Dick Jones Highlight Film

For those of you who may think that the our Mayor Dick Jones has only recently become a rude, loud, obnoxious, ignorant buffoon, I present to you a nearly 3-year old post with some of the krazy-fun rantings of Dr. HeeHaw from yesteryear. Enjoy.

Dick on The Fox

The Revenge of Dick

Dick’s Developing A Problem

Power to the People

Has Dick Gone Mad?

Dick on Preservation

Dick Jones

81 thoughts on “Dick Jones Highlight Film

    1. I recently finished a Master’s of Architecture, and I have spent countless hours dedicated to solving problems of suburban sprawl, urban development and sustainable architecture. Did Dick Jones really kill that Scarpa project?

      1. Yes he did. Did you hear what he said about Salvador Dali? I have never in my entire life ever listened to a bigger jack ass speak in public. I can’t believe the people of Fullerton have elected this baboon 4 times. Pathetic Fullertonian’s. Don’t tell me, the Observer endorsed this fool.

        1. This is probably over sharing, but I actually have two large prints of Salvador Dali’s paintings in my house. And I have a book full of 11×14 prints of his paintings that I’m gonna frame eventually. I thought about sending him one in the mail, if it weren’t such a waste of a Dali print. Perhaps I could send it and one of you could hang it somewhere during one of your city council meetings.

          At first I was almost crying from laughing, then after he said “Mr. Architect” I wanted to cry tears of rage. You know it actually takes many more years of schooling and licensing exams to become an architect than it does to become a “Doctah…”


  1. Dick Jones is NOT only your problem. Fullerton cops, unions, city officials, councils, Directors, Chiefs, Supervisors, managers, etc. are your realistic crisis with corrupted cultures with cronies around them.
    Lead by example: no. Cowardice: yes with huge salary, nice pension, generous benefits, incompetent, etc.
    We got exactly what we voted for.

  2. Dick Jones is NOT only your problem. Fullerton cops, unions, city officials, councils, Directors, Chiefs, Supervisors, managers, etc. are your realistic crisis with corrupted cultures with huge salary, nice pension, generous benefits, incompetent, etc.
    We got exactly what we voted for.

  3. The fpd6 are the knuckle dragging, jackbooted, bottom of the rung, thugs that terrorize the citizens of Fullerton and thier own coworkers into staying silent, as odd as it is to say, D. Jones is the brains of the operation cut off the head of the snake and the body will die. Hopefully in the future the voters of fullerton will not simpley cast thier votes for the incumbent, or upon name recognition, but will take the time to scrutinize job performance

    1. and its that simple Nomad-these easily manipulated , Walmart greeters are voted into office merely be yes men and women- suits for the camera.
      The ones who really run the show are the FPD-they need “rubber stamp “signatures and head noddings from council people-and thats precisely what they get, The citizens are being had-if someone who has some say actually “cared” Kelly Thomas would still be alive

  4. Cronies…agreed, huge problem. I still can’t understand what is wrong with these people-it is so simple- right vs wrong, the cronies have screws loose.

    1. Fullerton people deserved what it voted for. Time for wake up calls. Do not let them control and terrorize you…
      Are these your Protectors?

  5. If you are going to clean out the stables, your going to need a bigger boat…[.sorry I couldnt resist.}..in the list of people to get rid of include, Kirk Warren, LInda Morad, Kim Placke, Julie Kunze, Steve Alvarado, Guillermino Torrico..entire city attornyes office,.jerks and liars one and all.

  6. OMG!!!!!As a resident for over 30yrs, I want to just vomit. Dick needs to be tested for something, he is going down hill fast. WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO OUR CITY? Where do I sign? I promise I will be more deligent before I vote. No more flipping the coin for me….

  7. I watched all the videos. Hey…

    I want to say one thing: FFFF is the template for all communities from coast to coast.

    Thanks to Kelly (and FFFF), I know more about the inner machinations of Fullerton’s government than I know about the guts of my own dirty rotten lowdown town.

    I say that by way of confession. Seriously. Shame on me, big time.

    Every local government from sea to shining sea is corrupt, I figure. Every damn one of them. Corruption ($$$) is the grease that skids the wheels, man.

    All of us out of towners are here for Kelly. Were it not for Kelly, Fullerton would not be on our map, and we all know this.

    Well, Fullerton is now on the map, and I figure its on the map for the right reason.

    The police brutality thing is off the hook. It’s off the hook, and a little old dude was wasted by the FPD for no real reason.

    Kelly Thomas is dead for no real reason. He was murdered for nothing. This is so sad. His death is so damn sad.

    Kelly’s case will take years to complete. That’s just the way of it. Years.

