole anything, and that you couldn’t possibly have been inside his head to determine his state of mind if he did.

      8. @ mike sorry you are not telling the truth he was not seen committing a crime his civil rights were violated the police only received a call that someone was committing a crime and that is just here say the cops just went viral for some unknown reason . Police get a call that a man is breaking into cars fitting the description of one shirtless kelly thomas. On a hot night, many shirtless people might be around. Based on this the man is detained then asked or demanded to be searched, he refuses, then supposedly resists, then is beaten to death. First the probable cause to detain a subject must be based on what the officer personally sees, not the wisdom of what may be a crack pot caller.

        Second if the officer did not witness Mr. Thomas breaking into cars he lacked the legal probable cause to detain him and only a consentual encounter could then ensue where Mr. Thomas could tell them to F off, which I assume he did and was subsequentley beaten to death.
        BYE BYE gang of 6 see you swinging from a flag pole. Death sentance to yawl tell that to your pit-bull cop friends

      9. @ mike eye witness have a very different Scenario they were there not you (or were) you sound like a FPD employee) Kelly was just an innocent guy who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and 6 savages snuffed the life out of him.we now have even more video and audio that was recorded on one of the bus cameras stop making yourself a fool get the most current facts before you open you pie hole here is some fact for your sorry.the only won retarded is you you fuckn moron. this is a police induced murder

      10. He was sitting at a bus stop. How is this a crime? He was not burglarizing anything. You should be ashamed of yourself for talking like you do. I sure hope you no longer work with the mentally ill or anyone who needs help for that matter.

      11. I’ve work with people like Kelly Thomas and was always able to restrain them with one other person. I never had to resort to killing anyone you fuckin idiot!!!!

      12. thank you for your opinion Officer Mike. But I recall he was a “suspect”. Guilty right off the bat, right Officer Mike? You are disgusting.
        No one saw Thomas break into one single car.
        No one other than the Officers, you fellow brothers in blue, said anything about Thomes fighting them.
        No one other than the Officers, your fellow officers in blue, said anything about resistin.
        G-F-Y-S. as in Go-****-Your-Self

      13. Nice slang term that I am sure applies to you as well. Kelly Thomas was Not Breaking into cars. If you have read anything on this case you would understand that. Several downtown store owners were told by the Police that in order to remove a homeless person from the vicinity they would have to be reported as committing a crime. Several people spoke at the town hall meeting stating that Kelley never bothered anyone. A local female store owner stated that she and all her employees were familiar with Kelly and that the only thing he ever asked for was a pen and paper to write with. Apply some of that “Retarded Strenght ” of yours to keeping your own mouth shut.

    1. I am a screenwriter and filmmaker who has worked on many stories of injustice. This story needs to be told or nothing changes. If it were your son, you would consider this precisely the point.

        1. True, but it wouldn”t hurt to have a film produced on this story. The impact of a movie can have far reaching effects. It’s going to take something pretty radical to curb Police Brutality. Maybe Kelly Thomas won’t have died in vein.

  2. Terrible.. sick… what the hell did he do? The screams and desperation in the youtube video say it all. The sad thing is, if anyone would have stepped in while it was happening, he or she would have been arrested…if this is all true with the ocda, make sure Sellers goes to jail. The officers should do jail time too.

  3. this sickens me….we must absolutely MUST continue to pressure city council, state representatives and federal representatives to take swift action- these cops do not belong on the street…the public is NOT SAFE!!!!

  4. I cannot believe that Police PIO swine Andrew Goodrich is still on TV defending this attrocity.

    I’ll bet the FBI has some questions for him, too.

  5. I can guarantee you that noting will come out of it anyway.

    In my 40 years in California, I can’t recall that a COP was ever seriously punished for beating or shooting of suspect to death.

      1. Rodney king was hopped up on PCP and did not die. HUGE DIFFERENCE between Rodney and poor defenseless schizophrenic Kelly.

  6. This poor man did not deserve to die like that. No one can prove that he did any crime?? They beat him relentlessly until his face was no longer recognizable. This disgusts me. Those 6 men, sorry, 6 ANIMALS, who beat this man, will rot in hell for what they did. I hope they face murder charges. Some people are saying man slaughter, but no, this wasn’t accidental. If they beat him this severely, they were meaning to kill him. They should’ve stopped as soon as he wasn’t resisting, which didn’t take long. But they also should’ve realized that he wasn’t your average every day criminal when HE STARTED CRYING FOR HIS DAD. This sickens me, makes me cry. You six cops will rot in hell.

    1. I agree with you completely. This kind of thng is happening all over the country. WE hire these guys to PROTECT us, but instead they bully, harass, intimidate, BEAT AND KILL us. ARE there any good cops left? If there are, why are they not stepping up? If they know and do nothing, they are just as guilty.

      This is absolutely disgusting.

  7. Stanislav makes a very valid point, but there’s a first time for everything and let’s hope this is it.

    If enough people email this to national media, maybe it’ll get picked up:




    Naive, perhaps, but better than nothing? (which, unfortunately, is all i have to offer in terms of help).

    My heart goes out to the Thomas family.

  8. There still seems to be no confirmation there’s a second “tape” (more likely a computer file) of the incident. Yesterday’s anonymous informer on KFI said a Desk Sergeant saw it all go down. If it exists, pressure should get it released, especially since weeks have passed.

  9. I have never felt the need to arm myself for protection, until now. Sadly, we will not be safe in our city while these thugs are still in uniform. If it can happen to a homeless man, it can happen to us all.
    Since justice will probably not be served, all of the police who participated in this “killing frenzy” should quit the force, they do not deserve to wear the uniform and do not follow the motto, “To Protect and Serve.”
    And since I am sure that many of the FPD are reading this blog regularly, think about the recent history of events, FPD thief in Florida airport, drug addicted FPD thief who even hit his own police department to feed his addiction, prisioner dies in custody and any evidence destroyed, I am sure there are many more cases but the most extreme crime commited by not one but several FPD officers, including any of them watching at the department, is the Kelly Thomas case.
    I do not think we need a tape to conclude that these officers are guilty of murder. A man is dead from a severe beating, why would there be a question as to who is guilty and what to do about it. These officers were judge and jury for Kelly and yet they are protected? We need these officers fired and arrested now!

  10. In all my years of reading horrific stories in the news….this is by far the most sickening. Turns my stomach knowing this happened anywhere-let alone my hometown! I am a lifelong resident and I am disgusted and embarrassed.

  11. The ‘Peace Officers’ who beat Kelly THomas to death are self evidently Criminally Insane. How did we get to the point where Psychopaths with a death wish for citizens get guns and badges and Tazers? How did this happen?

  12. I’m not happy about this, yet don’t act like this guy should get even the smallest measure of sympathy compared to real victims like the Giant’s Fan (Brian Stowe). One guy was a complete victim, the other guy brought it upon himself. The cops went overboard. Prosecute them, but their behavior (possibly criminal) has nothing to do with a marauding criminal that resisted arrest.

    1. Idiot Troll: He was quietly looking for cigarette butts! Even if armed, breaking windows, on drugs, fighting back and yelling he did not deserve this!
      Go back under the bridge with “Dick” Cheney.

    2. what did Kelly do to bring it on himself?
      yes, both are terrible!

      Brian Stowe was at an Dodger game in LA and was beaten by people that were enjoying themselves at the same event.

      Kelly was beaten by people that are paid to protect us. So I ask again, “what was Kelly doing to deserve that?”

      1. WTF
        One guy was at a ballgame, the other guy was breaking into cars, then resisted arrest and clocked one of the officers.

        I intentionally stayed away from the much ballyhooed pic associated with this case, because I knew it would be prejudicial… but I stumbled upon it here. Wow, it wasn’t nearly as bad as John and Ken made it out to be. Damn, that’s what the body looks like while it is recovering from a gross assault several days later. They made it sound like he looked worse than Quasimodo… ie deformed. He was severely swollen, but his eyebrow, lip and or nose wasn’t missing the way J&K were talking.

        To sum up. This was way over the line. Possibly criminal. But no one would have cared had pics of a swollen face hadn’t been posted… thank god, for my dad’s sake, there were no such pics in 1971 when he opened the front door and I was on the other side (age 6). The doorknob clocked me and I ended up with a cartoon sized knot sticking straight out of my forehead and a couple of black eyes.

        Pictures can be deceptive.

        But I still expect to be flamed for my reasoned opinion.

        1. First off no evidence suggesting Kelly was breaking into cars except he was there.

          No one has offered that he swung at the cops until you so I offer this Joseph M is a cop and probably one of the six. Based on your reasoning I’m right unless you prove me otherwise.

          1. yeah-fucking animals, thereis no proof he was breaking into anything you douchehound and there is no proof he swung at anyone fiuthermore, Joseph M and anyother loser who is obviously covering up for someone (possibly yourself), if I was get my head smacked into concrete and electrocuted over and over I’d be squirming and hollering too. Nothing justifies this brutality,NOTHING you dickhead NOTHING and may you lose your balls by the hands of a cop. lets see what you say then

        2. How can you minimize the beating this poor fellow endured? He went into a coma because of the beating. That’s how bad it was.

        3. I believe when your dad hit you in the head with the car door he did permanent damage.

          My advice is no to come to Fullerton where the cops might use the excuse that your retardation caused you to break into cars and hence deserved to be beat to death.

          1. The “your dad did permanent damage” was exactly my thought. I can’t even be angry at him; he’s clearly mentally disadvantaged himself. Dismiss him.

        4. Joseph M. Reasoned opinion? Surely you jest. Kelly DIED- you didn’t. Kelly was beaten and tazed after he was already face down on the ground unconscious-you weren’t. Kelly suffered from schizophrenia-you don’t. So far, I’m not seeing any similarities between your irrelevant story and the issue at hand of excessive force/ police brutality/murder by those who have sworn to serve and protect. And, you are very wrong to think that no one would have cared without seeing a photograph. Speak for yourself. And, another thing- since when does your eyebrow have to be missing for you to be dead? “Severely swollen”? You’ve got to be kidding me. His windpipe was smashed. He was knee dropped twice onto his nose and throat after he was already unconcious! “Possibly criminal” you say. Are you out of your mind?? You are trying to justify a murder. Why? Do you have some kind of an agenda? Who are you trying to protect? Because whomever you are trying to protect and defend- it certainly is not the public. Please don’t justify murder in the name of protecting me. I don’t want that on my conscience.

        5. @Joseph M…put your glasees on-look closer at the picture…his top lip is gone. His face is is worse than Jon and Ken described. 6 men, no not men, thugs, beat a mentally ill man while on the ground….the pictures are not deceptive and your opinion is not reasoned. This is MY reasoned opinion!

        6. You’re the only one comparing Mr. Thomas to Brian Stowe. But just for the hell of it…what, really, is the difference? One guy was at a ball game and got beaten up by thugs until he was in a coma. Another guy was in a parking lot, where some cars may have been broken into, and he got beaten up by thugs until he was in a coma…and died. I’ll tell you the difference between the two: the first set of thugs is being hunted by the police… the second set of thugs wore police uniforms… there is no other difference between the two.

        1. No kidding, the only Dodger followers I see nowadays are thugs who like to get on their knees for Dodgers and Raiders (and other inmates of course)

    3. I do not know much about what prompted the Brian Stowe beating…do you? How do you know that he was not mouthing off and egging on the other fans…would you then say “He brought it on himself?” Brian Stowe did not deserve what happened to him but neither did Kelly. You are both Judge and Jury decideing that he was a “Marauding Criminal” when there is No evidence that he committed or even attempted to commit a crime.

  13. I am HORRIFIED to hear and to deeply understand that this abysmal Crime has been buried, as if it never happened. And, the people that took part in this crime and the people that are burying their head in the sand, are all “guilty” as sin. Now this fear is in all of us who are at the mercy of those in position to protect us!

    These are police officers (people) that we are supposed to be able to trust and respect. And, when our children and grandchildren have doubted that they are out there to do good, have tried to support and tell them they are good.

    WOW…when things like this happen and “corrupt actions” follow, it leaves no room for trust and respect. Trust and Respect is earned…just wearing a “badge” doesn’t earn it…and now the guilty ones with a badge…have ruined the trust and respect for all the others who wear it. Truly SAD!

    “A Big Thank You” to Shawn for taking the action needed…and in your position will be taken seriously…Thank You!

  14. As an ex-cop in two states, I speak the truth, from experience. Police officers are trained to “Back each other”. You are free to do so as long as you “Acted in good faith”. ie: The info you had at the time prompted the action. I can see that a call of a suspect physically resisting went out. That is all responding officers needed to hear. They knew their response before even arriving on scene. It is extremely hard to control this when it is instilled so deeply. Police are the largest gang in the world…….

    1. Sooo… you’re suggesting we disband them, or find the money to only hire college majors to work the jails and the streets? Since you were a cop no doubt you will attest to the dirty nature of the job. Probably as dirty as a garbage man’s job… except the trash that cops deal with fight back. So, there needs to be a ‘tough guy’ element to be a legit cop. You can’t have it both ways. you either want the streets patrolled, and you understand crap like this is going to happen or you don’t.

      1. Because it a dirty job is no excuse for a cop losing control and beating the guy into a coma. That kind of cop we don’t need.

        1. Maybe next time a cop should hand out chocolate kisses before they try to subdue a crazy person. Give me a break!!

      2. “trash that cops deal with” ?? Really? Is that what you think of your fellow human beings? Well, I guess we know where you stand. Just beat the “trash” until it stops moving, and then thow it on the dump, problem solved. No compassion for anyone, and certainly not for the mentally ill, who can’t help their illness any more than someone who had down’s syndrome, diabetes or cancer, etc. People who have schizophrenia don’t even understand that they are sick. That is known as a “lack of insight into their disease.” That is why many of them don’t want to take meds, because they don’t feel they need meds if they aren’t sick. Also, they are too confused to even remember to take their meds. You obviously have no knowledge about severe mental illness, and absolutely no right to be sentencing someone to death because of an illness. I will NEVER “understand crap like this is going to happen” and I will never excuse it. If officers want to restore their good name and restore confidence in their profession they need to stand up and speak out LOUDLY against this murder and against policies that allow murders such as this. Don’t try to excuse police brutality, excessive force, and especially not the murder of a harmeless, mentally ill man. There is absolutely no justification possible. If if you still insist that there is; then please see to it that the FPD patrols on your street from now on, because I sure as hell don’t want them anywhere near my loved ones.

