15 Replies to “How To Erect A Fake McSpanish Dinosaur”

  1. Apparently when to come to erections, size matters for the NOCCCD Board of Trustees. Too bad they have zero aesthetic sensibility.

  2. Get ready for more of them. A presentation at the city council meeting last night revealed that the college plans to tear down what seems to be all of their older buildings and replace them with new ones.

  3. I don’t know if the folks over at the NOCCCD Board of Trustees are still able to get erections.

  4. Dear jeebus, it looks like a state run mental hospital.

    “Fullerton FC…Why go Ivy League when you can go to our institution….”

  5. The buildings recently erected at the college admirably mimic the old buildings there.

    I applaud the vision of the Trustees who turned their backs on the shallow fad of modern architecture and embraced the safe, tasteful themes of our Spanish past!

    The taxpayers do not want “original” buildings they want buildings that do not offend and that go with what is already there.

    Fullerton, look forward!

  6. Honoring the past is essentially looking forward. It allows us to embrace our heritage rather than how much money can be wasted to suit the tastes of a handful of citizens who will likely be dead by the time these monstrosities start need face lifts.

    Rome wouldn’t be Rome if our city planners ruled it. It would be friggin Disneyland.

    The buildings (old ones) are perfectly functional and have been retrofitted according to California law. Betcha dollars to donuts the new ones collapse in a shaker before the old ones do.

    What the hell is wrong with leaving our cities historical architecture alone? Stucco aint pretty after 2 years.

  7. Hey Harpoon. Whats this “The taxpayers do not want “original” buildings they want buildings that do not offend and that go with what is already there.”

    Im a taxpayer in Fullerton and have been for 15 years. I don’t remember being polled. Not once in 15 years. That’s the problem with you politicos; you assume you know whats best for all mankind. Look at Bell and Vernon. Those city leaders are an extreme example of your type.

    You know what doesn’t offend and goes with what is already there? THE BUILDINGS THAT ARE ALREADY THERE!

    Don’t assume what the city wants. Try asking, jackass.

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