    My hope is that communities from sea to shining sea will take a clue from FFFF and begin paying close attention to their elected officials.

    And I hope Kelly Thomas gets his statue.

      1. Thank you, Admin.

        Nobody wants to be here. Nobody wants to be dealing with Kelly’s murder. I wish I never heard of it. I wish it never happened.

        But it did happen. It happened, and thanks to FFFF, the world knows of it. And here we are.

        As I said, FFFF is a potential template for all citizens across the country who care for their communities, and want to be safe — from criminals and police alike.

        Thank you, FFFF.

        Keep up the good work. Bravo. Bravissimo!


          1. This is true. Very true.

            It’s also true that a policeman can save your life in an instant.

            It doesn’t appear to happen much anymore, but it surely does happen, many times a day, every day, all across America.

            We’ve been discussing the blue “code of silence” on the FFFF blog for weeks now; we know it’s real and active, and we know it allows the bad guys to run roughshod over the good guys.

            Kelly’s murderers demonstrated this, clearly.

            Police brutality is off the hook and out of control. This is a dangerous situation that must be addressed and fixed. Like, now.

            The systemic corruption thing will make this repair job difficult. The good ol’ boys are experts at the rope-a-dope bit; they know if they stretch out an “investigation” long enough, people will by nature gradually move on to other things. They know this. How this plays out with Fullerton and Kelly Thomas remains to be seen.

            But I’m not ready to accept the current meme that all police officers are rotten. I’m not ready to do this. Not yet, not now.

            I’m hoping that a few of the “good guys” will step up and do the right thing. A coward is known by his silence. A hero is remembered by his action.

    1. Whoa. Rackauckas said a couple of weeks ago he would be done “soon.” Obviously that’s a moving target. Moving as the public pressure mounts! What a useless tool.

      Tony, how about a Recall Rackauckas campaign. I bet Spitzer would contribute!

    1. Thank You Fullerton Lover
      Summary: Cops and some congressmen may not like it, but a Federal court has ruled that recording public officials, including police, performing their public duties is a protected 1st Amendment activity. Good!

    2. This is what is going to happen…

      Officer: Leave.

      Citizen with camera: No, I have a 1st amendment right to film you.

      Officer: Either leave or you’re under arrest!

      Citizen with camera: Why?

      Officer: STOP RESISTING!!!!!

      Citizen with camera: Oh my god! I’m not resisting! What did I do?

      Officer: You’re getting charged with 148 PC Obstructing a police officer and 69 PC Resisting arrest.

      …Even if the charges don’t stick, its going to cost you a bundle to bail out and hire a good lawyer.

      1. I have and will continue to film the Fullerton PD whenever the need arises. I’ve learned that a camcorder will trump any officers or witness testimony if you stay objective. If your worried about being arrested immediately, you may want to consider filming from within your own locked vehicle which negates the obstruction of justice charge.

  8. #18 Merijoe,
    I have read your plight for weeks, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE HOMELESS LATELY? Well if you live in w. fullerton you would know. Go to Hunt’s Library. I give water and a apple when they come to the front door. Most of them are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Get off your computer for awhile and help. Have you ever had a aggresive homeless confront you, well I have. At age 54 I was going to protect myself. Yes Fullerton has a problem. And I don’t agree with what happened to KT. This is our city and we will clean it up.

    1. this blog is about Kelly Thomas-not every homeless person in California and cg- I dont want to get into this here as its off point, but I will say, you dont know anything about me, my “plight” or what anyone does for anyone- so you need to pull the needle out of your butt and just worry about yourself-an apple and a water when “they” come to your door? and do you get alot of homeless that come right to your door?

    2. You’re going to clean it up? How are you going to do that? If you think giving the homeless apples and socks is the solution, I’ve got a news flash for you. The homeless will always be with us. The incompetent and corrupt city council has to go. NOW.

  9. Mayor Dick has stated on the record that the City Council is the final arbitror of discipline for ctiy employees so what has he done to initiate his investigation as the employer ? Has he done any thing i.e. demand the video, demanded any and all audio recordings including calls to the FPD, demand any and all written reports and witness statements relative to this “incident”? Any employer would conduct their own investigation and not wait for any Government Agency investigation if they had any indication that their employee was guilty of wrongdoing.

    1. Good question. When Gennaco came in he was informed that so far the “internal” FPD investigation was – NOTHING! They haven’t done a damn thing. This shame includes Whitaker and Silva. I’m starting to think they should ALL be recalled.

  10. WOW! That ruffled your feathers. The question is what have you done for the City of Fullerton lately? Nothing I thought so…..BTW, the blog is about the incompitent Mayor and the City problems not KT.