        1. I’m moved to tears and sickened by this outrageous misuse of authority!!!!! Justice for ALL, you are so RIGHT! The PD here act toward the common citizen in the US as if they are on a military mission in Afghanistan. They are at war against we the common citizen. And, yes, even more unfortunately the mentally-ill are TOO OFTEN TARGETED and harassed!! Personal family experience of Police brutality toward sweet-natured, mentally disabled family member which could easily have cost him his life!!! There was absolutely no understanding that this person had special needs, such as anti-seizure meds, or even ability to DISCERN that this person was mentally handicapped and while suffering a seizure and down on the floor (during wrongful custody) was beaten and kicked repeatedly!!!. No use complaining to the local PD. ALL was reported in great detail to The American Association of Persons with Disabilities in Washington DC. and only then informed the local PD of this action. It did help in an individual case, but obviously the lack of discernment and WRONG MINDSET toward the public at large, and especially those WEAKER and more vulnerable, is a dangerous problem, and not just in Fullerton. The friendly, helpful cop of yesteryear has been replaced in some cases by a menacing, cold-blooded MILITARY THUG! Possibly trained into insensitivity. Justice for ALL, we really do need to implement decency and JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!!!

      3. You are the most illogical person on this board. No one suggested any of the above: they are suggesting the FPD get new cops who are capable of behaving in a reasonable manner.

        Police officers, unlike your cowboy cops, have a duty to enforce the law without committing further crimes or infringing on the rights of others, outside of law. They have a duty to apply no more force than necessary to accomplish this goal. They do not determine guilt. Nor are they ever to carry out a sentence. Their job is to apprehend. Then document for a prosecutor. That’s where it ends. They don’t get to beat unconscious suspects. That’s only permissible in your delusions.

        All the rest of your diatribe is not relevant, nor even within the bounds of law. And I agree with the others here, you are a shill for the FPD. Troll.

    2. There is absolutely no excuse that you can give (cop or not) that condons this type of behavior. And because they are cops NOBODY stepped in. My husband and I have been contributers to police funds for years but after witnessing this for myself I can promise I will never give another dime to any police donation fund for any reason. I’m ashamed to know my past donations have benefited men like these who so carelessly took a life and it’s plain to hear that this man was calling out for help. Please don’t response with the stress factors of crime because you know what type of job you are applying for and you know what it entails before you ever take the position.

  15. I will never condone these type of actions. By the time an officer arrived and saw the suspect restrained, he/she was responsible to control the situation by restraining the officers and calling out “Suspect in custody”, to call off the rest of the units running Code 3 to “Get in on the action” The “Nobody fucks with cops” mentality has ruined too many officers, and very few ever face judgement. Training needs to be revamped nationwide if you expect to see change. But, if you’re dumb enough to hit a cop….

    1. You were on target until the end when you say, “But, if you’re dumb enough to hit a cop…” I’m sorry, but severely mentally ill people, ie schizophrenia, don’t reason the same as people who are not ill. And, they don’t deserve to die because they have a severe illness..they need protection just like anyone else. The officers need better training in how to transport mentally ill people to a hospital for an evaluation instead of murdering them. If the cops are so fragile that they can’t take a punch one in awhile, without turning into out of control animals, then they don’t belong on the streets “serving and protecting” us. Unless, of course, perhaps that oath really only means that they are only going to serving and protect each other and not the mentally ill. Do you realize that one out of every one hundred people has schizophrenia? Are you going to justify killing all of them? Maybe it’s time to stop making excuses for police brutality against mentally ill people and make sure the officers get some real training in how to humanely deal with the issue of mental illness. Since when did murdering someone become the standard cure for mental illness on the streets?

    2. If he hit a cop, they need to apply appropriate force to restrain him, mentally ill or not. Once a suspect is restrained, the force against them should cease. Immediately. The goal is apprehension, not punishment.

      If Kelly Thomas hit one of them, then he must be adjudicated as having committed the act for punishment. This is not “officer discretion.”

  16. Do you feel strong now FPD? Puff out your chests and claim you’ve done your job. A mentally ill man is dead because you have lost the ability to control your rage. If I ever get pulled over by one of you should I just lay on the ground and play dead….NOPE you’d just keep on beating me. And SHAME on the chief who tried to cover it up. Go protect your goons and get help from a DA friend….Thank you to the officers who do their job with integrity….The six involved in this are worthless.

  17. The people who are trying to minimize and justify the murder of a mentally ill man by criminal cops, absolutely disgust me. No doubt they are pigs.

  18. This is horrible, Arrest these pigs immediately and give them a taste of their own treatment. This is scary, you cannot trust anyone, especially cops! What the F is going on with this country? FIRE THE CHIEF OF THESE ANIMALS!

  19. They were just having a little fun on Friday night. Who wants to take away their fun. Boys will be boys. No big deal.

  20. If a department develops a gang mentality then the Chief has to spot that and insist on professional police procedures. Its a tough job and this mentality happens to cops. I don’t blame them for having feelings I blame them for not following procedures and the responsibility for that is the Chief’s. Now you have to bring in a new Chief, clean house and break up the gang. Thats a big expense for the city and the alternative is bigger and bigger lawsuits if its not fixed. Thanks Chief, way to drop the ball. I have to believe the majority of the officers there will be glad to have strong responsible management that deals with problems again. Shame on the Officers involved!

  21. Five of these six monsters are still “policing” our streets!!! Is the Chief insane– he’s not put these Gestapo on leave??? Where’s the Mayor??? I don’t feel safe in Fullerton.

  22. Reminder, Chief Sellers was put in position by Two
    Ex Police Chiefs on City Council. It goes deeper..

  23. If this had been black or Hispanic we would have seen perp walks of the “officers” and cover up police chief. I lived in Wash State when two “oops” SWAT murders by the police occurred (wrong house number). The police are becoming not the protector but the enforcer.

    It it is time we take a STAND.

  24. So, why are the offending police officers still walking the streets much less working? With them on video…why haven’t they been arrested?

  25. Why don’t we have the medical report? The parents should be able to get the medical report.

  26. Yeah, let’s just blame the cops for all the bad in the world. Typical liberal bs that is rampet in the media. Next time one wants to report a crime in progress don’t! Let’s keep feeling sorry fir the crinal element.

    1. Eric, did you not watch/listen to to video above?? Did you not hear that Kelly was beaten with the butt end of a taser until blood spurted out of Kelly’s head up onto both of the officer’s hands and arms?? Did you not hear that an officer “knee dropped” down on Kelly’s nose and throat with his full body weight at least twice-breaking Kelly’s windpipe?? Oh, and did you also not hear that the officers did this AFTER Kelly was already unconscious??? I don’t care if you are liberal, conservative, or anything else. You are SUB HUMAN if you make excuses for this brutality and murder. How do you make excuses for the officers and allow them to be the jury judge and executioner?? Kelly was mentally ill and everyone deserves compassion-especially the mentally ill. I’m going to remember your name, Eric, because then when I see it in the news that you got beat up by the cops because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time- you know what, I might not feel so bad in your case. You obviously are part of the problem since you condone police brutality.

    2. I thought conservatives were all about the right of individuals to be free from government intrusion on their personal liberties. I think there is nothing more “intrusive” than murder under the color of government authority.

      No one is blaming cops for all the bad in the world. We are blaming these specific cops for Mr. Thomas’s death. If you cannot see the difference, you’re a very stupid person.

    3. Eric just get a clue. This has nothing to do with liberal, conservative, independent. This man, Kelly, was savagely beaten to a pulp for what? Running away from the police? And to be tazed how many times? You can subdue a person without going to the extent these “officer killers” went. I pray for all of you folks who live in Fullerton. Hope these rats get their due.

  27. The citizens of Fullerton need to demand the resignation of that SOB Police Chief!!!! He has the authority and responsiblility to take all 6 officers off the street pending the criminal investigation. What kind of department is he running? He needs to put “politics” aside and do his job. He is a weak leader, and needs to be replaced immediately along with the 6 other rat bastards!!!! Fullerton citizens need to demand this, it’s your tax dollars at work.

  28. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many of these 6 goons are returning mentally deranged members of the ” Murder for Hire ” USSA military. It’s happening way to often.

    1. Siegfried, most likely NONE of them are military veterans. The military men and women that I know are honorable and would NEVER harm a fly unless they absolutely had to. That’s why they come home with PTSD- because they are in shock at the horrors they have witnessed- friends blown up by IEDs, etc. I come from a family that includes MANY who have served in the military and they are NOTHING like these murderous roque officers who murdered Kelly. Let me repeat: NOTHING!

  29. In Norway last week Anders Brievek killed at least 75 or more teenagers and others in a bombing incident. Bievek was apprehended with his weapons and many witnesses who attested to his guilt.He in fact acknowledged his act of vicous slaughtering of all these young people. Funny thing, not one apprehending officer of the politi beat him up,tasered him. In fact,he was taken away humanely by human beings who did not put themselves into a killing frenzy as they surely had more than enough reason to feel outrage,anger and sick at the killing by this man’s hand. Yet, in Fullerton, California,USA 5-6 uniformed officers stop a homeless mentally ill man while being fully armed with weapons and a badge to identify their authority in suspicion of being a potential car burglar. Now on the scale of justice,where was the justification of the force used just in stopping Kelly Thomas under a suspicion,no proof of a crime? He allegedly didn’t want to be searched. Maybe this was true,maybe not. Maybe all he did was turn away. The police in this country are out of control. Period. How do these people go home after such a night as this and have a normal family life? They don’t belong free in society. They belong put somewhere to deal with their violent and criminal behavior. A trial by jury after indictment as soon as possible is absoutely the only thing acceptable. The stupified nation watched a Casey Anthony trial and acquittal which outraged most of the viewing audience. So where’s the self proclaimed know all Nancy Grace on this horror? Where’s the entire criminal justice system from day one or at least day 5 when the life support was pulled from a dead man? Even we were told Osama Bin Laden’s picture was too horrible to view in his death.Well from this viewpoint Bin Laden couldn’t have looked much worse than Kelly Thomas after his brutal killing. The animals that did this should certainly not be out on the street to carry on another killing spree. I hope the FBI isn’t compromised on their investigation when the whole world sees the truth of what happened.

    1. They go home at night and sleep fine because they are either sociopaths or psychopaths. They have no feelings for anyone but themselves. Hell, they probably had sex with their wives to finally get rid of the erection they got during the beating.

  30. On an unrelated note, I hope we’ve seen the end of the Bankhead, Jones, McKinley cover up triangle on our City Council. Good luck with re-election boys! Doubt your endorsements from OC Police and Fire will do you much good in the future. Bon voyage!

  31. The heartwrenching video of the murder of Kelly Thomas,a gentle,mentally ill medium to slight built young man speaks to the heart and soul of anyone who is human and has a heart or soul. A man being overpowered by not one,but at least 5 or 6 armed men who all pounce on him as he’s been rendered disabled by numerous tasing and beating by the first two armed men who have thrown him face first to the ground. Evidence of his mental condition is his basic fear of what is happening to him being viviously beaten as he is helpless to defend himself.He does the thing that breaks everyone’s heart who has one and hears him calling to his “Dad” Basic survival is that a man backed into a corner and beaten unmercifully by armed men will want to defend himself. If Kelly Thomas lifted one finger against the brutality he got at the hands of these animals was this not the act of self defense? But to the ears of those who heard and the eyes of those who saw,in fact, he called to his Dad who had been his protector. Thank you Kelly for showing me that self defense is everyone’s right against this kind of brutality regardless of an attacker/s wearing a uniform. May God,the “Father” keep you safe forevermore.

  32. Beware, citizens of Fullerton, and get and be sure to take your cameras if you’re going out soon– it’s 7:46 pm, night is coming, and they’re still out there….

  33. Lets disband the Fullerton Police Department. Screw the cops. Let’s find “reasonable” people to do the job. Let’s find people who can police our streets without resorting to caveman violence. I’m sure the “new” articulate, non-violent police officer can talk a suspect into showing their hands so they can be sure the suspect is not armed.

    Even when the suspect refuses..repeatedly..to cooperate, our new peace loving police officer can talk him into compliance. And if they can’t, you ask? Let’s fire them because they aren’t up to the job.

    You people make me sick. Next time something bad happens to you or a loved one, don’t call 911. You wouldn’t want the bad popo to catch the perp and get into a fight when the perp resists, which might lead to the perps untimely death.

    1. I don’t want to call the police if something happens because they might storm my house by mistake.

      Besides, whenever I have called them in the past they don’t do a fucking thing anyway so I don’t bother any more.

    2. dear sickoftheliberalmindset,
      I am not a liberal or conservative but I will say that if you think that beating a another fellow human until he can not be reconized you need a fucking check up from the neckup because you are a part of the problem ,if your a officer of the law you should be ashamed of yourself I don’t give a damn what this man did you7 don’t beat people like that ,cuff him and let the courts sort it out ,if you are a cop you are just like my brother everyones a fucking criminal and they just havent been caught yet give me a break you insecure scum bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. This has to be parody. I’m been a conservative for 30 years (a convert from the far-left in my early twenties), certainly pro-law and order…and that’s the very conservative principle on which these Lawless Six need to be called on. I’m being a consistent conservative; you, mechanically reactive.

    4. Sickoftheliberalmindset–
      If conservatives and liberals can see eye to eye on this issue, we are lost as a country. You make me embarrassed to be conservative! Your shrunken form of conservatism (completely out of line with the broad and profound conservative perspective represented by giants of contemporary conservatism such as William F. Buckley, Jr.) is really no conservatism at all.

      So above all, please don’t tell anyone your a conservative!

      1. Correction, Sickoftheliberalmindset:
        I meant to say: If conservatives and liberals CAN’T see eye to eye on this issue, we are lost as a country.

    5. sickoftheliberalmindset, did you not watch/listen to to video above?? Did you not hear that Kelly was beaten with the butt end of a taser until blood spurted out of Kelly’s head up onto both of the officer’s hands and arms?? Did you not hear that an officer “knee dropped” down on Kelly’s nose and throat with his full body weight at least twice-breaking Kelly’s windpipe?? Oh, and did you also not hear that the officers did this AFTER Kelly was already unconscious??? I don’t care if you are liberal, conservative, or anything else. You are SUB HUMAN if you make excuses for this brutality and murder. How do you make excuses for the officers and allow them to be the jury judge and executioner?? Kelly was mentally ill and everyone deserves compassion-especially the mentally ill. I wish I knew your real name, (although “sick” is pretty appropriate for you) because then if I saw in the news that you got beat up by the cops because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time- you know what, I wouldn’t feel so bad in your case. You obviously are part of the problem since you condone police brutality.

    6. NO! You are the sick one. THEY BEAT HIM TO A PULP AFTER HE WAS SUBDUED AND ON THE GROUND. What part of that are you neo-fascist, Nazi lovers not getting? There is NO defense for what happened. You are stupid beyond human comprehension. That fact you can figure out how to use a computer is a miracle of the ages.

    7. @sickoftheliberalmindset – Sir or ma’am, you are just plain sick. Your response shows a complete lack of logic or critical thinking. A sane, responsible law abiding community is demanding law enforcement conform to state and federal laws. Read the constitution. The people of Fullerton are demanding their constitutional rights are upheld, not for the lunacy of anarchy.

  34. i pray the thomas family some how finds peace. god holds the the weak and infirm closest to him.. i cried so much from the cries for his father. my son has issues but has a kind heart if these animals did this to my son i would never stop hunting them down ever they are primitive worthless evil evil punks. they should be in jail now without bail and spend the rest of their lifes in prison sharing their pain from prison with eachother. the chief is responsible for his employees and should resign immediately.i have clients in fullerton and do not think i can venture into fullerton without protection these r0gue cops have erroded the publics trust pure evil. the citys attorney insulting the parents…..your a primitive punk also their son was a human being you idiot..they should sue for 1oo million dollars and no less teach these civil servants to respect the people who pay their salary

  35. One has to wonder how many posts Congressman Ed Royce posted on RED COUNTY since Kelleys beating??

    We are all woorried about IRAQ, AFIGANISTAN, THE DEBT CEILING, but I would bet, the murder of a local man…….A white man would rate pretty high on the COngressmans radar.

    Or maybe not, it’s golf season.

  36. The next meeting of the Fullerton City Council will be held on Tuesday, August 02, 2011, commencing at 5:00 PM. At that time, the council will take public comments on matters appearing on the Closed Session agenda. They will then recess to the Closed Session.

    So, what’s on the Closed Session agenda?

    1. CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL – ANTICIPATED LITIGATION Per Government Code Section 54956.9(b) – Significant Exposure to Litigation: One Case
    2. CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL – ANTICIPATED LITIGATION Per Government Code Section 54956.9(b) – Significant Exposure to Litigation: One Case

    Hmmmm, can we guess what the case might be that has created “significant exposure to litigation,” and requires conference with legal counsel?

    If you have comments on this matter (like, perhaps, Chief Sellers needs to get fired NOW for this out-of-control police department, and replacing him with a responsible new chief who will weed out the psychos and “bad apples” will maybe help Fullerton avoid “significant exposure to litigation” in the future), then you should be there at 5:00.

    The meeting is scheduled to re-open to the public at 6:30 pm, when again public comment will be accepted regarding matters within the council’s purview (like firing the chief and cleaning up the department.

    Meetings are held in the Council Chamber at 303 West Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton.

    If you have something to say on this situation, attending this meeting will be the best opportunity for your voice to be heard.

    And if we don’t show up and speak out, we will have no one but ourselves to blame if the situation isn’t taken seriously by the council.

  37. When someone resists don’t they shout things like bring it on or fuck you or even do you want a piece of me! Kelly shouted for his dad. Some of the 6 cops are probably dads…now there’s a chilling thought.

  38. These punk cops think there bad beating up a defenseless man. They are cowards in my book. Where’s the honor and courage in that? I wouldnt want these sissys in my unit. I would like to see them try that crap on a well trained enemy with the means to defend themselves. Now we got to worry about these candy asses back home. Oh and for those cops that dont speak up you are worse than the perpetrators since through your “silence” you show consent. For those with the bars and the stars in the leadership positions you have failed to lead in the moment of truth; You are the worst coward of them all. You will have to look at yourself in the mirror nad be proud of what?

    1. Hey John– thanks for your service. Great remark. Wish you would say something to presumably pro-military “Sickoftheliberalmindset” (see above) who can’t see, apparently how you can be a patriot and completely disgusted by these Lawless Six.

    2. John, this is well said, and patriotic. If our military fights for anything it is the ideals of our country. One of the founding principles is that we are a country of laws, and that every person is entitled to the due process of law before the government may take away their liberties. You fought for that, and I applaud you for it. Mr. Thomas died because cowards hit him while he was down. Those cowards are anti-American, in my opinion.

  39. When any of you are in a fight to control and handcuff a suspect, who HAS NOT BEEN SEARCHED FOR WEAPONS, and is actively resisting, then and only then will I listen to whatever criticisms you have of the police. Believe it or not, people who resist or get into fights with cops will yell for help. Don’t be fooled.

    YOU were not there so don’t judge what these cops did to try and control AND HANDCUFF a person who did not want to comply.

    I was not there either, but I can safely say that NO cop in his right mind is going to beat the crap out of somebody in downtown Fullerton, in plain view of the public, who have phones with cameras, for NO REASON.

    These officers made it home safe that night. That is all that should matter. Instead of sympathizing with someone who refused to obey officer commands, try sympathizing with the men and women in blue who are held to higher standards than the public and risk their lives and freedom for YOU. I don’t know of any other profession where you can go to jail for trying to do the right thing.

    Anyone who is critical of the police should go on a ride along to have a better understanding. Not all cops are good cops, just like every other profession there are the bad apples. Cops are human, after all. Walk a mile in a police officer’s shoes before passing judgement and making comments of a situation you know nothing about.

    1. sickoftheliberalmindset, did you not watch/listen to to video above?? Did you not hear that Kelly was beaten with the butt end of a taser until blood spurted out of Kelly’s head up onto both of the officer’s hands and arms?? Did you not hear that an officer “knee dropped” down on Kelly’s nose and throat with his full body weight at least twice-breaking Kelly’s windpipe?? Oh, and did you also not hear that the officers did this AFTER Kelly was already unconscious??? I don’t care if you are liberal, conservative, or anything else. You are SUB HUMAN if you make excuses for this brutality and murder. How do you make excuses for the officers and allow them to be the jury judge and executioner?? Kelly was mentally ill and everyone deserves compassion-especially the mentally ill. I wish I knew your real name, (although “sick” is pretty appropriate for you) because then if I saw in the news that you got beat up by the cops because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time- you know what, I wouldn’t feel so bad in your case. You obviously are part of the problem since you condone police brutality.

      1. While I’m shocked by what appears to have happened, I’m not going to pass judgment until there is something more than rumor and innuendo to base it on. It is amazing how much you assume to be fact. STOP IT! Wait for an official report or at least a video in which some of the alleged misconduct can be seen. These officers have a hell of a lot explaining to do…so let’s hear it and then make a rationale decision. By the way, you may want to take a look at Thomas’ criminal record before describing him as such a gentle, kind man.

        1. OC Justice, sorry you are wrong. I’m sure you mean well; however, a witness that I spoke with verified to me that Kelly was beaten to death AFTER he was already unconscious.
          I don’t care what his criminal record was; the officers do not have the right to be the jury, judge and executioner. There is NO justification for this murder. And, people with a mental illness may have a criminal record, but that is most often due to their inability to reason correctly and their inability to understand the consequences of their decisions and their inability to interpret their surroundings correctly. They live in an altered state of reality and do not sit around and premeditate a crime. Crimes are not forgiven by our justice system because of the fact that you have a brain disorder; however, the mentally ill should be better understood and given help- not murdered when they are in custody.
          And, you may want to talk to all of the people who knew him to find out what Kelly was like. When he yelled at people or became upset -again, that was a result of his mental illness and he couldn’t help it. Mental illness is not a justification to murder someone; it is a reason to be aware that they are ill and need compassion and help. Murder should not be the cure for mental illnes-imposed by police officers. Animals are treated more humanely than Kelly Thomas was!
          Everyone in downtown Fullerton, including the officers, knew who Kelly was. And, they all knew that Kelly was mentally ill. Again, sorry, no excuses are valid or acceptable in this situation.

          1. Really? Who is this “WITNESS” you talked to? How do you know he/she was there and not just repeating a “RUMOR” and adding their own sense of passion to the tale? If your friend is a witness, I’m sure the D.A. is in contact with them… right.

            And here you are, repeating something you heard, from someone who says they were there.

            Don’t sit near the edge of this bandwagon. When the tires pop, you’ll be sure to fall off.

    2. How the fuck did you make the connection that we are anti cops? As you said so yourself, not all cops are good cops. THAT’S WHY THE BAD COPS RESPONSIBLE FOR MISCONDUCT SHOULD BE RELIEVED AND PUNISHED. Again, know the facts before you make a fool of yourself. Dude’s 135lbs, a malnourished transient. 6 cops vs 1 guy like that. Read witness testimonies, watch the video and listen. LOOK AT THE PICTURES. Really? Rodney King looked better 20 years ago after the beating than this poor soul. This isn’t even about liberalism. It’s not even about us vs cops, it’s about justice. omg what a fucking idiot…

      1. So…You’ve been privy to “Witness testimonies”? NO! They are guarded afidavits that will not be revealed until the investigation is complete.

        You saw something in the video? NO! you heard noises and saw police cars pull up and officers run out as cowardly observers made their assessment of what the had the obligation to be good witnesses. Only ONE man approached the scene.

        You call someone an “IDIOT” …

    3. Sickoftheliberalmindset writes– “These officers made it home safe that night. That is all that should matter.” What????– “all that should matter”? Anyone who would affirm that is certifiably insane or ignorant as hell. I DO hope you are not an “officer of the police”– if so, God save us all!

      1. sickoftheliberalmindset states:”I was not there either, but I can safely say that NO cop in his right mind is going to beat the crap out of somebody in downtown Fullerton, in plain view of the public, who have phones with cameras, for NO REASON.” You’re so right. The reason is that the guilty officers were NOT in their right minds and they were acting like feeding frenzied animals who showed no mercy to their prey. Those murdering animals do not belong patrolling our streets; they belong behind bars for life.

    4. YOU are TRUE scum.

      Justifying this abuse is intolerable!!!


      for fuck sake they could have just shot him, instead of beating him like a piece of beef.


      I have two friends who used to *be* cops! *They* think these six cops should put immediately under psychiatric observation and not released until some determination is made to their mental states.


    6. View the bystanders cell phone videos online and you will begin to see a clearer picture. These Cops Did Beat the Crap out of Kelly Thomas in plain view. Maybe you should walk a mile in the shoes of a Menatlly Ill person because Kelly Thomas was human too.

  40. When was it authorised by City Council to have an
    attorney negotiate a Settlement on behalf of the City of Fullerton with Ron Thomas. (KFI Friday, July 29th)

    Closed Session is not till next Tuesday?

    We need to hand over PD to Sandra Hutchens OCSD,
    she does not put up with this BS.

    Were the Police Jocks on Steriods, were they tested?

  41. Yes I got to this site through John and Ken (KFI), and was horrified when I watched the vid. I’ve read most of the comments left on the board. I was actually looking for the vid of FPD back in ’08 beating a guy, then turned his attention to the camera man. On KFI they said the site was sent a letter demanding the removal of the vid, but from what I gathered in that ’08 vid one of those cops was in this beating as well. Anyway on to my take. RIP Kelly, I didn’t know you personally, but I am a father, and there is nothing I can think of worse than one of my children being taken from this earth at the hands of another human, not to mention these are the people that we are supposed to trust and obey. All I could think of when the Dad was doing the interview on KFI what if that were me, and I had to hold it together while my son lay dead at the hands of the authorities. I understand the family didn’t have the greatest relationship, but what family is perfect? As for the “Gang of Six” I am sure at least a few of them have families, and I just ask what if he (Kelly) was related to you and was killed by police how would you feel then? I understand the mob mentality when you just join in on the events almost hypnotized to what reality is, but c’mon to kill a man? YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO IN MY BOOK. Yes I am a taxpayer, so guess what I am YOUR real boss and I do not approve of this behavior, it is a shame that it takes this sort of thing to unite people, but from this event I realize now that none of us are safe, none of us are in control…. I ask of you people, especially in Fullerton use your power, use your constitutional right as an American citizen to use the only weapon you have against people like this………………VOTE VOTE VOTE get the ‘good ‘ol boy club’ out of power and elect someone that has you, your family, your safety in their agenda. I myself will get more involved in my hometown politics and I suggest you do the same no matter where you live, I think the problem is people get comfortable in their lives, and as long as things do not affect them directly they do not care, but guess what folks you pay for it all good and bad, whether you agree or not, so get involved, they may not hear your voice but they will feel your vote. Sorry for the long rant I just wanted to chime in and give my condolences.