  11. fedup, out of respect to others and the blog itself as well as any valid and worthy thought you want to convey, please exercise some self control in your post.
    I consider myself a lady and I come here to learn but you are ruining the experience for me.
    Please consider that you may have a really wide audience before you post profanity, some people might actually want their minor children to follow these stories and the exchange.
    This site has a lot of power to educate, shape opinions, potentially change lives and shape the future.

      1. fedup,
        I was asking YOU to sensor YOURSELF, friend; so that if YOU want to reach others, young and old alike, YOU might consider that “some” people might not ascribe to the profanity as a preferred means of communication therefore they “might” get lost in the shock of it all and lose the message you seem to want to convey.
        Again, HELP ME HELP YOU!



      1. My children are adults, but to answer your question; A parent that considers “others”. Thanks for asking.

  12. what is all of the fear and loathing for homeless people about? I may sound naive but I do not understand it. These people once could have been any of our neighbors, who due to illness, financial hardship, loss of job (in this economy it could happen to any of us, would YOU or I want to be ostricised and chastised by our former “neighbors”? Where’s the compassion for our fellow man? Just so I dont stray too far off topic with my thought, “Recall ’em all”

    1. I don’t fear or loathe the homeless, there for the grace of God go I, or worse yet, someone I love.

  13. Not singleing out anyone in particular, except perhaps the trolls of course, many of thier posts refer to the homeless as if they were a plague

  14. The city of Bell and Fullerton…..pay attention at the ballot box…..we won’t be fooled again!!!! How in the hell did you allow this to happen???

  15. I’ve lived in Fullerton for over 40 years and in that time i have seen a massive growth in population. There used to be wide open areas. It’s gotten very loud, crowded and dirty. There are ugly cookie cutter condos and homes everywhere. I am always saddened to see another monstrosity going up where there used to be sky. It’s claustrophobic. This city has gone down the shitter and I’m just starting to see why. GREED and CORRUPTION have destroyed a beautiful place to live.


      1. Oh and while all of OC has grown by more than 20% since 1990, Fullerton’s growth rate over that time period was about half that, at 10.53%.

    2. Hmm, you do realize that the population of all of Orange County more than doubled in the 40 years you’ve been in Fullerton, right? Remember the orange groves in south county? Just ten years ago there were still strawberry fields at the top of Laguna Canyon. Now there are homes. The only constant is change, usually growth. OC’s population grew more than tenfold from 1950 to 1990, and added another million– going over the 3 million mark– by 2010.

      I’m sure Fullerton has had its share of corruption and greed, but that is far from the only factor at work here, and probably not even close to being the biggest. The fact is, OC is a nice place to live, and the next county to the north added 40 million to its population over the same time period.

  16. SDLocal :

    I’m hoping that a few of the “good guys” will step up and do the right thing. A coward is known by his silence. A hero is remembered by his action.

    They’ve had 8 weeks and counting.

  17. True, Admin. I know. You’re right about that.

    But you never know what might happen. Kelly’s story is still far closer to it’s beginning than it’s end; there’s no telling who might step up and what might be revealed before we get to the end of this.

    I prefer to remain hopeful. I think that’s the high road.

    Hope or the best, plan for the worst. It’s got me this far, at least.

  18. Hello once again FEDUP, SDLocal, of course Admin and all you other good folks. To add to all of this I highly suggest that ALL city officials from the street cops to the Mayor to the City Manager undergo a complete 730 Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation. This is what the courts make many divorced couples go through to determine who would be the more ‘fit’ parent. After all, these officials have a great deal of responsibility and accountability to the public they serve and need a ‘Noggin-check’ like that of a 730 at least once a year. They got the money to afford it!

  19. Watching these videos is amusing and sad at the same time.. amusing cos Dick’s such a douche; sad, because he is our mayor and elected official (I’ve never voted for him).

    Out of all the videos I wish you (the FFFF) could locate one from the archives.. it was a few years ago, the council was talking about renovating Hillcrest Park. (for those of you who aren’t aware, it is quite a beautiful park, but it also gets “cruised” by gay guys)..
    So, in this one meeting Mr. DICK made a comment that he was “afraid” to go up to Hillcrest “without my wife by my side..” As if any gay man (self respecting or otherwise) would want his shriveled up, saggy fat ass! So when I first saw the clip I thought, “great, not only is our council member a hick, but he’s a major homophobe..”

  20. Deadwood Dick is definately in the twighlight of his career. His mental faculties are obviously waning fast, and are very questionable. The people of Fullerton actually elected this fossil? Now is the time for the people to do something, RECALL HIM. Any child could see that this babbling dinosaur needs to be put to pasture. Decades of Jack Daniel’s intake have embalmed his brain. A man who recieved his medical degree when Truman was president should be home playing with his great grandchildren not running a city!

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