  42. To #86 by William Wallace

    We all need to go. We need to flood this meeting out with people who believe this killing was horribly wrong and want to see Fullerton get back on the right track. Bring your family, friends, and everyone else who wants to get this thing addressed properly.

    To #87 by sickoftheliberalmindset

    > These officers made it home safe that night.

    “The killers made it home safe that night.”

    You may want to consult a physician. I think there’s something wrong with your brain.

    To #97 by I SPY:

    > When was it authorised by City Council to have an attorney negotiate a Settlement on behalf of the City of Fullerton with Ron Thomas?

    Maybe they’re trying to buy their way out of a murder rap?

      1. You’re the clown! They’re plenty of good officers still at Fullerton PD, and from what I’ve heard, the Chief was not one of the officers involved in the initial incident. And everything I’ve heard about Sellers leads me to believe he’s a pretty stand-up guy. I’m guessing when it is proven that one or all of the officers involved are guilty of something, he will be the first one to call for their termination.

        1. Chief Sellers is responsible for the training, hiring, policies and for the atmosphere and culture in the FPD. Sorry, but in every business it is the boss who is ultimately responsible for making the executive decisions and for the success or failures of those under his direction. If the FPD wants to restore confidence and faith-they need to replace him ASAP.

          1. That’s not correct. If there are problems at FPD, they have been brewing for years. Chief Sellers has only worked there for two, maybe three years. That is not long enough to turn a bunch of god cops into criminals. If this was a long time brewing, it was going on long before Sellers got there. He worked at Laguna Beach PD for years without issues there…what about that?

        2. perhaps in this time of budget woes and fiscal austerity, the city council could see to it that the fpd be trimmed of, say, several dozen cops (plus 6). what a savings that would be.

  43. No Fullerton PD can pull me over until the 6 have been officers have been pulled from the streets.

    I will fight to the death any Fullerton PD attempting to stop me.

  44. You have a problem in Fullerton? Put in a call for service. They will send out their exterminators to rid you of any future problems.

    1. Exactly! The “cure” for mental illness seems to be extermination- by brutally tazing and beating to death…they can’t even be humane about it. They treat murderers better and give them lethal injections. If you’re homeless or mentally ill you don’t get that luxury.

  45. Nothing but cowards, you too “sickof the mindset”, what a goddamned idiot to condone this crap. These fucking pigs work for us and this is what we get. Is the employment pool in So Cal that low that we have to resort to complete morons to protect and serve. Hey cops Fuck your union. This garbage should be arrested for murder one right now and held without bail. Why are they not? Who’s protecting these scumbags, certanly not the taxpayers.

  46. “We need to hand over PD to Sandra Hutchens OCSD,
    she does not put up with this BS.”
    Umm, yeah, great idea, putz.

    OCSD has plenty of their own baggage to deal with. And don’t forget, if that happened, most of the “PD” would just turn in their blue uniforms for the pickle suit.

    1. And they would be transferred to jails. Requirement for all Sherriffs. They wouldn’t be on our streets.

  47. all of you “sheep” can sit there and judge from your comfortable homes, safe from the “wolves” who are ready to cause you and your family harm. The sheep don’t want to know what it takes to keep the wolves at bay and certainly don’t want to be witness to the reality of it all.

    Even with all the negative criticism toward sheep dogs, it is the sheep dogs who will keep the wolves at bay and away from your “reality.”

    Again, the folks on this forum are judging the cops on a situation they know nothing about. What you know is what the news and media want to tell you. Don’t believe for one second they are telling you everything.

    1. Sheep? WE are the sheep? You why buy into the mainstream COP / WOLF mentality that whatever they do is always justified just because they are cops. If a “sheep dog” starts killing its own, then it need to be eliminated.

    2. douchbag, i feel real protected- you are the wolf-Now i have to walk around with a tree branch so i can feel safe from you wolves in badges-thanks for protecting me and my family and covering for your bros

    3. Again view the bystander’s cell phone videos online. Not what the media is saying but what we are all seeing with our own eyes on those videos. I have been bullied by the Police myself while dropping my third grader off at his elementary school and pulling over at a Powder Blue crub that I did not know what it meant. I was talked down to like I was not a person, told that I could not ask any questions and treated like a criminal. Tell me…was I the Sheep or the Wolf in that story?

  48. At “sickoftheliberalmindset”. I was a Chicago police officer for 23 years and as right wing as you can get and am friends with a couple of officers in the FPD. And they’ve confirmed that what happened was effed up by a couple known idiots on the force, You sound like the typical musclehead lummox cop which every PD has a few of, you know the ex football player that only know how to handle a situation with his brawn because he has no brain. The facts of the case are that a 135lb, man was beaten to death, by 6 men. Yeah thats really protecting sheep! You are joke,,,

    1. Thanks for your good service as a policeman “formercop”– the kind of policemen we truly look up to. Thanks for speaking out!

    2. A former cop of 23 years..what happened did you get kicked off the force for being one of those idiot cops???

      1. Hey, you buttwipe-hiding-behind-JOHN DOE, must be one of the murderers. Maybe you’d feel differently if it was YOUR kid.

      2. @john doe, what exactly is your definition of “idiot.” Let me guess,-by the low standard of conduct that you seem to think is acceptable, I would guess that to you an “idiot” is an officer who actually is honest and has integrity and a conscience. It’s just too bad that we don’t have a whole lot more “idiots” like formercop around, instead of all of you “honorable” officers whose only honor and loyalty is to covering for each other when you abuse, lie and murder. You have a LOT of nerve attacking anyone else when your FPD is so screwed up.

      3. I think John Doe is “Brain Dead” and is ready to be “Tagged and Bagged”. Can someone Pull the Plug?

    3. so, formercop, who are the 6 animals that did this? huh? since you are friends with FPD speak up-you are one if the good guys right?

  49. Best is to not stop for any Fullerton Police until we know who the 6 are.

    Fullerton seems to have a systemic problem:

    One month ago a Fullerton Officer was arrested for stealing a Federal agents Ipad in Miami:

    “Kelly Janeth Mejia, 25, was arrested last month at Miami International Airport on suspicion of stealing an iPad that belonged to another traveler. She has been with the Fullerton Police Department for about six years, four of them as a sworn officer.”

  50. END POLICE UNIONS… also, shame on the coward cops that were standing right there and allowed this atrocity to continue.

  51. When I first herd of this murder of Kelly Thomas by the Fullerton Police Department and the atempt to cover it up it made me want to puke. After I came to mu senses I went out to my yard and removed my american flag that has been there sence 1995 when I purchased our home. I will not raise the flag until these sick officers and the higher up’s are brought to justice for this senceless murder and cover up. The people of the United States of America need to stand up and let these people know, we will not stand for this in America not now not ever…….. Larry

    1. Larry…I understand your logic, but like some of the more sensible people in this thread have said, there are still a solid group of officers at the Fullerton Police Department who got into their profession for the right reason, who are equally appalled at what occurred. Don’t forget to show your continued support for those officers who have, are, and will continue to serve your community in the manner you expect. They likely now need your support more than ever.

        1. It is not their responsibility to out the officers involved. Keeping their mouth shut is the only way they can cover their own asses at this point and they can stay out of it. If they get involved or speak out, especially to the media, when they’ve likely already been ordered to not talk to the public about the incident, then they’re risking their own livelihoods. Better to mind their own business and let the lawyers work it out.

      1. yeah, they are so “appalled” and are so “solid” that they continue to cover for the 6 animals and not name them after a month-if the dad hadnt made a big deal of this, we still wouldnt know about it-so thanks to those “good guys in blue” and they will have to answer fortheyre NON action too- they can go f themselves too

  52. Michael Taxpayer, Perhaps you are posting in the wrong forum. First off, “unions” are illegal in police work. Second, the Fullerton Police Officers’ Association had nothing to do with what occurred, nor have they spoken out in support of the officers involved. I don’t recall the Fullerton POA making any statement supporting or rejecting the involved officers. So get off your soapbox and get back on the subject at hand.

  53. Sands, The victim in the Miami case was NOT a federal agent…just another traveler. It’s awesome how everything gets blown out of proportion, and someone always wants to jump on the hay wagon with their pitch fork and flaming torch.

  54. Thank you “formercop” for your common sense view of the situation. “sickoftheliberalmindset,” I am abundantly familiar with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s Sheepdog talk/presentation. It is very unfortunate that you choose to use it in this scenario. I understand what you are saying, but it definitely does not apply to this situation.

    1. That’s not the same thing “nipsey.” The officers have not been identified yet, and someone who is NOT a witness is slandering an officer who “they think” is likely involved in this. Get real…don’t try to take my comments out of context.

  55. I read as far as I could stand after my early comments. I got to BULL telling Sickofthe… to know the facts before making a fool of him/herself. I say this to BULL and so many others; Ask yourself what you know to be factual in this case. Then ask what made it fact to you. The video shows no beating (although it did occur), There was a witness who says he saw the knee to the neck, but there was only one witness that close on the video (and it wasn’t this guy). As I said earlier; These cops responded with what we call a “Lightbar hard-on” and lost control. They WERE absolutely wrong. There is now justification I can offer. Now, let’s look at the victim. Why do we believe it fact that he was mentally ill? I know of no formal diagnosis presented. As a former police officer, often chastised for being “Too humanitarian”, I know the large degree of crime committed by “transients”. Let’s put this same victim outside your child’s window as they sleep. What is he doing there? Is he getting sexual gratification, looking for the safest access into your home? How do you want the responding officer to react. Do you want them to have the same passion toward this offense against your entire world, or should they tell him he should’ve found a better place to pee before sending him on his way.

    As OC Justice said; “STOP IT! Wait for the report!” A factual report.

    As citizens, your passion will be better served in call for an intensive retraining of ALL police…not just the new recruits. Officers need to learn to identify where compassion fits into this line of work.

    And HELL YES! to all the “Old school hard assed PoPo” out there… Compassion is part of the J.O.B.

    1. Cop Blocker, I see you are still trying to make excuses for this murder. You want some FACTS? OK. Here goes:
      1. Everyone downtown knew Kelly was mentally ill, including the FPD. Kelly’s dad, Ron Thomas, will give you the official diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia if you go and speak with him.
      2. If the FPD needs an actual psychiatric diagnosis, written on the letterhead of a psychiatrist, before they can recognize that someone is mentally ill-then the FPD needs MORE training. A LOT more.
      3. I expect the FPD to act humanely with everyone, ESPECIALLY the mentally ill and homeless and treat them with dignity and compassion at all times, no matter where they are-downtown, outside my home, looking in my window, or trying to get into a car-no matter what the alleged crime might be. I expect that no one will be treated with brutality and excessive force and murdered.
      4. I expect that officers will only use the least amount of force necessary to restrain someone, and that they will not act as the judge, jury and executioner.
      5. It is obvious that ALL officers need extensive training from NAMI (they offer free classes) so that FPD will be knowledgeable about severe mental illness, and so that they will serve the mentally ill and homeless population with empathy, compassion and respect. The way our economy is going, we may all be homeless at sometime in near future. “But for the Grace of God, there go I.”
      6. I don’t want anyone to be brutalized or murdered because they are peeing on my property or looking in my window. Don’t use me as an excuse for murder. No thank you. I won’t call the FPD ever again if I’m going to have to have a murder on my conscience just because a homeless, mentally ill person peed on my lawn or needed a place to sleep.
      7. I spoke with a witness who saw what happened. Kelly was murdered AFTER he was face down on the ground for 10-15 minutes and they kept beating him AFTER he was unconscious.
      8. The dispatch officer saw the entire event from a surveillance camera and zoomed in on what was happening; they know Kelly was brutally murdered after he was already restrained.
      9. The FPD needs to RELEASE THE VIDEO if they want to be transparent, restore their credibility, and not cover up for the officers who were involved in this heinous murder.
      10. Sorry, your rationalizations don’t work in this situation.

      1. Thank you merijoe. I just watched it. However; I find flaws in this witness’s account. Most obvious is his statement that the beating (which I know, DID wrongfully occur) lasted until Kelly stopped moving and crying out. Then he later stated the beating didn’t stop until paramedics arrived and the officers had to stop at that point.

        Dont get me wrong; I know the FPD directly caused the death of this man, in an unforgivable way, for which there is no excuse. I merely post comments to try to keep level headed thoughts and slow the rampant rumors and hysterics that keep us from finding justice in the facts. Sorry if that sounds like B/S.

  56. When a cop is twisting your arm and it wont twist any further ,that is RESISTING .When a 1 cop is putting handcuffs on you and the other cop has your other hand ,that is RESISTING .When 3 cops are pulling you in opposite directions .that is RESISTING .When you double over from blows to the gut ,that is RESISTING.RESISTING IS A BULLSHIT CATCH ALL STATEMENT TO GET AWAY WITH BEATING YOU.

  57. And again….TRAINING. Since LAPD vs. King, cops everywhere are trained to state; “STOP RESISTING!” when making an apprehension. They state; “STOP, POLICE!” before firing a weapon. This is how we’re trained to protect us from the age of video.

    Change the training!!!!!!!!!

  58. Cop Blocker why do you ( the police ) need protection from the video age ? Thats right you like to beat people .

    1. Don’t take it personal. I’m not attacking you. You obviously haven’t read much of this blog, most importantly, my entries. I Give insight into the training of police and insist the problem starts there.

      I have been guilty of having the “Lightbar hard-on” and recognize it.

  59. I just hope that when the wheels fall off of this bandwagon, and throw us all to the ground, we don’t get hurt too seriously.

    1. The people who have already been seriously hurt here are the people whose lives have ALREADY been destroyed and snuffed out:
      1.Kelly Thomas
      2.Kelly’s family
      3.Kelly’s friends
      4.Other victims like Kelly.

      The ones who WILL be hurt here, if we don’t hold the murderers accountable:
      1. Each and every one of us-for allowing ourselves, and those we employ on our behalf, to sink so very low that we do not value human life, and for not speaking out against injustices to those who can not defend themselves.

      The only “bandwagon” most of us are on is to see that Kelly Thomas gets justice and to try to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We expect accountability from those who serve the public, especially those in a positon of authority who wear badges. Officers have a duty to live by a higher standard of ethics- NOT a lower standard. We will not excuse murder and brutality because it was committed by officers. No, we hold them to an even higher standard of care and respect for life. We expect officers to serve EVERYONE, not just those they deem worthy.

      We are not on a bandwagon to make excuses and cover up this blatant murder. The facts are not in dispute. RELEASE THE VIDEO.

  60. The same type of case happened with Fontana Police and a Hispanic guy named Fermin Rincon. Rincon also died in custody. Rincon’s throat was crushed too, but when the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office sent the throat specimens out to a lab for analysis? You guessed it, the specimens were LOST. Attorney Dale Galipo handled that case for the Rincon family. The officer’s were never charged, fired, or even suspended. 2 of them have been promoted.

  61. Stop resisting should be the FPOA’s new motto, hell it should be the motto of every police agency.

    My favorite is watching a show like Cops where someone is on the ground restrained and they yell stop resisting while smacking someone. Stop resisting is code for we’re going to beat the shit out of you it seems.

  62. Cop Blocker :
    Really? Who is this “WITNESS” you talked to? How do you know he/she was there and not just repeating a “RUMOR” and adding their own sense of passion to the tale? If your friend is a witness, I’m sure the D.A. is in contact with them… right.
    And here you are, repeating something you heard, from someone who says they were there.
    Don’t sit near the edge of this bandwagon. When the tires pop, you’ll be sure to fall off.

    Cop Blocker :
    Really? Who is this “WITNESS” you talked to? How do you know he/she was there and not just repeating a “RUMOR” and adding their own sense of passion to the tale? If your friend is a witness, I’m sure the D.A. is in contact with them… right.
    And here you are, repeating something you heard, from someone who says they were there.
    Don’t sit near the edge of this bandwagon. When the tires pop, you’ll be sure to fall off.

    Sorry, Cop Blocker. You’re wrong again. The witness WAS there and still can’t sleep to this night after what he saw. And, yes, you’re right. He is talking to authorities. The truth will come out. But, whether it will do any good,or not, remains to be seen. Especially with all of the FPD apologists around like you who seem intent on excusing murder. If the tables had be turned and a homeless person had done the same thing to an officer; somehow, I don’t believe you would be defending him. NOPE, the suspects’ names and photos would have been plastered on every tv and newspaper long ago and the video would have been released the same day on the news. When the badges have so much power to destroy evidence/lose evidence/conceal and rationalize, stick up and cover up for each other-that is why we have to stick up for the underdog and shine a bright light on this injustice so that everyone knows about it. If they are not afraid of the truth then they need to RELEASE THE VIDEO.
    BTW, don’t spend any more time worrying about my tires popping; that is not a concern of mine. I’m more worried about murderers wearing badges who are loose on our streets- who belong behing bars.

    1. Are you for real?! You have NO IDEA how the process works, do you? The good officers don’t want bad officers around anymore than you do. You need to pull your head out of your @$$ and let “justice” (that you claim to want) take its course. Officers have rights, just like any person involved in an incident like this. If the officers were in the wrong then it will come out in the end. On the other hand…if you violate the officers rights, etc. during the investigation then you’re never going to get the “justice” you want. Look up Assembly Bill 301, commonly referred to as the Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights, or POBAR. No matter how much BSing you do on this site, the reality is that NONE OF US KNOW THE WHOLE STORY, 100%. And until you let “justice” take its course, you are no true promoter of “justice for all.”

      1. Justice means that we bring attention to the issues and make sure this isn’t swept under the carpet until it disappears and is covered up, and making sure the roque officers are brought to accountability. Which is very difficult since they all make excuses for each other and have their code of silence. I know full well exactly how it works; and I know that officers’ take their own rights a lot more seriously than they take the rights of the homeless and the mentally ill. That has already been proven a million times, and yet again in the Kelly case. Go feel sorry for yourself some more.

      2. Justice? Rights? That’s hilarious. There’s justice for the GED swine and justice for the rest of us.

        The bullshit FPD lies generated by Goodwrench & Co. are piling up so fast we’re gonna need wings to stay above it. Kelly Thomas didn’t steal anything or break into any cars, or receive stolen property, or break anybody’s bones. And we’re supposed to wait for this gang of thieves and liars to produce their special brand of “justice.”

        Unless the feds come in and take over we will never know “the whole story” just the propaganda spewed out by the FPD. You are nothing but a shill for the stall, stall, stall, and misinform campaign of police departments everywhere.

        It’s not going to work this time.

        Release the video! What do you have to hide?

      3. And, BTW, if YOU wanted justice, you would also be asking to have the video released. Instead, you just work on trying to maintain good PR for the FPD. It won’t work this time. I wonder if you’re getting paid overtime for all of your hard work on this blog. That’s a rhetorical question-there’s no need to answer the obvious.

      4. jjl…no matter how you try to explain the process to these radicals, they don’t get it. Let them run their mouths. They are making it worst for themselves.

    2. If you read any of my post you would not accuse me as an ” FPD apologists around like you who seem intent on excusing murder.”

      You’re an idiot. The good thing about this blog is it gives you more than just 15 minutes of fame.

  63. Hey Mike, maybe you were one of the cops who murdered him? There is karma you know. Maybe one day you or one of your family members gets beat down like some animal and we can all stand around and laugh and say it was your fault.

  64. Makes me wonder if some of these people on here were the cops involved in this? They seem to be defending this brutality strongly. Like I said in the other post, let’s hope one day you aren’t pulled over by the cops and you and your family gets beat down by some rabid cops for no reason.

    1. Niggles, no doubt they are. Or, at least they have the same mindset and are capable of doing the same thing themselves- so they want to justify it to make themselves feel better and puff up their chests even more than they already are.

  65. The Fullerton PD can be abusive and this may be the tip of the iceberg. Once I saw a girl selling something, maybe cookies, in front of a supermarket Fullerton. She was sitting on the ground back up against the wall, obviously intimidated, while a huge officer lorded himself over her barking something about why is she lying to him. I’m still angry for not saying something to someone. Once I was pulled over and for the next hour they searched me and my car. But my gripe is the nazi type attitude the officer gave me at the same time I was 100% cooperative. I’m genuinely surprised I wasn’t falsely accused of something. After they searched my engine my battery went dead forcing me to call a tow truck at a cost of $175 – that was no coincidence. I don’t look like trouble, I’m a 50 year old professional driving a white SUV. A single taser jolt to a 135 lb homeless man should take enough fight out of him to safely put the cuffs on. Mr. Thomas, don’t take the money until there is a full investigation, which won’t happen any time soon. And my condolences – I may have bought your son food a couple times. Friendly suggestion, give the money to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation Guardian Scholars program in a trust under your sons name.

  66. @john teh next time u see something that appears to be improper conduct, listen closely without impeading the investigation, if u feel there is some wrong doing, go to the department in question and file a complaint about the wrong doing u witnessed…. we all carry recorders and the incident should be taped. i personaly welcome any type of review of any calls i am involved with. i have not done anything that is illegal or unethical. i am confident that the majority of fpd officers feel the same way.
    as far as the search incident, not sure what agency u are talking about, but u certainly should make it known and look into the issue.

  67. @justice for all, plz read #591-594 under the graphic photo page. i also question why kelly roamed the streets with a serious mental condition. and his father being a police officer, (which would make him a mandated reporter), would have ever allowed his son to roam the streets knowing he had a serious mental illness that could possibliy put kelly’s life in danger……..i do not see any reports where his father or any member of his family had tried to place a 5150WIC hold on him. legally kelly was an adult so he could do what he wanted, but a police officer can write up the hold and a medical doctor HAS to review and evaluate the condition. and with that a report HAS to accompany it. was there ever any reports? and if so the report # should be provided and looked into. or was it never reported.?

    1. If I saw some “improper conduct” you’re telling me I should report it, which I would. Also that you welcome reviews because you’re clean. That’s great too but it’s not something that we should celebrate. You should have a clean record. It’s like a banker saying, “check they drawer I didn’t steal a dime”.

      The problem is that we can’t agree on what improper conduct is. All I see in this video is improper conduct. THE MAN WAS BEAT TO DEATH. That’s archaic. That doesn’t even happen in war unless it’s hand to hand combat. I can only imagine what they would have done if there were no people around. Probably laid his unconcious body on the tracks and call it a day. I’m only pointing out that people capable of such violence are a danger, not a safety for our society and certainly shouldn’t be armed and representing the law. 5 of the 6 officers are back on the streets. And it’s not just me or people on the internet who are concerned, the FBI is paying FPD a visit. It seems the very honest an clean department doens’t want to release video footage showing the wholoe thing up close recorded by the city’s cameras in the train or bus station where it happened. I’m sure if it showed him resisting or fighting at all it would be on the news and they’d be more than willing to show it.

      I mean you can see it unfolding here before our eyes. The police and authority figures that are involved are trying to justify or rationalize, or shift the blame. In your case partly blaming the father claiming that he was obligated to report his mentally challenged son. I’m not sure what the laws are about police reporting their family as mentally impared but his dad was retired anyway so try another angle to point this in someone else’s direction. I’m sorry but blaming the father for this in any way at all is cruel. The people, citizens, here on this site are horrified. Absolutely horrified, just like the people in the video watching it saying “it’s enough” before the others even arrived.

      Cops have bullet proof vests, dogs, partners, back up, tasers, pepper spray, batons, police training. This guy was hungry, homeless, weak, and scared even if he was taking from cars, I don’t know if he was or not. Cops have also been arresting people in Cali for feeding the homeless w/o a permit. So you can’t even help people anymore w/o a permit so feeding him wouldn’t have helped and he’s still be looking in cars or whatever, surviving.
      We cut back on our teachers who supposidly cost too much and aren’t worth it but we find the money for officers like this. To have any at all is inexcusable but we are slowly getting used to it. I think crimes against the people like this should come with the most severe punishment possible. The same kind of punishment the people would get if a cop were beaten like this. It’s never that way. They’ll find some “reasonable cause” for their actions but fire them most likely. Then they’ll loose the civil trial. A capped amount of money paid to the family and then we’re on to the next one.

      1. WOW! You DID see something improper and did NOT call anyone out on it ! You should feel like shit about not looking out for the rights of that poor girl!

        You’re Not just pointing anything out! You’re calling anyone who asks that we all look for the facts names!

        We all want all videos released and all TRUE witnesses to come forward. It’s our responsibility to demand justice in all cases.

        I have, and will continue to call for revamped training of all officer, new and old, instilling compassion and better understanding of diversity, not just racial diversity.

        I’ve not read a single post where anyone excuses, or defends the actions of these officer, but anyone who called for calm and rational reactions is labeled a defender of these officers and/or the FPD.

        Please, until you read more of my post instead of making a rash judgement of one post, refrain from replying back to me.

        1. it would have been nice if the officers had exercised, “calm and rational reactions,” prior to beating mr. thomas to a bloody pulp. officers’ training reinforces the use of necessary force (including deadly physical force) to control a threat if they feel their lives are even the slightest bit in jeopardy. this reliance on the use of force fails in the cases of contact with people who are mentally challenged, disabled, even blind, deaf or mute, who have little to no situational awareness resulting in terrible consequences. this cries out for better threat assessment and more intelligent tactical training on the part of the police.

    2. What does the fact the Kelly was on the streets have to do with anything? It could have been anyone in his position. If six cops approached me I would be scared. If I felt they were treating me unjustly I would fight back. Why should Kelly be held by a 5150WIC if he is not a harm to himself or others…unless of course if those 6 cops are around.

  68. Why didn’t the officer’s write up a 5150 that night and transport him for a psych evaluation? They knew Kelly was mentally ill and yet they made no consideration of that fact by the way they treated him. If they thought Kelly was “a danger to himself, a danger to others, or gravely disabled” why murder him instead of transporting him? If you try to tell me that they didn’t know…I don’t believe you. Everyone else sure knew. And, just looking at Kelly and talking to Kelly, and observing his paranoia, you would be able to see that he was mentally ill and not reasoning correctly. Mental illness is not an excuse to murder someone. No matter what his parents went through; you can’t justify the officers’ murder of Kelly based on his parents’ inability to get help for Kelly. Obviously, you don’t know much about mental illness if you don’t realize how difficult it is to get help for a loved one with a severe mental illness. Most of the time, the hospitals just let them back out the next day and don’t keep them long enough to even stabilize them. Don’t try to blame the parents for this murder. It won’t wash.

    1. You are not the first person to mention that the officers should have put a 5150 hold on Kelly. That’s all well and good, but you still have to get him detained and transported to the hospital for the 5150 hold. So either way, they would have had to detain him and transport him. And if he wasn’t willing to get handcuffed to be arrested, I’m guessing he wouldn’t be okay with getting handcuffed for a 5150 detention.

      1. Ohhhh, so you have to murder someone BEFORE you take them to the hospital in order to save them on a 5150….hey, why didn’t I think of that one. That really simplifies things and makes your job a lot easier doesn’t it?? Always looking to expedite things as quickly as you can, so you can then go and find someone else to “help.” That kind of “help” we DON’T NEED. Thanks anyway.

  69. @justice for all, i was not there the night in question so i do not know what kellys behavior was. i had no idea who kelly was and i have been at fpd for several years. and i do know quite a bit about mental illness. i am not trying to make an excuse for what happened. each officer that was there will have to take responsiblity for his actions. i am not blaming the murder on his family BUT if they knew about his issues and care for him so much, what actions did they take to help him? as i understand, they had filed a restraining order on kelly. that will probaly be addressed during the investigation. i just have an issue that the father and other family is so devestated about this and now care so much about kelly now that he gone. it would have been great ifthey cared this much while he was alive. i guess we will see what actions the family took to provide him help s the investigation goes on….as far as dcotors and 5150 holds, i feel the same way. but this is where laws need to be changed, the hold is for 72 hours however if a dr feels the person is safe to go they can write off on it which could be way less then 72 hours. it appears that medical professionals may need to change their evaluation process and be able to better treat those in need. and i am not trying to tell u what the officers did or did not know. all i can say is i have never had any contact with him, and prior to this i had no idea who he was.

    1. You don’t get all of it. And haven’t read what the parents said about the restraining order. They got the order to send him in for treatment.

      Your faith in the system is misplaced. The 9 blind mice on the Supreme Court decided years ago that no one can really be committed. A mentally ill person may not have a right to enter into a contract, but they have a right to be as crazy as a shithouse rat.

      And police officers do not have the right to beat people on the back of the head when they are lying down and restrained. Why don’t you address that one? If I had video of a police officer doing that, I would be sure to take the next steps.

    2. Kelly’s family did try to get the police to pick up Kelly. When the police came they said that Kelly was old enough to take care of himself..and they did nothing to help and would not transport Kelly on a 5150. Officers told them that Kelly needed to be a danger to others- violent; however, Kelly was never violent. People who suffer from schizophrenia do not have insight into their illness; that means that they don’t understand that they are ill. They don’t believe they are ill; therefore, they don’t believe that they need to take any meds. And, if they do gain insight into their illness, usually they are still too confused and forgetful to remember to take their meds. (sometimes they will gain insight into their illness after many years, or after several times being hospitalized. They usually can not gain any insight into their illness if they are not stabilized on meds. And, if they do take meds, often when they start to feel better, they then think they are well and no longer need the meds, so they quit taking them. Also, the side effects of the meds are terrible, so they also don’t like to take the meds for that reason. A person who suffers from schizophrenia can be very difficult to live with when they are not on meds. They can be extremely disruptive for MANY reasons. Such as: turning on the gas stove, and then forgetting to turn it off- with the real possibility of burning the house down or setting themselves on fire; turning the heat up full blast and leaving it on all day long while at the same time leaving the doors wide open and unlocked when they leave the house to go out for a walk (and everyone else in the family is at work), leaving the refrigerator door open all day and spoiling all the food, leaving all the food out on the countertops to spoil, leaving the bath water turned on and flooding the house while everyone is at work, smoking in the house and leaving lit cigarettes on top of their dresser which then roll onto the carpet…I could go on and on and on. People who suffer from schizophrenia also have negative symptoms, which include: a lack of motivation and loss of concern and awareness for their hygiene, bathing, shaving, hair cuts, changing clothing or socks, etc. is not of any concern to them. It is very difficult, and almost impossible to get them to take care of themselves. You can buy them a million clean clothes and it will just sit in their rooms in a pile and they won’t touch it. If they are paranoid you can’t get near them to cut their hair for them, or shave them, or even take them to a barber. Usually, when you call the police to try to get them to do a 5150; the officers just look at the parents like the parents did something wrong and then accuse the parents of upsetting the ill person, and they don’t want to transport. Or, even worse, when you call for help, the officers come with their guns/rifles drawn and pointed at the house and windows, etc. and then you’re afraid your loved is going to be killed by the officers that you called to HELP you! Instead of helping to tansport to the hospital, the officers want to shoot someone that you just told them was SICK and needed help getting to the hospital! And there are plenty of stories where officers have shot to death mentally ill people- that they were called to HELP..because the officers “thought” incorrectly that the mentally ill person had a weapon (even when told ahead of time that the person was not armed),..and the “weapon” later turned out to be a nozzle from a garden hose, or a stick, or whatever, meanwhile the ill person who needed to go to the hospital has just been shot to death. And, not to mention, some families just plain don’t know what to do. I even had a psychiatrist tell me to just throw my son out of the house and let him become homeless- so that the cops would pick him up and then he would “get into the system” that way!! So, DO NOT judge Kelly’s family, unless you have been through NAMI’s “Family to Family” classes on severe mental illness, or unless you truly understand what you are talking about from first hand personal experience with a severely mentally ill family member. I can assure you that Kelly’s family loved him with all their hearts-and the system failed them.

      1. Thank you, Justice for All, for your insightful, personal account of the challenges faced when living day-to-day and year-to-year with a family member who is mentally ill. My sister is a paranoid schizophrenic. Our family supported her and dealt with her disease for 25 years during which time she was in and out of psychiatric wards, on and off drug regimens, employed and unemployed, and moving in and out of apartments. Finally, she refused to take her meds, walked out of town one day, and was homeless for 8 years. During that time we’d get occasional post cards from random cities all over the United States–from the East Coast, to the South, to the West–often with the assistance of Catholic homeless shelters. Sometimes there were phone calls, requests for money, which I was able to send Western Union. Because she was not a threat to herself or to others, we could not have her committed and the authorities would not intervene on her behalf.

        The system failed us just as it’s failed your family and the Thomas family. And you’re absolutely right, no one should pass judgment about Kelly’s family, and the homeless or the mentally ill, unless they’ve had some first hand experience or have done some research.

        1. You are so very welcome. So many people are completely uneducated about mental illness, what it is, what it is like for the person who has it, and it’s devastating effects on families. That’s why officers and others have so little empathy. Unless everyone becomes more educated about mental health issues, nothing will ever change. And, unfortunately, people, myself included, don’t know much about it-until it strikes pretty close to home to one of their family or friends, or until something like Kelly’s murder brings it to the forefront of people’s attention.

        2. So where are Fullerton’s compassionate liberals on this. I was at the vigil last night and saw NONE of them. That’s right. No Flory, no McClanahan, no Rusty Kennedy, no Sharon Kennedy, no Quirk, no Keller, nobody from the Collaborative, the Human Rights Commission, or any of the lefty usual suspects. All MIA.

      2. WIC 5150 has three elements. You have to be able to articulate one of the three elements in order to justify the 5150 hold:
        1- Danger To Self
        2- Danger to Others
        3- Gravely Disabled (and unable to care for self, basic necessities)
        He was obviously not a danger to himself or others…to the contrary…he was observed breaking into cars…which is why the police got called. So based on the information you have provided, Kelly did not fit the bill for WIC 5150. And remember…someone called the officers initially. They didn’t just randomly select Kelly to pick on that night. In my experience, you have to do things to draw attention to yourself and subsequently draw the attention of law enforcement. There are millions of people in California alone…I can’t pick on everyone…they have to do something to draw my attention.

        1. Obviously, the officers are must be saying that Kelly fell into the category of #2 (how else can they even begin to try to justify in their own minds murdering Kelly). And, if they had any knowledge about mental illness, and they had talked to Kelly and properly assessed the situation, they would have seen and realized that Kelly most definitely fell into the category of #3. How does allegedly tryng to get into a car negate # 2 and #3? It doesnt. IF Kelly was trying to get into a car- it would go more to proving that he needed a place to sleep, and couldn’t care for himself or feed himself, or take care of himself, or provide shelter for himself. In other words- gravely disabled. The fact that he was accused of trying to get into a car does not prove that Kelly was not mentally ill. It does go to the issue that he was not reasoning correctly, was confused, and could not properly understand the consequences of his actions, all symptoms of schizophrenia. The problem with our “peace officers” is that they are so afraid of the homeless and the mentally ill that they shoot, or beat them to death, and then ask questions later. When it’s too late.

      3. The officer is going to go home at the end of their shift. If you call to say the “mentally ill” person is doing something that is going to jeopardize the officers’ safety, then they are going to approach the situation in a manner which allows them to go home to their loved ones at the end of the day. Once the situation is stabilized and safe, then it will be handled just like any other call for service. When someone has a weapon, how would you hope they approach the situation, with flowers and candy? Hoping to convince the mentally ill person to give up their paranoia and go with the program??? It usually doesn’t work that way.

        1. you have got to be kidding! this man was a 130lb weakling with mental issues he was beat down with the butt of the Tazer gun Tazed 5 times crying for his dad i truly hope you are not in law enforcement a mole at the Fullerton police dept who seen the video that the dispatcher was recording absolutely proves he was beat down like an animal surrounded by Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton of the Fullerton police dept and 5pit-bulls putting there knee to his throat and head it was all recorded hopefully it will be released soon.And how does the chief of police continue to let these cops pound a beat he needs to go also!hey i would prefer to abolish all of Fullerton’s police dept.and bring in the sheriffs a respected law enforcement.

        2. “which allows them to go home to their loved ones at the end of the day.”

          In other words, the safety of the cop is paramount. Not exactly the priority you’d expect of a gang of heroes, is it? In fact, law (un)enforcement has probably never been safer – even as we lavish ever greater pay and benefits on GEDs and high school graduates.

          The formula is simple: “resisting” mean breathing; anything can and will be considered a threat to our safety; your life means virtually nothing to us.

        3. The problem is that officers consider sticks as “weapons” and then the officers will get in a circle and shoot a hundred bullets into a homeless person because he has a stick in his hand, or a bulge in his pocket that later turns out to be a candy bar. Officers are so scared of their own shadows that the only ones they protect are themselves. And, they are so scared of an ill/homeless person that officers will pulverize the ill person as if they are afraid the mentally ill or homeless person might not really be dead yet; maybe officers are afraid the ill person might move a little pinky finger and kill them with their pinky finger that is still moving, or eventually rat them out. Maybe officers are just trying to destroy any witnessess who might testify against them. Far to often, officers do way more harm than good when it comes to the homeless and mentally ill men and women. Sad, but true.

      4. Do you know Kelly’s family personally? You make bold statements on their behalf. Are you authorized by them to articulate their feelings and actions in regards to their son?

        If you can’t answer yes to the first question, don’t worry about the others.

        However, I commend you on you knowledge and obvious training in regards to the mentally ill. I would hope that you may be called upon to retrain police officer. And yes! There will be retraining nationwide after this investigation is over.

  70. mentally ill people can KILL people….

    To quote from Dr. E. Fuller Torrey – a well known researcher, psychiatrist and author in this field, – From his recently published book “Out of the Shadows – Confronting America’s Mental Illness Crisis” – page 49:

    “There appear to be three primary predictors of violence and three other less well-defined predictors. The most important one is a history of past violence; this is the most significant predictor of violence no matter whether a person is mentally ill or not. In trying to predict future violent behavior, the person’s history is the single most critical piece of information.

    The second important predictor is drug and alcohol abuse, and this is also valid whether the person is mentally ill or not. In 1994, Jeanette Smith and Stephen Hucker reviewed studies of substance abuse in persons with schizophrenia and noted “a growing body of research suggesting a significant link between schizophrenia, substance abuse, and violence”

    The third important predictor is the failure to take medication… Those who do not take prescribed medication appear to be much more likely to commit violent acts.”

    …Another factor that may have predictive value is the specific type of delusions, a common symptom in people with severe mental illnesses. Professionals have long assumed, based on comon sense, that paranoid delusions are likely to predispose to violence. An example of this is the man who, while walking down a crowded street, suddenly turned and struck a woman behind him because he believed she had a laser beam aimed at his testicles and was making him sterile.

    Emerging studies, however, suggest that the association between paranoid delusions and violence may be less straightforward. Pamela Taylor, Burce Link, et al have reported studies that: Strong predictors of violence in the mentally ill are the feeling that others are out to harm them and a feeling that their mind is dominated by forces beyond their control or that thoughts are being put into their head”

    The final factor that may predict violence is the specific type of hallucinations. Command hallucinations, in which voices tell the schizohprenic person what to do, may be compelling predictors of violence”

    1. Ohhhh, now I get it. The FPD officers murdered Kelly because they read a book that said that mentally ill people can kill people. Especially malnourished, unarmed, mentally ill people who are outnumbered by six to one and who are lying face down on the ground completely restrained, and who have been already tazed several times, and who have three officers on top of him. Yup, you really need to watch out for those guys. They’re really scary. Ohhh, now I completely understand the officers’ fear!! Give me a break.

      1. If officers are so scared, and the only thing they know how to do is to beat someone up, then maybe those guys are the wrong ones for the job. Real heroes don’t need to be tough all the time; smart people can actually use their brains and not just their brawn. Sheesh, I haven’t tazed or beaten my son to death once-go figure.

    2. Next time, maybe the officers should call me when they are afraid of talking to a homeless, paranoid, mentally ill person. Look for me. I’ll be the 55 year old, walking slowly, approaching slowly, talking calmly and respectfully, asking permission before searching his body- to let him know what I’m going to do so that he can perhaps understand and not be afraid and hopefully- not feel quite as threatened or violated, and carefully asking questions if he can understand questions (or respond coherently), all in order to gain his trust. You have to know how to treat the mentally ill so that you do not escalate the situation. And, if warranted, take the person to the hospital for eval. They are afraid and not rational. If officers don’t know that, then they need a lot more training.

    3. he the cops felt their lives were at risk.
      Oh maybe because they enjoyed the BLOOD SPORT OF BEATING SOME ONE TO DEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
      get the fuck out!!!!!!!!

    4. @sickoftheliberalmindset – Thank you for pointing out that the FPD has done their community a great service by coming up with a cure for schizophrenia.

      Similar to the Nazi Germany solution, take them out of the gene pool.

    5. what a moron! the man was complying he was beat down like an animal by Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton Fpd and his 5 thugs while complying keep reading your books while out of control rough cops beat down American citizens these 6 pit-bulls savagely murdered this complying Fullerton citizen.they are a disgrace to the uniform they wear.I hope all 6 see a prison cell maybe they will experience the other end of a baton in prison!

  71. I agree there should be compassion for the mentally ill, however, they can be dangerous. Until they are controlled with handcuffs, they will be treated with caution, and violence will be met with greater violence…because ultimately, I’m going home to my family.

    1. Going home to your family (third wife & a bunch of step kids) where you can sadistically beat the hell out of them…because ultimately you’re going to work tomorrow.

      1. Hey Goodwrench…how about you go fuck yourself! I know plenty of cops and firefighters who are still on their first wife and their two kids and they go to church every Sunday and live perfectly normal lives. Why don’t you grow the hell up and stick to the topic at hand. Douche

        1. obsessively this is a very compelling issue and yes the good cops are taking it in the shorts right now but maybe it is a wake up call for all police who want to protect and serve this community or any other if they do not stand up to bad cops it can be a detriment to them selves also this pit-bull officer Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton Fpd.has many other incidents notches on his belt.the chief of police should have seen this coming he is the man in charge and also the creep who with his district attorney friend tried to sweep it under the rug. It is really sad here in Fullerton every time a police car goes by peeps just look the other way i would not want to be a policemen in Fullerton right now very sad state of affairs.

      2. Goodwrench, you should take on a new log-in. That comment took any hope of credibility from any other comment you might make.

        And @ Fred Alcazar, How ’bout we bring up family issues that all “Fred’s” have.

  72. Let me all remind you …again…you don’t know what happened. You weren’t there. I agree that I wasn’t there as well, however, based on what I know about this job, I’m going to give the police officers the benefit of the doubt. If the investigation shows they were guilty of beating the man to death, then good riddance.

    Until then, all of you need to stop judging based on media accounts.

    1. Well, we all expect you to give them the benefit of the doubt. We don’t expect any less from you. However, my opinions are informed by plenty of media accounts, talking to the family, talking to a witness, video footage, and by plenty of my own personal experience with mental illness. I think this gives me more than enough information to figure out that a tazed and beaten, helpless, mentally ill man- who was face down on the ground and not moving, was bludgeoned to death. The officers may well mangage to wiggle out of it one way, or another..as usual, but it won’t change the facts in plain view.

    2. Media accounts pal you have your head in the sand live video as it happened no need to remind us of anything the video speaks for it’s self also there was a mole in the fpd who reported what was on the city camera that was at the bus station he zoomed in on it.These cops were beating this 130lb man to his death one cop in particular who has other incidents under his belt the Black Beast Terminator Kenton Hampton Fpd and his 5 pit bull goons are murderers.watch the video on you tube so you don’t have to remind us of what happened.o yea you think you might know about the job than you must know that there are rough cops that think they are above the law sorry i will give citizen Kenton Hampton the benefit of the doubt being he is now dead at the hands of these evil vile cops

      1. please say something to the fbi- come back to this site if anyone gives you problems and make yourself known to the media-no one in their right mind will hurt you. please for Kelly and his heartbroken family-stand up to those nazi’s and say something you poor thing for having to witness this brutality-should have never happened

    3. Thanks to the Internet and YouTube , yeah we all saw what happened. I hope the citizens who were clearly traumatized by what they saw sue the shit out of both the FPD and the 6 cops personally for the emotional distress this atrocity caused. We all saw it, continue to get access to additional video and I believe the witnesses.

      As an ER RN I have seen such results from people abused by authorities.

  73. Ofc 178, thank you for the feed back. I really don’t have a problem with the Fullerton PD pulling me over in I think it was March 2009. I was lost and somehow wound up in a bad nieghborhood. My gripe, and its legitimate, is it was intimidation from the first second, and because of the intimidation, a simple stop almost escalated in to somehing more, and then it would have been my word v. their. If I gave them a bad time the rules change, but I didn’t. The girl in front of the store, that was Stater Bros on Bastanchury, don’t remember the date. Now this was a girl, not a women. She was black, but I don’t think it had any thing to do with it. “If” there was an ordinance All he had to do is say she can’t sell there, but what he was doing is power tripping.

  74. For someone “sickoftheliberalmindset” you are remarkably rigid in you thinking. For one thing, the traditional media keeps calling this a “scuffle” or “fight” while witnesses are quoted as saying the FPD hit Mr Thomas on the back of the head and one drove his knees into Mr Thomas’ face and throat.

    I don’t care about the police officer’s job. That is completely not relevant to this discussion. Based on the information at hand, there is no justification for beating the man to death. Why don;t you address that? I don’t need an investigation to know this is the worst beating I have ever seen (and I have seen more than a few.)

    As far as us judging, each person must do that daily. Only a totalitarian would tell someone else to turn off their judgement.

  75. Justice for ALL :
    Ohhhh, now I get it. The FPD officers murdered Kelly because they read a book that said that mentally ill people can kill people. Especially malnourished, unarmed, mentally ill people who are outnumbered by six to one and who are lying face down on the ground completely restrained, and who have been already tazed several times, and who have three officers on top of him. Yup, you really need to watch out for those guys. They’re really scary. Ohhh, now I completely understand the officers’ fear!! Give me a break.

    There was someone else in history who shared the same views.
    Adolf Hitler.
    We just last year had a drunk officer responding to a call, hit and kill a man on his motorcycle. At the crime scene, all of the “brother officers” made every attempt to cover this drunk driving issue up. They removed evidence, such as bag with the vodka in it, waiting over eight hours to take a blood sample, then having it collected by somebody not “certified” to collect blood, so that it would not be admitted as evidence. All one big cover up to protect and serve…their own. When I was a child, back in the 1950’s, the police were well respected. They earned respect, and were really there to help. Now though, people become police officers for all the wrong reasons. the power. The badge. The gun. The right to beat someone’s ass, and if need be, to even commit murder. Had this been a black man, there would have been riots in the streets. But it was a homeless, mentally ill white man. So nothing will become of it. The Justice Department won’t become involved. The city will state that the officers were acting within their scope of duty. The officers involved with laugh and joke about the entire issue. And life will go on for everybody, except for the victim.
    And as to “sickoftheliberalmindset”, you must be either a cop or some sort of public official.
    Let this happen to you, or someone you love, and then we will see how you defend. I hope it doesn’t have to ever happen again, but we all know it will.

    1. It almost seems that the safer their jobs became and the more their pay and pensions, the more ineffective and lazy the cops have become.

      We keep hearing “try their job for a day.” I really think I could do it. Better.

        1. Let’s see: FPD employs DUIs, a pill-popping credit card thief, computer thief, a kidnapper, and obviously, thugs of all varieties.

          Yes, I’m pretty sure I could get over that real tough FPD entry background check.

      1. I for one accept the mantra of “you try to do the job for a day” constantly being shouted out by the police sycophants as an admission they are incapable of doing it themselves.

        I would be happy to volunteer if we have reached the point they are admitting they can no longer do the job.

  76. Fullerton residents need to keep contacting the city council. it seems like Silva on the city council might listen. I don’t want Fullerton to turn into the city of Bell where all of the corruption is going on and the residents don’t know anything about it.

  77. To: Go FFFF and others who posted above, Councilman Bruce Whitaker was the only council person who attended the memorial for Kelly, has been out with the protesters each Saturday, has come out with a letter (see post below) to bring out the video and facts on this case and spoken, many times, to the parents of Kelly. The three other councilmen, McKinley, ex Fullerton PD Chief, Bankhead, ex Fullerton police Captain, and Mayor Jones seem to have no empathy for the family. Make out your letters and phone calls to these three. Let them know their silence has been deafening.

  78. There is a Mexican restaurant in Garden Grove that opens their doors once a week to feed the homeless. The city of Garden Grove has tried many times to stop the owner from doing this.

    So the strategy is if you can’t starve them to death, beat them to death? Since when is homelessness a capital punishment crime?

  79. okay, first off the dispatcher does NOT have any controller over the cities cameras. people need to mind there own business! how many people actually knew this guy? let it go! his parents didnt even like him! they had a restraining order against him!

    1. Ohhhh, so it’s ok to murder someone if you don’t know him??? I’m so glad you cleared that up for me. And, his parents didn’t like him??? Your ignorance is showing again. If you actually read some of the posts you would have figured out already that the restraining order was part of the attempt to get help for Kelly. FYI, If the parents allow him to go home and he can say that he has a place to live at his parents’ home, then they will not keep him in a hospital against his will. You really need to get educated before you try posting here.

    2. And, by the way, the dispatcher zoomed in on the camera to watch more closely. Shheesh, it’s hard babysitting you all the time. Get a clue.

      1. oops, I wrote post #237and #238. Sorry for the confusion. My “name” got deleted and I didn’t realize it in time.

    3. sorry the camera is there and the dispatcher zoomed in on the beating and it has been confirmed by the fullerton police dept that they have it and will not release it till the feds say they can.get your info correct.

    4. oh right, you’d love that, you and your BFF’s over there who are covering for each other-just cause i didnt know him personally doesnt mean I need to “mind my own business” when this horrible murder has to do with public officials that get paid by taxmoney-it is my bid-ness and everyone else’s. we aint going away-hear? And what a heartless douche you are- you have no idea what the family situation was-there was a good reason for the restraining order and obviously there was some connection if the poor guy was yelling out for his daddy -jackhole. One day you’ll have to stand before God for what you are holding back now-so tell Him all about how it was none of our business.

  80. They should bring in the UN. To police the streets those guys wont do anything any Tony can do all the Coke he wants.

  81. Tony and Travis the posting the home address of a Police Officer on your site is a crime. You have not removed the home address of Officer Hampton from this site and you have given this officer the name Terminator. By doing so, it appears you are hoping some harm comes to this officer. You have no evidence that this officer caused any injury or harm to Mr. Thomas. Do you wish this officer harm because his skin color is not the same as yours? Your actions have been careless and irresponsible.

    1. hey mark key’
      are you going after google? or ? you tube?
      who cares if hes black does that make it okay?

      he was clearly being pig in his you tube video!!!

    2. Wishful thinking Mark. Almost looks like some FPD union goon is trying to hide his identity, post stuff like that and them cry victim status along with accusations of breaking the law. I cant find the addresses you refer to so I assume they are taken down as the webmaster finds them which is the responsible thing to do.

      Meanwhile you are more interested in the addresses of the officers than the death of an unarmed, 135 lb., malnourished citizen. Why would anyone think you are a troll for Goodwrench and stooges? Hmmmmm.

  82. Mark,

    Clearly you DO NOT undersand, that unless FFFF and other concerned citizens speak out, nothing will happen.

    Perhaps you are aligned with the FPOA in some way? A group who is closing ranks and working overtime to protect the six officers involved, including the “TERMINATOR”. As citizens, we must raise up against corruption and injustice.

    Are saying that Officer Hampton was not there? Please be clear.

  83. Gawd, shhhhhut your piehole Mark Kay-the flies are getting in cause they love a good turd to land on. Yeah, its because hes black, thats it. race card from a doofus who has no other ploy. This has nothing to do with how rotten and abusive this terminator animal is, see rateacop.com
    Not everyone is going to keep covering for this menace to society
    this is still America, right? or did I just pass out and wake up somewhere where they dont have a 1st ammendment? release and make public the 6 animals responsible for the beating of Kelly Thomas- I hope Terminator is shaking in his shoes

    1. Nice good going i guess they only want to serve and protect there own what a bunch of Swines

      i really feel sorry for any of the good cops in fullerton if there are any there.they should have seen this pathetic excuse for a cop coming and said something to there superiors.What a black mark to the city of Fullerton! we are now world renown for cops with pit-bull mentality’s

  84. Anonymous :
    Ohhhh, so it’s ok to murder someone if you don’t know him??? I’m so glad you cleared that up for me. And, his parents didn’t like him??? Your ignorance is showing again. If you actually read some of the posts you would have figured out already that the restraining order was part of the attempt to get help for Kelly. FYI, If the parents allow him to go home and he can say that he has a place to live at his parents’ home, then they will not keep him in a hospital against his will. You really need to get educated before you try posting here.

    I wrote this, not anonymous; I didn’t realize my “name” had cleared out

  85. Anonymous :
    And, by the way, the dispatcher zoomed in on the camera to watch more closely. Shheesh, it’s hard babysitting you all the time. Get a clue.

    I also wrote this post. Sorry for the confusion.

  86. anonymous :
    okay, first off the dispatcher does NOT have any controller over the cities cameras. people need to mind there own business! how many people actually knew this guy? let it go! his parents didnt even like him! they had a restraining order against him!

    I did not write this post. Sorry for the confusion. I came back to my desk and did not realize that my “name” had been cleared and so I unknowingly posted a few posts as “anonymous” and I don’t want to be confused with the OTHER “anonymous” who is also posting.

  87. Goodwrench is a TOOL he is an order taker caught up in the biggest shit storm of his life. The gang of 6 is AWOL, the chief, the counsel, the mayor all AWOL what the [email protected] is going on here? Are we paying these bastards? Time to clean house and get rid of all these cowards, weak pathetic leaders, time for a recall. I could just puke over this, to hear, Kelly begging for his life on that tape. OMG what a horrible sound. It is more than obvious that our city leaders don’t give a shit about us, Kelly, this city and what happened on that dark night of 7/5/11. These bastards are all about protecting the status quo. Fullerton can do better and will do better. These cops are real quick to hold a press conference when they bust someone else breaking the law, but silence when the gang of 6 beat this young man to death. All cops lie and circle the wagons when the shit storm hits. So when they beat the living shit out of Kelly, that not even the best doctors in OC could keep keep alive past 5 days, that is a beat down that is MURDER. Kelly was the weakest in society and those whose job it is to protect him, killed him. So it does not surprise me of the lies and silence from these criminals. Let’s keep it real if anyone else other than a cop did this to another citizen we would be in jail, no bail, facing murder charges. I have been in Fullerton since 1967 did K-12 here and have over 100+ friends and neighbors here. I love Fullerton and this in NOT Fullerton. Time to clean this Shit up….

  88. JJL :
    That’s not correct. If there are problems at FPD, they have been brewing for years. Chief Sellers has only worked there for two, maybe three years. That is not long enough to turn a bunch of god cops into criminals. If this was a long time brewing, it was going on long before Sellers got there. He worked at Laguna Beach PD for years without issues there…what about that?

    Two years is PLENTY long enough to know the men that work under you and to reprimand and train and root out the bad ones. Let’s see…how long should we let this go on before we hold the boss accountable? 3 years, 4 years, 5, 6? You tell me. Sorry, your excuse is not acceptable to any reasonable person. The man at the top IS responsible. And, he is the one who has been trying to cover this up and allowing false information to be released. Who else is ultimately responsible? Oh yeah, I forgot, Kelly probably should have trained the officers better not to murder helpless, mentally ill people who are already completely incapacitated and who have 6 officers gathered around beating them. It’s all Kelly’s fault. Yup, just go back to blaming Kelly. It will make you feel better.

    1. This goes out to every cop all the way up to the chief at FPD. Also the city council, the mayor, and the D A’s. office. “THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING” – Edmund Burke. Anyone at the FPD that knows or has heard anything about any possible misconduct by the officers involved the beating of Kelly Thomas, now is the time to step up and speak to the FBI. I keep reading that not all cops at FPD are bad. Prove it by coming forward during the investigation. I find it hard to believe that if you are one these supposedly good cops, you don’t know or have heard of any misconduct by any of the cops involved. Their is no middle ground, either your a good cop, or a bad one. Ball is in your court.

  89. Long Beach PD murdered Douglas Zerby with 2 shotgun blasts for the “crime” of sitting on steps and playing with a water spray nozzle. Cops hid in the bushes and surreptitiously observed Douglas for ~20 minutes before deciding to kill him.

    LBPD to date, has failed to prosecute or even discipline the officers that murdered Douglas Zerby and similarly, Fullerton PD has thus far chosen to protect rogue, sadistic, sociopaths…men with badges that viciously beat, tasered, tortured 135 lb Kelly Thomas for ~15 minutes.

    I’m haunted by the screams of “DAD…DAD…DAD…” and hope all of you are as well HAUNTED!

    Death penalty for the 6 murderers and life in prison without parole for every police brass covering up this crime. The mayor and district attorneys must also be prosecuted for their trying to “white wash” this most egregious crime.

    The FBI is corrupt. Just one example…the FBI’s participation in “Operation Gunrunner.” Holder is corrupt as no politician on the top ten list of dirty by Judicial Watch have been prosecuted.

    I’m confident that it will be WE THE PEOPLE who will ultimately loss faith in our corrupt system (a system that has continually insulated cops from being held accountable for their crimes)…and hand out “street justice.”

    We need names of the officers asap.

  90. Just as I thought, Hampton was there-though he didnt do the actual beating, he was attempting to handcuff Kelly while he was on the ground but stood back because blood was spurting out of his head because one of the animals was still whacking him in the head.

    how does this let Hampton off the hook? stood there and looked on didnt try to stop the animal from continously beating him and didnt say anything about it to anyone-all bad apples

    1. #303 merijoe as you can determine these cops have been desensitized they have been doing this for some time it is routine behavior for these bottom feeders they are a Cancer on society.If the people don’t get justice than they surly will when they meet there maker justice will be handed out.justice will prevail one way or the other!

  91. What the hell!!!!!!!!!!! how can cops keep tazzing someone like that after you have been tazed your muscles contract and you cant move! 5 or 6 times brain dameg if anyone ells did this they wood be in jail heading for prison but cops no they get put on leave with pay!!!!!! that’s vacation time to the rest of us.nice way to spend are tax dollars! so if your a cop you can do anything you want and get a way with it. so now how do i get my kids to trust a cop after seeing something like this?

    1. @# 306 American citizen> the low life bottom feeders are protected by there corrupt NAZI union brothers.

    2. @ # 306 almost forgot it is costing the city of fullerton approximately over $74,000 per month for the cost of there salary and to pay for there replacements The citizens are getting bent over in more ways than one while these pathitac. excuse for police are on paid suspension.

  92. Here is another low life Fullerton COP scum cop this is repulsive>from rate your cop.com
    Officer – GLEN GESCH-
    Motorbike cop that has a taste for targeting college students and military. When a new semester starts, he can be found around the ASU campus waiting to bust kids for the most trival offense, right when they are supposed to be in class receiving their syllubus and planning for the future. On top of it all, you can SMELL his BO from a distance.

  93. I’ m 65 and old enough to remember how it used to be.Cops used to be respected members of the community often sacrificing higher paying opportunities for a job as a cop because of an interest in serving the community. People respected them and looked up to them. As kids we immitated him, playing cops and robbers with our cap guns ( the cops were the good guys back then). Today no parent in there right mind would let their kid outside with a toy gun. The first Pig to see him would waste him and likely charge his parents with some trumped up gun charge. Back then there weren’t as many charitable organizations as today because it was easier for people to survive, and people in need of food or clothes for the kids would go to the fire or police dept because thats where the people were who cared. Maybe they’d pass the hat or find them help in the community. Can you imagine what would happen to someone going to a police station today asking for assistance We know what would happen in Fullerton, most places probably just be arrested or harassed, but still. The police back then served the citizens instead of preying on them. As kids we used to shoot our BB guns around the neighboorhood and by the time I was 11 or 12, me and my buddies would carry our 22 rilles down to West 5th avenue in Columbus, Ohio, buy ammunition and walk a couple miles to the river and shoot our rifles. How long would a kid survive in Los Angeles carrying a BB gun, let alone and firearm. I wasn’t the best behaved kid in town by the way. The local police knew me and on more than one occasion brought me home for dad to take care of the discipline. If it sounds like I’m any kind of a fan of the Pigs, I’m just telling how times have changed. Today they serve no purpose, other than to bring fear and terror to the community. Because the current trend of indiscriminate prosecution and prosecuting the victum, you can’t report a crime. They wouldn’t do anything anyway because thats not longer their purpose. To have them on the public payroll is exactly like having the jews in Nazi Germany paying the Gestapo….. Just the thoughts of the old man thinking of the good old days

  94. JJL :
    You’re the clown! They’re plenty of good officers still at Fullerton PD, and from what I’ve heard, the Chief was not one of the officers involved in the initial incident. And everything I’ve heard about Sellers leads me to believe he’s a pretty stand-up guy. I’m guessing when it is proven that one or all of the officers involved are guilty of something, he will be the first one to call for their termination.



  96. Melser :
    I completely agree with this logic. I think Joseph M is one of the Murderous Fullerton Six.

    And you’ll be the one starting this witchhunt I see.

  97. Whatev-hope Jay one eye will have an appetite ready for tossed salad

    and BTW, yep, Chief of Poelice must be a stand up guy based on all youve heard except for a few small issues, he is covering for the FPD , and he continued to let the murdering animals back on the street until public pressure forced him to do his job-Im just saying

  98. As a veteran with a diagnosed mental illness (Bi-polar with PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder) and formerly homeless as well, I can very well understand the mental attitude of Mr. Kelly Thomas. Just being homeless seems to give the police the right to harass and search you at will. I am now working with the Homeless Coalition and the Mental Health Coalition to keep things like this from happening here in Tallahassee, Fl. One of my close contacts is a Public Defender that works in the Mental Health court here in town. I carry a card that he gave me that states the following, “My Rights” “My lawyer has told me not to talk to anyone about my case, not to answer questions, and not to reply to accusations. Call my lawyer if you want to ask me any questions, search me or my property, do any tests, do any line ups or any other I.D.procedures. I do not agree to any of these things without my lawyer present and I am not waiving any of my constitutional rights. ”
    This card has caused considerable befuddlement to the local police as I will not disclose anything including my name unless my lawyer is present. I believe everyone should carry this and give it to the police any time that they are to be questioned about anything. Protect your civil rights or they will be trampled on or taken away.

  99. mike #9 ur a fucking idiot watch the videos dude he was on the ground already screaming for help from god and his father , they cont. to beat him while he is on the ground face down, after they beat his face in to the curb..cops just have a fucking power trip and thinkthey are god because they are supposed to inforce the the law, fuck most cops in this world…to be honest they all need to go threw mental test and anger managment to see where there mind realy is at , they should be trained to controll they’re anger. also there should be a little voice in ur head when you see and feel blood going up ur armfrom the person ur beating to stopppppppppp.

  100. The worst part of this is the response from the Fullerton PD. One comment stated there are good cops in the Fulerton PD. I diagree the problem with the Fullerton PD as well as a lot of other departments is the fact the “good” cops live by the code of protecting the bad cops. This incident is not isolate. The fact that the cops cover and protect murders makes the accesories as well.

    1. @# 318 legal fees paid for by the ciyt of fullerton if convicted they should be required to reimburse the city

  101. Tased six times? What, did ramp down the setting so they could mess with Kelly? They were pissed off so they decide to torture him? If that taser was on high, he would have been incapacitated.

    1. This is what citizens have to revert to to record the enemy of civilization!

      We need to Police the little piglets that have made themselves higher than God himself they feel they can justify murdering another human being.
      be sure to check out the video of yet another low life arrogant cop trying to stop a citizen on private property.


    2. @ # 323 > the tazers that FPD are of the newer design as told by an inside informant every time the taazer is used it sends a signal back the home base and is recorded so they know exactly how many times the tazer was used.But the attorney for the 6 low life maggots claims the tazer was never used what arrogant scum.

  102. Does anyone know if these PIGS are going to prison for killing a human being? Bastards, I believe in karma.

  103. um….isn’t murder……illegal?

    where are the arrests? shouldn’t the people who did this, or where there, be a in a locked room, under interrogation my MURDER invesigators.

    citizens ARRESTS are needed!

  104. I am terribly sorry for your loss. It is my sincerest wish that justice is served in this matter. Please keep strong your faith and conviction that what you are doing, and what still needs doing, is in the best interests of the people.

  105. The names of the cops who viciously MURDERED Kelley Thomas have been circulated all over the internet. In fact, I think the first time I saw the names was on this website.

    Jay Cicinelli
    Kenton Hampton
    Manny Ramos
    Joe Wolfe
    James Blatney

    Jay Cicinelli was the main culprit. According to the informant from the FPD, he is the one who beat Kelley with the back of the taser. He’s probably the one that hit him with the last blows that finally killed him.

    People have also been posting their addresses. I just heard on the news that those officers have personally been receiving death threats and some of them have even moved into hotel rooms. GOOD! They should be afraid. They should be absolutely terrified of the public. And Jay Cicinelli should know that a bull’s eye is on his back now. I am not advocating vigilante justice. I don’t want anything to happen to their families. But frankly it wouldn’t bother me at all if someone did take those cops out. There is something seriously wrong with them. They’re psychotic and they’re a danger to the public. The entire Fullerton Police Department has gone rogue and they’re a danger to the public. And now the public is absolutely furious with them, and it has reached a boiling point.

    People are afraid of the police because now we don’t know how many other psychotic cops are out there and how many others would beat someone to death without warning. Well guess what…something is about to explode. Those 6 cops had better be afraid and look over their shoulder now.

    Even the spokesman from the FPD is saying that officers are being yelled at and challenged every time they go out on calls. Well, that should tell them something.

    I think this is the first time cops’ names, who were involved in a case of brutality, have been posted in public. That should prove how angry the public is.

  106. I have not been able to sleep since I have heard about this unfortunate victim,Kelly Thomas.This whole situation IS SICKENING.The person who wrote JUSTICE FOR ALL,is very accurate about people with an illness-on who they react to situations.This HUMAN BEING-Kelly Thomas,,,DID NOT deserve to be overthrown by worthless,to say the least,PIGS.I known Kelly is in Heaven.And these PIGS….WILL PAY…in HELL

  107. Our country is becoming a “POLICE STATE”, as is evident with all of the now empty FEMA camps placed throughout the country. We have two such camps just here in Indiana, and scores of others throughout the country. The police will work along side with the military and National Guard when the order is given to start filling these camps up. Be very careful America, for we are far from safe. You are only as free as the government allows for you to believe you are.

  108. What I find particularly disturbing about the way this case/investigation is being handled is that we’re being told that investigators are waiting for the results of the autopsy and toxicology studies on the corpse. However, in this case, since Kelly Thomas was alive and under intensive medical care for five days, the results of the autopsy and tox tests are likely meaningless. It’s known with certainty that Kelly Thomas died because he was taken off life support due to a likely irreversible coma. What is usually of interest from an autopsy is the state of the person during the interaction with the police. In this case, the autopsy will tell the state of the person after five days of intensive medical care. The usual playbook in a case like this is for tox test to show some sort of drug or other abnormality and for the police to get an expert witness to say that that’s what contributed to his death. The doctors who treated Kelly for five days know with certainty what the impact of the beating on Kelly’s physical state. No autopsy data can override that. I suspect this is why Ron Thomas is so confident that there is a capital murder case here. He’s holding this data like a trump card.

  109. Are the citizen’s paying themselves….for the lawyer of these killer cops,WHO ARE:

    Jay Cicinelli
    Kenton Hampton
    Manny Ramos
    Joe Wolfe
    James Blatney

  110. The fullerton cops dam near killed me in front of all my naibors in broad daylight back in 1978. I think the only reason they did’t was my son was crying histericly.MY Lawer made a formal complaint only to find out the cop already had 17 complaints for brutality and was being transfered around because of complaints. I will say his partner on that day got control of the low life who wanted to kill me.I think all cops need to tone it down we are not the enemy.I pray for the for the family of this poor victim and hope those responsibale get life in general poulation than maybe there will be real justice.

  111. My nephew died almost exactly the same way last April. We have witnesses who saw him being thrown down stairs, tased, and beat with clubs. Amazingly the Coroners Office calls his death an accident despite the 22 blunt force injuries on his body. Something needs to be done so that this doesn’t happen to any of us let alone the very vulnerable. If anyone knows an Attorney that would like to look at this case please let me know.

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